Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 13)


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I can see all your interest to unfold the past and see the present of Ardhika. I ending the past here and will give you more funny & interesting romantic scenes

between Ardhika and i m sure you all will definitely like it. You know what, Present of Ardhika will really be a Present for you all 😛 😛 :P. So please keep on

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Here you go with episode 13

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 13)

Recap: Ardhika cute fight & Arjun & Radhika practice dance with different partner.

Radhika starts her practising with Ajay. She did not have any feelings initially but soon she feels uneasy being with him. Arjun sees all this though he is dancing

with Tina. Tina is staring him lovingly but Arjun’s concentration is only on Radhika. The trainer teaches the steps and makes them to follow it. It is a group dance so

many pairs are dancing and they all had a very nice time during the practice session.

After the practice, arjun comes to radhika and asks, “Do you feel good dancing with him?”.

Radhika is surprised and says, “Why not?”

Arjun: No..actually i saw you while practising, i feel you are not comfortable with him. Shall i ask the trainer to change the partner?

Radz: Change the partner? With whom? All are having their partners right?

Arjun: We both can change na.

Radhika is surprised but she sees Tina who looks so happy being with Arjun. She did not want to hurt Tina, so she refused arjun’s idea.

Radz: Arjun, it is first day right, it will be like this only. Once i start practising with him then i think it will be ok. Don’t wory.

Arjun couldn’t say anything but he is not convinced by her answer. Tina joins with them and they all go to canteen. Ajay looks at them and thinks, “THis is just a

start Arjun. Soon i will make you move from radhika’s life forever”.

Cultural Event day,

Everyone is busy getting ready and reminds their steps here and there. Arjun also got ready but he wants to see radhika before he goes to the stage but he couldn’t.

Everyone gathers in the stage and takes their position with their partners. All dressed in uniformity and covers their faces with a Mask. Actually it is a concept of

Halloween party. So the dancers have masks on their face.

For the initial tune they dance with a slight movements with their partners just like a soft movements for the melodious sound. Soon the music gets gears and the male

dancers starts rotating their partners by holding their hands.

Everyone form a circle in the stage and the next step is the male dancers rotate the girls by passing them to the dancer who stands next to them. Like wise all the

girls are started rotating to the dancers who is standing next to them. The music stops for a sec and all the girls stands next to their partners by holding their both

hands and looks at each others eyes through the whole in the masks.

Everyone comes to normal and they are waiting for the next music, but only one pair is still amazed, stunned, surprised, happy and what else we can say. All kind of

emotions are flowing between them its none other than Ardhika who stands now as a partner. Yes, While doing a circle, somehow radhika joins with Arjun. But no one

knows who is their pair now.

Slowly the next music starts and they all started the dance slowly and gets fast for beat by beat. Ardhika feels each other’s touch and dance by seeing their eyes

without blinking.

They all dance well and gets the sound applause from the audience. Finally they all revealed their faces and feels happy seeing the crowd except 4 people. Yes, it is

Ardhika and Ajina(Ajay & Tina).

Mostly Ajay is shell shocked seeing Tina with him and radhika with Arjun. he fumes in anger and rushes out to the back stage. Tina is upset but she compose herself and

moves to the back stage. Arjun sees radhika stands silent and tries to hold her hand but before that she too moves from there.

In the ladies make-up room, Tina sits silently and removing all her jwels and make up. Radhika goes to her and keeps hand on her shoulder.

Tina looks at her but did not say anything. She continues her work.

Radz: Tina, am sorry pa. I really don’t know how i joined with Arjun. It was shocking for me also.

Tina: Hey Radhu, what is this? Do you think i can’t understand all this or what? We all were covered with masks, so obviously there will be a confusion. I know

Radhika. You don’t need to explain me anything. You are my darling and my best friend. You don’t say sorry to me.

They both have a friendly hug and continues their hug.

Next day in the college ground amphi, Radhika is sitting silently and reads some books. Tina is running towards her happily and hugs her tightly. Radhika is shocked by this and

sees Tina’s excitement.

Radz: What happened Tina? You look so happy.

Tina: Yes yes yes…..i am so so happy today. You know why?

Radz: How do i know?

Tina: Hmm…Yeah how you know? I will tell you. Aaahhh…Mmmm…actually…

She stops and gives the letter to Radhika. Radhika is puzzled and starts reading the letter. Radhika too gets shocked and looks at her doubtedly.

Radz: (in a little shivering tone), Who gave you this?

Tina: blushes and says, Arjun.

Radhika is boggled to listen this and looks on shocked. Tina continues, “You know what radhu, i am so happy that finally Arjun realises his love for me. I am in cloud


Radhika sees her happiness and hides her upset and gives a fake smile to her and says, “Congrats Tina, so finally you got what you want. I am so happy for you.”

All these are watching by Arjun and Ajay from far and Arjun misunderstand by seeing the letter in radhika’s hand that Radhika got the letter and accepted his proposal.

he feels so happy. Ajay smirks at seeing him.

Tina asks Radhika to write reply for this. Radhika hesitates but Tina forces her to write it. Finally she agrees for her dearest friend and starts writing the reply

for the letter.

Arjun sees this and thinks Radhika is writing reply for him. He is waiting excitedly. Ajay makes him to move from there and waits somewhere.

After sometime, Radhika gives the letter to Tina and Tina takes it from her and hugs her and says “Thank you for your help. I never forget this”. She runs to see

Arjun. Radhika stares her going and a drop of tears comes from her eyes which gives shock to her.

Radhika to herself, “What is happening for me? Y i am getting upset whenver Tina talks about Arjun. He is my friend, best friend. But that doesn’t mean that i have to

be upset when somebody loves him. What is meaning for my feelings on him? Do i love him?” By thinking like this she closes her eyes and she sees Arjun.

Arjun moves close to her and says, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”. Spontaneously Radhika also replies , “I LOVE YOU TOO ARJUN”.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and gets nervous to think about this. She composes herself and leaves to the class room.

On the other side, Arjun waits for radhika but he sees Tina is coming to him and smiles at him.

Arjun searches radhika and asks her, “Radhika?”.

Tina: She is there in the ground. (she is blushing seeing Arjun face to face)

Arjun: oh ok. So what is the letter in your hand?

Tina is surprised to see his eager and gets happy, “it’s for you only Arjun”. She gives it to him and runs towards her class room.

Arjun reads the letter and gets happy seeing the positive reply thinking it is from Radhika. He thought radhika gets shy that’s y Tina is giving the letter. And this

misunderstanding is going on for sometime. Arjun did not get courage to talk to Radhika directly. Except Ajay no one knows what is happening around them. Ajay enjoys

this hide and seek game and plans to spoil the relation between Ardhika.

In the meantime, Tina is completely fall for arjun and she becomes mad on arjun. Radhika hides her pain and supports Tina for her love. She knows defintely Arjun takes

care of Tina well.

Its their end of the second year and One fine day in the morning, Arjun decides to talk to radhika directly about their relationship. He comes to college early to meet

radhika alone but he is not. He meets Tina instead of Radhika and greets her morning. Tina blushes and wishes him too.

Arjun: Hi Tina, so early today?

Tina: MM ya, just like that, but see the coincidence you also came early.

Arjun: Hmm ya, actually i thought of meeting someone special today.

Tina imagines as herself and asks, “Some one special. who is that?” She expects her name from him.

Arjun: yeah, she is very special to me. My love, My life and she is my everything.

Tina is getting emotional and so happy too to hear from Arjun.

Tina: Who is that Arjun?. She softly ask him and blushes.

Arjun is smiles and lost in Radhika’s thought and replies, “RADHIKA”.

Tina is boggled and speechless to listen this and tears are dropping from her eyes continuously.

Arjun notices this and is shocked seeing her crying. He tries to hold her shoulder but she moves back by looking at his face.

Tina: What do you mean Arjun?

Arjun: means?

Tina: You were saying about Radhika…

Arjun: Ya..i love her. I love Radhika. I think you too know about this na. then y r u asking me again. But what happened, y r u crying?

Tina in shivering tone, “You love Radhika.” She closed her mouth to control her tears and shock together and cries badly.

Arjun is confused and asks her, “What happened Tina? Y r u crying? Pls tell me the reason.”

Tina: Did you not love me Arjun? she is asking him as her last hope.

Arjun is speechless to hear this and looks at Tina who expects a positive answer from him.

Arjun nods as No and Tina moves back step by step and runs towards her class room. Arjun couldn’t stop her and he is also in confusion who doesn’t find what is


Tina runs to the class room, sits in her place and starts crying badly. She reminiscies her meetings with Arjun and continues crying. After sometime she decides something and tares a paper from her notebook and starts writing.

After few hours students starts coming to class one by one. Radhika also comes to her class and finds no one in their class and goes to sits in her place. She finds a notebook which is of Tina’s. She sees a paper under that book and reads it.

“Dear Radhika,

I don’t have courage to face you, that’s y i am writing this letter. You know what you are the first person who encourages me all time and been the support for me in my life. I don’t have parents but you never allow me to feel that i am an orphan. True, i never have that feelings when i am with you. I think that i am blessed to have a friend like you. Thank you so much for everything radhu. But now i lost my hope in living. I lost my love. Till now i lived in a dream world only. I believed Arjun loves me but he is not. He doesn’t have any kind of feelings on me. Today i got to know everything. He loves you and only you. All these days whatever happened everything cause of Misunderstanding. My mind is accepting the truth but not my heart. It’s broken now and I don’t have hope to lead my life by forgetting Arjun. I cannot do that. so i decided to go far away from you all. I don’t want to be the obstacle in your life. I want to meet you one last time Radhu, but if i meet you probably i might change my decision. I miss you Radhu. Thanks for everything dear 🙂 Hope you forgive me for this. Good Bye.


Tears are flowing down in Radhika’s cheeks. It becomes blurred due to the tears she couldn’t read anything more than that. She scrubs the letter and runs outside the class room and starts searching for Tina. She asks some girls about Tina. They informed her that they saw her near the ladies hostel building.

Radhika runs towards the hostel building. Neil sees her from far and wonders why she is crying and running like this. Immediately he calls Arjun and informs him the same. Arjun too runs there. Ajay too joins with him.

Radhika reaches there and shocked to see Tina standing at the terrace and she is about to jump from there. Radhika shouts not to do that. She gets tensed and goes towards the terrace. Arjun, Neil & Ajay also comes running there and is shocked to see Tina at the top. Radhika runs fast as much as she can and she reaches the terrace.

Arjun who is bewildered seeing Tina and understands it is because of their conversation. He too runs to the terrace and thinks to save her. Neil also follows him. Ajay is completely shocked seeing all this and doesn’t move from his place at all.

Radhika shouts, “Tina, pls pls don’t do this. Get down from there. We will talk and sort out everything. pls pls don’t take wrong decision without thinking.”

Tina: Smiles seeing her, “I am happy to see you one last time”.

Radz: cries badly and says, “Tina plssss, i beg you, pls get down from there”.

Tina: I thought a lot and taken this decision Radhu. Pls don’t stop me and don’t come near to me.

Meanwhile Arjun & Neil also reaches terrace and is tensed to see Tina is about to jump. Tina sees Arjun and tears flowing down her cheeks. She waves bye to everyone and jumps from there without giving a time for them to save her.

Radhika shouts, “TINAAAAAAAAAAAA”. She drops the letter and it flows and stick on Arjun’s face. Radhika is stumbled and is shocked and couldn’t move from there.

Arjun takes the letter and starts reading it. Tears flows down from his cheeks and he looks at radhika who stands like a numb. he feels guilty thinking about Tina. he moves to Radhika and tries to touch her. But she jerks his hands and pushes him back and starts scolding him.

Radz: Why, why you did this? You cheated her. you killed her. You killed my friend.

Arjun hurts hearing her harsh words, he tries to explain her but Radhika is not in a position to listen anything.

She holds him by his collar and says, “What mistake Tina did except loving you. She loved you Arjun. You gave wrong hope to her being close with her. why you did this when you did not love her?” She shakes him by his collar and pushes him back.

Arjun holds her hand and shouts, “I am not….I don’t know how come Tina thinks that i loved her. I never told her about that. I love you only. I told her the same thing and did not expect that she will take this wrong decision. Pls believe me. I am not wrong Radhika. I did not do anything to hurt her.” He literally pleads her but she did not listen anything.

Radz: You betrayed her. You are cheater, Killer. I don’t want to see your face in my lifetime again. I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

By saying this she runs back to the ground to see Tina. But when she goes there Tina is not there and only her blood was scattered over the floor and all the students gathered there. Radhika kneels down on the floor and cries seeing her blood. She remembers her happy moments with Tina and cries badly. Soon she fell unconscious.

Radhika opens her eyes and she is in her home. Her parents worries seeing her and calms her down. She asks for Tina. They stammers to give answer for her question.

She again and again asked them. She is shocked to know from her parents that Tina is dead. She cries vigourously and says, “i couldn’t save her”. her parents calms her down somehow.

Radhika did not go to college for few days, Arjun comes to her home and says he wants to talk to her.

Radz: What you want? Do you want to kill me also?

Arjun: Radhika pls, i want to prove me. I did not do anything wrong. pls trust me.

Radz: Huh..Trust. Do you know the meaning of that word. You already broke the trust of one person. Don’t ever say that word from your mouth.

Now Arjun gets really angry because it hurts his character. He tries as much as possible but he couldn’t make Radhika understand him. Finally he also got angry and says, “Trust is the main thing in both Love and friendship. I understand that you never trusted me and never understood me. If you did, then this situation would have not come. Even if i proved me also you will not believe me. There is no point in having a blind relation without trust. I won’t see you from now on. You have hurted me badly radhika. I cannot forget this. Good BYE.”

By saying this, Arjun leaves from her home. Radhika wipes her tears and says, “I HATE YOU ARJUN. I NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS”.


Sam is in full tears listening all this from Radhika who is crying badly. Sam did not know what to do and what to reply. she consoles Radhika and hugs her. She takes her to their room and makes her to sleep. Radhika also sleeps calmly. Sam comes out of the room and searches for Arjun and Neil. But she find only Neil and goes to him.

Sam: Neil, radhika told me everything. But i am not clear on some incidents.

Neil tells him about his point of view and the conversation between him and Arjun.

Flashback again from Neil’s view,

All these days Arjun is disturbed seeing Radhika with somebody else. He couldn’t digest it but still he did not show it to her. Neil finds him upset and understands his feelings on radhika and asks Arjun to propose her. Arjun thinks for a while and decides to propose her after the cultural program.

On the Event day all leaves to their home. Arjun and Neil also comes to their home and Neil finds him lost in his own thoughts.

Neil: So what bro? i think you will be happy today right?

Arjun looks him and turns his face.

Neil: Arjun, what s your problem? Y r u being upset. Anyway u danced with radhika only right?

Arjun: Nothing.

Neil: Ok so when are you gonna propose to her?

Arjun: I don’t know, before that i want to know what is there in her mind?

Neil: U first tell her then will see. Anyway she has no reason to reject you. You both know each other very well, then what is the problem.

Arjun: What you want me to do?

Neil: First u write your feelings in one paper and give it to me. I will hand it to Radhika. Let her read it first and will decide.

Arjun and Neil sits together to write a love letter and they simply take 3 hrs to write a proper love letter. Finally they are convinced the with the last one which

Arjun written. Its now Neil’s responsibility to give that letter to Radhika. They decided to give it to her in the college tomorrow.

Next day in college, Neil is searching for Radhika in her class room but he does not find her. When he comes out he bumped with Ajay and all his notes are dropped.

Ajay finds a letter in his hand and asks about that. Neil also tells him everything. Ajay is shocked and quickly thinks how to stop him.

Ajay: hey Neil, i forgot to tell you. our Department HOD was asking for you. I don’t know for what.

Neil: Oh is it. But now i need to give this to radhika. I cannot delay it otherwise Arjun will kill me.

Ajay: So what, give it to me. I will give it to radhika.

Neil: That’s great man. So pls pls give it to only radhika ok. Thanks for ur timely help. See you.

Neil hands that letter to Ajay and leaves from there.

Sam finds something wierd and says, “Neil, you said Ajay to give that letter to radhika only right. then how come it goes to Tina?”. Neil looks at sam doubted face.

Precap: All 4 leaves to India. Nesam finds something and is shocked.

Guys, i have given really a bigggggggggggg episode today. Sombody requested me to finish the flashback soon. So i gave it at my best. If any flaws or there means, pls spare me. I tried my best. PleaSe provide your comments on this episode and continues your support.

Credit to: Satz @ Sathya

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