Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 12)


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Here you go with episode 12

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 12)

Recap: Flashback of Ardhika. Arjun’s heroic entry and cute fight with Radhika.

Radhika is sitting in her class room and listens the class sincerely. She gets disturbed by Tina who is looking at her hands continously. Tina turns her hands up and down and stares at it. Radhika understands what she is thinking. She shakes her and signs her to listen the class. But Tina continues staring her hand and Radhika got irritated and pinches in her thigh. Tina screams in pain and whole class noticed both of them. Radhika scared by hearing her scream and blinks at her lecturer. She scolds both of them and asks them to go out of the class room. Radhika & Tina comes out of the class room and stands on the corridor. Radhika stares her angrily and Tina rubs her thighs coz of pain. She looks at radhika sadly and says “Sorry”.
Radhika gives a sigh relief and says, “Because of your madness, see i too came out. Hmm, what to do now?”.

Tina: Am hungry yar. Will go to canteen pls ya.

Radz smiles seeing her and agrees to go.

Radhika and Tina in the canteen, order some chat and waits for it.

Tina: So radhi, what do you think about Arjun?

Radhika is drinking water suddenly spills on the table and starts coughing. She looks at her with shock.

Tina: what happen? I just asked about him? Are you ok?

Radz: Yeah i am ok. But you seems to be not ok. What’s the matter?

Tina: I asked you already. what do you think about Arjun?

Radz: I don’t think anything about him. Y are you asking me about him?

Tina: You both know each other from childhood right. You know him better than anyone else here. That’s y i asked you.

Radz sees Tina blushing while talking about Arjun. Though she gets irritated but did not show to her. She knows about Tina. SHe is not a normal easy going girl. She is sensitive and emotional too.

Radz: Haa, i know him but what you want to know about him?

Tina: Actually Radhu, i want to tell you onething. Promise me that you won’t say this to anyone?

Radz gets nervous in her heart but she compose herself and she keeps her hand on Tina’s and promise her. Suddenly they see a third hand on top of theirs. Both looks up and gets shocked to See Arjun there standing. Both of jerks their hands and blinks at each other.

Arjun sits with them on the third chair and tells to Tina, “I will also promise you both that i will not leak any secret of yours. tell to me also na what is the secret?”.

Tina stammers badly and seeks help from Radhika through her eyes. Radhika silently takes juice and drinks it. Only her eyes are visible above the juice cup and she looks both Arjun and Tina and signs Tina not to say anything.

But Arjun notices Radhika’s sign to Tina and understand something is fishy. he holds Tina’s hand and says, “Is she saying not to tell me is it? If so, i am telling you, keep distance with her. She is saying because of Jealous. I am talking to you na, so she is getting jealous seeing you”.

Radhika again spills juice but this time she spills it on Arjun.

Arjun: What the crap you did? You spoiled my nice shirt.

Radhika is shocked and starts wipes her mouth and grabbed Tina’s hands and runs to her class. Tina is completely out of state on what is happening.

In the class room, radhika is lost in her thoughts thinking about Tina’s interest on Arjun. She feels odd and thinks herself that, “If Tina likes Arjun then y i should be upset.” She thinks like this for a long time but she did not get the answer for her question.

She sees Tina sits beside her and lost somewhere. She shakes her and asks, “where have you been madam?”.

Tina nods no and after that they both starts listening their class.

In the Canteen, Neil sees all these dramas and starts laughing seeing Arjun’s state. He comes to him.

Neil: I told you na , don’t go there, they will make you fun. You not even listen my words.

Arjun: Shut up Neil. That radhika she spilled juice and spoiled my nice shirt. If i get her in my hands now?

Neil cuts his words and asks, “What you will do with her? You cannot even think to harm her? Y r u giving all these scenes.

Arjun understands his taunts and stares him angrily. Neils cools down him and makes him to wipe the juice on his shirt.

Neil: Arjun, tell me onething. You were sitting with us only right, then y u went to their table? is there any magnet pulls you there?

he winks at him. Arjun thinks of Radhika and says to himself that, “Yes, there is a some magnetic power in her”. He smiles about his thinking and neil notices it.

Neil: Hey stop stop…you are smiling. So for sure some magnet was there to pull you is it?

Arjun couldn’t face his taunts, he gets up and hits his head with his books and moves to his class.

Neil to himself, “Hmm, so newly found love. I expected this long back. But not bad atleast it happens now. But what about our heroine. Did she also have same thought?”.

All these are watching by another person whose name is Ajay. He is also from Arjun’s class only but he did not like him because all the girls are behind him. He used to fumes with anger and jealous. He also likes Radhika but when he gets to know that Radhika and Arjun are very good friends, his like changes into jealous mode and he plans to snatch her from him. But how much ever tries he couldn’t succeed in that. But he will not show his jealous infront of Arjun. He behaves good in his eyes.

Ajay hears Neil & Arjun’s conversation and again fumes with jealous and anger together.

In the noon, College peon circulated the notice to all the departments about the cultural program going to happen soon and asked the students for the nominations of the programs.

Radhika and Tina gives their names in the dance program. Same as Arjun also gives his name in the dance program and Ajay too nominated himself. The cultural department announces the participants to join for the practice soon.

Radhika & Tina goes to the practice hall and is shocked to see Arjun there. Arjun also surprise to see them for dance practising. Ajay gets excited to see radhika but at the same again he gets tense whether she will pair with Arjun.

The trainer calls every one and writes all their names in the chit. For girls and Boys there is a seperate chits to find out their pairs. one by one students are taking the chits and find out their pairs. finally Radhika goes and takes her chit and gives it to the trainer. Ajay is so much tensed and prays to get his name. Arjun curiously sees Radhika. The trainer reads the name and it is Ajay. Ajay is so happy and excited to dance with Radhika but she gets upset, Arjun also gets upset hearing this. Radhika sees Tina looks happy and stares Arjun lovingly. Now Arjun goes and pick the chit with the name of Tina. Everyone else is done, so the trainer calls the students to be with their partner for the practise.

Radhika with Ajay and Arjun with Tina starts practising the dance. Arjun’s concentration is fully on Radhika only.

Precap: Tina reads Arjun’s love letter and gets happy to realise his love on her.

Guys, how is today’s episode, hope i have given you all a satisfactory episode today. please let me know if you did not like it. i will try to change it in a different way. I gave a small epdisode only today coz, i am not getting enough time to write a long episode. Hope you all understand and support me.
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Credit to: Satz @ Sathya

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