Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 11)


Thank you guys for all your wonderfull comments and thanks for the silent readers too !!! Here you go with the Episode 11.

I will just give some gyan about the flashback, for sure it won’t be a small misunderstanding. A girl/guy hates the person whom they love a lot then the reason should

be much big right. That’s what i am gonna show how the trust broke between them though they knows each other very well. What creates a rift between them? And why

Radhika treated him as betrayer and what makes Arjun to become a betrayer in Radhika’s view. what Arjun did? So all this questions will be answered in the future

episode. Stay tuned to know further 😛

Here you go with the episode 11.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 10)
Recap: Ardhika wins the Best Couple award and sensual dance in the party.

Ardhika looks each other emotionally but did not say anything. Radhika is unable to control her emotions, so she goes out near to the swimming pool area. Arjun stares

her and he too follows her. Radhika stands under the tree and lost in thoughts. Suddenly she sees 2 mirage of her standing opposite to her.

Mirage 1: Hi Radhika, so how are you? I hope things are going well for you. you seems to look happy in your married life is it? so all your vengence gone just because

you married him?

Mirage 2: No… Not like that. But i m confused.

Mirage 1: It doesn’t seem like that Radhika. You are enjoying your married life. But you forget that because of him some one has lost their life.

Mirage 2: No, but sometimes i feel like he is speaking the truth.

Mirage 1: Areh wah…Radhika, what a transformation yar. So now you are talking as Mrs. Radhika Arjun. you want to safeguard your husband.

Mirage 2: No, i want to know the truth.

Mirage 1: The truth is Arjun is a betrayer. He is a cheater. He grabbed someone’s life you fool. DOn’t you believe that. All happens infront of you only right.

Mirage 2: But i am not able to accept this. Arjun says he did not do anything.

Mirage 1: All the culprits will say the same dialogue only. Ok leave all this now. What is your decision?

Mirage 2: I don’t know, I cannot think anything now.

Mirage 1: okay, but keep in mind that, he has to pay for his deeds. I am going now.

Radhika keeps her hands on her heads and holds it down as if she feels a severe headache and cries silently. She feels someone’s presence and touch on her shoulder.

Before seeing only she understood it is of Arjun.

She gets irritated and jerks his hands from her and starts shouting at him.

Radz: Don’t you leave me alone for sometime? Y u always come behind me. Do you want me to satisfy being your wife? i really hate to see your face. Just go away from my

life. I don’t want to see you at all. you are a killer, betrayer. Just go from here. Go go Go awaaaaaayyyyy.

She starts pushing him back hardly and shouts badly at him. Arjun is bewildered and doesn’t react at all. He is shocked actually to hear all this bitter words from

her. Radhika cries and sees him without any reaction. she starts running towards the hotel lawn. Arjun is still standing at the same place. Nesam sees all this and

gets emotional seeing them. Sam feels pity on Arjun and gets angry on radhika. Nesam goes to arjun and Neil try to console him. Sam sees arjun sadly and goes to the

lawn where radhika went.

Sam sees radhika kneels down on the lawn and cries silently. She goes towards her and starts scolding her.

Sam: Yeah, cry and cry more, then only all your bitterness, angry, vengence everything will come out. If you keep all in your mind and heart you will always hurt the

person whom cares you so much.

Radhika looks at her helplessely and did not reply to her.

Sam sits with her and holds her shoulder angrily and asks, “What do you think about yourself, huh? Do you think Arjun is coming back to you just for this beautiful

face is it? Don’t you have a common sense atleast? Can’t you see how he loves you, how he cares you so much? Y r u doing all this drama Radhika? Answer me. What makes

you to hate him this much? I am asking you only Radhika. Stop you silence now and answer me. I want to know what happened between you both. I want to know right now”.

Radhika cries and tells her, “So much happened Sam. You know the Arjun whom you are seeing now. You don’t know about my friend Arjun. I will tell you everything today.

Then you decide”. Radhika starts telling her flashback to Sam.

Flashback of Ardhika:

5 Years back, Ardhika & Neil studies in the same college but in different department. Radhika was in Computer department while Arjun & Neil in BBA department so that

they will do their MBA and look after their family business.(Anyways, both were not interested in their studies :P)

Radhika walks into the college campus with her friend Tina. She joined with her other friends who was waiting for them. They all have a chit chat for sometime and

suddenly one of her friend hangs her mouth opened and says, “Wooooowwwww, girls see there” and she points her finger. All the girls turn and sees where she is


They all see Arjun who is coming in his super bike like a super man. He is wearing a sun glasses, white collarless shirt with Black jean coat and blue jeans. He enters

into the college like a super hero and rolls his hairs in one hand. All the girls are mesmerized to see their hero like that.

Radhika sees him with a proud smile and says to herself, “hmm, again he started showing off. Oh god nobody can change him”. She smiles seeing her friends reactions.

He stops his bike near to the girls gang and gets down. He goes near to them and greets them. He gives a side hug to Tina who is of Radhika’s close friend and greets

her. He sees Radhika stares him angrily and says, “What are you staring at me? You too bowled over seeing me is it?”.

Radz: Don’t ever think like that ok. Go and show all your jinx to someone else, not to me.

Arjun: Oh hello madam, I have stuff and that’s y all the girls behind me. Don’t underestimate me ok?.

Like this Ardhika started fighting with each other. The girls seperates them and calms them down.

Suddenly all hears a voice comes from behind, “Uffoo, again they started fighting is it?”. The all see Neil standing behind them and looks Ardhika angrily.

Neil: You both won’t do a peacful agreement or what? always fighting, scolding each other. oh god i really getting bored seeing you.

Ardhika in chorus: What is your problem now?

Everybody is shocked seeing them together now and questions Neil.

Neil in shock,”2 mins before only you both were fighting and now u join hands and asking me?”

Radhika: See, Now we will fight, scold and will be one after sometime.

Neil: haan haan, that i know. I am watching you both for so many years na.

Radhika is about to say something but Arjun cuts her and drags Neil saying, “Its enough for today. Come with me now”.

Neil bursts out laughing seeing Radhika’s reaction towards Arjun.

Arjun and Neil joins with their own gang and starts commenting on the girls who is crossing their path. (Can’t you guys imagine Arjun as a naughty boy…:P).

Soon Radhika also crosses their way with their friends they start commenting on them also. Arjun started praising about one girls beauty and Radhika looks him curiously about whom he talks. he started walking towards them and extends his hands towards Radhika. Radhika thinks for a sec and when she is about to raise her hand, Arjun slowly moves his hands beside her where Tina is standing. Tina is so excited and holds his hands happily. radhika gets upset seeing this and stands quiet. They all hear a bell sound and starts dispersing to their classes. Arjun kisses on Tina’s hands and tells her that, “See you later sweet heart” and he winks at her.

Radhika stands idol and looks him going with his friends. Radhika starts moving towards her class room and turns to see him, but he is not so she turns her face and continues walking. But now Arjun turns and sees her going with her friends and smiles seeing her.

Precap: Cultural program in their college. Radhika and Arjun participates in the dance program but with different partner.

Guys, how is today’s episode, hope i have given you all a satisfactory episode today. please let me know if you did not like it. i will try to change it in a different way. I gave a small epdisode only today coz, i am not getting enough time to write a long episode. Hope you all understand and support me.
Expecting all your lovely comments.

Credit to: Satz @ Sathya

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  1. Hi tats nice… I liked it. Am waiting for d flash back to unfold…

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    1. 🙂 Sorry dear, i told right i m updating the episodes inbetween my work to entertain you all. But still i will try to make it big.

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    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂 Its my pleasure. I m taking the pics from net only. I do search the pics which is related to my episode and will upload it. You know what i always do my update when am in i don’t have patience and time to do all the editings :P. Anyways thanks for your comments and support and pls keep on supporting.

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    1. Thank you so much for your love 🙂 Don’t worry soon i will make Ardhika one and in that you will see how they unite. You can also see some funny parts from radhika too. I should not reveal the suspense else you will lose interest. But please keep reading my FF and provide your support as always 🙂

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    1. thank u so much abi ? i m so glad. actually i thought about the concept of having misunderstanding between them. i. my story mostly all r positive only. so dont think that i ll make tina is the problem maker for them. but tina has a crucial part in this ff. hope u r ok with this.

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