Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 1)

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – EPISODE 1

Thank you all the for the support. Please encourage me in this new FF and if you did not like it pls let me know i will make a change in the plot. Any suggestions are welcome. Here we goes with the chapter 1.

It is a grand wedding hall.. no no, They have arranged the wedding in a grandeur way in their own house itself and more than 1000 people gathered there. At the entrance, the wedding banner holds the name as “Radhika WEDS Manoj”. Ramkumar and Sharmi welcomes and greets the guests. Guests are seated in their respective seats. The kids in the hall are playing here and there happily and gives the coolest and happiest environment. Sharmi sends some girls to the bride’s dressing room. Those girls goes to the room and says, “Radhika di, Sharmi aunty asked us to check you whether you got Ready or not?”. A girl who is seated infront of the dressing table and looks the girls through the mirror and says, “Just 10 mins darlings, tell your sharmi aunty ok”. The girls runs from there to inform Sharmi. Other ladies continues their decoration for the girl.

Radhika, who is the bride and of course she is the QUEEN today and looks herself in the mirror and lost in the thought. Some voice comes to her mind, “I don’t want to see your face in my life again”, its none other than her voice. Radhika comes to present and gives a sigh relief and gets ready to go out. Everyone in that room is started teasing her for the new life and she just reciprocated it with a small smile in her face. She tries to check all her makeups and about to get up, she suddenly heard the noise from outside who is shouting and crying badly. She turns and looks shocked. One lady who is Radhika’s massi(Sharmi’s sister) calms her and tells that she will check and come. She opens the door and goes out. Radhika sees the scene in the halfway opened door, there she sees her parents crying and saying something to the bridegroom’s parents and they have a letter in their hand. Kishore and Shailaja who is the friend of her parents tries to console them and starts scolding the bridegroom’s parents. She stands up and tries to go but other elder ladies stop her saying bride should not go out but still everyone is tensed seeing the scene outside. She looks at her parents who is crying, she couldn’t control being there in the room, she runs outside and holds their hands and asks, “Maa, Papa, what happened? Why are you crying?”. She sees the letter in their hand and grabs it and reads it loudly,

“Dear Radhika, First of all i will say Sorry to you and your parents for hurting you. I am not interested in this marriage and i don’t want to get into a life time relation with you. You can think what happened suddenly, See Radhika i have accepted your alliance just because of your beauty and wealth. Till yesterday i was in the mindset of marrying you untill i saw your friend Tina in our reception yesterday. Sorry to say this but the truth is “You are nothng infront of her in both beauty and wealth wise”. I know it will hurt you but this is the truth. I got to know she also likes me and i did not have any second thought of breaking my marriage with you. For me my life is more important than anything else. So i am going with her to get my new life. Hope yu will understand me, if you are not also i don’t care. Like me, soon you will also get a life partner who will match you. Best of Luck”. – Manoj.

Radhika gets teary eyed and scrumbled the letter in her hand. Tears dropped from her eyes and she looks at her parents emotionally. Ramkumar sees her crying and feels a pain in his chest. He hold his chest and fell down, sharmi and Kishore holds him and calls for Doctor. Radhika goes to him and calling him continuously. They have taken him to the nearby room and doctor doing the first aid for him. The elder takes Radhika outside from the room and console her. Shailaja consoles Sharmi and Kishore stays with Ramkumar in the room. He don’t want to come out leaving his friend.

Through the window Radhika sees her dad and Kishore talking something seriously and emotionally. Kishore holds Ram’s hands like he is promising something to him. Doctor comes out and calls Radhika and Sharmi inside the room. Radhika goes to him and sits on her knees and looks her dad emotionally. Ram says, “Radhima, i did bad to you by selecting this cheap Manoj as your life partner. I am sorry. But now i want to rectify it by giving you a better life…no no no.. best life to you. U still believe your dad that i will do only good for you”. Radhika sees him and hold him saying , ‘Papa, i don’t have anyone else than you and mom to believe in the world. You no need to ask me papa. I promise you, i will do what you say”. She holds his hand tightly and wipes his tears.

Kishore feels proud seeing her and pats her head emotionally and excuse himself to go out. While going out he signs shailaja to come out. They came outside the room and he tells what he discussed with him before. Shailaja gets emotion and says, “I am proud of you Kishore. I am so happy today. You know i have this wish from long time but i felt it was our unluck but now i feel still we are so lucky.I don’t have any issues in this…but?” she looks him doubtedly, kishore understand what she is trying to say. He calms her down and dials a number.

In the center of the city, a big building holds the big banner named as “TRENDZ”. People are so busy in th campus inside, it is actually a Fashion designing company and runs by Mr. Arjun, a young, smart, handsome and angry man. So many small ad shoots and all was going on inside the campus to project their products. That is a 5 floor buildings and the top floor is the one where our KING is seated. In his cabin, a blurred image is shown who is working on the laptop seriously disturbed by a call and gets irked by that. But by seeing the display his reaction got changed and he picks up the call, “Yes Dad”.

In the wedding venue, Kishore, “Arjun, i want you to come to Ram uncle’s home right now”. @ TRENDZ, Arjun, “What? But Y suddenly? is everything ok dad?”.

Kishore, “Not ok. I will tell you all the details once you come but pls come here immediately”. Arjun, “Dad, but i have some important meeting in another 1/2 an hr and am preparing for that now”. Kishore, “Arjun, will you not listen ur dad. Till now i did not ask you anything for me but today its my turn and you have to give me what i ask you”. Arjun, “Dad, pls i wll do what you say. I wll be there in 15 mins from now. Bye”.

Kishore gets happy and informs to shailu and she too gets happy.

Guys, how is this episode 1. Hope you all like it and pls give me your valuable comments dears. I will try my best to entertain you all. Suggestions are always welcome.

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    1. Thank u dear. And BTW my name is Sathya

  9. The story is interesting, please update soon. 🙂

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    Thank god that manoj left if not no ardhika … 😛 😛
    Wait do they both hate each other.. i starting radz said she hates someone and never want to see his face
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