Manmarziyan – This Diwali..I Promise….(One Shot)

Hello…Dear Readers…My Diwali gift..hope its good…Pls ignore my Typos and grammatical errors..


This Diwali..I Promise….. (One shot)

“Happy Diwali,Mom”,Arjun said standing in hallway…

“Ajjuuuu…you came….Thank God!! Here after pls don’t have any business trips at festival times..Go..Meet Radhi first..She was so upset..But sweet girl din’t say a word.”,his mom Roshini Mehra said all in one go, as she came towards him…

“Okay done!!”,he said giving a thumbsup to his mom…He greeted his dad Ajay Mehra before climbing up stairs with his luggage..

As he was about to step inside,he heard Radhika in a call with her mom,he stopped on tracks as he listened her mentioning about him..
“Ah..Not again Mom..Arjun said he will be back once the work is over..and why should I pester him to return fast.and Diwali comes every year..if not this year..we will celebrate together next year.. please don’t create a issue..and.I can’t be a Typical wife.Happy Diwali..Arjun too asked me to convey his wishes..”,she said in a annoyed voice..
Radhika never sounds this irritated and she had never raised her voice..Arjun stood silent.

Arjun Mehra.,he left a week before to Delhi for a business trip,but din’t expect it would get delayed that he spent almost a week there..when he said he won’t be able to make it for Diwali,except Radhika everyone went upset..Radhika just said,”pls try to come for Diwali if possible”,in a low voice when he called 2 days back…that was the first time she asked him something and that too turned more like a plead.He felt bad,he winded up things as fast as he could and came down before a day to surprise his family,especially his wife.!
But now,he stood surprised listening his calm,sweet wife sounding annoyed to none other than her mom..

He heard her speaking,after a while he found that it wasn’t any call she is responding,but she is speaking to herself..No..she is speaking to him..To his photo..He smiled as he hid behind the curtain and listened more..Soon.,his smile vanished hearing her.,She stomped her foot at last and made her way out with a pout face..She glanced down the hallway from up stairs before she moved to terrace.. Arjun saw her standing behind the curtain of the very adjacent room of theirs…He was standing in dark almost invisible..
He kept his bag there and followed her in silence…

Arjun stopped in the steps,when he heard her squealing,”Finally…Am here!! Uff!! Too much work.”His brows furrowed listening ruffling sounds of covers and moved ahead..
he saw her standing other side of that terrace,”how much I missed you all…my dear..sweetoos…”she said dramatically extending her arms.. Arjun tried hard to suppress his smile at the view before him,she hugged the crackers gift box..He listened her speaking animatedly to that box as she chose few night shots.Arjun has banned crackers citing as environmental pollution..she complained about that and hid the cover behind something..He quickly hid himself when she turned around..He heard the sounds of shots blasting and searched her throughout the terrace..He raised his head only to find her standing on the small space near the over head tank..she stood with her hands in hips relishing the view above on the shots were illuminating the dark sky.. He saw her saree to be tug like a dhoti… He had never witnessed this side of his wife..he stood amused with a smile.,
but soon he remembered her words,he went down silently without disturbing her..He waited in the another room until she came back to their room…He relaxed himself lying there thinking about her words.After an hour,when he came to his bedroom,she was fast asleep.. He made sure not to wake up her..

Next morning…

Radhika rolled as the alarm rang,her eyes opened widely when it stopped abruptly..she found herself coiled by something heavy and warm,the room’s night lights went on.,and now she clearly saw her husband’s arms wound around her middle.,she lifted her eyes to see Arjun watching her..”Happy Diwali Wifie.. I wish this festival of lights to fill our life with more joy,happiness and..Love!!.. and Good morning dear!”, he said in a husky voice and pecked her nose..She just blinked in response unable to hold the sudden surprise..She indeed thought it to be a dream when she saw Arjun next to her, and now she smiled big in happiness,eyes brimming with tears of surprise and happiness..”Arj..Arjun..!! you came!! Happy Diwali!”,she said still in his arms..”You asked me to and I came..yesterday night”,he said and saw her eyes still in widened state..”You still think this to be a dream?”,he asked and pinched her little on her upper arm, and winked when she yelped a little..But she was surprised more watching his cool behavior.”Thanks.”,she said acutely.. Before moving down from the bed she asked,”Your work got finished na.,I mean…”,

“How it wouldn’t after all it’s my wife who wished me luck..isn’t”, he said as he adjusted himself settling on their bed.. She nodded meekly confused on how to react for his reply..

Radhika was arranging things in pooja room being lost in her thoughts about Arjun.. Arjun..she know him only when they alliance happened.Though she had been here few times to meet Roshini, as they were family friends,she never had a chance to meet him..She saw very first,when he came with his family to meet her..He immediately said yes without even having a talk with her.She liked him the instant she saw him chatting with her dad at their house..His smile.,his antics.,she observed everything from her room,but to her surprise he turned to her window side and caught her starring.. She blushed even now, thinking about the intensity of his stare on her.. Engagement and wedding went in a jiffy,they never had time to speak or spent time together. Listening her friends chat about their moments with their fiance she did feel low with his behavior.,but she those got side tracked when Roshini said Arjun selected her dress and jewellery..None left her marriage hall without praising her that day.Arjun had his eyes fixed her face from the moment she approached mandap..Her friends teased her for blushing too much,as every time the Photographer requested her to see straight..She had a hard time to behave normal as she felt his intense gaze on her.

“Happy Diwali..Radhi Beta!”,Roshini’s voice broke her trance.. “Seems my son came for you…Am so happy Radhi..Now smile bright!”,she said and pulled her cheeks..Roshini.,she was more like her mom than Arjun’s..Not only she,Ajay too..They never made her feel lonely,as it was Arjun who made her feel so..Morning moments flashed in her mind,she wondered at his sudden change.He had never been this cool with her. Let alone cool, he never spoke this sweet with her..Though initially,she got disappointed at his workaholic nature,later she got used to it.She found him to be less interactive with his family,it din’t bother her much..It’s been 3 months they got married and its their First Diwali together.She planned a lot,only to get foiled by her dear husband Arjun.She heaved a sigh at that thought and moved out..

“Radhikaaa”, she tilted her head listening his voice from their room.. “Where is my new dress?”,he asked as she came in.. She picked a bag from her cupboard and gave him.. He saw 2 shirts and 2 kurtas.. He raised a brow picking a kurta….”I will exchange the kurtas later”, she said before walking out.. She mentally face palmed for giving it right away..Arjun had already told her that he doesn’t like wearing kurtas.,but she bought it unable to control herself,that too after imagining him in half white kurta,how could she let it be there.. she shook head at her nature. “You still need to change”,she said to herself.

Ajay and Roshini’s eyes were on stalks as they saw Arjun descending down in kurta..”Am I day dreaming.”,Ajay asked to earn a sharp pinch from Roshini.. Radhika’s surprise had no words found to be expressed. She forgot to breathe when Arjun accompanied her for pooja..Half of the day went busy with guests and gifts exchanges.,time and again she kept noticing him and everytime she got more surprised to see him interacting well with everyone..”Did he have any problem only with me?”she thought and got confused more..

“Aunty..was Arjun like this before marriage?”,she asked unable to hold her back..

Roshini din’t know what to reply,but she caught her note,”Radhi,I told you..its only work tension he behaved aloof..don’t confuse yourself,”,she said and patted her cheeks.. Arjun heard it when he came to get sweets for his dad.. Radhika moved towards swimming pool with tears blocking her vision,how could she explain to someone of what she feels now..

Arjun saw her near the pool,the girl whom he loved at the first sight…He took a stroll down memory lane recalling those moments.

4 months back,he saw her very first time at his home,his parents playing antakshari with her..He kept his laptop aside and watched his parents enjoying every moment with her,his mom making fun of his dad,his dad..dancing to make her laugh and she.hugging them both and taught them couple dance..her hands in air as though holding someone…Time and again, his mom would step his dad’s feet and he let that go..”Uncle..Aunt is taking her revenge!”,she said and Roshini picked cushions chasing her.,”Radhi…stop..”his mom called her.She came holding her ears with puppy dog eyes..not only his mom,he too got bowled over at that.. He laughed when she said,”But Aunty.. that was truth na”,and winked at Roshini..

He instantly said yes when his mom came with the marriage proposal.. His business ideas and dream project were at its budding stage when the alliance happened.,he din’t want her to let go because to those..Her dad was so understanding when he shared his ideas.All the while he sensed her starring him.,he averted his gaze only to get her caught red handed and it did happened, she blushed pink..From then, it went even more hard for him to have her away.Her dad,Dilip Mishra made the impossibles to work out only for him,which was a pleasant surprise. He went too deep in his work load, but did choose everything of hers for their marriage and he was stunned to see her wearing his choice.. Her beauty complimented his selection..He never expected her to accept his decision on their wedding night..”Tats ok Arjun..I heard you speaking with uncle.,it’s your dream project should go for it.”her words still played in his mind.. He watched her to sleep on that decorated bed all alone wishing him luck for his business venture.. He slept in couch opposite to the bed adjusting a lot,only to sleep looking her face..

“You slept in couch? why? and what about your meeting? when it got over?”, she bombarded questions at him once he woke up the next day..

“It got over by 1’o clock..8 hrs time difference you know..”he said and she nodded thoughtfully.. She even hid the reality from their mothers when they asked about the previous night..She surprised him more and more with her understanding and never demanding nature.He never found her sad or worried at her newly wed husband’s workaholic behavior,but in turn she became a moral support..She filled his absence in spending time with family..He noticed his parents to be more friendly with each other.His busy schedule only gave opportunities to notice the trio bond well like friends.,never he got time to mingle with them..He decided to put a halt for his spectator mode after this Delhi trip..When she asked him
to return which was more like a plead, he found difficult to stay there.. His mind played the previous day events and he saw her wiping her eyes..

“Radhikaa..”,he called wondering what made her cry.. “Are you crying?”,he asked holding her arm..

“No..just dust”,she said and moved..

“Are you missing your parents?”,he asked and she passed a sharp glare at him. After a sec the realization dawned on him..”Radhika..listen”,he came to her running.. “I got a gift for you.”,he said..

“Give it”,she said expressionless. “First smile”,he said as he extended a saree.. She grinned like a toothpaste model and snatched the bag from him..He saw her twisting her lips as she searched her cupboard,and moved out choosing a gold color blouse.. He stood watching her leave to next room to change..

After few hours., Radhika and Roshini were chatting after lighting diyas..A group of children came, and Radhika began distributing gift packs to them.. she turned when one kid said,”Bhaiya.,shall we burst crackers?”.Radhika murmured something and the kids nodded their heads..

“We shall”,Arjun said surprising everyone..

“Is today kurta day?”,Ajay came mocking him and Radhika noticed him wearing another one of her choice.

“This is surprise day”,Roshini said as Arjun moved to burst crackers.. soon., they all teamed up enjoying with Flowerpots,chakris and sparklers..He unpacked and handed one after other and Radhika forgot everything in minutes, she covered the whole lawn area lighting one after other..She asked the children to look the sky as she went for sky shots.. she arranged in a half circle model and lighted it fast.. soon the sky was filled with lights, covering their house in semicircle..Arjun raised his brows at that enchanting view..

“didi you couldn’t watch it fully na.”,a kid said in a sullen voice.. “It happens”,she came dusting her hands..”Thank you”,she chimed at him before getting inside..

“she will stop this with time..Don’t worry..”his mom said patting his arm..He just nodded..Later, he saw Radhika deeply advising the kids not to burn crackers from next time..and she went on about environmental hazards.” too won’t do hereafter,”a kid asked the next sec.. she nodded yes..”I won’t”. Arjun smiled listening that., he recalled her starring him differently when he gave crackers to her with a smile..

“ din’t eat well today..I noticed..”,he listened him mom saying that..

“Of all the surprises your son gave today,I feel like flying.”,she gave a witty reply.. Roshini laughed patting her.. “After all., whose son he is..King of surprises!”,Ajay said before moving to his room..

“Oh..Really!.. Who finished gujjias.. King of surprises or his prince..”,she asked with her hands on her hips.. “No sweets for next one week..”,she said like a order.. “Done”,Roshini did a hifi with her..

She stood with a confusion of whether to go to her room or terrace when she felt her legs to leave its hold.. Arjun moved to terrace having her in his arms..”You said you felt like flying., so thought to give you that experience”,he said with a mock grin..

“Leave me down.”,she said sharply. “when did you come yesterday..aunt said you came by 10, but I dint see you”, she asked him strictly..

“When you were speaking about us to me..”,he said with a smile..She stood confused..”Why did you speak to my photo when am there?” he asked..

“Because your never stay with me”,she blurted without a second thought.”When?”she asked acutely..

“when you said,’cause of me you yelled your mom.”,he said and stood watching her..

The prev day..

After the call,Radhika threw her phone on bed and saw their pic on wall.. “Now..why are you’s all because of you I have yelled my mom.. you idiot!! can’t you come home for Diwali..din’t I ask you?This is our first Diwali together, do you know how many plans I had?. Argh!! Am a fool to plan.. that too with you..who never considers me as a wife itself..why the hell I fell for you in first place..? The more I try to understand you the more you move away from me.. May be am not the perfect one for you! you deserve someone better..I tried to be better..What could I do? I am like this.. I can’t be a business oriented girl.. project..why din’t I learn all this when I am to have a husband like this..” she threw her comb aside… she punched pillows hard saying,”This is for you handsome devil…I left having sweets.. ’cause you are diet conscious.. Din’t dance for this navratri.,’cause you don’t like.. and Sareee..Oh god! why do you want me to wear that.. what did you say..I look good in saree.. hmm..clever man! Sweet coated Medicine..isn’t..and now No crackers..! and No Diwali too!! whom I have got stuck up with… If I have ever got to know this before… even then I would have said yes..!” she slapped her forehead..

Her mobile flashed her dad’s name.. “ gave the conduct certificate for this idiot na..I believed you..” she punched one hard blow on the bed and picked the call..

“Love you dad…”she yelled in frustration.. “Nothing that..thought to shower my love on you..”,she said sarcastically.. “Ah..Arjun..! why you always speak about sent him Delhi na..”,she said angrily.. after few mins.. “ok..good night”,she hung up with a sad pout..

“Arjun is a good boy!.. enough of this dialogue..uff!! Am I a bad girl then..”she sat silently for few minutes,starring his pic.. “Arjun..This Diwali..I promise..I will..hmm..ok..I will try to
stop having sweets, stop dancing in society function.,wear saree daily..won’t speak nonsense with you though we never speak like a couple…and No crackers from next year..won’t ask you to wear tat all ok?…But..please come tomorrow na..I wished to wake up looking your face on our first Diwali.. Just smile at me once in a day..” she went silent after that.. If I din’t see you tomorrow, I will ..I will…kick you..kick you hard .. she face palmed herself saying, “what have you done to me”, she stomped her foot and left the room..

“Am sorry..” he said hugging her from behind..

“Where were you?”,she asked in turn..

“Behind the curtain..I thought to surprise you,but..” she intervened..” eavesdropped”she said angrily and pushed his hand,but he held her tight saying, “I won’t leave.. how dare you called me Idiot.. that too thrice…”he said with fake anger… “No.. Only twice”,she said after a moment and bit her tongue..

He turned her around.,” are my first and forever love..I never thought you would got hurt to this extent..I thought you would get me wrong if I behave lethargic when uncle helped me with this deal.. you know what..Am really lucky to get you as my wife..You are my moral support..I made this happen just because of you…On the day of our marriage.,I got client’s call accepting our deal.. and you know what happened further…what made you think you are not perfect for me?… I feel I wanna make me perfect for you.. I got to enjoy the new bond between my parents which you made possible.. and Never change yourself…I never expected that.. I just expressed my views..even if you retort..I will love you.”he said looking her intently..

She had her eyes only on him..”Are you trying to convince me?”, she asked..

He smiled and asked,”You thought like that., for your about teaching me couple dance just like you taught to mom and dad?”..

Her eyes widened at that.”You saw me that day”,she asked..

“Yes…light blue long skirt and white tops with blue scarf., and its true you look so beautiful in Saree..I got to know only on the day of our marriage”,he said and winked her..

She blushed and averted her gaze but was shocked to see her crackers packet missing.. “what?” he asked.. “nothing..”,she turned around biting her lower lip.. Arjun quickly made a call. “btw..I liked your saree style yesterday night..Pls wear like that in our room..”he said in her ears..

“ too.. where is my cracker pack”she asked quickly facing him.. he pointed the sky.. Just then all her sky shots went hitting the sky one after other continuously.. just like she did in a semicircle way.. the lights made the sky glow and she kept watching till her heart’s content with a big smile and happiness in her eyes just like a gleeful kid..

The shots went blasting spreading various colors,he hugged her from back and said.,”This Diwali..I Promise I will always be the reason for your smile..will fill our life with happiness and love…and I love you Radhika..Only you my love…”,and kissed her cheek deep.. She felt overwhelmed with joy and turned around..He kissed her forehead..eyes..cheeks…and ….”Arjun,I too promise..”she started..He captured her lips with his lifting her from the ground..”Enough of your promises.”he said in between their kiss and continued to make the moment even more passionate..


So…how was it?… Pls drop in ur views… Diwali sweets took a toll I brain suggests such things.. Silent readers do share a word…I did type it yesterday to post on Diwali..but too much roaming around dint get time to write the last part… bachi samaj kar maaf kijiye…for posting after Diwali…Love u all loads..take care….

Happy Diwali Everyone..!!!

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  1. Awesome!!!

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Kanthi… TC..

  2. Shree

    I knew it’d be You!! The way you write.. Hehe.. and I just waited to finish reading.. and it’s you!! Hahahahaha.. I win!!

    It was toooooo ggggoooooooddddd!! Oh god!! What are you made of?! Such a lovely plot.. one promise.. does change a lot of things.. Hehe scolding her mom and then dad.. waking up in his arms… Kurta… Sweets.. fireworks.. before marriage flashback.. awiieee awww… love confession.. hehe… Tooo cute

    Come back soon with another one..

    Happy Diwali to you too..

    Love you ??

    1. Jessie

      yay!! thanks a lot Shree.. you found it to be me!!! Gr8..!! clever girl..

      you do know wat am made of ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe sailing in same boat.. Thanks dear.. am so happy reading your comment.. u brought a cute brief note.. yep.. all in a day..Diwali le…surprise o surprise…
      another one…will do u loads and TC

  3. Shubhadha

    SSuper…..eally good diwali gift…. jesssiee…. happy diwali….

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    Loved it

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  5. Mica

    aawwww… just too sweeeet, well emotional also, huh! you made me crying a little, you know !
    love in the air, joyness, happiness , and love feeling change people… aaawww..
    love it Jessieeeee….

    1. Jessie

      Hi Mica.. oh! u cried.. I think that Radz monologue part or the pool scene..isn’t that was where I felt when I wrote.. haiya.. yess… cute..cute..cutely said.. Thanks a lot Mica… such a cute comment..Love u loads..TC

  6. Jewel

    It was a beautiful and amazing Diwali gift Jessie… The story is really really good…. Her sacrifices and his surprises, u wrote that beautifully…. I loved this story. How can u write like this, this much good stories in short no.of words?? u people r really talented…. Thanku for this story… Plz write more such stories….

    1. Jessie

      Jewel…..Bear hugs… am so so happy u liked this gift… Thanks a lot dear.. Jewel.. u are really boosting my energy..I really thought your words when this OS stayed more than a day in my mobile.. thats y I posted soon… Thats really a energy packed compliment…Thanks a lot again.. will definitely do u loads and TC

  7. Brin

    It is a perfect Diwali gift, really enjoy reading it, Jessie you nail it, well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Yay!!!..Brin….Am so happy u liked it …Thanks a lot dear… Love u ..TC

  8. Lovely update Jessy dear… Loved it.. Radhu’s mono acting, Arjun’s promise, family bond everything was just awesome…. Sweetest Diwali Gift…… Thank u.. Happy Deepavali to u :*

    1. Jessie

      Chinmayi…Thanks a lot dear.. Thanks for sharing ur likes.. am so glad receiving ur compliment on this..My Pleasure and Happy Deepavali to u too… love u loads..TC

  9. Sangee

    hey jess awesome shot…radika scolding arjun was superb….

    1. Jessie

      Sangeee…Thanks a lot dear… Scolding ah..ok..ok!! I got it.. I will note it…haha… TC

  10. arti viswanathan

    Excellent and awesome jessie dear.i loved it/ liked it… And happy Diwali to u and ur family dear….. And I want you to write more of this kind of stories dear….

    1. Jessie

      Arti… Thank you so much dear… Thanks and Wish you and your family a very happy Diwali.. okay..will do it dear..Thanks for ur support…love u loads and TC..

  11. Sathya

    Superb OS dear. happy diwali JAAZZZ….I just loved the way she replied to her mom of not leaving arjun’s side which clearly shows her the best wife. And yelled at her ultimate. Arjun the naughty guy heard everything behind the curtain and gives her own wishes as her surprises and which is a surprise for us. Ardhika is tooooooo adorable here and you made so beautiful in your OS. excellent one.

    1. Jessie

      Satzzzz…Thanks a lot dear.. Best wife..Aahaaan!!! illaye pinna..Thanks for sharing ur likes yaar… super le.. she scolded them for Arjun being busy..heheh..yep..very naughty boy.. thats wat she asked na..Thanks..Thanks…Thank u so much..your words mean a lot…Love u loads and TC

  12. Rossy

    Jazzzzzzzzy my Jessicalal….kya bat hai…Diwali gift…thanks for giving us such treats…this Arjun…aargh…now u only give me reason to punch him…workaholic and avoiding everyone….huh….I loved rads monologue…the part where radz made Arjun’s parents dance was totally awesome…so there kinds of in laws are awesome if u really lucky to have them…and u ???….hehehe…my fab…de diya

    1. Jessie

      Lal…back to Jessicalal mode… My pleasure.. Am happy u enjoyed the gift…thanks for
      sharing ur fav parts… dance..yeah..lucky bahus gets goodie good saasumas…hehheh happy that I gave ur fav…Lal ki laadli ban gayi… u found a reason to…. nahi…bandha toh hinglish… he too loved her..don’t punch… love u loads and TC dear…

  13. Jesssy dea….wish i could tell u how much beautiful n sweet tis shot was n how much i loved it.
    Rads craving for Arjun’s presence n love… speaking her feeling to Arjun’s photo n Arjun silently listening to it n then fulfilling her wishes..Rads animated convo wid crackers .. lol.Then love confession n promise.each part was cute, beautiful n emotional.u made mu diwali lovelyyy.


    1. Jessie

      Swathi dear… you made my day with ur sweet words… Now am reading ur comment again and again…I find the essence of this OS here and so so beautiful u had said…Thanks for that… Yipee…Am happy reading the last line… Thanks a lot dear… Am finding myself bit worthy after reading comments like yours..Thanks for being a super support…Love u loads and fav is where u described about Arjun..Super dear

  14. Sriya

    yeh kya tha…? how can u write so well….it was a masterpiece out of the space heaven everything….it was a phenomenal exceptional tremendous unique piece…….loved it a lot the confession….radhika talking with arjun photo the promise…..everything was too fabulously written u made my day man you should be the second os queen after myra di… u loads happy diwali………

    1. Jessie

      Sriyaaaa…. tere dp dekhe mujhe josh aate he… yaar… Am super dooper excited reading ur compliment… Thanks a ton dear…Aww… Thanks again for bringing ur fav parts here… glad that
      I did it… Thanks for that awesome wala praises…Am flying inbetween happiness clouds.. Happy Diwali …Love u too and TC

  15. S.v

    Aahhhaaaaa baby im reading it again and again u know me us ofcourse. Lol baby this is a cutooooooo cute os. aaha deepavali parisu kaaathirikiradhu. Muthu movie remember ?? lol idhu dhan diwali pattasu. alllelllelelelelaaaaa (rajni making the tune in muthu in search of meena remember) andha tuneah dhan naanum potutu irukken. Ada paavi arjun unakkaga andha paacha mannu ennannallaaam pandra aana nee oru vartha pesa kudadha. Epdiyo haapily ever afternu oru end card potala anga nikara baby neee super arjun in kurtha naa apdi poiten ava mattuma shock aana naanum dhan adhuvum half white yov een ipdi pandra poo naaa baaaa nu irukken. Love u ttons baby i want same kind of cute cute os from u muhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa ????? naaa thirumba padikaporen tata…..

    1. Jessie

      Baby… Bear hugs…. Thanks a lot baby…. u asked cute na…. hahaha..Muthu dialogue…sema ya.. how u brought that here… I get that tune..super baby…kalakita… yes..Arjun velanu vandha odane velakkaran aayitan..hehehe..ninuten baby..thank u.. ada naanum than…enala indha kurta va vidamudiyala ma… Arjunum avan kurtavum oru sirukathai thogupe vandudum pola.. Thanks a lot baby..Lively comment…. pacha mannu! super one… Ava lovele u loads… muhhaaa…TC… will do it dear..Oh… it!! am happy I was able to give a good one..!

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    Beautifully written…loved it to the core…love you cutie pie and take care

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      Starzz….my cutie… hw r u? thanks a lot dear… am glad u liked…love u too…TC

      1. Starz

        Fine cutie pie…how are u???

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      I got cold..but ok now…Sorry for a late reply..

  17. Dipika

    Jess my judwa behen.. First of all mujhe maaf kardo late aane k liye…. I was lil bit busy in stuff around home… N coming to os..parcel that sweet which made u think thid beautiful n. Lovely os.. Just in love with it… You we always finds love in gift, showpieces.. But it lives in small things attention hug care.. U explained it so simply.. Arrange marriage.. This is how couples started to fell for each other.. I just loves the way she blabber all thr things.. N hr eavesdrop. Lol.. Sometimes bad habit helps.. Lol.. I just loved when shr saw that shining crackers in sky n hr look at her.. Wow.. Still. M. In that scenes… Awsome darling… Loads of love.. Awesome gift… Muhhha

    1. Jessie

      Awww….Judwa behen…I know will be busy with Diwali.. bas bear hugs chalega… haha
      wo sweets.. kaha na khaa liya.. I got scoldings for having too much sweets when am not well…
      yep.. bad habits helps..I had that as a dialogue for Arjun,, but forgot to type.. Thanks a lot dear..
      Am so happy reading ur descriptions on this… Awwww,,,Deepz…wat a scene you chose to fell far… Hayye..I got that…! Thank you so much dear… Now am too imagining it again..heheh Power of your comment..dekha…love u loads and My loved this gift… yippeeee…Am dancing…. Muhaaaa….TC….

  18. Aadia

    Jessuu..I knew it’s you!!Iam brilliant enough to recognize Jessian stories.. mainly because of the simple and cute plots you choose.Yes..that’s the highlight of your writing Jessu.. and how well you narrate it!!It was a Diwali DHAMAKKA???and I really liked Rads words..if she got to know earlier.. .even then she say at first sight???and the crackers in sky!!I loved it..that day you asked which clone of Arjun I want??Give me this one’s Jessu…??One more thing.. Iam tried to write an OS but holding on because of lack of time but in that too there is a firecracker part.. It has a vital role their.Well don’t think why Iam saying it.I just felt so..want to comment more but tomorrow it’s Keralppiravi means birthday of Kerala state (full show off in college , girls wearing Kerala Saree and all.Remember Premam and Malar..But I’m not wearing it) and as part of celebrations,I have to prepare for a quiz competition…so won’t be able to comment on Sweet mistake.. Will read it later..and sorry for saying this much about you….????

    1. Jessie

      Aadia… that’s are one brilliant friend of mine…. wow!!! Thank you..Thank seem to have a keen notice on that..Am glad… This clone..! hehe..he is married..chalo.. ise jaise..tell me ur bday.. and u pinpointed your fav..Thanks dear… wow..
      I love crackers a lot..night shots..!! am eager for your OS now… and Togetherness story.. Am happy u shared it… oh..Kerala’s birthday! wow.. why no saree..Yep..I remember Malar.. All the best dear…Ok read later but share ur view on that chapter..I expect urs.. and it helps… Don’t be…am glad u said abt Kerlappiravi..Thanks a lot dear… love u loads and TC…

  19. mindblowing,awesome.super……….

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Subha dear… love u ..TC

  20. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding shot….jesss my lovely sis….it was really very beautiful. ..n very lovelyyyyyy. …you nailed it yet again as always my dearrrrr. ….made me smile n so content. ….ardhika were so adorable…rads cuteness overloaded. …n arjun’s kurta..wowwww. …diwali n sweets…crackers….n their promises….loveliest Diwali gift…..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Jessie

      Romaaaaaaaa diiiii…imagine me giving u teddy hugs…sissy!!! Yep…it’s me !! Yay!! Am now super happy….wow!! Di..that’s a gr8 compliment one cud get…!! Thanks a lot di… am not able to overcome this kurta on Arjun…everywhere I bring..thank u..bear hugs….love u lots

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