manmarziyan…different ways to love and to be loved part 2

Im sorry for the dayy..plz dont curse me guyss

Temple road:
Sam:hey chasni…
Sam:I’ve seen an advertisement that a company need a writer. .
Sam:haa chasni…as they need good caption..eye catching words..
Radhi:bt do u think
Sam interepted:look chasni…I knw u r good in writing..and look naa…so u go..and reach there at sharp 10.00
Radhi:are u sure sam…
Radhi:whats the company name
Sam:mehta nands
Radhi:its a advertising. ..
Sam:haa…its just their one of the company
Radhi:k fine
Sam:thats my chasni..k I need to finish my work..
Radhi:what work
Sam:I’ll say…now u go
Radhi leaves

Sam:hey mr dare u to insult my chasni..nw lets see wot happens to u
She takes a lift and went
A car is seen coming towards sam direction…and it hits the car…
Sam comes out..and starts to scold him
A man of 26 comes out…looking damn hot
He is memerised seening sam..and starts to stare at her
Sam:hello mr…are u out of sense….and she go on alliging
Still he is out of mind
Sam pushes him and he comes back to sense
Man:hi meri sweety….
Sam:u kadoos…how dare u..dont u have any sense
Man:hey my name is nt kadoos…im neil…neil malhotra. ..
Sam:I jusy dont care. .
Neil:this much of mean
Sam:mind ur tongue mr malhotra
Neil:if nt
Sam looks around. .mny are watchig them
Sam shouts:help mee..he is trying to misbehave with me..kaka..plz help
Neil closes her mouth with his hands
Bth share a beutful eye lock…

Precap:same…and sams plan to boss

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  1. Nice update…may be Arjun will b new boss to radz…..update soon

  2. Lol.. What was that?! Nesam tho… New job for Radhika..

    Post soon.. Love you??

  3. Good episode. 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha superr yaar sam

  5. super………….tc

  6. Nice episode dear.

  7. Awesome, lovely episode

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