manmarziyan a different story (Prologue)


Hiiii everyone! How r u ppl ? I was a silent reader but not any more. Hope u all include me in ur mmn gang and lk my story. Juz an idea popped out of my mind and so here we go….
Guyz plz do drop ur comments, both positive and negative one

Ignore my typos!

Lets get into our journey of manmarziyan..

An elite college campus is shown with a big name board of “Legend of Mehera’s business school”. Meheras are a billionaire owning from manufacturing of cars, department stores,buildings, schools including this elite college and can be seen everywhere around the world.
At the most beautiful campus in InOfficially I don’t get such information for u regarding holidaydia “legend” mehera campus, pampers the elite students who flaunt their wealth and band together in cliques.
Here the heartthrob of this elite is D-3 who are spoiled brats and one among them is the heir to the mehera company Who are in final year.

Unfortunately, just being rich isn’t enough to survive the tyranny at legend mehera – outsiders or lowers are often marked as target by the bored uber-clique D-3 . once a students is delivered D-3 “red card” it signals that the rest of the college to go all out in harassment and bullying.
A guy who just happened to come out from gym received a red card and is immediately chased and beaten to the core. He some how manages to give a good foght and manages to escape.

Precap – intro of heroine and a loud scream

Ok tata bye bye…. Plz drop down your views. Hope it’s upto your mark.

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  1. hi rama i am very glad that now a days many silent readers like u are showing intrest in writing ffs but there is a small problem honey actually even i am also writing an ff wid the same title call MMZ A DIFFERENT STORY so if u dnt mind plz change the title as the readers will get confused reading 2 diff stories wid the very same title
    so is dnt mind plz change the title as i i wanna continue my ff i have jst taken a break for mnth or 2
    and by the way nyc start reader wanna read further episode but wid diff title

  2. srry fir the tyoos i am in a hurry i jst came to tu for completeling my pending ffs so the title of the ff saw i wrote in a hurry
    no offense dear but change the title

  3. Rama

    Ho I’m extremely sorry dr . will change d title frm next episode,. Thank u fr ur wishes.

    So my ff name will b manmarziyan at odds

    1. its ok sweetheart dnt be srry
      tanks for changing the title

  4. Rama

    Ho I’m extremely sorry dr . will change d title frm next episode,. Thank u fr ur wishes.

  5. Brin

    Good start, continue with the story and welcome to MMz ff. 🙂

    1. Rama

      Thanks brin

  6. Hey this is boys over flower Korean drama

    1. Rama

      Hi candy… Yeah i juz adopted the script frm korean.. But it won’t have much of its scene will add my imagination ? . plz do Comment

  7. Hi rama.. gr8 start.. update sn. N take care..

    1. Rama

      Thanks farjana .. Take care ☺

  8. Hy Rama it’s a gud start.What will be the new name?

    1. Rama

      Manmarziyan at odds dr.

  9. S.v

    Rama welcome to the world of manmarziyan it was nice start dear. All the best dear and next part soon as what is the sound wanna read that too lovely start.

    1. Rama

      Thank u … Plz do comments on next update. Hope its upto ur mark

  10. Rama

    Thank u frd and sis ! I have posted my next update… Plzz do comment…. Ur comments encourage me to write… Plz drop ur comments

  11. Rama

    Thanks ! Plzz do read my next chapter and drop ur comments… I lov all ur comments ,it encourage me a lot

  12. Rossy

    Very nice dear…i liked boys over flowers also

    1. Rama

      Thanks and even me dr

  13. Awesome start..please continue dear. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Rama

      Thanks roma… Isn’t our name similar! Lov u to?

  14. _Ritu

    Nice start dear.. Going to read d nxt one. Loads of love. 🙂

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