Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession Chapter 53 (Epilogue)

Hello friends 🙂 so here is the Epilogue for DPO ….and Neetz this is for you….. hope you will like it 🙂 happy weekend friends


The Closure

After 3 years

Khanna Residence

A cute 3 yr old girl hopped on the bed and gave Jai a peck ….she opened her story book and started reading a fairy tale to him…..Jai smiled…a tear came down his eyes….the girl softly wiped it and spoke in a cute voice; ‘’Papa says friends can make each other happy….I am your friend Mamu….we will play soon together…’’

Neil walked into room and called out; ‘’Jiya …come baby time to leave’’ Jiya kissed Jai again Neil caressed Jai’s forehead with love…..Jai was looking at him with a lot of hope….Neil kept his hand on his forehead; ‘’Jai we have forgiven you….and you will walk….that’s a promise of your childhood friend ‘’ Jai’s eyes started pouring with repentance….Neil understood… ‘’Radhika has also forgiven you turst me….I will ask her to visit you….’’ Neil lifted his doll up and walked out after giving Jai a consoling smile …

RHYTHM- Evening

Radhika was teaching a group of 10 girls….and one of them was doing it perfectly….she was youngest in the group and Radhika’s favorite ….her sweet hrt 9 yr old Sia she was growing into a beautiful girl…with big dark eyes sharp features …..once the practice was over…Radhika dismissed the class…Sia hugged Radhika from behind; ‘’Mami I am tired….can we have an ice cream….but please without these guards…I feel trapped’’ spoke Sia pouting

Radhika turned her around ; ‘’Yes baby have I ever said no to you….and these guards are there because your Mamu and dad loves you’’

Sia; ‘’I know you love me the most…. this is why Mamu is jealous of me’’ Radhika laughed hugging Sia…

Arjun watched them from the door….and let out a storm from his arm which slowly tumbled towards Radhika…’’Bunny’’

Radhika banged her head; ‘’ Arhaan its mummy not bunny ….leave all that…how is my baby….’’ Radhika pecked her 1.5 yr old son…Arhaan wriggled out and held SIa’s finger…’’
Didi’’ Sia loved her baby brother her only teddy…she cuddled him and Radhika turned to Ajun; ‘’Stop calling me Bunny….you look tired’’

Arjun; ‘’You should have seen your parents house….if you are masters in creating chaos your son is a Phd….me and dad were lying dead on the floor !….so you and Sam are having girls evening’’

Radhika ; ‘’yes and you and Neil will take care of kids….’’

Arjun; ‘’As you wish Ma’am…come Sia baby time to go home’’ Sia smiled but ARjun found her smile little artificial…he grabbed her arm waved Radhika and left…..once in the car….Arjun asked; ‘’Sia what’s troubling you’’

Sia; ‘’Mamu I don’t want to go for a boarding school…..I want to stay here..with all of you and Arhaan’’ Arhaan clapped hearing his name

Arjun applied breaks; ‘’What??? Where did that come from….???’’

Sia; ‘’Dad wants me to write the entrance examination for top notch schools….and once I am done…he would send me to US…he said its good for my future’’

Arjun looked at Sia…he recalled his childhood….he was 10 when he was sent abroad….he knew how alone he was…but this won’t happen with Sia…Arjun caressed her head and softly spoke; ‘’Give me a hug doll…’’ Sia obliged….Arjun held her protectively; ‘’I promise you will stay here till you are ready to go and study abroad….and your Dad….I will handle him…now smile…..’’ SIa squealed loudly hugging Arjun tight…. ‘’Mamu you are the best…..and I love you’’ Arjun pecked her forehead; ‘’And Mamu loves his baby the most’’

Sam was busy in her office cursing herself for being late again….her business had grown by folds…she was one of the best event managers…Sid had invested in her business…they made a great team…Sam looked at the watch ; ‘’Chasni will rip me into pieces’’ She rushed out to her car and drove off to the decided venue….Sam entered the coffee shop holding her ears…. ‘’Sorry got stuck’’

Radhika; ‘’Forgiven….Sammy I am so proud of you….you are one of the young achievers this year’’

Sam; ‘’SO are you….Mrs best copywriter…plus director RHYTHM’’

Radhika smiled and asked; ‘’Neil asked me to visit Jai….why couldn’t you do that….he is your brother….’’

Sam; ‘’I didn’t wanted to….I couldn’t forgive him…for breaking my trust and using me’’

Radhika; ‘’Can you if I request’’

Sam looked at Radhika keenly; ‘’Why….because you feel obliged to me that I shot my own brother for you’’

Radhika folded her arms to chest; ‘’Right now I can shoot you point blank…dumb I want a closure…plus he got enough punishment’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Only if you promise’’ Radhika raised an eyebrow…Sam again spoke; ‘’Please keep Jiya with for a month and teach her some of your talent of bothering Neil…they made a team together leaving me alone’’

Radhika rolled her eyes; ‘’How about I teach you and the one rolling in your tummy comes with a Phd’’

Sam blushed; ‘’Guess he likes you too much …I can feel that’’

Radhika; ‘’He has too after all he is my AB’’ Sam gave a questioning look…Radhika smiled; ‘’Adopted Brother’’

Sam coughed over her juice and laughed ….’’you will never change Chashni’’

Neil was having his boys time with Arjun….but with kids…Arhaan was busy destructing whatever Jiya was making out of blocks…and she being a Neil’s true daughter…would explain him calmly that its bad…Arjun smiled at Jiya…he looked at Neil; ‘’She is an angle….so cute….wish Arhaan learns something’’

Neil; ‘’Arhaan is just like you…had he been like my Birdie….he would have been angle ‘’

Arjun gave him an unbelievable look; ‘’Who said your Birdie is an angle….Arhaan is male version of your Birdie….he seem to have inherited all her mischief above that Nandu and dad are spoiling him like anything’’

Neil ; ‘’Not a word against my Birdie !!! …..Arjun can you forgive Jai’’

Arjun; ‘’If you and Radhika can…yes I will….’’

Neil got up and hugged Arjun tight; ‘’Thanks bro….’’ Arjun too hugged him…’’Neil you are my family …there is no way I can refuse you….’’ They were still talking when there was a sound of something breaking…Arhaan had thrown his ball at the table….breaking the Arjun-neil’s coffee mugs…and he clapped at his achievement…Neil smiled and ARjun scratched his head looking the mess Mehra prince had created….’


It was family day and Sid nandini had come for dinner….Arjun looked at Sia and then Sid….Sia was restless….Arjun spoke; ‘’Sid why do you want her to go to US write now she is just 9’’

Sid smiled he understood…he gave one look to Sia and then ARjun; ‘’because its good for her’’

Arjun; ‘’Sid…it will just make her lonely….she will go but when she is ready….not by our will…plus I can’t stay without her…and can you stay without her’’

Sid smiled and replied; ‘’out of 12 months I guess 11 my daughter spends in Mehra Mansion….so yes I am getting into a habit… will surely miss her’’

Sia looked up; ‘’Dad you won’t miss me ???’’ Sia’s big eyes were already full of tears…just a word more and they would jump out…Radhika rubbed her back…

Arnav had enough; ‘’Sid …Sia is not going….I gave ARjun 10 lonely yrs I am not letting you give it to Sia…this is final…’’ Sia was still looking at her dad….Sid finally gave up and opened his arms…Sia jumped and cried…Sid rubbed her back; ‘’Baby you are my reason to live…I was just joking plus your Mom will kill me if I send you far’’

Nandini; ‘’Finally ….this discussion is over…and Sia who is Abhishek….he called on the line no.’’

Sia; ‘’Mom our sports captain….I am participating in marathon…he is in 10th standard….he says I am cute….’’ Sid coughed….Arjun’s eyes snapped up and Arnav made a grave expression….

Radhika; ‘’Sia take Arhaan with you….I will get ice-cream to your room’’ Sia smiled and took Arhaan with her….Nandini and Radhika stood with their hands folded….

Nandini; ‘’All 3 of you….just chill he is a 10th standard boy he might have said thinking her to be a kid’’

Arjun; ‘’All shitty things comes at this age…. Specially in a guys head’’

Sid; ‘’And did you ask why did he call ?’’ Nandini just kept her hand on her forehead….but Arnav added fuel to fire

Arnav; ‘’Even I proposed my wife at this age… keep an eye on that boy …I will ask rana to get all the details’’ All the 3 left the table….

Nandini took a deep breath and crashed on the chair…’’Great! Rana has no better work than to spy on 15yr old boy…..’’

Radhika; ‘’Di no point stopping them ….let them do what they want to…I have a news….Sia will do a solo performance for RYTHYM concert this year and she will be the youngest one to do’’

Nandini was brimming with happiness…her eyes reflected that; ‘’I think….without SIa there is no meaning to my life’’ Radhika wrapped her arm around Nandini; ‘’Our life di…she belongs to all of us’’

Neil’s Residence

Sam was feeling tired she was sitting in her room with her eyes closed….Neil left Jiya with Prerna and walked inside his room….he watched her and pecked her nose; ‘’Sammy
everytime I look at you I fall for you’’

Sam; ‘’I know….I have a 3 yr old proof….and another one growing inside….I am the one paying for all the love’’

Neil huffed; ’’So you met Birdie…your words have all of her’’ Sam chuckled….Neil made her sit and massaged her feet…Sam looked at him with gratitude; ‘’Thanks for forgiving Bhai’’

Neil; ‘’Not required….I did what was right….and I love you’’

Mehra Mansion

Radhika moved to her room to find it in complete mess….Arjun was having a pillow fight with his son….Radhika angrily spoke; ‘’What have you done’’
Both father and son made a comical expression and said ; ‘’Bunny’’

Radhika; ‘’’when will he call me mom…he keeps on calling me bunny’’ Arjun laughed….Radhika pushed him to bed and warned; ‘’Teach him to call me mom or he will call you hades’’ Arjun laughed more that irritated her…she took a pillow and started hitting him….and in a minute a small pillow hit her head….that was Arhaan saving his father….

Arjun smiled; ‘’God protects the weak’’ Radhika made a face picked Arhaan up and put him to sleep… Arjun held her from back kissing her neck….’’My bunny… I love you so much….’’

Radhika; ‘’I know….ummm Arjun will you come to see Jai with me’’

Arjun turned her around and cupped her face; ‘’Yes…off course I am also responsible for his condition….I want a closure too’’ Radhika smiled and hugged Arjun tight….


All four were there at Khanna residence to meet Jai….Sam had already met him….next was Arjun….Radhika wanted to but it wasn’t easy….Neil moved forward held her hand; ‘’I will help’’ Neil took Radhika inside…she was meeting Jai for the first time after that fateful day…..Radhika looked at his condition….her heart pained….but more for Piyali and Samrat…being a parent she understood Piyali’s anger on her….Radhika moved forward….she lifted Jai’s limp arm and said; ‘’I forgive you….get well soon….for your Mom and
Dad….they need you jai’’ All jai could do was answer through his tears….which reflected his repentance….Radhika wiped them….; ‘’you will walk….I know Neil has promised and he will keep it….don’t give up’’ Radhika turned and looked at Neil….he smiled and hugged her; ‘’This is why you will always be my little one….thanks Birdie’’

Radhika; ‘’You don’t have to AD….I will do any thing for you…’’ Neil pulled her cheeks and she warned not to do infornt of kids as they never took her seriously… Neil bought

Radhika out and all four went for coffee….Radhika started; ‘’Anna is marrying Steve finally after 5 breaks up and 10 proposals….all of us are invited….till that time…junior Neil too will be out lets plan’’

Neil; ‘’I am in….then we can have a campaigning trip’’

Sam; ‘’with kids….I think you all go I will stay back’’

Arjun; ‘’Sam don’t worry…..if we can handle Radhika Arhaan we can handle anyone’’ That was it….Arjun got up and was running around the table with Radhika in pursuit…..Sam trying to intervene and neil he cared a dam he just sat there enjoying sipping his coffee….he just wanted his Birdie to win….his phone buzzed and asked everyone to be quite…..he took the call on speaker; ‘’yes Dr. ’’

Dr. ; ‘’Mr Melhotra ….Jai needs treatment…but after that we need a very good physiotherapist….I have mailed you her details….but careful she is too strong headed…..her name is Neha ’’

Neil picked his phone and downloaded the profile….he raised and eyebrow and looked at Arjun….Arjun too gave a glance and whispered ; ‘’Who wouldn’t want to be sick to be treated by her’’

Neil smiled and watched two girls busy chit chatting and then looked at Arjun; ‘’True …Lucky Jai….’’ They both laughed and gave each other a hifi

Repentance- forgiveness gives you the actual closure….
———————————————————-THE END———————————————————


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