Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession Chapter 52 (last chapter)

Hello my dear friends….so here is the last chapter….I don’t know what I wrote….so please bear me as you always have…..Myra shreya…. Hope I match your expectation…. Love you all 

Chapter 52

My final quote- The Happily ever after

Sam was smiling looking at ARjun –Radhika performing the rituals….Neil came and stood by her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder….’’Mrs Neil Melhotra what are thinking’’

Sam smiled sweetly; ‘’Just recalling our wedding…..I felt so happy that day….and now I see same happiness on CHashni’s face’’

Neil; ‘’Yes they both are happy…and that makes me happy too….’’ Neil looked at Sam for a second…and then lovingly spoke; ‘’Can we go for a second honeymoon’’

Sam looked at Neil with a smile; ‘’Neil…..everyday is a honeymoon with you….but if you say yes’’ Neil gently moved his palm from her shoulder towards her waist and pinched it …making Sam jump but she composed herself…and just looked sideways to hide her blush…she quickly detached herself from Neil and moved towards the mandap to get Radhika and ARjun as the rituals were over… Sam helped Radhika and took her to the dais with Arjun ….the dais was dawned with chairs like thrones….and the background had white silken curtain with re-election of beautiful blue lights….giving the appearence as if the king and queen of water world are seated …

The guests one by one congratulated the newly weds…. Neil kept on making weird gestures at Sam…and she kept blushing…..Radhika made a lip movement and Neil understood he walked towards them and hugged Arjun and slowly gave Radhika a Chocó bar…..Radhika smiled and quickly took… making Arjun frown and Sam chuckle ……Radhika quickly finished the bar and gave a satisfied look….Sam whispered in her ear; ‘’Don’t burp Chashni….guests will run away’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’will burp in night…when Arjun will be full mood’’ Sam blinked and then laughed covering her mouth….

After all the guests left it was time for Radhika to say bye to her parents….she hugged her Mom and dad….Radhika asked her parents to take care of themselves….Dilip gave
Radhika’s hand in Arjun and said; ‘’Nandini ji promised me that Radhika will be accepted as the daughter in Mehra house….I believed her but more than that I believed you….take care of her’’

Arjun; ‘’I will and thank you papa’’

Neil gave Radhika a big box of chocolates cupped her face and said; ‘’keep smiling Birdie’’

Arjun Radhika left in a beautifully decorated Mercedes which Arnav gifted to his new daughter and today Rana decided to be their driver…..Radhika was emotional….Arjun held her hand and squeezed it gently ; ‘’I know you worry for your parents…but they are now mine too’’ Radhika gave him a thankful smile….

Nandini welcomed Radhika with all rituals …..Radhika stepped in as Radhika Arjun Mehra ….Sia clapped when Nandini welcomed Radhika…..Radhika smiled….Nandini did the remaining rituals she made radhika comfortable….Sia kept staring at the new member getting all the attention….Sid pecked her cheek; ‘’What’s wrong my girl…she is you mami….Mamu’s wife’’

Sia; ‘’like mom is yours’’

Sid; ‘’yes….you are turning smart….go say hello’’

SIa; ‘’will mamu love me like before’’

Arjun took Sia from Sid…; ‘’You are Mamu’s favourite ….and you always will be special….and even Mami will love you go say hello’’

Sai walked to Radhika and stood at a distance and forwarding her arm ; ‘’hello’’

Radhika; ‘’Give a hug to your mami….’’ Sia looked at Nandini …Nandini nodded….sia went close and gave a doubtful smile…Radhika closed her arms around Sia and pecked her….Sia finally smiled and hugged Radhika; ‘’Mami you will play with me like mamu’’

Radhika; ‘’I will play more than Mamu….we will be one team…give me a hifi’’ Sia happly gave her hifi and Radhika gave her a chocolate….Nandini looked at Sia; ‘’off to bed ….you have school tomorrow’’

Sia with puppy eyes; ‘’Who will take care of Mami if I go’’ Nandini raised an eyebrow at her oversmat daughter…making Arnav stifle his laughter

Nandini; ‘’I will take care of your Mami…no skipping of school’’

Sia gave a tired look to her Mom and then a pleading look to Arnav….he was about to contradict Nandini…but Nandini interfered; ‘’Chachu…she is going to school and Sid will drop her … arguments…’’ SIa turned and looked at Arjun….he winked at her….Sia smiled and left after giving peck to each member of the family…Nandini raised an eyebrow at jumping Sia and then looked at Arjun she smiled; ‘’Ok…. But let me see…what time you get up tomorrow’’ Radhika turned red….and Arjun just looked sideways…inviting a roaring laughter from Sid and Arnav…

Nandini escorted Radhika to Arjun’s room… she kissed Radhika forehead; ‘’Thanks for accepting Arjun….come to me if he toubles you’’ Radhika gave Nandini a loving hug…..Nandini left Radhika and walked out. Arjun who desperately wanted to be with his bunny was trapped between his over excited dad and his brother in law….who had suddenly decided to stay back and Mehra Mansion for the night….Arjun was just looking at his watch…he saw Nandini coming down towards them…she had a mischievous smile….Arjun’s curled lip and colourless face made her chuckle….she finally decided to rescue him….Nandini extended her watch to Arnav making him run like a kinder garden kid….and then looked at her husband; ‘’You Need to drop your darling daughter to school…..if you don’t sleep…she will have a picnic…’’ Sid huffed wished Arjun and left…Arjun happily jumped throwing his hands up in air he pecked and hugged nandini; ‘’This is why I love you the most Nandu’’

Nandini; ‘’Ya right….drown me in butter now….go before I decide to trouble you’’ nandini laughed watching exited Arjun running to his room…

Sam kept humming after coming back from the marriage venue….Neil smiled and tiptoed to her…he looped his arms around her waist from behind and pulled her close…Sam staggered a bit due to the force; ‘’Neil ….is everything fine with you’’

Neil; ‘’yup….why are you asking that’’

Sam; ‘’Off lately you are becoming Shakti Kapoor…. From Sanjeev Kumar’’ Neil immediately backed out….Sam pressed her lips to hide her smile and then turned around she found
Neil with a frown …and his arms folded to chest….Sam with and innocent expression; ‘’What???’’

Neil; ‘’No more spending time with birdie she is spoiling you….wait did she call me Sanjeev Kumar…???’’ Sam just laughed in response….. Neil banged his head…he enjoyed
Sam’s full hearted laughter and then pulled her to his chest…. ‘’I will show you today …what I am Sanjeev Kumar….or Shakti Kapoor’’ Sam wriggled to free herself laghing….neil lifted her up and placed her on the bed…locking her below him.. he leaned on her ….but Sam had more mischief in her head

Sam; ‘’ bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do !!!! ’’

Neil blinked and looked at Sam all wide eyed… then smiled; ‘’Itni pyaari cheez Bhagwan ke liye kaise chod doon ‘’ now was time for Sam to blink ….they looked at each other and broke into a laughter…Neil laid over Sam hiding his face in her neck ….once Sam’s laughter clamed…Neil palnted a feathery kiss on her neck….Sam closed her arms around
Neil…held fistful of his hair and pulled his head up to look straight into his eyes…Sam spoke like a villan ; ‘’No one will save you Jaani’’ she pushed Neil on his back coming on the top….and leaned on him….Neil opened his arms…; ‘’Who wants to be safe tonight…’’ Sam captured Neil’s lips…and his hands worked to get her out of her clothes ….Neil rolled

Sam over…. ‘’look at me Sammy’’

Sam obliged and cupped Neil’s face ; ‘’I love you Neil….Like no one ….like no other…’’ Neil lowered himself on Sam joining their bodies….drowning in the endless sea of love.

Arjun walked into his room and found sitting figure covered in veil waiting for him….Arjun couldn’t believe this was Radhika…..he started calling of her looking around in dressing room, wash room…and the balcony….Radhika closed her eyes in frustration….she threw her chunari off….walked off the bed…held ARjun’s collar and turned him around; ‘’I was creating all romamtic mood…but you….i used to call you hades then tiger and now ….jerk

Arjun mischievously; ‘’radhika that was to hard to believe you all shy that to when alone with me’’Radhika gave Arjun one mock glare and started hitting him….Arjun tried saving himself….but she wouldn’t stop….he turned her around and locked her arms to front holding her tightly from behind… ‘’look at my fate bunny….Arjun Mehra who scares people is being thrashed by his beloved wife….and on his first night’’ Radhika giggled leaning herself on Arjun….Arjun….moved his finger from her neck down to her waist….he smiled when she shivered….Arjun pulled the tucked chunari off her waist and threw it on the floor….leaving Radhika ‘’the first time I saw you I didn’t know you… I was lost in your dance….second in your eyes….3rd in your heart which cared so much for others….and then I realized….my heart was missing and I lost it to you….’’ Arjun turned her around to face him….he watched her face cupped her cheek and kissed her scar….Radhika was overwhelmed…..he eye automatically drooped at this and tear rolled out….Arjun brushed it off with his thumb…. ‘’No Bunny….you shouldn’t cry….’’

Radhika looped her arms around his neck hugging him tightly; ‘’That day I felt I lost you….I didn’t wanted to….’’

Arjun; ‘’And you didn’t ….because you had decided in your heart….I know how stubborn you are….you made me run behind you like a love struck puppy….I never thought I would go mad behind a girl’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I know I am too cute to resist’’ Arjun smiled and scooped her ….he placed her on the bed….showering kisses on her face and neck before smashing his lips against hers …..radhika looped her arms around his neck responding passionately….Arjun looped an arm around her bare waist and rolled over bringing her on top…never breaking the kiss….his hands worked on the buttons and strings of her wedding attire….Radhika gasped when he unbuttoned her top completely….Arjun looked into her eyes for acceptance and she gave a small nod….he smiled pecked her forehead and removed the clips letting her dark hair loose….he rolled over again bringing Radhika below …as he removed her jewelry his lips paid homage to each part of his goddesses body…Radhika clutched his shirt tightly breathing hard…Arjun stopped he felt her nervousness and fear….he whispered in her ear… ‘’I won’t hurt you Bunny trust me….’’ Radhika nodded in acceptance Arjun kissed her passionately …..trailing towards her belly….Arjun pulled of her dress….making Radhika conscious…she crossed her arms over her chest…and lowered her gaze….Arjun yanked his clothes off and spoke; ‘’Bunny you are beautiful and all mine as I am yours….’’ Arjun left trial of kisses from her face down her body…making Radhika arch her back…….finally she let go all her inhibitions…..pulling Arjun to her….Radhika gave herself up to her love….As he entered her….Radhika moaned in pleasure and pain….Arjun pecked her gently soothing her pain…she relaxed and followed him….as she experienced his loved physically…..her heart was filled with warmth….she felt complete ….she travelled with Arjun to peak…they hugged each other tightly…before slipping into deep slumber.

Radhika slept peacefully in Arjun’s arms….and he kept watching her….she was precious in every sense ….Arjun cocooned Radhika in arms…he caressed her face….he pecked her forehead ; ‘’Bunny I have said this a million times….but will say this again… complete me Bunny…..and I love you more than my life….’’ Radhika scratched her nose in sleep…and then adjusted herself comfortably on Arjun’s shoulder…Arjun smiled and closed his eyes….

Radhika opened her eyes as the alarm started….she looked beside her and found Arjun….in a calm sleep…she ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek; ‘’Tiger…get up or di will send Sia to school’’

Arjun replied without opening his eyes; ‘’Don’t underestimate Sia….what’s time’’

Radhika; ‘’6:00 AM’’

Arjun; ‘’fine…exactly in 30 min you will hear a knock…’’ Radhika smiled and got ready….and as ARjun said…exactly after 30 min there was a knock….Radhika opened the door and find Sia all ready in her smart navy blue school dress with 2 cute pigtails…. Radhika smiled moved out of her way and Sia hopped on Arjun who was sitting on the bed… she made a cute face; ‘’Mamu papa is not going to office….Mom is alos not going…..then why me’’

Arjun; ‘’Baby promise me only today after this no more bunking’’

Sia; ‘’Pinky promise’’ Arjun smiled and lifted her and walked out to Nandini’s room…who got shocked seeing Arjun up so early….Arjun gave her a winning smile and said; ‘’Nandu….everybody is going to stay back at home….and she will be all alone at school….not fair….she is a good student ….please’’ Nandini smiled and looked at Sia who was looking down….Nandini smiled and nodded….Sai squealed and hugged Arjun; ‘’My Mamu is the best’’ Arjun loving hugged his little angel…

Prerna watched Sam working and smiled…. ‘’Sam RYTHYM concert is coming up in 3 months I want you to organised it this time’’

Sam; ‘’Mom I can’t….you have beem doing it for more than 10 yrs…I can’t match you …. ‘’

Prerna; ‘’Let’s do it together….and I want your performance this year as welll….I can’t ask Radhika now…but can ask you’’

Sam; ‘’Mom just order….I will perform for sure’’ Sam thought something and messaged Nandini

Radhika served her new family for the first time and then closed her eyes praying almighty to bail her out….she heard nothing and opened her one eye….she found everyone looking at her and Arjun holding Sia’s mouth who wanted to say something….Radhika quickly composed herself and stood like an obedient DIL…. Arnav smiled; ‘’Its really good

Radhika….right Sia’’

Sia frowned at ARjun….who removed his palm from her mouth…; ‘’Mami this halwa is awesome….I will give something sweeter’’….she walked and asked Radhika to bow….Radhika squatted down and Sia gave her a cute peck with a hug….Radhika lifted her up….Sia again spoke; ‘’Mami ….mom says you dance….will you teach me’’

Radhika; ‘’Any day my sweet heart’’

Nandini; ‘’Fine then…. You will join RYTHYM agin and participate in the concert’’ Radhika blinked fumbled and looked around at every one…she had stopped going to RYTHYM after Jai followed her there…also she wasn’t sure if Arjun will allow her….

Arnav got up and kept his palm on her head; ‘’You did us a great favor by accepting our family you don’t have to change…you can just be yourself I would love that’’

Radhika looked and Arjun he blinked in acceptance….which made her squeal and then she went all attentive again making everybody laugh….

3 months

Mishra Mehra melhotra and Khanna’s were seated in audience it was 15th anniversary of Rythym….and all the performance stole audiences heart….it was time for the final performance….Radhika and Sam were dressed alike…they performed classical mixing it with contotion ….they ended their performance with an Ariel movement on a stain
cloth…..Rhythmically moving towards each other and holding their hands…..and smiling at the audience….

Do you want to know why I ended with Radhika-Sam and not with Aradhika or Nesam happily ever after….because happily ever after is not about never facing any hurdle….but its actually about facing everything together making it happily ever after….but this happily ever after is just not about your soul mate….but also about your soul friend….your family…. this story started with radhika Sam and should end with them
Cross Roads a Glimpse

Radhika; Brash arrogant….shrewd…..she is beautiful, good and she knows it- but she wasn’t like this always…

Arjun; A kind hearted super star….believes is keeping a relationship…..breaks his own heart to make others happy….engaged to Anjali a producers daughter …. Poet at heat

Neil; An upcoming superstar …..Success rides his ahead….has a negative image in media…

Sam; Kind loving …a sweet heart….always covers up for people whom she loves…..even bears punishment….never loses her hope

One heart break….one accident changes the roads….and starts a journey of repentance….revenge…agony pain….and love


    • S.v

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      Didi u made it . Im speecheless di. So true the journey of 2 cute friends of sam and radhika. Im all emotional.

      Arjun – a ruthless arrogant beast but had a cute and kind heart. He was a person every girl likes but his heart was not for any girls. He was faked in a bike ride by a cute girl. She used him for that ride with her fake panic and then the video which was given by his lovely sister. Then the journey starts. He started to hunt who was that abd finally found that she was the one who fooled him. He was not angry but in turn was happy. Then she called him hades and he helped her to come out of hef fear and saved her when his so called ex lover and her boy friend tried to hurt his bunny. He was made a list of instructions by his bunny and she made him to obey it and he proved himself and she totally accepted him but this stupid who did not know the real color of his bunny he doubted her and she made her own way to make him apologies and also she made him stand on thw snow area so that she was a but convinced. Her ad instructed them to stay away intill he says yes . Then after many chaos he got the hand of his bunny.

      Radhika – the one of her kind a precious gem. Best friend of sam and adopted daughter of neil . Their relationship was always questioned. But they never cared. Even the one wjo truely loved questioned but they did not give any explanatik but instead they proved the others wrong. She was the beauty who made the beast to fall on the feet. She made him the way she wanted. She has her own way to get things done and was scared of dark reason was jai who hurted her that to ger respect but her tiger made her to come out of the fear with the help of all her friends. They she convinced her ad and also her dad then when she was insulled by jai she fought back and made herslef strong and she was loved by all and she now took the hands of her tiger.

      Neil – a kind hearted person always loved sam and waited for her to realsise his love for her and does anything for his adopted daughter radhika . Goes to any extend to save her. Did that when jai tried to hurt her and also stood as a rock between her and arjun even though arjun was his best friend. Married sam and saved her from a trap created unknowingly by her mom and always loved by all.

      Sam – best example for a best friend. She sacrified her own child for her best friend. She wanted to prove herslef to her family bur she was always ignored by her mother. That hurted her verymuch and she took some stupid steps to make attention. Alergic to peanuts and had a crush on arjun but truely loved neil which she did not realsie till a point of time. She wanted her brother to be her side but never knew his true color till a point when hus true color was revealed. She was the best wife and also the adopted mother for her soul sister

      Nandhini – she was a caring sister. Never differentiated between arjun and neil. Sacrified her love for piyali and she was loved by sid. The main reason for her marriage was sia the beauty angle. Nandhini wanted her brother to be the person whom radhika made. Does anything for her brothers. A sister whom every brother would love to have.

      Jai – a person who had lust on radhika who claimed that as love. Wanted her at any cost. Out of mind and also wantwd to make her slave for his needs. He was humiliated when she ignored him. Went to the max extent to make radhika his but he never knew when it comes to radhika he has to face arjun and neil.

      Sia – a cute daughter of sid and also the princess of mehra mansion. She is an intelligent kid and always mamu’s fav and also the darling of all. She was the rwason for nandhini and sid’s marriage.

      Di tried my level best to bring the moments of dpo. If I missed something sry . U are an exceptional writer. Im all emotional now as u donno how much I will miss this ff. Love u lods di and always be happy and strong for our sake. Love h tons didi. Eagerly waiting for crossroads and alzo my fav mmz.

      Always a slave for ur words and also u . Love u tons bear my hugs and kisses too. Muuhhhaaa. Im all emotional now. Love u didi.

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      SV I am speechless ….you make me feel special everytime…..I want to hug you once and peck your forehead 🙂 you are a blessing for me 🙂 you summarized everything so perfectly and big hug for you stay blessed

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    And yes glimpse of crossroads is very interesting… Fingers crossed for the first episode… Pls post soon.. God bless you.. Love u 😍😍😍😘😘😘

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      Thanks a ton Jessie 🙂 I believe in friendship more than love 😀 I promise I will never change …please be with me in cross roads too 🙂 and yes DPO epilogue on saturday hope u will like that love u

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    • Gauri


      Suppu Baap re what should I say ….yaar I am seriously lacking words your comment mad me emotional….I typing with tears in my eyes 🙂 thanks sweety for all the love 🙂 hot stuff I am done …it gave me high BP 😛 now wait for EPILOGUE DPO

      • Gummiebear

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        Suppu loves Glycerin a lot😍😘

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      Thanks Jewel 😀 your words are like your name they will stay with me for ever love you loads 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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    Tkcr and lots of love and hugs for u:)

    • Gauri


      Thanks a ton Nupur 🙂 RNeil was my personal favrouite I have an AD too…and he is crazy 🙂 yes alos SAM and Rads ….there is nothing like ur girl gang 🙂 and Nupur I write becuase I am greedy about all the love I get I want to keep it 🙂 love u

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      Thanks Sweetie 🙂 I have read Novoneel Chakraborthy strager triology and hw abt a sin tonight….I love his writings 🙂 I love you too honey …thankfully today no item between us 😛

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    • Gauri


      Thanks Ritu darling 🙂 and next one is from the idea you gave me long back about Bad Neil-Radhika and good Arjun Sam … 🙂 hope it turns out to be good …. love you tc and keep smiling 🙂

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    “khuda ne ki y inayat …kaha maang le dosti ya muhobbat, maine jhuka kr palkein dosti usse maang li, y riyayat sun k ussne apni dhadkane tham li….pucha usne fir jara muskuraaye kya kami thi iss muhobbat me, kaha maine fir sir jara jhuka kaaye………iss muhobbat p to m do jahaan har doon…par .aade aaye agr dosti ke to uspe aisi carodon muhubbatein vaar du”

    • Gauri


      Meen thanks for the lovely comment ….. I feel I succeeded after reading ur comment 😀 and yes for me friendship matters the most 🙂 love u

      • meen

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    New story radz arrogant Arjun soft Neil bad boy n Sam sacrificing oh wow never expected buddy I thing it is swap of jodi …….lol … u lots bey n thanks for giving such a awesome gift dop

    • Gauri


      Oh now I am relaxed 🙂 I felt I wrote crap ….but your comment made me feel on the moon 🙂 there will be no Saral in next too 🙂 thanks a ton honey love you to moon and back 🙂 🙂

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    • Gauri


      Myra sweety pls don’t cry ….. I want you to smile from ear to ear 🙂 I am greatful for all the love and support you have showered on me 🙂 ok I will write and epilogue may be sat for sure 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love you my darling

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    • Lakshmi05

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      Neetz darling please don’t cry …. even I am emotional….ok done I will write a epilogue for you check on Saturday morning 🙂 now please smile 🙂 love you loads 🙂

    • neetz

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    • Gauri


      Krishna ….that’s the name I have believed in all my life and his teachings too 🙂 thanks a ton dear 🙂 sure honey if ever I publish a book will mail you the copy 🙂 loads of love and thanks a million ton 🙂 love u

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    • Gauri


      Gianna 🙂 what to say ….I am overwhelmed write now….there are so many emotions running in my head …. thanks for all your love and support dear 🙂 please be my support in next one too 🙂 will write one short epilogue for DPO …. tc and a big hug

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    All the things just fresh as morning dew..i m crying like hell..i knw everything has end..but u knw u taught me a lot things by this beautiful story…its ur inner power or light makes u good or bad or can give ability to change beast intinto king…i owed u soo much..thank you soooo much for writing this Amazing n most beautiful story..n touching our hearts..i am ur die-hard fan deary…N yess pls batao mujhr main kab aau Bangalore tumhara autograph lene….loads of love waiting ur next story…muhhhhaa

    • Gauri


      Dipu yaar I am all emotional now….you know what I was feeling that now story was turning boring but after reading your comment even I am emotional …. well neetz wants me to write down an epilogue …so I will do that….and kabhi bhi aajao….you will get a big hug 🙂 love you hope next one alos turns to be good 🙂

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      • Gauri


        I know medical studies are really hectic ….I had once prepared once 🙂 and you got in I can imagine you lying under books 🙂 love u tc

    • Gauri


      Yes darling how can I forget you 🙂 and million congratulations so proud of you do well …. love you stay blessed 🙂

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    • Gauri


      Thanks meri jaan 🙂 Sammy now post your s too 🙂 I am dying need some tonic 🙂 ok Epilogue DPO on saturday 🙂 love u

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    Cross Roads seems interesting… All the characters are so different…anything you write is a treat….addicted to your writings… GB…tc

    • Gauri


      Thanks a to CHandana 🙂 thanks for being such and amazing support and frind dear 🙂 will post soon 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 and pls keep giving me ideas 🙂 stay blessed DPO Epilogue on Sat

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      baby why would I forget you….its ok darling padhai bhi zaroori hai 🙂 uske pictures leke ek collage banvalo a good gift or by an album and on first page paste ur picture with her 🙂 she will like it 🙂 stay blessed 😀 and study well love u

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    • Gauri


      Nitu darling all good things come to an end 🙂 but will come back with a new one season 2 let me think if I can 🙂 MMZ for sure tomorrow 🙂 thanks for your love and support sweety stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks Vini 🙂 I have a long list to thank each one you ….. you guys motivated me so well …. I guess I am short of words 🙂 stay blessed darling love you 🙂

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    • Gauri


      Thanks a ton Rossy and don’t worry I won’t give up writing as I am too scared of you 😛 I myself love girly bonds….I hate when people say that 2 girls can never be together for long…. Six yrs I don’t know…I have already stroked off 2 chapters after writing it…will write again 🙂 yes I will maile you the DPO link 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love u

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    • Gauri


      Thanks a ton Roma 🙂 love you 🙂 million hugs to you 🙂 same pinch I love dancing too wanted to learn but never got a chance 🙂

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    Cmng to the story as u said the story started wth rafhika and sam and wll end wth them. Friendship is one of the most unique feelings in life. U hav a spl bond wth ur frnds. U can tak ethem fr granted bt still u can be sure that they wll be ryt there… Waiting fr u. Sometyms they become our mom,smetyms our dad,smetyms our sis or bro. They r a mix of all relations. U depicted the friendship in a fabulous way. I also loved destiny. It reminds us that nt evrythng is in our control. We may hav sme plans fr us bt at the end of the day we do wat destiny has planned fr us. Sam might hav made a few mistakes. She might hav taken neil’s love fr granted but usne apni dosti khoob achhe se nibhayi. She fulfilled all the duties of a frnd. Ahe even fought against her own family fr her frnd. Whn the person doing the wrng is our family member it becomes very diffiult to fight wrng. Bt she did it. She even made a very big sacrifice fr her frnd. She sacrificed her unborn child. Sam had mre affection wth Mala rather than piyali. Sometyms realtions made by heart r stronger than those made by blood. And u hav very rytly shown tat no one shd be lyk jai otherwise they wll hav to bear the brunt of destiny.

    Coming to nesam there were sme heartbreaking moments. Bt finally whn sam realised her love it was mostly a happiee story. Ofc they had sme sad moments. Bt which road doesnt hav bumps in it? Their romance was so cute. While cmng to ardhika they bth did very unexpected things. Arjun thought he wll never fall in love. Bt he fell for radhika. And radz thought that she wll marry in her mid twenties. Bt look at her by the tym she is 22 she has become a bride. Sia was a cuteness overdose. And nandini is the perfect girl wth smewat dull lyf. Sid is the guy who has added colors to nandini’s lyf. An unconditional lover. Radz and arjun’s frnds in US also define frndship in their own way.

    Overall i wld give a 10/10 to ur ff. Well i But she never listens to me want to award infinity marks to ur ff. Bt as tat is nt possible i am giving the above score. Tis ff i the best among ardhika ffs along wth manmarziyan a new story. I rank tis no 1 along wth manmarziyan a new story.

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    Love u loadssssssssssssss di and am gonna miss ur ff sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    • Gauri


      Thanks a ton dear 🙂 this was one of the most beautiful comment I have ever received 🙂 you know after reading you comment I feel I did justice to the story ….thanks for blessing me such beautiful words stay blessed 🙂 and yes I have updated the epilogue for DPO as well ….love you keep smiling

  42. _Ritu

    |Registered Member

    Gauri….. Ri8 now my expressions are lyk 😊😊😊😊 👌👌👌👌😭😭😭😭 ☺☺👏👏👏👏 ….in the whole journey of DPO u were stupendous , fantabulous amazing, awesome, breath taking and many more….Love u love u love u so very much and really cant believe DPO has come to an end bt I know u will come up wid another … It was a perfect ending of a perfect ff…. RaSam bonding was d best bond among all the bonds shown here…. 🙂 U have amazing talent dear nd I m really getting jealous from u 😉 😉 and since dis is the last one so let me include my topic of Jiju here too.. 😉 😉 So, I guess the decorations nd wedding event u mentioned here is exactly u want in ur own wedding ri8.. And don’t worry u will get ur Arjun Mehra soon.. 😉 😉 bt don’t forget us after getting him… 😉 😉 waiting for d Epilogue..loads nd loads of love… 🙂

    • Gauri


      Thanks a ton Ritu 🙂 phir se Jiju …..I want Neil …. pray I get Neil….ok honey I did post Epilogue for DPO …. do let me know and no more jiju between u and me 🙂 love you stay blessed 🙂

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..