Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

Don’t fear the dark….it isn’t powerful…..a small beam can kill it in a sec


Anna was smiling going through the wedding invitation….she was excited to attend the wedding of her two best friends….she had pestered the other 5 like hell….their tickets were done….Arjun knew of their arrival they wanted to surprise Radhika…Steve walked inside the room and pecked Anna’s cheek…they had moved in together and were planning to marry…Steve; ‘’You look happy’’

Anna; ‘’I never thought someone could tame Arjun…and now he is getting married to one of the most wonderful girl I have known…I am happy Steve’’

Steve; ‘’We are leaving in an hour….others will be reaching airport directly…let us start too’’ Anna smiled nodded and walked out of room following Steve…

Mehra Mansion

Arjun was having his breakfast with his dad sharing a light moment…Arnav shared his love story with his son…and how marriage is the most beautiful event and bond of one’s life…Arjun went on keenly listening to his father….Nandini made her way to the dining area….and hugged Arnav from behind…surprising him; ‘’How are you Chachu’’

Arnav was all happy; ‘’Nandu…I am all fit ready to participate a marathon….my kids really make me happy’’

Arjun; ‘’Wow! Nandu I am here too..’’

Nandini; ‘’You deserve a tight slap for spoiling SIa and scolding one or the other person daily in her school…Chahcu I will be in Mehra Mansion till Sia’s Mamu get married’’

Arjun smiled at his sister’s anger.. ‘’By the way where is Sia’’

Nandini; ‘’In school and dare you go there today….’’

Arnav; ‘’What about Sid…?’’

Nandini; ‘’He will have dinner with us but will stay at Rathod Villa’’

Arrjun; ‘’Nandu you have one stubborn husband…but my niece is cutest…and I will be picking her from school….because I promised to take her out…you can scold me later for that’’ Nandini ran after Arjun but he escaped laughing giving her a flying kiss….

Radhika was in full mood…doing everything to look perfect…she would time and again scare her parents with her face covered in face packs…..she was being pampered by her parents and her AD…who was ready to get her wedding attire altered any no. of times she wanted…giving GLITZ designer a head ache….but they obliged smiling as Neil was the boss… Radhika was standing infront of the mirror trying her necklace….Mala watched her smiled and walked in; ‘’You look happy Radhika’’

Radhika replied; ‘’I am Mom….but also sad that I have to leave you guys…why can’t ARjun come here’’

Mala; ‘’because this is the way it works…but you should be happy that you will be staying in the same city as us…we can meet you whenever we feel like’’

Radhika beamed; ‘’Yes I can come down over the weekends’’

Mala banged her head; ‘’Why did Arjun agree to marry you…you are an idiot…’’

Radhika; ‘’Don’t be mean mom’’

Mala; ‘’if you come here on weekends…what is the need marrying him…you can go on dating him for eternity..stupid girl’’ Mala just walked out leaving bewildered Radhika behind….when intelligence dawned on her she realized what her mother meant…and smiled; ‘’Dad must have had a gala time with you Mom….WOW what a rocking mother I have ’’

Sam was going all busy…Nandini’s trust on her making the marriage perfect was motivating her….Sam knew Nandini could have hired any experienced planner for Arjun’s wedding but she decided to go ahead with Sam …who was novice…and also the daughter of the man who left nandini mid way….Sam smiled thinking of the love she got from all the people who weren’t her blood….Sam had become good friends with Sid….he had taken care of her in the hospital till her parents and other reached…and now since the venue was Sid’s hotel…she was interacting with him on daily basis forming a bond which she wanted to be the one with Jai….Sam was inspecting the big hall and suddenly turned blank…she looked around the grand hall but nothing came to her head….she wiped her forehead and collapsed on the chair….someone extended a glass of juice to her and Sam took it…she looked up and jumped off her chair; ‘’Sid so sorry…I…’’

Sid patted her head; ‘’Cool down girl…why are you stressing… tell me where are you stuck’’

Sam; ‘’I don’t know what decoration will fit in…it was a beach side wedding previously ….now I have this hall I am confused’’

Sid; ‘’Sam its still beach side wedding….hall is for sangeet ….and go the simple yet elegant way….for marriage…we will put the mandap up on the beach….with beautiful lightning…and dinner in the adjoin garden area…what say…..’’

Sam with a disappointed face; ‘’Then I why am I hired… have such a wonderful idea’’

Sid smiled at her child like face; ‘’Because I can talk and you can do…and no one can make it as perfect as you…because this is for your best friend’’ Sam smiled wide….Sid caressed her head and walked out of the hall instructing his staff to assist her

Neil had double work….Arjun had been emotionally blackmailing him…chiding him for being partial towards Radhika…which Neil was…but Arjun was his childhood friend….and Neil couldn’t disappoint him too….they had planned a boys evening ….Neil had bought his clothes to office…he didn’t wanted Sam to know or else she will bomb his evening with

Radhika….Neil changed and walked out of his office getting greedy glares from the females….they had never seen their boss so casually dressed….and he looked smoking hot….Neil thought for a moment… smiled and waved at them signing off for the day…jaws dropped and some felt dizzy….Neil POV; ‘if Sam witnesses this she will rip me off with bare hands…’ Neil entered the elite pub…he smiled at few known faces….and just threw some attitude at drunk hungry female eyes….it felt good to be like this….such evenings were only with Arjun….Neil walked towards the bar table…and found Arjun sipping his drinking and moving his head with the music….few girls approached him but he refused…

Neil’S POV; ‘Stop it silly head…he really loves Radhika….he will never look at someone else’….Neil cursed himself for doubting Arjun again….he smiled walked to Arjun slapping his back; ‘’ Hello Mr. Groom….’’

Arjun; ‘’You don’t trust me ….I know you were standing there checking if I am fooling around with other girls…’’

Neil; ‘’Old habits don’t die easily’’

Arjun; ‘’Was that for me or for you????’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Both….leave all that….how about being a bad boy for the evening….its too good to feel like a bachelor again…’’ They gave each other a known smile….a girl approached Neil and he moved to the dance floor….Arjun shook his head and joined another chick to enjoy the evening with his best friend…

Amid all happiness….Khanna residence was in dark and dead silence….Jai was paralyzed ….doctors said it would be miracle if he walked again ….Piyali had completely withdrawn…..she kept sobbing looking at Jai lying on his bed….Samrat decided to be by her side….he apologised to Dilip for Piyali’s behaviour and informed Dilip about his inability to attend Radhika’s function….yet he personally called her and blessed her.

The Sangeet

Radhika got up and yawned and then scratched her head….she heard some sounds and quickly peeped out of the room….her jaw dropped ….she rubbed her eyes quickly freshen up and ran out; ‘’Anna….??? Am I dreaming’’

Anna got up from the chair and hugged her tight; ‘’No darling you are not…..I wouldn’t have missed this for world’’

Radhika looked at the other 5; ‘’should I invite you guys to give me a hug….’’ They all laughed got up and hugged her tight….they noticed her scar on forehead…but didn’t question it….Arjun had already asked them not too…..Radhika decided to get all her friends dressed in Indian attire and took them shopping….

Sam completed the decoration and instructed the staff over the phone about ushering the guests….she had decorated the hall as if starts had come down on earth to celebrate….Sam quickly got ready in a purple and golden combination outfit….Neil entered and found Sam infront of the mirror…his eyes went from her head to toe….and he whistled….Sam smiled; ‘’ Thank you now get ready Mr Husband’’’

Neil frowned moved and hugged her from behind; ‘’Baby can we go after an hour….will give traffic excuse’’

Sam; ‘’Your Birdie will cross examine you so dangerously that you will vomit the truth’’

Neil; ‘’Yup thats true….fine….will continue later….’’ Neil was about to leave but he stopped and held Sam’s arm…he pecked her forehead; ‘’Sammy….I never imagined that you can be so strong…so much has happened and you are still smiling….I love this Sam…’’

Sam smiled squeezed Neil hand; ‘’This Sam is because of Neil….your support made me what I wanted to be…and about smiling….what I missed from my MOM I got from Mala aunty….Chashni was never a friend she is sister for me and always will be….and she is the reason I got you….she deserves all the happiness and I deserve to be a part of it….and I want to move forward be happy….now if your emotional banter is done…lets move and don’t forget to welcome me I am from the groom side….and remember you need to fold your hands and bow your head…’’ Neil pulled her nose and went out when Prerna called him….

Radhika got dressed in off white silver embroidered floor length dress and twirled around infront of the mirror….she would pout and then suck her cheeks in ….she was practicing how to pose for the pictures…Mala huffed and Dilip smiled….he looked at Mala; ‘’She will never grow up’’ Mala pulled Radhika and dragged her out to leave for the venue….

Guests had started pouring in….many praised Sam’s effort….Nandini smiled looking at the arrangements….and felt happy when ARnav praised it…Radhika entered all happy and jumping but Mala held her arm; ‘’behave like a bride’’ Radhika quickly composed and pretended all nervous and shy….

Neil watched her for a minute and whispered; ‘’Bride you are the worst actress I have met…stop this overacting…’’

Radhika frowned; ‘’What am I supposed to do….Mom tells me behave like a bride…you are asking not to…..fine play the music want to dance’’ Radhika was still fighting Neil when Arjun entered with Sam and Sid… as the party progressed….more than guests the bride herself wanted to dance….which was being kept under control…by Neil and Mala….Nandini announced the next performance…she took Sia’s name….and all clapped for her….Sia looked around and found everyone looking at her….she turned nervous and ran off the stage and hid behind Nandini….Arjun pulled her out; ‘’willl you dance with Mamu…çome’’ Arjun took her to stage and she found some confidence when Arjun came to her level and did her movements….everybody clapped to boost her confidence ….Sia happily danced and pecked her Mamu’s cheek….Radhika watched Arjun with lot of appreciation… was time for Bride and Groom to dance….but they didn’t go alone…Radhika held Neil’s arm and Arjun took Sam hand and brought them to stage….Arjun Radhika pushed Neil Sam together before coming together for the dance….Nandini requested the DJ to play an old no. ‘Tera Mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi…’ and the 2 couples did a slow dance on that…and after few minutes…song changed….to a peppy no. to Punjabi wedding song….Radhika pushed Arjun on Neil…and pulled Sam to her…the boys looked bewildered at the girls….Sam smiled and joined Radhika…..they danced the way they always did during Rhythm days…..Prerna smiled looking at them…all their performances for so many years came infront of her eyes….they danced freely without any inhibition….as if no one was around….they finised their performance hugging each other lovingly getting a big applause from everyone….Sam cupped her face and pecked her forehead. Sangeet ended with lot of fun and blessings being showered on the couples…. After the guests left

Sam came to Arjun; ‘’there is a little fun only for all of us…’’

Arjun; ‘’what??’’

Sam gestured Arjun and his friends to follow her….she took them to the beach….a part of it was beautifully decorated it had a huge table in the middle….live music….Sam turned around; ‘’this is only for the friends of the bride and groom….’’ Everybody applauded Sam….Neil joined them after seeing off the remaining guests….they danced….had fun…and recalled the moments in US…

Mehendi and Haldi were kept in a simple function as per Mala’s request…While applying mehendi on Radhika’s hands….Mala decided to do it for Sam as well…after all it was Sam because of whom her daughter was safe….Radhika got her Mehndi done till hell elbows…..she happily showed it around to everyone….but only Sam knew the reason for Mehndi upto elbow was to cover her scars….Sam knew Radhika’s over enthusiasm was only for others to believe that she had left all bad memories behind but in reality she still had those scars in her heart…which she hid perfectly .

Cole was too excited….she captured even the smallest of rituals in her camera….Mala was happily answering all her questions and Cole suddenly decided getting married the Indian way

The Wedding

Radhika was dressed in red and gold embroidered velvet lehanga….she was dawned with beautiful jewelry from head to to toe….her hair were tied in a bun covered with white flowers….her dream was coming true….she was marring the man she loved…Radhika smiled looking at her reflection….a year back she had made her mind up not to marry till she was 26….yet she was standing dressed as a bride even before turning 22…Radhika walked out of the room….and hugged her dad….after today she will not be Radhika Mishra she will become Radhika Arjun Mehra…..she wanted this but leaving behind 22 yrs is not easy….

Arjun got ready….Nandini watched him from the door as he was busy giving himself final touches… he was younger to her by more than a decade ….and she had loved him like her own child….nandini was emotional….a year back it was hard to convince ARjun to be back in India ….he had made up his mind to settle down in US….he was cold towards Arnav…..but things changed when Radhika stepped in…Nandini smiled as she recalled Radhika’s name…..she remembered how she had shared Radhika’s video with him….and Arjun’s curiosity to know the girl….but she never knew….her small step will bring her Arjun back….Nandini was still thinking when Arjun’s voice broke her thoughts; ‘’Nandu….you need to help me with final touches….I am still your baby brother….’’ Nandini smiled and walked to Arjun she pecked his forehead and made him ready for his d day….

Sam looked like a some royal princess….she had worn a yellow colour elegant Sari and gave herself a soft look….she was busy over the phone when Neil hugged her tightly from behind….kissing her neck; ‘’do you really want to kill me with your looks….’’

Sam; ‘’yes that’s the plan…..but for now dear husband….just move back….I have worked very hard on my look don’t ruin it’’

Neil turned Sam around with jerk holding her tightly; ‘’Sorry honey….you can touch up again…’’ Neil leaned capturing Sam’s lips in the most passionate kiss….he had been gentle always….but today he was dominant….Sam broke the kiss breathing hard and blinked at him; ‘’you are mad ….’’

Neil kissed her neck ; ‘’That I am….now touch up and calm your heart….I will be waiting out’’ After he left Sam looked at herself and cursed Neil for smearing her hard work.

The decorations of the wedding venue stole the hearts….Sam had put the mandap on the beach…. The poles were decorated with pink and white flowers….Sam had decorated the guests place with dim yellow lights….wind waves everything was adding to the occasion….Sam was over looking the dinner arrangements….and gave one look to the final sitting arrangements….she patted her back and decided to check on Radhika…today she had switched her place with Neil….he was coming with the groom….Sam entered Radhika’s room who was all ready waiting for her marriage…she smiled and sat infront of her; ‘’Chashni you look breathtaking’’

Radhika; ‘’Thanks! Sam why am I nervous’’

Sam; ‘’Happens…because when he will look at you today…you will feel exactly the way you felt the first time…it’s a new journey….’’

Radhika; ‘’promise me you will never leave me’’

Sam; ‘’We cannot leave each other darling….ours is a unique bond….un breakable… take a deep breath….we will be walking on aisle in next 10 min….and today….I kicked off your AD….because this is my place….with you’’

Arjun was standing with Neil and Nandini waiting for his bride…..he looked handsome in his beige sherwani….he would time and again turn towards the door from which Radhika was supposed to come…..and then his heart stopped….his lady walked down the aisle with Sam…Anna CHole and Cheryl… Sam had arranged flower shower for Radhika….as she walked the aisle to the mandap she was showered with rose petals…Arjun moved forward and extended his hand….Radhika took it they exchanged the garlands and the rituals started….to make Beauty & Beast as one…

Well there were many guests big and small names…..but I was there too….watching them with a smile….Oh sorry let me re-introduce myself I am Destiny…..I pay visit to each one of you….I paid a small visit to Jai too….trust me I felt bad….but I don’t forgive ….leave all that I stand here all happy witnessing the beautiful moment… I move my eyes….I fell proud looking at one of my favourite couple…NeSam why??? because they are personification of the word friendship….there eyes were set on Arjun-Radhika all smiling and emotional…and about beauty and beast… me I heard Radhika scolding ARjun in whispers…and he simply rolled his eyes….

Precap-Last Chapter


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