Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 50

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After the darkest night …arrives the brightest morning…

Chapter 50

A week later a phone call shook Khanna residence…Police informed Samrat that they have found Jai in a serious condition….Samrat and Piyali rushed to the hospital…Jai was lying with all tubes and equipments attached to his body….according to the eyewitness Jai was robbed and brutally assaulted by a group of thugs while he was on a run….Police explanation made Neil smirk who had accompanied Sam to the hospital….Piyali cried looking at her son’s condition….Sam had tears too…but she was composed…Samrat suddenly felt aged…he had a hope of bringing his son on a right path…but all looked like a dream now…Piyali heart was burning…she stormed out of the hospital with Sam and Neil in Tow…she snatched the keys from the driver and drove off….Neil knew what was she upto…he quickly followed her ….Piyali kept banging Mishra’s door till it was answered and to Radhika’s bad luck she was the one to do it….Piyali glared at her with pure hatred; ‘’You …you are the reason for Jai’s condition….what was his fault ….he loved you….wanted to marry you…but you ….you had rich plans….you caught hold of Arjun Mehra…why would you look at Jai…he was nothing infront of him’’

Dilip interfered; ‘’Enough Piyali…talk to me not to my daughter’’

Piyali; ‘’Why not??? your daughter used her beauty quite well…she kept on luring Jai and then when she got a better option…she just chucked’’ Radhika closed her eyes to hide her pain

Sam who entered after few minutes stood infront of Piyali; ‘’Mom you should leave’’

Piyali; ‘’You too are responsible…you shot your own blood for this girl…’’

Sam; ‘’Mom let’s leave’’ Sam tired taking Piyali with her but she jerked Sam away…Sam stumbled and Neil held her…but by now Dilip was furious

Dilip; ‘’Only you are responsible… son tried molesting and then killing my daughter…and you have guts to stand inside my house and point your finger at my daughter….Piyali you are the biggest mistake Samrat committed…and we all the bearing the pain…your son cheated his own father…his company….stalked a girl…what did you do…nothing….he played with the trust of his own sister ….he is the reason Sam lost her child….what did you do…nothing….I understand your pain….but no one has the right to scar my child…please leave’’ Radhika walked inside her room and closed the doors…Neil knew she will again seclude herself….

Sam took Piyali to her car she calmed herself and looked at Piyali; ‘’For once open your eyes and differentiate between right and wrong….Uncle is right you are responsible…this family stood by us in our thick and thin…you always knew Radhika was innocent…you knew what plans he had for this innocent girl…yet you did nothing……Mom! You created this
Jai…you should have stopped him…stop hurting others…’’ Sam dropped Piyali home….and left …she stopped her car on the side and leaned on the steering crying hard… ‘’wish I could change everything’’

Radhika was not herself again….she was quite…she dialled Sam…; ‘’Sammy I am sorry…I never wanted anybody hurt’’

Sam spoke in a soothing voice; ‘’Chashni you did nothing wrong…stop being guilty…and I am sorry for Mom’s behaviour’’

Radhika; ‘’If I knew my rejection would cause this….I would’….’’

Sam cut her off; ‘’ you would have said yes…and then you would have committed suicide due to his insane desire for you …Chashni its not your fault…now listen to me…I have to get back to your marriage preparations…this is my biggest project…you have to help me…now go rest and tc’’

Radhika’s disinterest in marriage preparation was worrying Mala…she knew if she spoke to Arjun…then Radhika might get angry…Sam and Neil were the right people to handle her…Mala called Sam and told her everything …Sam asked Mala not to worry…Radhika got ready and came to breakfast table…Dilip looked at Mala and she finally asked; ‘’Are you going somewhere’’

Radhika; ‘’Bird Song ‘’ She quickly finished her breakfast and left to avoid further interrogation…but her parents were happy that she decided to start over…Radhika was walking to the bus stop when a SUV came and halted near her…she was scared…but her fear vanished looking at the driver…Neil gave her the most welcoming smile; ‘’Jump in Birdie…I have a meeting’’

Radhika obliged; ‘’I would have managed ….there was no need for this’’

Neil; ‘’I am your GPS AD Handsome…I will pick you whenever I feel like…no one can stop me not even you’’

Radhika went quite…she spoke lowering her head; ‘’Neil I am resigning today…I don’t think I can continue ’’

Neil slowed his car…and moved off the road…halting it ; ‘’Why ??? Because of that moron…’’

Radhika; ‘’Everyone knows….and…BS belongs to Samrat Uncle and Piyali aunty…I..’’

Neil turned her face to him; ‘’Birdie you fought him and that made me proud of you now don’t victimize yourself …regarding BS it belongs to your tiger and AD ….khanna’s lost it long back’’

Radhika; ‘’Neil you lost your baby…Sam shot her own blood…all because of my carelessness…you were right my nature and my guts have always invited trouble…you all should stay away’’

Neil ; ‘’You are my baby too…I don’t want to lose you…’’ Radhika looked at Neil…he was watching her with pure affection….they never gave a name to their relationship…and it wasn’t needed…. Neil softly assured her; ‘’I am there…won’t let you break …that’s a promise’’ Radhika knew he will not let her break…he kept his promise 4 yrs back he will keep it now….she smiled and nodded…Neil ruffled her hair; ‘’OK time for office….Arjun will kill me for being late’’ Neil never displayed his affection for Radhika in office… but today was different…when they entered he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and walked in demonstrating his affection and fondness clearly…he gestured Radhika to smile….she did because neil’s single move gave her strength…

Rathod Villa

Nandini was tired of her daughter…Sia would some how threaten or push the driver to take her to Mehra Mansion directly after school….which meant all day play session…since Arnav had completely retired ….he would enjoy with his grand-daughter the most…and infront of him no one dared to question or scold Sia…little girl understood that fact quite nicely…she was her parents princess…but she was her nanu’s queen…Nandini was sitting in the huge hall of her house holding her head…Sid watched her entering the room…he sat next to her; ‘’What’s wrong nandini ?’’

Nandini; ‘’Sia…she is at Mehra Mansion again…I mean how does she think of all the new ideas…you know what she did today…she directly called Arjun from her school feigning stomach ache……and her dear Mamu was there in a minute to take his princess with him..feel like pulling his ears too…I made her learn those no. for emergencies and look how she used it’’

Sid laughed; ‘’Stop worrying …she is a smart Kid…and if she likes there let it be …we both are busy during the day…it isn’t her fault’’

Nandini; ‘’Sid chachu and Arjun will give her more than required…’’

Sid cupped Nandini’s face ; ‘’No Arnav uncle brought you up perfect…my SIa will be perfect too’’ Nandini just rolled her eyes…Sid spoke again; ‘’Nandini …I bought Sia home when she was just 6 months old….when I first time saw her…her big dark eyes captured my heart……I hired governess and staff to take care of her….i would take her with me while travelling…but as she started growing…it was difficult….when ever she wouldn’t find me around…she would turn cranky…I started fulfilling all her demands to keep her happy…but since the day you walked in…Sia never turned cranky she just loves in Mehra Mansion…I never imagined someone could love her more than me…after all she was adopted….’’

Nandini interrupted before Sid could complete; ‘’Don’t use that word…no Mehra would like it…including me…she is ours and my daughter… no one can question that…! Sid what if her real parents come and claim her…sometimes it scares me’’

Sid; ‘’Nandini Mehra Rathod and fear…doesn’t suit you…well frankly I had that fear too…before bringing her home….I used all my sources to find about the her….and got to know some one left her in a temple….she was dressed in very nice clothes means she came from a nice family….but nothing more….I day I brought her home finally….I made sure that no one comes to me to claim her….these details are confidential…now she is Sia Rathod my heiress …’’

Nandini smiled; ‘’Thanks for Sia……Sid I pity the guy who will date her…. He will be rejected bad by her father mamu and Nanu’’

Sid; ‘’ýes even I pity him…wait my daughter won’t date…we will get her married at 20 ‘’

Nandini; ‘’Sid !!! 20 are you kidding me’’

Sid; ‘’No I am not….I am damn serious ….now leave all that…Nandu lets use the opportunity….lets go for dinner and let Sia let stay at her nanu’s place…’’ Sid winked and nandini glared at him before walking to her room to get ready.

Arjun decided to bring his Radhika back himself…he was too tired of her teary eyes…he asked Radhika out but she declined….Arjun smiled; ‘’Bunny I have decided to meet you…. now I will… come what may ‘’ he smiled at his idea and left office…it was around 1 AM and Radhika was still awake…. she just couldn’t sleep…she was sitting on her bed with her eyes closed when her vibrating phone drew her attention…she checked there were few messages latest from Arjun; ‘open up I am in your balcony’

Radhika replied; ‘’Go back then’’

Arjun; ‘’Bunny stop playing message-message with me and open up…if you don’t…I will jump onto your parents balcony and let them discover me in the morning…’’

Radhika banged her phone on the bed marched to the door…she opened with the intention to blast him…but he was prepared….he covered her mouth with lightning speed…and kept holding her till she stopped her struggle…Arjun pecked her nose.. ‘’Anger is injurious to health’’ Arjun quickly locked the door but when he turned he banged with angry

Radhika….but it hardly affected him…he pulled her cheeks… ‘’you should have thought about this before refusing to meet me…’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun I want to be alone’’

Arjun cupped her face; ‘’I know but I don’t want you to be alone…I am here to bring my Bunny back…’’

Radhika sobbed; ‘’I am lost…I never wanted anybody hurt…I am the reason for all this’’

Arjun pulled her in a hug…; ‘’No you are not …just stop blaming yourself…you did nothing and please don’t ignore me ….I am trying my level best to be a good boy… if I turn bad…no one will be able to find you…’’

Radhika smiled…and Arjun felt that…he rubbed her back and whispered ; ‘’Are we standing like this for the whole night…’’ Radhika smiled and moved to bed…Arjun kept her head on his shoulder and patted her head…after some time radhika asked; ‘’I wish Sam wouldn’t have lost her baby…just hope she conceives safely & soon’’

Arjun; ‘’Well that depends on Neil’s performance’’ Radhika looked at ARjun wide eyed…he was smiling at her lazily…she just shook her head at his shamelessness…Arjun brushed his knuckles on her cheeks he softly spoke; ‘’Call me tiger…dying to hear it’’

Radhika smiled went close and whispered; ‘’Tiger…My Tiger’’ Arjun wrapped his arms around her ; ‘’Yes Bunny only yours and forever …’’ Arjun watched her face….she was beautiful…even when she was not herself her face was pale …yet she looked angelic…he thought …no wonder Jai went mad after her…even I am ….Arjun caressed her hair; ‘’Sleep…you need some beauty sleep for our wedding’’

Radhika held his hand pecked his palm; ‘’I don’t want to…I recall everything what happened in past few days’’

Arjun tighten his grip; ‘’Today you won’t…I am here …trust me…’’Radhika believed him…she quickly hugged him sagging against his strong chest…Arjun kept patting her head softly till she slept …he tried to stay awake as he had to leave before dawn…but past few days were tiring for him too…and having her so close…made his eyelids droop into a beautiful slumber…and when they woke up it was bright morning…

Neil was continuously on the phone and Sam was tailing him…finally Neil hung up and turned to Sam; ‘’What’s wrong with you’’

Sam; ‘’We need your help’’

Neil; ‘’We????’’

Sam took a deep breath; ‘’Ok…me Arjun and Chashni’’ Neil raised an eyebrow and Sam narrated everything in one go… ‘’So Arjun couldn’t get up early in the morning …and now he is stuck in her room its 8:00AM already’’

Neil gave Sam an impossible look; ‘’He was there in Radhika’s bedroom for whole night…has he done this before’’

Sam nodded positive but said; ‘’No!!’’

Neil; ‘’I will deal with you guys later and I am not doing this for CHashni you or that Arjun…this is only for Mala aunty and Dilip uncle I don’t want them to get a shock….come with me…and ask Radhika to sleep or frankly to put up a sleep act till I reach there’’ Sam quickly obliged….

Radhika was pacing the room…and Arjun kept sitting on the bed with his lip curled….guilty like a 3 yrs old….Radhika was scolding him in sign language half of which he couldn’t interpret he just would hold his ears in response….Radhika wasn’t satisfied….she pulled a paper and wrote in bold…. ‘YOU MESSED UP….’ Arjun nodded and then held his ears… she wrote again ‘ALL UR FAULT’ … Arjun nodded positive…but his submission was making her more angry….’she again wrote … ‘ You are an IDIOT big One’ That hurt….he was

Arjun Mehra…no one dared to call him an IDIOT…

Arjun frowned picked up a paper and wrote.. ‘I Came here for you….Its your fault’

Radhika’s reply; ‘@#$% …. Who invited you’

Arjun understood she was cursing; ‘You refused to meet me…I had no option’

Radhika wrote; ‘Were you a thief in previous life …that you keep jumping in my balcony’

Arjun wrote; ‘Yes and you were the washer woman…whose house I used to jump in daily…and she would cuddle in my arms’ Arjun smiled at his reply and Radhika’s face colour changed…washer woman…

Radhika wrote her reply with lot of grudge; ‘Arjun Mehra you are so dead….live your life as much as you want….I will make it hell for you soon after marrying you’

Arjun wanted laugh loudly at Radhika’s expression…she went on cursing him in mute mode….she looked like a cute angry bird and all Arjun wanted was kiss her hard…but doing that now was a risk….Radhika was continuously….moving from one corner to another throwing her hands in air….whispering curses….Arjun quietly got and kept walking behind her…once they were close to the washroom….he pushed her in getting in with her and locked the door….Radhika gave him a questioning look….Arjun pulled her in a bear hug and whispered in her ear; ‘’my little Angry Bird…you were looking to cute to resist….couldn’t keep my hands off you….now be a good girl and smile…you know I love you’’

Radhika finally gave up and whispered back; ‘’I will kill Neil for being late’’

Arjun; ‘’Bunny…your AD is going to kill us both….but till he comes…just stay close…its so soothing in this war like situation’’ Radhika laughed hiding her face in ARjun’s chest….after a minute they heard the door bell and hugged each other as if it was Independence Day….Neil walked in with Sam and found Dilip ready to leave…he greeted them and asked Mala about Radhika….

Mala; ‘’if you can wake her up do it….she is seriously turning a sleeping Giant ….I pity Arjun’’ Sam sucked her cheeks in to hide her laughter ….Neil glared at her…he gestured Sam to get Mala busy…Dilip left for office asking Mala to double check on Radhika as she might not be well…

As soon as Dilip left Sam started her act; ‘’Aunty….need your help ….lets go to your room….I have few confusions regarding the marriage preparations….’’ Mala agreed and asked Neil to try and wake Radhika up ….Neil dialled Arjun; ‘’All clear…now get your butt moving’’

Arjun peeped from the room and found only Neil in the hall….he quickly walked out of the front door…as Sam kept Mala busy…Arjun ran to his rented apartment just the floor above
Radhika’s in a lightning speed…he laughed after getting inside with Neil following him… ; ‘’’bro this was fun’’

Neil; ‘’Arjun…what was the need to jump in her bedroom….I didn’t like that’’

Arjun; ‘’I know….but she was too gloomy …she refused to meet me…and I can do anything for her smile’’

Neil; ‘’you are forgiven….now get ready reach office on time’’

Sam after good discussion with Mala walked into Radhika’s room….and found papers scattered around and Radhila busy collecting them…she asked; ‘’What is it Chashni’’

Radhika handed over to Sam…. ‘’Our conversation’’ Sam frowned and read the words they said to each other ….she rolled with laughter reading washer women…Radhika was angry… ‘’Sammy are you my friend or Arjun’s’’

Sam tried controlling; ‘’Radhika you must have been a really hot washer women to get Arjun’s attention…’’ Sam did some dirty moves pretending washing clothes…but both froze looking at Neil standing at the room door…he came inside and watched the two girls… ‘’both of you are shameless’’ Sam tried controlling her laughter but couldn’t ….

Neil smiled ; ‘’Birdie ….till you are married no more balcony adventures’’

Radhika pouted; ‘’Don’t scold me ….go and tell this to that thief that jumped into my balcony’’

Neil pinched her cheeks; ‘’Good to see you like before…lets move Sam …will drop you to your office’’

Radhika hugged Neil and Sam tightly; ‘’My life can never be complete without you guys….promise me you both will never leave me’’ Sam and Neil closed their arms around Radhika….pulling her tightly into a loving embrace….

Neil felt Radhika was again getting emotional…he spoke; ‘’I will always be there for you…but not if that thief again jumps in the balcony of his washer woman’’ Radhika pouted angrily …Sam laughed giving Neil a hifi.

No one knows you better than you….just try and understand yourself ….

Precap; Jai paralysed for life…Beauty weds Beast


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