Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 49

Hello friends…sorry for being late again….work health and everything took toll on me….now about this chapter this one is dedicated to the one relationship which gives us a family outside our family….one relationship which we chose and share out good bad and worst with them….Cherish this bond for life …This is dedicated to all my friends who make my life beautiful and thanks a ton to all my friends who made me write again bless u all    

Chapter 49

Nothing replaces a true friend…if you have one thank your stars

When Radhika opened her eyes it took her few minutes to realize that she was in hospital…as she recalled everything she frantically looked around she found her parents ….Nandini…Sid ARnav and Arjun…but no Sam or Neil…her heart sank thinking about the reason of the absence…she looked at Mala ; ‘’Mom where is Sam…Is she fine…I need to see her ‘’

Mala looked at ARjun then answered; ‘’Sam is all fine…..she was here… she just left …you take rest’’ Radhika was not satisfied …she knew from everybody’s face but just kept quite…medicines were still having their effects she closed her eyes determined that she will see Sam come what may.

Everything had shaken Sam too…Samrat and Piyali wanted to take her home …but after getting discharged Sam decided to go to her house…Sam couldn’t get a chance to see Radhika…everybody came and met her but she wanted to see her Chashni……she was resting in her room….Prerna entered her room with soup; ‘’Sam finish this up…and no excuses… you need it’’

Sam; ‘’Mom can I visit Radhika please….I want to see her once..’’

Prerna kissed Sam’s forehead; ‘’Not now…let her get discharged and till then you will gain strength too…now no arguments go off to sleep’’ Sam obliged

Mishra’s Residence

It had been 2 days since Radhika got discharged from the hospital…she just kept quiet and limited herself behind her room doors….Radhika kept sitting on her bed staring out of the window… her face devoid of expressions…. the girl who would always be chirpy was just silent as death Radhika got more than 30 stitches on her head…little stress would give her a throbbing pain…whenever Mala would come to her she just asked about Sam…but on doctors advice no one could tell her about Sam’s miscarriage….Arjun came to meet her but she asked him to leave her alone for some days…all Radhika remembered was Jai moving towards her and Sam….she feared for Sam and since everyone was keeping her in dark she feared the worst…and one day on Radhika’s persistence Mala told her about Sam’s loss…Radhika’s heart broke…

Melhotra Residence

Sam was recovering at home….she was equally anxious to see Radhika ….she was feeling guilty of her brothers deed…she wanted to visit Radhika…but Prerna was adamant on her taking rest….but her mind couldn’t rest ….Neil was taking best care of her…but he spoke only few words…he wouldn’t look into her eyes…Sam felt he was ignoring her …he was annoyed with her…for not letting him know about Jai and then losing their first child in the process….Sam fought her tears….she didn’t wanted Prerna to be sad…as Prerna took care of her more than her own mother….. Sam stood blank near her bedroom window…Prerna came and touched her shoulder lightly; ‘’Sam you should be resting you are weak’’

Sam; ‘’Mom why aren’t you angry with me…I lied to you about getting the check up done…my negligence caused this’’

Prerna wiped her tears; ‘’I can’t be mad at you because your pain is much bigger than what all of us can feel…forgive yourself …you did nothing wrong…now rest’’

Sam; ‘’Mom I have a request…please don’t deny it…I want to meet Radhika please mom…I will take care of myself’’ Prerna smiled and nodded

Mehra Mansion

Neil’s silence was killing ARjun… he would work and talk only what was required…Arjun was sitting in the study of his house…when a commotion jolted him out…he quickly walked out of the study and smiled looking at the reason of commotion….Sia ran and jumped on him….Arjun caught and lifted her up giving her a loving hug… ‘’What is My princess doing here at this hour….you should be home’’

Sia looked into Arjun’s eyes with her big black ones; ‘’I am home Mamu….this my house….that is dad’s’’

Arjun; ‘’Does Mom know about you being here’’

Before Sia could answer her old driver answered all worried; ‘’No Sir…baby threatened me to bring her here… I am scared how will Sir and Ma’am will react’’

Arjun; ‘’Don’t worry you can leave….I will handle the situation’’

Sia cupped Arjun’s face in her small palms and turned to her; ‘’Mom said you were sad….So I came to make you smile ‘’

Arjun; ‘’You love your Mamu so much’’

Sia cutely replied; ‘’yes ….Mom says we should take care of our family and make them smile’’ Arjun smiled Sia’s one sentence cleared all his doubts… Sia didn’t care of Nandini’s anger for her Mamu….and Neil was too his family he had to do something to make him normal …Arjun pecked and tickled her ….he hugged her tightly and took her to Arnav .

Bird Song

Neil was sitting in his cabin leaning on his chair….he got a call…the person on the other side said; ‘’Arnav Raizada died in his cell…postpartum says prolonged illness and organ failure’’

Neil disconnected; ‘’good riddance…one down one to go’’ Neil dialled Hukum Singh….’’ how is he doing baba’’

Hukum Singh; ‘’ Still breathing….why are we keeping him alive…just tell me once will get rid of him’’

Neil ; ‘’Not now….I will call you’’ Neil closed his eyes he recalled the five star treatment he and Arjun gave to Jai…

Five days back

After the doctors confirmed that Radhika was out of danger and Sam was fine…Neil and Arjun left the hospital to sooth their heart…this was the first time Rana hid something from Nandini …he knew she will ask them to hand Jai over to police…but what Jai did had even angered Hukum Singh and Rana…they got his bullet wound treated and tied him to the chair…and the most uncomfortable one…. by the time Arjun-Neil reached… Rana had already broken….his legs….Arjun stepped inside the house where they had kept Jai…it was an old house outside the city….no one would doubt that they had him…Arjun had filed a complaint against Jai ad police had declared him absconding…Arjun watched tired Jai tied to his chair…with his mouth stuffed with cloth…Arjun picked a log and started hitting his legs ….Jai winced but all what came out of his mouth was a squeak… recalled Sam’s colourless face…he just moved and pressed his wound hard….Jai wriggled to be free, but he couldn’t…Arjun asked for salt and dabbed Jai’s wound with it….he tried screaming but he couldn’t after sometime he fainted….Arjun looked at Rana….Rana nodded and left….Arjun Neil moved to the next room….Neil stood near the window…holding the grill …Arjun touched his shoulder Neil turned around and hugged Arjun; ‘’I can’t face her anymore….I wronged her…never tried to hear her point…’’

Arjun; ‘’Sam needs you Neil…go to her I will handle this moron’’

Neil growled ; ‘’NO!!! … he crossed all limits… it all happened because of me….I should have told our families when he molested Radhika years back… my one mistake, created this mess ….the pain he gave today…..he should feel the same’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes he gave us pain … he deserves the worst…and he will get it…’’ Rana interrupted them and told them that Jai was conscious ….Arjun and Neil got up for round 2 …Jai was being tortured for 4 days….he was nothing more than a lifeless body ….just breathing all his bones were broken…he was incapable of any movement….

Present Day

Neil opened his eyes when he heard a knock… Arjun walked in with two cups of coffee….he handed one to Neil and sat on the opposite chair; ‘’neil for how long will it go like this…’’

Neil looked away; ‘’I don’t know what you are talking’’

Arjun; ‘’You very well know…but I will make it easier…. you should be with Sam…why are you cursing yourself for something you didn’t do….your guilt is distancing you from Sam…its not good..’’

Neil; ‘’I don’t have strength to face her….’’

Arjun; ‘’You don’t need strength to face your family…just go and pour your heart…she is waiting for you…go Neil’’ Neil hugged Arjun and left

Mishra Residence

Sam pressed the door bell and Mala answered….she emotionally hugged Sam; ‘’How are you Sam’’

Sam; ‘’I am fine aunty….where is Chashni’’ Mala just gestured towards Radhika’s room….Sam walked in and found Radhika curled in the corner…staring out of the window…with her chin rested on her palms….she smiled walked to Radhika and softly spoke; ‘’Chashni !!’’

Radhika sat upright ….turned around and blinked…silence…. moments and unsaid words floated between two childhood friends….without a minute they hugged each other tight…both were shedding tears and consoling each other…Radhika spoke first; ‘’Sam I am sorry….my carelessness caused this…I have hurt you….blame me curse me…you can hit me I won’t complain.’’

Sam cupped her cheek; ‘’No you didn’t… and why are we talking about it….its over….chashni if we started the blame game all of us are to be blamed….Jai’s obsession shouldn’t have been hidden by Neil… I should have believed Neil….and above all Mom should have checked him on the right time…its destiny…it was bound to be this way….and I don’t want to go back….its enough’’

Radhika; ‘’you lost your child because of me and you don’t hate me’’

Sam; ‘’ Chashni you would have done the same…if it was me in your place I didn’t even knew I was pregnant…yes I felt bad Chashni…this was my first child…but I didn’t share any bond with that child…that day my bond with you was strongest…I was at fault too for ignoring my health…and About hating you…can we hate each other.????..remember when I was admitted in US you said before anyone it was Sam and Radhika….it always have been this way…and for today I just want to be Sam your Sam and want you to be my Chashni… we know each other since we were 3 …I have spent my best and worst days with you…Chashni I need you …and you need me….even Neil doesn’t know me the way you do and I bet Arjun can never be Sam for you……’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes no one can be Sam for me…Arjun …never…he isn’t as s*xy as you’’ Sam looked at Radhika and both laughed…Mala Dilip heard the laughter and smiled….guess more than anyone they needed each other…both girls had their food in the room….radhika pulled out all old pictures …books ….they recalled all moments lived them laughed them… watched their favourite movies …and made fun of their partners….When Neil arrived to pick Sam up…Mala took him to Radhika’s room… he smiled…the room was messed up…with pictures albums….old books dvds…clothes scattered around…and the two girls sleeping on the bed…with Radhika’s arm on Sam’s waist and Sam’s leg on Radhika’s…Neil pulled a blanket over both of them and left…

Morning bought the brightest sun…Sam and Radhika woke up hearing some known voices coming from the living room…they looked at each other and whispered; ‘’Desperate husbands’’ they took good 10 min to crawl out of the bed and freshen up before joining others in the living room… Sam gave a bright smile Everyone which calmed Neil’s heart and Radhika came out in half sleep mode…and just greeted everyone yawning and waving her hand lazily…Dilip knew both were back to their old self…Mala kept pav-bhaji infront of Sam making her squeal….and radhika she went on hogging with closed eyes….Sam looked at ARjun who seemed annoyed because Radhika didn’t even notice him….Sam smiled; ‘’Get use to it…she loves her food more than any living being…she won’t pay any attention till her tummy is full’’

Sam got ready to leave with Neil…Radhika looked at neil angrily and warned; ‘’Hurt her again and I won’t leave your bones intact’’ Neil just held his ears…Sam hugged radhika and whispered… ‘’I know what’s going in your head…don’t push too much…call me ‘’ Radhika just nodded and NeSam left. DIlip left for work and Mala told Arjun that she will be out for an hour or two and asked him to stay back till she is back….they wanted Arjun-Radhika to talk and they haven’t spoken since the day of accident….Arjun followed Radhika to her room once Mala left…she kept her back to him…he couldn’t take more; ‘’Why are you ignoring me?’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun you still have time…rethink on the marriage part…’’

Arjun; ‘’I don’t want to…and why???’’ Radhika turned around…removed her shrug …and displayed her scars….she moved her hairs back to show him the scar on her forehead….Arjun understood he moved forward and pecked her scar… ‘’I don’t care’’

Radhika; ‘’I care…….I am no more the one you liked…you like Radhika who was pretty’’

Arjun turned her around; ‘’Yes I was mad about you because of your appearance…but I loved you for your heart ..which is still alive….and I saw that when you warned Neil for Sam….don’t test my patience….I can still abduct you…and lock you down’’ Radhika looked into his eyes he was dam serious…she kept her head on his chest…; ‘’It will take time….for all scars to heal’’

Arjun patted her head; ‘’Then we will tend them together…dare you think about leaving me again…’’

Melhotra Residence

Neil inserted the key to unlock the house….Sam asked confused; ‘’Where is Mom?’’

Neil; ‘’We will talk once we are in’’ Sam followed him…but her legs froze at her bedroom door…it was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles…and the bed post had a big card…with a message ; ‘forgive me Love’ Sam looked around bewildered and then at neil; ‘’It wasn’t needed’’

Neil made her sit and knelt on the floor infront of her; ‘’it was…I hurt you bad…I didn’t give you a chance to speak…just blamed you blindly and I claim to love the most…I am sorry’’

Sam smiled and caressed Neil’s face; ‘’You love me the most … this why you destroyed Ayan…you helped me make my dream come true…you stood by me even when I broke your heart….Neil I can never doubt your feelings…and now tell me where is mom’’

Neil smiled; ‘’you are not dumb nor my Mom is shameless…she can’t watch her son romancing his wife in board daylight… she decided to leave us alone’’

Sam; ‘’Crazy you…. couldn’t you wait for the evening’’

Neil; ‘’Hello! I did all this for you last night…but instead of my arms you were happily snoring with Chashni’’ Neil cupped Sam’s face.. ‘’if there was anything I wanted the most …it was is and always will be you….forgive me for failing you…distrusting you and hurting you’’

Sam watched his eyes he was pained …; ‘’Can you forgive me….for losing something precious’’

Neil; ‘’You don’t have to be sorry…you did what should be done…’’

Sam; ‘’Then even you don’t have to apologise…I was never mad at you…’’ Sam pecked his forehead

Neil; ‘’After all emotional talking what do I get a peck on forehead…not even a kiss’’

Sam; ‘’your demands seem to be increasing day by day…bad Neil ‘’

Neil got up….and loosen his shirt buttons…he leaned close to Sam’s face…; ‘’my demands are my right…but today I will let you demand….so Mrs Melhotra tell me what should I do to make you happy’’

Sam sat comfortably and thought; ‘’Dance for me Neil like Hrithik Roshan’’

Neil; ‘’Baby my Mom is a dancing expert I am not…please something else’’

Sam; ‘’Leave it then’’ Sam was about to leave when switched on the music and did some weird movements making Sam laugh….Dharmendra Shammi kapoor in one…making it utter nonsense…Sam laughed till it hurt….Neil moved forward and pulled her along….he pecked her ear lobe and rolled her out…pulling her again he did some romantic salsa moves with Sam still blinking at him….he twirled her and then lifted her ; ‘’I am not that bad in dancing my lovely wife….now enough ‘’ Neil moved to bed with Sam …Sam pressed her lips; ‘’Ok now you are seriously going mad Neil… its time for you to work….off you go’’

Neil held her hands; ‘’Sam ….since I married you…I haven’t given you attention you deserved…I just wanted to prove myself to your Mom….that I deserved you more than any rich choices she had for you….but I forgot …that you kept on supporting me silently…sorry for that ‘’

Sam watched Neil’s guilt ridden eyes..she pulled him over her; ‘’Neil Melhotra…If you are so interested in proving yourself then prove yourself to me and only me….we are answerable to no one about our relationship …only to each other….love you…’’ Neil smiled and buried his head in the crook of her neck…with his arm looped around her waist…Sam smiled and kept caressing his hair….Neil lifted his torso up….rubbed Sam’s lips with his thumb…he leaned and gently pecked them making Sam blush…Neil gently pressed her chin giving himself the access of Sam’s mouth sharing the most passionate kiss…Sam responded with calmness and love….Neil rolled over bringing Sam on the top…he knew she was still weak…and he didn’t wanted to push her ….Sam rested herself on Neil closing her eyes….Neil moved his fingers through her brown hairs…massaging her head gently…they stayed in each others arms for hours…wiping off all the sadness of past days
Wounds heal scars remain to remind you….

Precap; Police finds Jai in vegetative state…Piyali blames Radhika for his condition


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    • Gauri



      Thanks my Cutie Pie 🙂 Sam accepted Neil’s aplogy becuase Neil has always supported her…even when she broke his heart….and love means forgiving 🙂 sit ups LOL Jai will get worst 🙂 happy friendship day sweety …thanx for being there for me 🙂 love u

  28. Fanficoholic


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    • Gauri



      Thanks darling 🙂 happy friendship day sweety 🙂 why are u sorry …my boss should me sorry for making me work 10hrs a day … becuase of you guys I feel recharged 😀 thanks for the amazing support 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love u

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    • Gauri



      Thanks Jessie 🙂 love you 🙂 marriage preparation will start from next….yes story has reached its peak 🙂 few more episodes and will bring the curtain down 🙂 thanks for the amazing support 🙂 loads of love stay blessed … bear hugs

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