Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

I test but I don’t fail the one who tires…and does right
Radhika and ARjun’s engagement preparation were in full swing…Sam was helping Arjun and Neil had ordered GLitz designer to design exclusive outfits for his Chashni…he wanted her to be best… Arjun’s happiness had no limits he called his friends in US and gave them the news….they promised to fly down for the wedding…Nandini was doing everything to make all functions perfect…Sid supported her and Arnav… he was happy having chocolates with Sia…he had completely given up office…Arjun and Nandini were now managing Mehra group completely…

Radhika was checking the outfits what Neil had sent they were 5 of them and she had to select on for the engagement…she was confused and angry…Mala smiled looking at her daughters comical expression; ‘’What’s wrong pick any they are just too good…..looking at these dresses I wish it was me in your place’’

Radhika; ‘’Mom Neil is spending too much….I asked Sam to interfere…but she just saved her neck stating its between me and Neil…and that dumb guy is not listening to me’’

Dilip who heard this came and put an arm around Radhika; ‘’you call him your adoptive dad…Neil is so happy and involved in theses arrangements… if you refuse he might feel bad….he never behaved like an outsider….respect his love dear’’

Radhika; ‘’I do papa….but’’ Radhika sentence died when she found Neil at the door with a frown on his face…Radhika gulped….Mala smiled and pulled Dilip out of the room… Neil walked towards Radhika…she quickly picked up a pillow and kept between them… ‘’look I can explain….so just listen to me before punching me’’

Neil pulled his jacket rolled his sleeves …glared at her snatched the pillow and held her ear; people grow with passing years but you are one who is losing her brain with each passing day…what did you think hearing your stupid words I will be emotional….will feel bad…and think that you don’t consider me family…then you are fool…when one goes wrong its family’s job to bring them on the right path..’’

Radhika; ‘’Leave my ear or I will be wearing single earring all my life’’ Neil left it and Radhika hugged him… ‘’Love you AD’’

Neil; ‘’I love you too little one….ok now something important….where ever you go…you need to go with Hukum Singh and keep me and Arjun posted….and follow this seriously ….please…’’

Radhika; ‘’Will you be my GPS for life’’

Neil; ‘’Yes ….now tell me which one did you chose….’’ Radhika made a confused face….Neil picked up peach outfit with beautiful stone work…. ‘’this is final…wedding attire is getting ready’’ Neil left Radhika alone but before he walked out of the room he looked back …he had a kind of worry on his face ….his sixth sense was giving him negative signals….he just walked off ‘’

Radhika dialled Arjun and ordered him to take her on a date….Arjun smiled and got ready….after an hour he waited under her flat Radhika came down all dressed up Arjun smiled at her hopping and they drove off fro their first date as an official couple….Arjun took Radhika to beach and a restaurant…but he wasn’t satisfied as he could not get close to her Arjun took Radhika back to his flat and locked the door…he pulled her in his arms…; ‘’Now just a month more….and you will struggle to breathe’’

Radhika looked wide eyed then smiled ; ‘’Oh really….I guess it would be other way around…you running all over Mehra Mansion pleading everyone to save you from me’’ Arjun rolled on the floor hearing her….Radhika tickled him more….Arjun pulled her over him and rolled her over….moving his hand gently under her top….brushing her skin gently his hand moved up but stopped close to her bra strap…Arjun looked into her eyes she smiled back at him giving him her acceptance ….Arjun hid his face in the crook of her neck inhaling deeply….Radhika tilted her neck granting him more access….her fingers moved into his locks holding him tightly to her….Arjun’s lips parted and started planting wet kisses on her neck….which started soft but turned hungry …his grip on Radhika turned tight and he lifted her up and made her sit on his lap…Arjun moved her thick hairs from her face and lifted her chin up….she looked beautiful…with all the blush ….Arjun pulled her close; ‘’Did I scare you Bunny’’

Radhika nodded negative and lightly bit his ear and mischievously whispered ; ‘’You evoked the monster in me’’

Arjun laughed he cupped her face; ‘’Promise me you will always be the same…and never change ‘’

Radhika pecked his nose; ‘’Only if you stay close…..cook for me…and make bed tea every morning….’’

Arjun; ‘’Promise anything else’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes please talk less and go back to our cuddling session…as you didn’t bring me here to talk’’ Arjun held his stomach and laughed Radhika joined him she pecked his cheek lovingly ‘’ Tiger I love your smile….and when you laugh this way….oh you steal my heart’’ Arjun hugged her again rolling her over…hugging her tightly ..

Jai was watching the Building in which Arjun’s flat was there….he stood there since Arjun Radhika went inside…his blood boiled….she never allowed him even a hug and here she was all alone with the biggest Casanova of the city for past 2 hrs….Jai was sweating profusely in anger ….he felt insulted …he quickly gulped some liquid to calm his nerves….he was still thinking when he watched them walking out of the building….holding each other’s hand and happily enjoying each other’s company….he quickly hid his face and drove off once Arjun’s car left …Jai POV; ‘you guys should get a wedding gift…Arjun you will have my left over …let me see if you will marry her then….no you will leave her and then she will have no option other than me’

Destiny – I hate being the Examiner

The Engagement Day

Radhika got dressed she made sure she looked perfect….Neil got the best make up person and stylist to get Radhika ready…and she being Radhika was herself telling them how to do it irritating them and making Neil laugh…Radhika got ready twirled around the mirror and asked Neil; ‘’Will Arjun Mehra faint?’’

Neil held her hand ; ‘’and many others too…come my doll ‘’

Mehra Mansion

Nandini was tired asking Arjun to get ready….but he was busy getting his darling Niece ready Sia wanted a saree just like her mom and on Arjun’s request Neil got it done. He got a cute small stitched saree like gown for Sia… Sam was watching everything emotionally… she loved the antics of sia….Arjun took one small flower and asked Nandini to tuck it in Sia’s hair….nandini gave him an irritated look…he was spoiling Sia hard….Sia looked at the mirror; ‘’Mamu do I look like princess’’

Arjun; ‘’Nope queen…..’’

Nandini; ‘’Sia go check on Nanu and help him get ready…and you Sia’s Mamu get ready in a minute you are the first groom taking so much time’’

Sam; ‘’Di you carry on I will help Arjun’’

Nandini; ‘’You saved him Sam…or else I would have pulled his ear today’’ Nandini gave Arjun one angry glare and walked off

Sam; ‘’So Mr. Mehra….get on your suit in a minute I don’t want my Chashni to wait’’

Arjun; ‘’Neil is already on her side…. I thought you are on mine….but you are only physically here your heart and mind is on Bunny’s side’’

Sam was helping him adjusting his cuffs she smiled and spoke; ‘’Actually even you are on her side … right??’’ Arjun just rolled his eyes but he knew she was right only Radhika ruled his head…heart every breath….Sam gave Arjun one look praised him and gestured him to walk out…. Arjun accopainrd with his family left for the venue….even Rana and Hukum Singh were the part of the groom family as Arnav always treated them as one… was a close knit function but a lavish one… only few relatives and friends other than family …. Arjun stood near the stage waiting for his Radhika and she walked in….with her parents she looked elegant fragile…yet noble ….Arjun expected her to blush….and he was waiting for that when Sam words diverted his attention; ‘’Mr. Mehra she is not the one who will blush….if you go on staring she might do something making you blush’’ and Sam was right Radhika smirked when mischief crawled her head …. she lowered her eyes and then lifted them up…. locked her eyes with Arjun….she winked and then licked her upper lip…. Arjun blinked and didn’t know what to do but he just looked sideways when Sam giggled…. Arjun just hid his smile…Radhika was made to stand infront of Arjun …. Sia bought the ring in a small tray kept between rose petals…Arjun sat on his knees pecked her and took the ring ….he slipped the ring in her ring finger and held her hand….as it was Radhika’s turn….it was Neil who gave her the ring…and whispered in her ear to behave like a bride….. Radhika ignored quickly picked the ring and slipped into Arjun’s finger…. as everyone clapped suddenly the couple was showered with flower petals….Radhika gave flying kiss to Sam… The couple posed for the pics….which were to be shared with magazines and newspapers….and after this the party started….as the music went one….Radhika danced with full heart….and Arjun enjoyed the view before pulling her to him and joining her on the dance floor…..everyone smiled at them….Neil pulled Sam…. she danced with him but then excused herself when she felt giddy….Prerna who had been chatting with Mala and nandini saw Sam and walked to her ; ‘’Are you ok….what did the doctor say ???’’

Sam knew Prerna will scold her if she gets to know that Sam cancelled the appointment…she made a story; ‘’Mom she said I am just stressed’’

Prerna; ‘’See…I told you to stop working so much…now have some juice’’ Sam just nodded… Khanna’s came …Samrat congratulated Dilip and Radhika whole heartedly …but
Piyali was quite …she was guilty of her son’s deeds…Mala tried making her comfortable but she kept her distance… Arnav was so happy that he lifted Sia up and…..held her with one arm and other hand held Sia’s little palm…he went around dancing with her all around the floor… everyone stopped and clapped at the Grand-dad and granddaughter dance… Arnav had made up his mind he kept the engagement simple but was determined to make wedding a grand affair….Arjun was his heir and world should know it was the wedding of a prince…

Arjun was tired meeting and smiling at the guests….their weird jokes were irritating him…he messaged Neil to save him…Neil just pulled Arjun the pretext of work…. He took Arjun aside; ‘’Go to the garden area….you gift is awaiting you’’ Arjun smiled hugged him and ran outside….he found Radhika waiting for him with Sam….Sam saw Arjun coming towards them… she excused herself gave thumbs up to Arjun and left ….Arjun opened his arms and gestured Radhika to come…she smiled happily and threw her arms around his neck….Arjun lifted her up and twirled her around… ‘’Bunny finally you are mine officially’’

Radhika; ‘’I was always yours….did you doubt that’’

Arjun; ‘’No but was scared to lose you….since the day I fell for you I just always was scared of losing you …I always felt you were too good for me….so pure fragile and beautiful …Bunny you came like a fresh breeze you were not like others who would do anything to make me happy…you came like a bullet and pierced the mask around my heart… you broke all the walls… challenged me …understood me….and brought the real Arjun out….Thank you love! ‘’

Radhika placed her palm on Arjun heart; ‘’Have you ever thought why I said yes to you and no one else…because tiger…whenever you were close to me…I felt protected safe happy and above all….I felt complete…my dad made me feel like a princess all my life and you made me feel like a queen…’’

Arjun arm held her waist and hugged her tightly….he pecked her forehead and stood there holding her for few minutes…. Sam watched them and made a wish; ‘’God don’t let any of my fears come true….I don’t want to chose between my brother and my Chashni …pls’’

Sam jerked when Neil tapped her shoulder; ‘’If you want we can make a romantic frame like them in the night after we reach home… now call them before all the guests move to the garden area….after the guests left…Arnav assigned Rana the duty to escort Radhika and her family safely home…

A week later.

Sam had left all her work she was just planning Arjun Radhika’s wedding…Nandini had officially hired her as the wedding planner….Mehra had finalized an empty sea facing bungalow as the venue and had rented to for the 5 day grand affair…the Bungalow was constructed like a palace Sam took a round of the place and decided royal theme…. She finished her work for the day it was 5 and she decided to leave and walked to her car…. she got in and kept her mobile…and then pulled her bag to search for her planner to make a note of things she needed…her fingers touched her gun…Sam huffed and closed her eyes…. ‘’God just don’t let me use this ever ‘’ She drove off to home….but before she could enter the premises of Melhotra residence the car was blocked by Jai….Sam got down; ‘’What brings you here’’

Jai; ‘’Is this a way to speak to your elder brother’’

Sam looked bored ; ‘’Look Bhai… all emotional words won’t work….so just spit out the reason and leave…’’

Jai; ‘’I need your forgiveness… I don’t want to lose my sis’’

Sam melted; ‘’Only if you promise to leave Radhika alone’’

Jai with tears; ‘’Haven’t I already…she is engaged to be married in a month…trust me Sammy’’

Sam moved forward and hugged Jai; ‘’Bhai I am trusting you please don’t break it…’’ Jai invited Sam for a coffee and she agreed they discussed many things and Sam felt relived at the sibling conversation…suddenly a waiter slipped and coffee got spilled all over Sam’s dress… Sam excused herself….and Jai picked her planner… he clicked the pictures of the pages and took the keys which could get him the access to the Bungalow….he kept it as it is before Sam returned…they greeted each other and left…Sam felt light but Jai went back pushed a 1000 note into the waiter’s pocket and walked out . Jai knew it was difficult to find Radhika alone because she had Hukum Singh always around….but he knew how to get her alone infact she must be on the way…he knew she will come alone as her dear Sammy invited her…and he was adamant about getting her today….
Radhika checked her phone and found a message from Sam; ‘Chashni your wedding venue is awesome… need your help…can please come ….’Radhika smiled and picked her phone to dial Hukum Singh but then she thought ‘its just Sam…and baba had been working around the clock’ She quickly left her house for the Bunglow…

Sam entered her room and threw her Bag in the corner….her mobile beeped an alarm about a missed call….Sam checked frowned and then checked her message …blood drained her body….Jai message Radhika using her cell and there was a reply from Radhika that she will reach in an hour….Sam checked her watch she just had half an hour… she dialled Neil; ‘’Chasni in danger….reach The Sea View Bunglow ASAP now’’ She disconnected picked her bag and stormed out …Sam fired up the engine and drove full speed….she was angry emotional worried ….she got betrayed again ….but for now she will save Radhika

Arjun Neil bolted out of Bird Song after receiving the call… they couldn’t understand how this happened…Arjun dialled Hukum Singh and ordered him to kill Jai Khanna if required….they both were quite they just wanted to reach there on time…. Sam dialled Radhika and she answered…. ‘’Sammy where are you I am already here…’’

Radhika was cut off by Sam; ‘’Radhika leave that place now…its a trap…I dint call you…’’ Sam’s words were left incomplete when radhika’s phone was smashed and her feather light body was thrown inside the dark hall….Radhika hit the floor hard…she knew that filthy touch… ‘’Jai’’ she got on to her feet fisted and turned around; ‘’you invited your end’’
Jai laughed; ‘’Really…??? not today…. now its the test of you love for Arjun Mehra….I will finish what was left 4 yrs back….let me see if he accepts you then’’

Radhika felt disgusted…she knew Sam was on her way and would have informed Arjun she just needed to keep him busy…Jai leaped at her and grabbed her from behind….strongly holding her his arm around her neck…he started nibbling her neck fiercely radhika couldn’t take it she did something he never expected…she pierced her teeth in his forearm…and kept increasing the force till it bled…Jai screamed and tried to free but Radhika kept on holding ….Jai pushed her mercilessly she fell on a table and got a cut on her arm…Jai looked at his arm…. she had almost ripped his flesh…he looked at her she smirked wiping her mouth…Jai picked up a metal vase and threw at her…Radhika tried avoiding but it hit her shoulder hard…Jai knew to gain control on her had to get her tired … He tried catching her and she punched his nose…making him retreat….Jai was furious she was fighting she had changed ….and now it was hurting his ego… ‘’b*t*h I will kill you’’

Radhika ; ‘’get me first’ Radhika threw anything and everything which came in her hand she knew she just needed to maintain distance from Jai….and kill time till Arjun reaches
Sam drove inside the building compound and her car screeched by sudden brakes …she pulled her gun… Sam was breathing hard she felt a little pain in her lower abdomen…but she ignored she ran towards the door but knew banging won’t help…Sam fired and broke the lock…. that shot alerted both Radhika and Jai…radhika smiled and lost her concentration on Jai…Sam entered ‘’Chashni’’ but before radhika could answer irritated and defeated jai banged and broken log from the table on Radhika’s head …she collapsed… Sam stood shaken…Jai was confident that Sam won’t fire…he moved forward to hit her again…a tear escaped Sam’s eye and she fired… Jai fell on his back screaming…he was shot on right shoulder..Sam threw the gun and ran to Radhika … lifted Radhika’s head…she pressed her wound with her stole…’’ Easy Chasni…you will be fine’’ knew he had lost….but he wanted to hurt people whom he belived to be his enemy….he got up but before he could do something he got a massive punch…Hukum Singh stood between the girls and Jai all angry….

When Neil applied brakes all he and Arjun could hear was a gunshot….they were scared….they rushed in …and the view made Arjun collapse on his knees….his nightmare had come true…Radhika was breathing hard….her head on Sam’s lap she was pressing Radhika’s wound….with blood all around….she sensed him and turned….she smiled and lifted her arm…. Arjun couldn’t grab it in his dream….but he decided to do it today…he leaped and grabbed it… ‘’Bunny hold on you will be fine…’’

Neil found Jai on the floor withering in Pain holding his shoulder…he pressed his wound with his shoe hard to hear his scream…Neil held his collar and threw him…..he was about to hit him when Sam screamed; ‘’Neil take her to hospital now….please….let police handle him’’ Neil stopped and turned to Hukum Singh; ‘’Baba keep him alive till we are back….Police should not get him’’ He took longer strides to Arjun ; ‘’Arjun lets go’’ Arjun lifted unconscious Radhika and got in the car Sam took the front seat with Neil…she would time and again hold her abdomen to sooth the growing pain…Neil drove as fast as he can…he looked at her and asked; ‘’How???? ‘’ Sam lowered her gaze and narrated everthing Neil gave her an angry glare … ; ’’it’s your fault’’ Sam just turned away….Arjun was holding Radhika in his lap…the arm which would always be around his neck was lying lifelessly….he was just caressing her face repeating same words; ‘’pls pls pls hold on for me Bunny…pls’’ Arjun recalled all the moments with her….her smile… mischief and her love for him…

Nandini was informed by Hukum … she left Sia with Arnav and drove to the hospital with SID…and informed Dilip who was taken aback…he rushed to the hospital with Mala….Radhika was being treated….Neil was sitting on a chair shaking his legs in worry and Arjun was pacing like a mad bull….they both were so busy that they did not notice Sam who stood at the end of the lobby at a distance…holding her stomach….Sam knelt and then collapsed….Nandini who was entering the lobby watched collapsing Sam and caught her..when Nandini tuned Sam around she saw blood flowing down her legs….she looked at Sid he nodded and went ahead to do the formalities….Nandini kissed Sam’s forehead… she knew Sam shot her brother to save her friend…. Sid got Sam admitted …and asked Nandini to check on radhika….Nandini touched Arjun’s shoulder and he cried like a child hugging her….the doctor came out after 30 min and informed that she was fine….but since she had lost lot of blood she is weak..all of them took a sigh of relief….nandini looked at Neil; ‘’you should be with Sam’’

Neil replied without looking at Nandini; ‘’No not required’’ Nandini was about to answer but was interrupted by Mala and Dilip they frantically inquired about their daughter and Arjun calmed them telling she was fine

Mala hugged Arjun thanking him….Nandini kept a plam on Mala’s shoulder; ‘’Thank Sam mala ji….she sacrificed her unborn child to save Radhika’’ Neil froze….he just blamed her without giving her a chance…Arjun moved his fingers thorough his hairs he was angry….he looked at Neil…but then went ahead to check on Sam alone….he watched her from the glass….a year back he wanted to give her some pain to avenge his sister but the same girl…went over board to save his life he thanked his stars that Neil loved her and Neil’s feelings prevented him from harming her…

Mala was shocked….Sam too was a daughter to her; ‘’Where is she…?’’

Nandini; ‘’514 Sid is with her…. doctors are treating her…’’ nandini turned to Neil; ‘’Go before I Slap you hard’’ Mala asked Dilip to inform Samrat and stay with Radhika she held Neil’s wrist and dragged him….

Arjun caressed radhika’s face…she had bruises cuts…but some thing that make him go mad was teeth mark on Radhika’s neck…. Arjun touched it he felt a throbbing pain…as if her pain travelled to him through the touch….his phone buzzed…it was Neil he opened the message.. ‘lets end this forever’ Arjun lifted his eyes to meet Neil’s standing across the door…he gave a single nod….caressed Radhika’s forehead and left with Neil….
Every wound leaves a scar….some dark some light

Precap; The friendship… love and the judgement’


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      Thanks a ton Rg 🙂 yes I did plan this since the starting of DPO Sam was someone who was insecure and everyone felt she was selfish …but I just wanted to show how different environment can effect life… Radhika got undivided attention which made a secure positive and giving….Sam craved for love and only love… which she found in Mala Neil and Radhika …and when any of these ignored her she would behave wiredly but she loved Radhika more than anyone…and when there was time she took her decision …now your answers 1) Sam lost her baby due to stress…tiredness ….she kept on working…ignored her health becoz she wanted to find out what was jai upto… 2) No Prerna wont be miffed ….. she will help Sam cope up 3) yes Radhika-Sam will help each other you will see how 4) yes for time … but she will her old self soon 5) yes Neil will…its time for him to get the bashing 6) last episode I am ending it on their marriage 7) Yes Nandini will come back to Mehra Mansion 8) MMZ I am writing my schedule is very busy … working more than 10 hrs so may be thurs morng 🙂 thanks for the amazing comment RG loads of love to you

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      Thanks Ritu for such a lovely comment 🙂 Jai will get what he deserve 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 loads of love 🙂

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      Thanks Rossy 🙂 no jai won’t get a simple punishment …it will be worse for him … Jai is the represtation of those guys for whom a girls no means an attack on their ego…wait for next one …and no need for sorry I know even I am late is posting this week due schedule 🙂 love u

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