Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

One person’s wrong can unleash a devil of hatred sorrow…pain and lot more

Sam was not keeping well for a week now ….she would get tired easily….work and Jai’s intentions were taking toll on her…she kept worrying about Neil’s safety….she just wanted jai to realize his mistake…but there were no positive signs of Jai improving…Sam was in her cabin in Rhythm….she had leaned on the chair with her eyes closed…she just wanted a miracle happen which would set everything in place …Prerna walked in and said something but found no reaction from Sam…she quietly moved next to her and caressed her head; ‘’baby you need rest…you are overworking yourself …you look all worn out…go see a doctor’’

Sam; ‘’Mom I am fine…was just taking a nap….’’

Prerna; ‘’Ok go home …its an order…and I have fixed your appointment with the doctor and you are going …that’s final’’

Sam smiled and hugged Prerna ; ‘’As you wish ma’am’’ Sam greeted Prerna and left for home

Neil had come back home to get a file he had missed taking with him…he kept on searching in the cupboard…he was throwing everything on the bed…and finally he got his file….in his attempt of the search a diary had fallen out…Neil was about to check it ….but a sudden call prevented him to check on to it….he quickly picked up the file along with the diary and walked out

Mehra Mansion

Nandini and Sid were getting married today….they kept it simple it was a court marriage followed by a temple wedding… Arjun got ready in a tuxedo…he was happy yet annoyed…
Nandini was moving out with Sia….Arjun ‘s brain was still working on last minutes plan to stop them…he walked to Nandini’s room…she was dressed in a red saari and was busy putting a red bindi on her forehead…Arjun walked to her took her hands and kissed them; ‘’I will miss you’’

Nandini caressed his face; ‘’ I am here…we will see each other daily…I will never leave you ‘’

Arjun hugged Nandini tight and looked around for SIa….who was busy painting her lips red…Nandini huffed all tired; ‘’Now she wants to wear make up….Sid will kill me’’

Arjun smiled and lifted Sia; ‘’Baby beautiful girls don’t need make up…’’

Sia; ‘’so Radhika aunty and Mom are not beautiful’’ Nanidini smiled and Arjun rolled his eyes at her cute question

Arjun; ‘’No they are ….why are you saying this’’

Sia; ‘’because Mom is wearing binidi…lipstick…kajal…and Radhika aunty was wearing red lipstick last time when she came’’ Arjun gave up….he finally spoke; ‘’Ok you are more beautiful …and you don’t need it ok….now lets go’’ Sia smiled when Arjun wiped her face and ran to her mother….Radhika’s name brought a smile on Arjun’s face … he took a deep breath and walked out….

Radhika was getting ready to attend Nandini’s wedding….Arnav and Arjun both had invited her …Mala was helping her in tugging a beautiful pink saree …she gave Radhika a natural but beautiful look….Mala took two steps back; ‘’Who will save Arjun now’’

Radhika rolled her eyes; ‘’MOM! What got into you… Ok tell me who use to save dad when you use to dress like this…’’

Mala; ‘’Samrat…who else…your dad would get all nervous ,his hands would shiver to give a flower to his own wife….Oh he was hopeless’’

Radhika laughed holding her stomach…Mala did some last touch ups and said; ‘’Radhika you are my most precious possession….remember…your parents are living for you take care of your self’’ Radhika saw a kind of worry in her mother’s eyes she hugged Mala tight and pecked her cheek…. ‘’Ma I will always remember that’’

The Daughter Mother moment was busted by a coughing sound…Radhika turned around to find Neil smiling at her… ‘’Lets go little one…its about time’’

Radhika; ‘’Sure AD…where is Sam’’

Neil; ‘’She is already there with Nanidini di….and what is AD’’

Radhika smiled pulled his cheeks and replied; ‘’ Adopted Dad’’ Mala burst out laughing and Neil just lightly slapped Radhika’s head…they greeted Mala and left… Neil opened the passenger door for her…he took the wheel but didn’t start the car…Radhika looked at him… ‘’Something wrong’’

Neil; ‘’Chashni will my relationship with you change once you marry Arjun…I just want everything to be the way it had been since we were kids’’

Radhika; ‘’Did it change when you married Sam…no right then why now’’

Neil; ‘’I have a confession…. I agreed for Arjun because I can’t see your tears…but I still think he is not worthy enough to deserve you’’

Radhika; ‘’I know and this why you keep giving him set of rules when he is around me… OK I know I am too good for him….but see the benefit…whenever he will look at himself in the mirror and then me…he will keep thanking his stars for blessing him with me…and he will always be in my control…what say brilliant right’’

Neil kept watching her blinking his eyes and then laughed throwing his head back; ‘’You are just out of the world….’’

Sam was looking at her watch….Neil Radhika had still not reached…Arjun walked to her; ‘’What’s wrong Sammy don’t worry…they will be on time…’’

Sam; ‘’Yes if both of them haven’t stopped for a ice-cream or popcorn’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Sam you worry a lot…and its just not this what else is bothering you… speak up’’

Sam blinked; ‘’Nothing Arjun’’

Arjun; ‘’We are friends…and I know you quite well now…so go ahead…we might find a mutual solution to the problem’’

Sam took a deep breath; ‘’I fear for Radhika and Neil…Jai has suddenly turned quite…but I know him…Arjun I get nightmares…I just want to know what is he upto so that I stop him…one wrong step and all of us will be affected’’

Arjun frowned and turned Sam towards him; ‘’I understand your fear…but nothing will happen…we all are together…don’t worry and calm down…you fears and worries are taking toll on you …Sam you look sick’’

Sam was about to reply when they heard a loud chuckling of Radhika and Neil….walking towards them and fighting over the last bite of the chocolate…Arjun’s breath was caught in his throat… Radhika looked breath taking …her long hairs free flowing in air…and she was continuously moving her hands through them to set them right…her soft skin peeping around the waist was rasing the temperature of Arjun’s body….he didn’t wanted to embarrass himself and quickly averted his eyes to find Sam giggling at him; ‘’She looks beautiful….I know’’ Arjun gave Sam a warning not to speak infront of Radhika …and she laughed…Neil greeted Arjun and walked inside with Sam leaving Arjun with Radhika…she smiled lovingly at him; ‘’So how do I look…better say good or you are dead’’

Arjun leaned close to her ear and whispered; ‘’Thank your stars that you are not alone with me…I would have devoured you happily…would be Mrs Mehra’’

Radhika turned red….she lowered her eyes; ‘’Shameless’’ Arjun chuckled but their sweet bubble was suddenly busted by Nandini; ‘’I think I will be an aunt before I get married….someone please lower the ac temperature its too hot’’ Nandini’s words left Radhika completely embarrassed and others laughed….Arjun to hide his embarrassment quickly moved inside with his eyes on the floor and Radhika in a tow… as Nanadini and Sid completed the formalities they were declared Man and wife….Neil clicked a picture of the couple with Sia…After the temple wedding Nandini was ready to leave with Sid…Arnav was emotional; ‘’Take care of her Sid…she is my dearest…I am her uncle…but its

Nandini who first made me a father… I will not spare you if I see her sad’’

Sid; ‘’I know… I will take care of her…and uncle I am too scared to invite Arnav and Arjun Mehra’s ire together’’

Arjun hugged Nandini tight; ‘’Please stay with us…I don’t know how to live with you’’

Nandini; ‘’Bring Radhika home as soon as possible…’’ Arjun nodded and lifted SIa he pecked her small hands; ‘’Will you come to meet me Sia’’

Sia blinked; ‘’Mamu Dad said we are going for holiday…we will come soon and stay together right Mom’’ Arjun understood that Sia wasn’t aware about them shifting to Sid’s house and now for SIa Mehra mansion was her home…and his brain had a new plan to change Sid’s mind…he pecked her cheek and took her to Arnav…Arnav hugged Sia and gave a full box of her favorite chocolates…Nandini wanted to protest but Sid stopped her….it always amazed Sid to look at the affection Arjun Arnav had for Sia…after Nandini left Arnav drove off …as he wanted sometime alone…Neil and Sam left after greeting Arjun…Arjun stood near his car with his head bowed down…he was waiting for Radhika…Radhika walked to him and cupped his cheek; ‘’Smile Arjun…After so long Di got what she deserved…be happy for her’’ Arjun nodded …and opened his car door for her…they drove off together ….Radhika decided to cheer him; ‘’where are we going….’’

Arjun; ‘’Will drop you home… you can change and then BS’’

Radhika; ‘’You should be with uncle today…he looked sat…I will come with you let’s go’’ Arjun smiled and drove off to Mehra Mansion….he checked with the butler and got to know

Arnav was in nandini’s room…Arjun found Arnav staring at nandini’s picture on the wall….Arjun walked and hugged his father from behind; ‘’Dad I won’t let them stay away for long….you don’t worry’’

Arnav nodded and turned he smiled when he found Radhika standing at the door; ‘’When are you bringing her home’’

Arjun; ‘’The day her dad agrees….just waiting for one nod and I will abduct her’’ Arnav laughed and spoke; ‘’Go show her the house she will rule…make her familiar…’’ Arnav walked off to his room leaving Radhika and Arjun alone….Arjun held her hand and took her to his room….Radhika’s jaw dropped…his room resembled that of a king…it was huge…with a king size bed right in the middle…it had curtains which could be drawn around it…there was a small room which had his wardrobe….Arjun came out after changing and looked at

Radhika who was standing in the middle of room all nervous …. Arjun smiled walked to her and pulled her to his chest with a jerk wrapping his arm around her waist….Radhika was surprised…Arjun smiled tucked her hair behind her ear ; ‘’Now we are alone….and I have all the liberty to have my way with you’’

Radhika tried pushing him nervously ; ‘’Arjun someone will come….leave’’

Arjun; ‘’who cares….just stop struggling…because you are making me lose my senses…’’ Radhika froze…Arjun smiled leaned and planted a loving kiss on her cheek moving to her neck….’’ Bunny you are my reason to live… my reason to smile and breathe…’’ Radhika kept looking at his face…he had confessed his feelings a no.of times…but today she felt emotional…her lips parted and whispered his name…Arjun captured them…devouring them slowly passionately and madly… his palm relished her exposed skin on the back and her waist…Radhika’s response to his touch was making him feel victorious….Radhika held his shirt tightly…Arjun broke the kiss….looked at her pink face and pecked her forehead hugging her tightly.

Bird Song

Neil was busy in his work…when his attention suddenly went on the diary he opened the first page and started reading….with each passing page his anger rose….he was losing his salinity…he threw the diary in the corner in disgust he fitted… ; ‘’Jai Khanna….I will torture you till you lose the last drop of blood….Sam why the hell did you kept this hidden….you shouldn’t have…now everything will be on its extreme’’

Neil dialled Radhika and got no response he dialled Arjun and he answered; ‘’Is Chashni with you’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes…whats wrong’’

Neil; ‘’Give her the dam phone…’’ Arjun thought and turned on the speaker… Neil with out a minute screamed; ‘’you should throw your phone under a truck… you never answer when you should…do you have any idea how worried I was when you did not answer’’

Arjun was about to answer but Radhika stopped him she calmly replied; ‘’Sorry Neil….I know I should have kept it handy… now tell me what’s wrong’’

Neil calmed; ‘’Sorry little one…I shouldn’t have screamed….was just worried….and please keep me posted about whereabouts ‘’

Radhika ; ‘’Done… now have a glass of water….I will take my revenge on you for screaming at me’’ She disconnected giggling….Neil smiled and closed his eyes…all his child hood flashed infront of him…since the day he knew her she never left him alone….even when Sam broke his heart she was there making him smile from so far… her antics…mischief….but a fear gripped him and he recalled Jai’s words….

‘One chance and I will make her mine….I dream of her tied to my bed naked with arms and legs spread wide….inviting me….how long I have been waiting for her….once she is back from US….I will make her mine by will or force….will leave her no option….I remember Last years RYTHYM’s concert….after performance she went to change in the green room…I watched her from the creek…I knew no one was there in the building except few people….I still remember her flawless white skin when she took off her top….the beautiful mole on her waist…that moment I just wanted to taste her skin….kiss that mole deep…but I couldn’t but one day I will…and she will screme my name….’

Neil pulled his hair….he cancelled all his meetings….Radhika was his family…she might not be his blood… but for Neil she was more than that…he had to keep her safe.

Sam was worried she had to find on Jai’s next move before he takes a drastic step… she got a call for doctor’s appointment Sam cancelled it and decided to visit her parents….she knew she could get something from Jai’s room he had a habit of sharing his heart with diary and papers …. And she was right Sam after spending some time with her parents sneaked into Jai’s room…she searched his drawers and found some paper scribbled with some words…one of them had few words…. ‘If not mine and nobody’s….I will not lose this time’ Sam wiped her sweat ….she clicked a picture of that paper quickly and left ….Sam was breathless while sitting in her car …. Her POV; ‘I will do everything to keep you safe Chashni and won’t let Bhai commit a mistake ….he is my brother I will show him the right path…but how’

Jai had turned quite but he kept his eyes on Radhika’s every movement…one thing was clear wining this girl by force was impossible …she was brave and will fight…but losing her was like a stain on his ego…he couldn’t stand her rejection…her dislike…..he hated everybody…his parents…his sister….Neil everyone because no one understood his heart…Jai decided.. ‘’I will make you mine…and once this happens you will be forced to accept me…and slowly our families will….I am coming for you Radhika…and soon’’

‘He moved across the room…it was scattered…nothing was on its place…he screamed for her…he was worried for her….as he walked he found a dark room….he started sweating she feared dark….he ran and broke the door open and called out for her….he heard her soft voice…he saw her but froze…she was lying in the pool of blood….gasping for air…she smiled extended her hand…but before he could hold her hand dropped….’ ‘’Radhikaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! ‘’ Arjun screamed and jolted out of his sleep…he was sweating…no this can’t be happening…he quickly dressed and left for her place without even checking the time it was 5:00 AM….he drove as fast as he can….he parked his car carelessly outside her building and rushed for her apartment…Arjun was impatient to wait for the lift….he ran through the stairs and pressed the door bell and kept on doing it till he heard the door open….Mala gave Arjun a questioning and a surprised look…he cared a dam; ‘’Aunty I am sorry….need to see Radhika….please’’

Mala; ‘’She is still sleeping in her room…………..’’ Before she could complete Arjun ran to Radhika’s room and found her sleeping peacefully buried in the sheets….he took a deep breath….but he needed more assurance he pulled her up in his arms….he could feel her heart through his chest he calmed….Mala stood there dumb found with Dilip….Dilip was still trying to accept him but today he saw depth of Arjun’s affection….yes he loved Radhika more than his own life….Dilip gestured Mala to come and give Arjun a minute….Radhika opened one eye and saw her parents leave…she wrapped her arms around him.. ; ‘’you had a nightmare…right’’ Arjun broke the hug and looked at her face she smiled…but his eyes had fear….he kept quite…Radhika cupped his face…. ‘’it is said that if you dream of someone dying…that person is blessed with a longer life…so I am going to live for 100 yrs…but if death comes by… Tiger I will fight it to be with you’’ Arjun hugged her tight ….Radhika whispered; ‘’Kiss me…but my mouth might smell bad’’

Arjun blinked; ‘’Your parents are in the next room’’

Radhika; ‘’they won’t come….I know them’’ She smiled pressed her lips …arjun caressed her face … kissed her….Radhika kept her palm on his chest and his violent heart calmed….they existed as two but they were one

Arjun was now embarrassed for his behavior…he just walked out of the room and stood guilty infornt of Mala and Dilip….Mala smiled DIlip made a serious face; ‘’How soon can you marry her??? ‘’ Dilip’s question made Arjun freeze….now he felt he was dreaming he couldn’t answer…Dilip smiled; ‘’me and my wife are growing old…..and if we keep her here you will keep banging our door… we might die of heart attack…so better you take her with you….let me see how long you can handle her madness’’

Arjun stood like a statute and then hugged Dilip; ‘’Thank you Sir… I will ask Dad to meet you soon’’ Dilip patted his back and then looked at Radhika who was jumping with happiness hugging her mother… Arjun left and he drove back with double speed….he woke everyone up….Nandini congratulated him….Neil cursed him for giving him a heart attack but he knew this was best for his little birdie…Arnav just kept looking at his mad son…who asked him to change fast and meet Dilip right away…and fixed the date….

Arjun Radhika’s engagement was fixed after a week ….Arnav made sure Dilip is not uncomfortable about the arrangements….but Neil decided to make it special…he decided to welcome the groom and be on the bride side…he decided to help DIlip and Mala with arrangements and Sam took the planning part…..they d day was fixed but wasn’t publically declared and who ever knew about it kept it a secret they did this purposely to protect Radhika’s privacy…but someone hated Arjun too much one of his ex-flames…put up a picture of Radhika with a caption…. ‘Arjun’s degrading middle class Taste…Let’s see how long it lasts’ …there were many snobbish remarks by some girls and few praised Arjun’s choice… Sam saw this as she had some common friend she shared it with Neil and Arjun but before that she replied to the girl… ‘She is perfect…but you are someone’s used tissue…1000 likes’ Arjun’s mind boiled and he answered…with most surprising update on his page with radhika’s cute picture….where he was followed by many; ‘Meet would be Mrs Arjun Mehra….my life my smile…. My DESTINY… you hurt her …you hurt me…so watch your words’ Radhika banged her head…she was not the one to be bothered by negative remarks…but Arjun Sam and Neil made her famous….But they alerted someone….Arjun’s update made Jai furious….he wasn’t aware of their alliance being fixed but now he was…and he decided to make the move….

Destiny- Sometimes I hate myself for going tough but what to do….this is my job

Precap; Radhika injured….Sam’s decision….broken Arjun … Devastated Neil….


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      Thank u Thank u Thank u for the lovely comment 🙂 I am sure Jai will himself dug his grave when he finds hw dangerous you are 😛 Rads will be hurt sorry for that … 🙁 Jai will get what he deserved 🙂 will post soon 🙂 love you

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      Thanks Sweetie 😀 your comment was alos breath taking 🙂 thanks again for the lovely comment 🙂 love you 🙂

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      Thanks Jessie 🙂 Iam good hw r you ??? 🙂 missed you guys 🙂 Arjun forgot about Jai because in happiness we tend to forget many important thing 🙂 Jai will get the best punishment 🙂 thanks darling love you 🙂

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      Rg me and hot Stufffffffffffff :O not my cup of tea how so ever I try I wont be able to write it 😉 ok MMZ tomorrow morning you will see…. loads of love

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    Thanks Suppu darling 🙂 now your answers 🙂 no rape …I cant show this happening to a girl 🙂 yes she will recover 🙂 no she will be back in her full form 🙂 after before engadgement I am still thinking 🙂 yes 3-4 more updates or may be 5-6 I will end it soon…mmx tomorrow morning I already told you that 🙂 tc of ur heath and stay blessed 🙂

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