Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Humans believe everything is pre decided … well I say your deeds decides your present and future…learn from past…implement in present…plan for future.
Arnav asked the butler to call Arjun who was busy playing video games with Sia…Butler informed Arjun to come to the study … Arjun came with Sia sitting on his shoulders….Sid smiled looking at the view….Sia squealed; ‘’Papu…!’’ Arjun kept her down and she ran to Sid….Sid lifted her made her sit on his lap…Arjun took a chair next to Arnav …Nandini was already there…Arnav gave every body a satisfied look and then ordered butler to get something….the butler came in with a huge food trolley with almost every kind of sweets…..Nandini looked wide eyed; ‘’No Chachu you are not eating that …you won’t even smell that’’

Arnav; ‘’Sid control you wife and Sia come to Nanu’’ Sia jumped from Sid’s lap and went to Arnav….he gave her a piece of sweet and spoke… ‘’So Nandu and Sid are getting married 15 days from now…finally my biggest dream is coming true…and I am eating atleast a piece…and no one is going to stop me…’’’

Arjun hugged Nandini…he was happy….but his eyes had the pain of parting from his sister the sister who loved him like a mother….Nandini patted his cheek….Arjun quickly wiped the lone tear that escaped his eyes…..he joined the celebration…Nandini snatched the plated from Arnav who was trying to take advantage of the situation….Arnav emotionally hugged her…Arjun quietly moved out of the room…but stopped when a tiny fingers caught hold of his forefinger…Arjun looked down and found Sia with a piece of sweet….Arjun lifted her up and hugged her…he had come to love Sia too much she was the childhood he missed…Sia wrapped her arms around his neck pecked his cheek; ‘’Sia loves Mamu’’ Arjun pecked her forehead; ‘’And Mamu loves Sia the most’’

Nandini; ‘’Sia off to bed….or you will be late for the school’’

Arjun; ‘’Nandu can I drop her…till you guys are here’’ Nandini read his pain and nodded…Sid understood…but kept quite …

Radhika was displaying her dresses to Sam…who was all tired because Radhika couldn’t finalize one….they had their farewell party in the evening … both the girls were exited to meet their batch mates and friends … Sam had already finalized her gown… Sam finally got exhausted ; ‘’Chashni anything will look good on you ‘’

Radhika pulled out a short dress ….and finalized it Sam looked at her ; ‘’Chashni if you wear that … Neil will murder you than me…and what about ARjun’’

Radhika sat next to Sam; ‘’Sammy this a golden chance…parents are out of town… and Neil loves you too much … and Arjun is scared of me….make use of the opportunity’’

Sam made a tired face ….. Radhika quickly got up ; ‘’Sammy let me try it and show it you’’ Radhika changed and came out it was floral corset frock …she came out and did a cat walk….Neil knocked the door and walked in he scrutinized Radhika head to toe and frowned ; ‘’Chashni… you are not wearing this …Sam give her something better ….’’ Radhika wanted to protest but Neil raised his finger…Radhika curled her lip … Neil kept his hand on her head; ‘’Chashni… we don’t want any trouble …. Please and Hukum Singh will be going with you guys…’’

Radhika; ‘’But he won’t get permission to go in’’

Neil smiled; ‘’He already has’’

Radhika and Sam made a face they just wanted to live their old life for once today….they didn’t wanted to be special…just Radhika and just Sam

Arjun was getting ready …he had been quite since the day Nandini’s marriage date was fixed… Nandini was trying her level best to cheer him up….but whenever she would look at him…she would find the 10 yr old Arjun…with his eyes filled with tears which never came out… Arjun was staring at a picture in his room …it was his picture with Nandini…. Arjun smiled recalling the moment when he heard Sia; ‘’Mamu I am ready’’ Arjun turned around and looked at her ….Sia’s big black innocent eyes would bring smile to his face automatically …. He lifted her up ; ‘’Why are you looking so cute’’

Sia; ‘’because I look like my Mom….’’

Arjun pecked her cheek…. ‘’ and because you are my Sia…my sweet Sia ….Sia will you forget your Mamu’’

Sia nodded negative; ‘’ Mamu you will come to school daily’’ Arjun nodded….. Sia was not statisfied; ‘’Pinky promise Mamu?’’

Arjun smiled and locked his little finger with Sia’s ; ‘’Pinky promise ‘’ Arjun drove off with Sia to her school…Sia kept on talking and Arjun was enjoying her non-stop blabbering …

Arjun dropped her and Sia gave him a peck before running inside….Arjun watched her….his POV; ‘I have to do something to stop Nandu and Sia…’ Jai watched Arjun … ‘’Arjun I want some fear on your face…get ready’’’

Sam and Radhika got ready….and Neil did the inspection ….he approved their look and asked them to enjoy ,both the girls hung their head low and drove off to the venue…the biggest issue was that Hukum Singh got the entry …side effects of being girl friend and wife of famous guys… Sam and Radhika got out … and walked to the venue….but before they could go in….Radhika excused herself and went to the washroom…when she came out Sam’s jaw dropped….Radhika was wearing the dress she wanted to…Sam blinked; ‘’Neil will kill me’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I have a spare one do you want to change’’ Sam smiled… Radhika looped her arm around Sam’s and walked in…. they met their classmates friends and relived all the moments… one of them went to the stage and started; ‘’Guys….this is our last day as batch mates…we all will walk different paths from here….so lets live this day and have some fun….we have challenges for almost everyone..only who are comfortable doing that…so guys …lets the fun begin…and good bad please applaud the spirit’’ As the challenges started some were funny and some were amazing dance singing mimicry fun tricks…….but it was about the spirit of accepting the challenge…the host went up again and spoke; ‘’Now this challenge is for the sita-geeta of our batch…Radhika-Sam….you are doing some dirty dancing for us….guys give them a big round of applause..’’
Sam looked wide eyed ….and radhika clapped….Sam looked at Radhika; ‘’Chashni I am married’’

Radhika whispered; ‘’Darling we are just dancing…don’t worry I will not make love to you…you will always be Neil’s property’’ Sam slapped her lightly….they took sometime to prepare and decide… when Hukum Singh got a call from Arjun; ‘’Baba…hope everything is good ….what are the girls doing’’

Hukum Singh stammered; ‘’Some dance….all are doing it’’

Arjun who was with Neil to discuss business issue made a face ; ‘’All are doing….ok Baba can you record it’’

Hukum Singh; ‘’No ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Why???? Is anything wrong’’

Hukum Singh answered all stammered ; ‘’They made an announcement of dirty dancing….pls beta don’t make me record it’’ He disconnected and Arjun looked at Neil; ‘’What’s dirty dancing??’’

Neil; ‘’Specialty of Radhika-Sam….Radhika will be the boy and Sam girl….and their moves will make you blush’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’I want to see…can we watch that…’’

Neil; ‘’No you don’t want to …trust me…you will doubt if the girls are straight …they did this to fool many guys… and if Hukum Sing records it….he will faint….but hell..why did Sam agree… ’’

These two were still figuring how to watch this dirty dancing…and their Radhika dressed as a boy with a blazer over her dress a hat and a walking stick… as the music started… They danced…Sam blushed like a beautiful rose…and Radhika acted like a flirty guy….their movements were passionate hot …making some of the audience drink water…Hukum Singh kept his back to them till their dance got over….but once they finished their spirit was applauded….Radhika took her phone from one of her classmate who recorded their dance…she wanted to keep it as a remembrance … Since Prerna ,Dilip and Mala weren’t around the girls decided to drink…after few Tequila shots….Hukum Singh dropped them home and wiped his forehead….the drunk girls praised him and asked him atleast 200 questions…Neil was surprised because none of the two were in senses….Radhika pulled his cheeks calling him Cuhikoo…and Sam wanted to be carried to their room….she refused to walk and sat outside the house lifting her hands up….Arjun stayed back as he was too curious on dirty dancing….but looking at drunk Radhika he banged his head….Radhika sang till she slept off …and none of the songs were melodious… Arjun watched her sleep ….she slept with her arms and legs spread wide and mouth open….Arjun kissed her forehead … watched her for sometime …and left…Arjun had a smile on his face but he didn’t knew morning will leave him shocked…

Radhika woke up with a heavy head… and was greeted by cheek pulling by Neil…Radhika opened one eye ; ‘’What Neil….’’

Neil; ‘’Why did you drink??? And if you wanted to it should be in presence of me or Arjun….you disappointed me’’

Radhika fell on her back with her tongue out… imitating a dead person….Neil smiled; ‘’you know chasnni you just one single piece created by god….please don’t change …be what you are…. always’’

Radhika jumped and sat up; ‘’ I won’t ….and for you …I will always be your adopted daughter’’ Neil patted her cheek and asked her to get ready…

Mehra Mansion

Arjun had taken complete charge of Bird Song…..he had an important meeting after droping Sia to school…and he had promised to pick her up and take her to the water park…
After finishing his meeting he drove off to her school….but he got to know Sia was sick…. Arjun ran to the infirmary….and saw Sia who looked weak… the nurse told that she had eaten something after which she started vomiting… Arjun gave a glare to the school staff …lifted Sia in his arms and left…when doctor examined Sia he told Arjun Sia was given something poisonous but in a small amount…Arjun caressed Sleeping Sia’s face… he was about to call to make a complain about the school authority when he got Jai’s call… ‘’Arjun Mehra….you should have taught your niece not to speak to strangers or accept eatable from others.. sharing sometimes is dangerous… next time the amount would be more….take this as a warning and stay out of my way’’

Arjun anger rose …. His POV ; ‘you messed with the wrong guy…I will drain out each and every drop of the blood from your body….but won’t let you die…you will know what pain means

Jai Mehra ‘ Arjun heard a mild moan and his expression turned soft … he turned to her lifted her up and walked out…after reaching Mehra Mansion Arjun stopped his car outside the mansion…and looked at Sia sitting in his lap…he kissed the top of her head… ‘’He will pay my baby…no one will ever touch you again’’ But before Arjun…his decision had reached his family… Nandini had come back from work early and even Sid was there…Arnav was little worried as the all the individuals were too stubborn he didn’t wanted a negative impact on SIa…Arjun walked inside with Sia in his arms….he made her lie down …and turned to nandini; ‘’Why did you guys send Sia to an ordinary school’’

Sid; ‘’because we want her to grow like a normal kid like others….we just don’t want to spoil her giving everything elite ….she should learn to work hard’’

Arjun; ‘’None of us went to such schools…we went to the elite ones…did that spoil us ?’’

Nandini; ‘’Arjun we will send her to the best one in 2 yrs from now’’

Arjun; ‘’2 yrs ??? are you kidding me ….she will go to the best school from Monday…I got her enrolled…I know I am interfering but I don’t mind..its about her safety….and this is final’’

Nandini; ‘’Why ??? and you should have discussed with us before striking her name off the school’’

Arjun; ‘’because she is my family too… and I can’t risk her….some one gave her something to eat stating it was send by her father…and the result is infront of you… no more’’
Nandini frowned….but Sid stopped her….he walked to Arjun; ‘’I never knew an adopted child would be loved so much …. That too by a family which isn’t hers still…thanks Arjun’’

Arjun; ‘’Don’t use that word adopted any more…Sia accepted me long before I accepted you…so I am her family … and please don’t go against this decision…I don’t want to fight any of you’’ nandini raised an eyebrow at brother’s stubbornness and Sid smiled…Arnav just thanked the almighty…as the discussion was amicable… Sia opened her eyes and called for her Mom…Nandini’s heart pained looking her hyperactive daughter in this condition….she lifted Sia up…and walked to her room….

Arjun; ‘’Sid why can’t you shift with us….I really don’t wish to part with Sia and Nandu’’

Arnav was surprised and shocked …he didn’t wanted Arjun to bring this topic … but Arjun was stubborn Sid smirked; ‘’I was waiting for that…and the answer is…I don’t feel its right….plus I don’t want people to pass on comments’’

Arnav; ‘’Arjun drop the discussion now’’

Arjun; ‘’if its about people they are calling this marriage a business arrangement….and Sia’s adoption an act ….did that bother you… did you give explanation???…No right then why now….Sid I understand your concern….but we both have spend a life of loneliness…why can’t be one family….??? Please think….I have been trying to sugar coat things but I failed…I want to see Sia growing up… she is just not your and Nandu’s daughter she is dear to me and dad too…please think’’ Arjun left the room….leaving Arnav Sid alone….Arnav shook his head rubbed his forehead; ‘’I am sorry about that Sid…but he is just like that’’

Sid; ‘’Uncle…Arjun has grown up …. You have a wonderful son… and please don’t be sorry…he wasn’t wrong…’’

Radhika was going out with Arjun after office…she was all excited…she quickly went inside the washroom and did touch up….when she came out she encountered Jai…who blocked her way…

Jai; ‘’Why him and not me’’

Radhika; ‘’simple because I said yes to him and no to you’’

Jai; ‘’Just because he is richer than me’’

Radhika smirked ; ‘’you guessed it right and also more good looking…powerful and above all…someone who actually respects me… forget it you won’t understand’’

Jai; ‘’This doesn’t ends here’’

Radhika; ‘’Let’s end it soon….I am tired , now off my way….before I decide to end your life with my own hands’’ Radhika walked off after warning him… Jai was pissed…she was always rude to him…her eyes were so full of hatred for him…but he couldn’t help… she was the proof of his defeat… Arjun heard all this as he had followed Jai to confront him.. but he decided to do later….as Piyali was also there in the office….and he didn’t wanted to create a scene…he had decided to end the matter and soon…

Arjun took Radhika to his flat…they stood in the balcony….with Radhika’s back plastered to his front…watching the endless sea… Arjun broke the silence; ‘’ Why did you say yes to me’’

Radhika understood ….Arjun overheard her conversation with Jai she calmly replied; ‘’because I wanted a better future a secured life…you can give me that’’

Arjun ‘s arms fell off her body ; ‘’Just this and nothing????’’

Radhika turned around moved back making a distance and leaned on the balcony; ‘’What more it should be… you tell me’’

Arjun; ‘’I thought you loved me’’

Radhika; ‘’And I thought you trusted me… but guess you will never be able to do that… Arjun I don’t want to be in a relationship where I have to prove and justify … because I won’t…I know you heard me talking to Jai…if you can’t trust me … …lets just end it here ’’

Arjun walked forward and softly spoke; ‘’I didn’t mean that Bunny’’

Radhika gave a sad smile; ‘’you did….I can read your eyes… right now I am sorry for myself ‘’

Arjun pulled her in his arms…’’Bunny I am a jerk…please forgive me… tell me what should I cook for you’’

Radhika stayed in his arms but responded sounding low; ‘’You don’t have to…. I am not hungry… I want to leave’’

Arjun cupped her face and lifted it up; ‘’Please …it hurts when you don’t smile’’

Radhika replied; ‘’It pains when you don’t trust…I don’t want to fight or be nasty with you….because all moments I have with you are precious …I don’t know what future has for us…but if something goes wrong…I will have all moments …I will recall them and close my eyes before leaving this world’’

Arjun pulled Radhika inside the room … closed the door and drew curtains …he turned to her and wrapped his arms around her waist…pulling her to him… he watched her face…

Radhika went on her toes…and started kissing him passionately wrapping her arms around his neck… Arjun whispered over her lips; ‘’what’s wrong…tell me love’’

Radhika; ‘’I don’t feel good….I am scared….something will separate us ….don’t know what..’’ she couldn’t utter a word… and broke down..Arjun was surprised she was not the one to break down… he held her close to his heart…Radhika spoke again; ‘’Can I stay with you for the night….please agree’’

Arjun; ‘’Why do you think I will say no… wait and I will call Neil’’ Arjun informed Neil and took Radhika to his room… he gave her a spare track pant and his tshirt….Radhika quickly changed and after dinner dragged Arjun to bed…she placed her head on his bare chest…and held him tightly…Arjun knew her unknown fear was making her let her guard down…he wrapped both his arm around her and comforted her… ‘’Bunny ask your parents to extend their vacation for a week…do you think they will agree’’ Radhika giggled and buried herself in his arms… Arjun kissed the top of her head; ‘’you promised me one day that I will never lose you…I promise you today….I will always be there around you’’

Intuitions are signals …warnings don’t ignore them

Precap; When soul is hurt …the body withers in pain…without even a scratch

Credit to: Gauri


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    Loved ARjun’s love…care…possessiveness towards sia and nandu….but when will this man learn to trust his bunny….
    Now my hatred for jai z increasing by each upcoming episode…. Hope he gets punished nicely for all his sins…
    Now my questions…
    1)will jai hurt RAdhika in next one?…
    2)will sid nd nandu stay in ARjun’s house?..
    3)when z mmz??…
    4)when z sid nd nandu marriage?…
    5)will ARjun have trust issues with rads in future?..
    6) when z the next one?…
    I throughly souly enjoyed it… fingers crossed till next one….
    You are a great writer more than that my fav among all the TU authors….really you are a blessing….di love you a lot…. Muaaaaaaaah…. Tc?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Gauri

      thanks darling 🙂 ur answers yes Jai will hurt Radhika in next 🙂 SId Nandu don’t know now may be may not be 🙂 MMZ posted 🙂 marrige next 🙂 nope he already trusts her 🙂 next one on 30th July till them stay blessed 🙂

  22. Fanficoholic


    |Registered Member

    A big big big very big srry fr nt commenting earlier di. Wonderful episode. And the precap is scaring me.
    Whn wll u post the nxt?
    Well cant comment mre sorry di. Bt wll post a lng comment whn i am free

  23. priya

    superb episode diiiiiiiiiii ………………….. waiting for nxt one ………….. lots of love …muaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,,,,,,,,tc

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.