Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Truth has results….it should be revealed at the right time for having a good one

Arjun was restless since Jai spoke about Radhika’s mole… Neil watched him pulling his hair and decided to intervene; ‘’Arjun are you doubting CHashni?’’

Arjun; ‘’Are you crazy… I know her…I am just wondering how does he know that…I mean has pictured her unknowingly… he can harm her’’

Neil; ‘’there is one more reason…Chashni is a professional dancer…and Jai has attended almost all shows…the kind of clothes they wear for dancing are sometimes revealing….second reason…Chashni loves shorts and crop tops…and Jai loves drinking her beauty…”

Arjun; ‘’Jai is a pervert…I mean how can someone do this with any girl..I have to meet Radhika….see you later’’

Neil; ‘’Keep a check on your anger….your stars predict that you are about to be thrashed black and blue’’ Arjun scowled and left

Sam barged into Khanna Mansion all angry…she screamed for Jai …Jai came out limping….followed my his parents…Sam gave one look to him and slapped him across his face… leaving Samrat and Piyali shocked….Sam’s anger was at its peak now

Samrat; ‘’Have you forgotten he is your elder brother…apologise and NOW.’’

Sam; ‘’Brother! Are you kidding me….he tried poisoning my husband…and you are asking me to apologise’’ Jai was shocked

Piyali; ‘’Jai tell her you didn’t do any such thing’’

Sam; ‘’When will you wake up Mrs are bought up a criminal…you never showed him the right path…and even now…you don’t want to believe me’’

Jai; ‘’Sam I may be many things but I can’t harm you’’

Sam; ‘’Oh cut the crap … tell me that you didn’t mean Aryan… or you are not poisoning Neil with Arsenic’’

Jai was little lost; ‘’Sam…I agree I took Aryan’s help…but I wasn’t aware what was Neil given…I just wanted to prove Neil unfit to be a share holder in Bird Song….I wanted my right ful place in BS…it belongs to my father and it should be mine’’

Sam smirked; ‘’Your father…??? Really …It belongs to Samrat Khanna… my father…so if anyone is the rightful owner its me not you’’

Piyali; ‘’Shut up Sam’’

Jai; ‘’What do you mean’’

Sam; ‘’We share the same mother but not the same father…. You are not Samrat Khanna’s blood…you kept on blaming cursing a man…who gave you the rightful place in the society…but you actually never deserved it…and Jai … one more wrong step…and I will myself hand you over to police…’’ Jai was left stoned after the reality dawned on him

Piyali jerked Sam vigorously; ‘’What did you do… you destroyed everything ….’’

Sam was unfazed…she removed Piyali’s hand; ‘’All your life you kept putting me down…I wish if you had used the same to put your son on the right place…things would be much better…I don’t regret a single word… if someone touches Neil…..I will wipe their existence of this planet …’’ Sam walked off without a single glance..

Arjun asked Radhika to meet him at his flat…Radhika was little surprise he would always pick her up but today he just had send his car….Hukum Singh called her after reaching BS parking…Radhika finished her job and drove off to Arjun’s flat…Radhika had the spare key she unlocked the door…and found Arjun sitting on sofa with his eyes closed and legs on the table…she smiled locked the door and tip toed to him…she jumped on him screaming his name….Arjun jerked up; ‘’You aren’t made of cotton Bunny’’

Radhika; ‘’You are calling me fat…’’

Arjun; ‘’Nope….you are cute very cute’’ Radhika gave him a hug….and then a loving kiss….Arjun without breaking their kiss lowered her on the couch and got on the top…hiding his neck in the crook of her neck….; ‘’you are breath taking….’’

Radhika mischievously replied; ‘’I know….I made Arjun Mehra commit’’ Arjun lifted his head up and rubbed his nose to hers… Arjun kept rubbing his thumb on her lips….thinking how to ask her the question…finally he decided to ask …he cupped her cheek from one side and gave a warm peck on the the other one….he spoke agings her skin; ‘’Bunny do you have a mole on the left side of the waist’’

Radhika who was enjoying the moment with closed eyes…opened them being surprised and asked; ‘’Why are asking this?’’

Arjun got up and hung his head; ‘’Bunny Jai said that you have a mole on the left side of your waist….’’

Before Arjun could complete Radhika jerked up pushing him; ‘’Are you doubting me Mr Mehra?’’

Arjun; ‘’Mr Mehra??? Ok now you are angry….Please don’t misunderstand me…I am just worried’’

Radhika; ‘’About what??? Oh ! you thought you hit a jackpot getting an untouched girl…but now since Jai told you about a mark on my body … you think I must have been snooping around with him’’ Arjun wanted to reply….but Radhika didn’t give him a chance… ‘’Shut Up… don’t you dare contradict me today…I accepted you with your past and a yuck one…. And still you are doubting me….hate you’’

Arjun banged his head and spoke under his breath; ‘’Neil was so right about my stars’’

Radhika; ‘’How dare you curse me….’’ Next was Arjun being hit by all the available resources in the room…he kept dodging jumping to protect himself…but would get hit every now and then….the speed at which Radhika was throwing things at him….she could have won a medal in Olympics for discus throw….After some time she sat down…all teary eyed…

Arjun sat next to her; ‘’Love I can never doubt you…but a jerk like him can do many things….I doubt he must have clicked you unnoticed or something….I am just worried’’

Radhika; ‘’No … you are not just worried….you have something else to say’’

Arjun; ‘’Don’t take me wrong can you please be more covered….I mean more of Indian ethenic…rather than your skirts summer dresses or your crop tops’’

Next what Arjun got made Neil’s prediction true…Radhika punched him hard….he felt he lost 2-3 tooth…Arjun rubbed his cheek….Radhika picked her bag up; ‘’One rule of our relationship was that you will never question my dressing….. I am not going to marry you…go to hell’’ Radhika angrily walked to the door…and Arjun grabbed her pinning to the wall; ‘’if you refuse to marry me I will abduct you Bunny…its too late to backout…dare you refuse me’’ Radhika kept looking into his eyes….Arjun leaned to Kiss her and she stomped his foot… and left angrily; ‘’All men are jerk’’ Arjun crashed on the sofa holding his head….; ‘’Arjun Mehra….you are a jerk’’

Jai walked into Piyali’s bedroom.. ‘’Who is my father’’

Samrat; ‘’I am your father…why are even asking such a question’’

Jai; ‘’No…. you just bought me up you never loved me….now when I am keeping the pieces together I realized…you kept picking faults in me… I wasn’t perfect but Sam was you kept on showering her with love….you asked Dilip uncle to reject my proposal for Radhika…you just gave me your name nothing else’’ Jain went on blaming and cursing Samrat

Piyali had enough she slapped Jai hard; ‘’This man gave up all for you and me…. He never picked your faults he was just being a good father….he was checking you from doing mistakes…but you won’t understand….Sam is right I should have given more attention in giving you right upbringing than….giving you everything you ever desired….you are such an unthankful being…you disgust me Jai….just leave’’

Mala and Dilip had to go for a wedding out of the city…Prerna was accompany them…Radhika refused as she was not interested in being the victim of match making aunties….Radhika was helping her mom when they heard the door bell…Radhika answered and found Neil smiling at her…he ruffeled her hair; ‘’All set Birdie….’’

Radhika; ‘’Set??? For what’’

Neil; ‘’Looks like Mala aunty didn’t tell you….3 days you will be staying at my place’’

Radhika looked at Mala; ‘’Mom I am not a kid….’’ Mala without even looking at her handed a bag to Neil.. ‘’Take her with you…’’ Neil grabbed her arm like that of a school kid and pulled her out along with him…after dropping their parents to airport Neil drove to his place …he smiled looking at Radhika; ‘’Birdie…why are you so angry…do you hate my company’’

Radhika; ‘’I hate that jerk…it has been 24 hrs yet he has not even tried to pacify me’’

Neil; ‘’That’s because you scared him….he must be hiding in some corner scared of you’’ Radhika gave Neil a poor PJ look and started laughing with Neil joining her

Arjun was sitting on his bed thinking how to pacify Radhika..he hated whenever she stopped responding to is calls…his day was incomplete without meeting her…Sia came and sat next to him…in the similar posture and kept watching him… she stood up on the bed and gave Arjun a peck on his cheek; ‘’Mamu are you sad’’

Arjun smiled and pulled her to his lap; ‘’My friend is not talkin to me….she is angry’’

Sia; ‘’Say sorry…I will make a sorry card for you…she will smile…you don’t cry…I don’t like sad Mamu’’ Sia gave Arjun a loving hug….Arjun smiled at her innocent affection and hugged her … ‘’My SIa is the best…Mamu loves Sia’’

Sia; ‘’I will sleep here today…so you don’t cry’’ Arjun laughed and twirled her around….he cuddled her till she slept … Arjun lifted her up and walked to Nandini’s room….Nandini moved her hands forward to take Sia….but Arjun moved back…Nandini gave him a questioning look ; ‘’You will take her along after your marriage…you have been My mother too…how will I live without you and Sia’’

Nandini; ‘’Sia is Sid’s daughter…he left her with me Sia gave me a reason to smile and dream…I cannot ask for more….tell me what should I do’’

Arjun; ‘’We will bring him here…anyways he lives alone in that ghost mansion…I will talk to Dad he will convince Sid…and if Sid doesn’t agree…he can take you…I am not giving SIa…she is my niece too…no one can take her from Mehra Mansion’’

Nandini rolled her eyes gave Arjun a peck on his forehead …and wished him for night….Arjun…walked back to his room…and got amessage from Neil ‘Chashni at my place for 3days…mom not home’ Arjun smiled…and danced….

Radhika was arranging her bed in Neil’s house…when some grabbed her from behind pulling her body in a hug…Radhika knew this was Arjun….she was happy…but kept an angry face….Sam watched her from the door; ‘’Chashni you are a drama queen…Goodnight Arjun’’ Arjun smiled and once Sam left he turned Radhika around…. ‘’Bunny you have a beautiful mole on your waist….I know that….you have one behind your neck…which hides in the dark clouds of your hair….and a beautiful one close to your knee….which keeps peeing out of your short dresses….’’

Radhika pressed her lips to hide her smile ; ‘’Did you take advantage of me in US?’’

Arjun; ‘’I don’t have to….you will give me what I want…and happily… Bunny I didn’t mean anything what you understood….Jai might have been around when he shouldn’t be he might have taken your pictures without your notice ..he can miss use them I just want you to be safe’’

Radhika; ‘’I know…I am sorry too….but how come Neil agreed to let you in my room that too this hour of night…’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes he did with a big list of don’ts…. your adoptive dad is crazy’’

Sam was arranging her cupboard and Neil kept watching her…Sam turned ; ‘’What???’’

Neil; ‘’Sammy why did you apply for a licensed gun’’

Sam froze…but replied; ‘’because I feel we need it I don’t want to think much….don’t ask more right now’’

Neil; ‘’fine with time you will yourself tell me ‘’

Sam smiled ; ‘’Can I ask a question…’’ Neil nodded… Sam bit her lower lip.. ‘’isn’t it surprising your adoptive daughter with her boy friend in a room alone…..and biggest shock you allowed it why’’

Neil smiled shook his head… up and pulled Sam into his arms…’’ Because I really don’t want her to sleep between you and me….I am in a mood of romance….and Chashni is a pHd in being a bone…so I made her busy…’’ Sam laughed and hugged Neil…her POV ; ‘I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I will kill for you if needed Neil…’ Sam buried her head in his chest kissing him lightly….

Jai was waiting for his turn to meet Ayan….after few minutes Ayan walked into the room…he looked lean …kind of un well…he sat infront of Jai and lifter his head up; ‘’Why are you here?’’

Jai; ‘’Did you plan to kill Neil??? Were you giving him Arsenic’’

Ayan ; ‘’Yes …but our bad luck… he survived’’

Jai banged the table hard; ‘’How dare you tried harming my sister’s husband….we never planned killing him’’

Ayan; ‘’Look at me Neil Melhotra is murdering me slowly …and I am helpless….kill him before he destroys you’’

Jai; ‘’you thought he will sit quietly….listen to me carefully…if you take my name I will kill you before Neil does’’

Ayan smirked; ‘’Jai Khanna…power and money never understands relationship and love…learn this lesson…to rule you have to ruthless ….or you will perish… your own people will wipe you off from this world… my days are numbered….Neil defeated me bad… yourself…you have the benefit of being his wife brother‘’ Ayan left the room…when constable asked him to move to his cell…Jai kept looking at Ayan,….once a Page 3 face…was looking like a Zombie…who could have thought Neil Melhotra …could be this dangerous…but Jai had to face 2 Neil and Arjun… Jai’s mind was adamant in getting Radhika….if she wasn’t his … then she belonged to none…. Jai knew Arjun’s weakness was his loved ones…and it was time to give Arjun a warning…


Denying truth never changes the facts …. It just destroys the peace…

Precap- Radhika-Sam college alumni party ….. Jai targets Sia to warn Arjun… the war is on….

Credit to: Gauri


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    7) will Jai hurt sam?

    Hi gauri thanks a million for this sweet surprise yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But when each episode of this one gets over am feeling very bad. As I don’t want this to get over. God alone knows how am going to manage once this gets over. But I trust u will come back with a new fantastic story.. U r tooooo gud. U r a brilliant writer. Pls pls put me out of my misery by d
    Saying tat u already have everything planned.

    By d way few questions regarding mmz.., will u by chance post it tomorrow morning or Saturday morning? Pls pls tell me when u will post mmz. Have started writing it? I can barely wait for mmz when u have left it at d crucial stage. I even re read all. I can barely wait or arjun and rads to start courting…. Pls pls gauri tell me soooon…… Is there any chance for an earlier update????????????? ….

    • Gauri

      Hey Rg before I answer you have a look this idea just popped into my head …. tell me which character name and I will start after DPO

      1st or 2nd he- age 28 rising bollywood king come from an affulent family…hot handsome and good looking he has world at his feet ….good at heart never fogets to return what he gets … sourrounded by people.. he is yet alone…very alone…loves music can write compose …kind of a closet poet

      She : age 25 Media manger…Beautiful young and intelligent has woked with best bollywwod acotrs as media manager on contract basis…works on her terms … she has a midas touch she chooses her employer…. But her nights are always spend in tears with a cloth in her mouth to hide the pain of her heart… No one could heal her …because no one knows of it

      1st or the 2nd He-27 A bollywood star…started with shows but made big….hardworking snobish rude … in love with his childhood best friend who is also is the one to design his career path… success rides his head

      • Rg2015


        |Registered Member

        Hi gauri u know me… Am an ardhikaholic. Am crazy abt them. So 1st 28 yrs old arjun..
        Radhika media manager.
        2nd neil and child hood frd sam.
        Am not really innovative as far as names r concerened. Besides i love these pairs. The story line looks brilliant.

      • Gauri

        Hey Rg this would be either Aradhika or purely Ne-Sam so 2 guys one girl … 3rd guy will be some one new …

        ok now you answers 🙂 Jai will scare Arjun of harming SIa he will ask himto chose btw Sia and Radhika 🙂 Arjun will takehis final stand 🙂 Rads will be hurt in a way that will take her close to death 🙂 mole— you will know how he knows 🙂 who will save her wait for that 🙂 thanks for the amazing comments darling … let me know which suits more Aradhika or Nesam 🙂 well even I am a Arjun-Radhika fan 🙂 tc swt hrt love u

  28. Rg2015


    |Registered Member

    Hi gauri for me it will always b ardhika for me… U know am partial to them…By d way plz tell me abt mmz… By d way few questions regarding mmz.., will u by chance post it tomorrow morning or Saturday morning? Pls pls tell me when u will post mmz. Have started writing it? I can barely wait for mmz when u have left it at d crucial stage. I even re read all. I can barely wait or arjun and rads to start courting…. Pls pls gauri tell me soooon…… Is there any chance for an earlier update????????????? ….

    • Gauri

      Hi Rg 🙂 even I am partial towards Aradhika 🙂 MMZ I am still writing mostly tomorrow late evening or saturday 🙂 morning 🙂 sorry to keep u waiting

  29. Rg2015


    |Registered Member

    Hi gauri thanks for d answers. As for d pairing for d new story for me its and it will always b ardhika. Am hopeless yup i know it.
    By d way pls tell me abt mmz too. I missing it sooo much . have started writing it? Will u by any lucky chance give us an early update. As u have stopped at a crucial moment of ardhika abt to get back together. I can barely wait. Plz plztell me wether u will update tomorrow eve or sat morning?????

  30. Manolove

    Friend when is the next update for both dpo and mmz? Can’t wait more…..
    Please update soon….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.