Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

I am good at mathematics and I pay you back with interest ….so watch your deeds

Arjun made Neil undergo test that night itself…and since he was a powerful man…getting reports early wasn’t an issue….but reports angered him… someone was feeding arsenic to Neil…a slow poison…Arjun was about to burst…he dialled Rana; ‘’Where is Jai right now’’

Rana; ‘’At a pub… he will leave in half an hour’’

Arjun; ‘’Fine keep an eye I am coming’’

Jai had left Sam’s reception earlier as the attack made him nervous and scared …he knew who ever it was that person was there in the party he just wanted to get out of there…but little did he knew that fear had fallen in love with him

Arjun reached the parking of the pub…it was 11:30 not many vehicles were there he bribed the security and waited for Jai to come to his car…Jai arrived singing some song…he was trying to unlock his car…when Arjun signaled his people…they covered their faces with mask…and suddenly Jai was pinned to the ground with his hands tied behind his back…a masked man punched his face so hard that it broke his upper lip… before Jai could understand …he saw a car approaching him with a very high speed…and the way he was being pinned looked as if the wheels were moving forward to ram his head below them…Jai could feel his end near…he closed his eyes …but after few seconds he could feel the car speeding away he opened his eyes and noticed that there was no one around…his hands were free….Jai got up rubbed his forehead…he was about to move when a speeding bike threw him in the air… Jai winced in pain holding his leg…he turned and saw the bike waiting… and what made him shiver were two angry eyes…watching him behind that helmet the rider threw a paper at him …and drove off….Jai lifted the crumbled paper….there was a note… ‘This is my Last warning….one more wrong….and you will be dead’

Arjun removed the helmet and jacket and gave it to Rana… ‘’keep an eye on him…I want to know everything about him’’ He walked and got inside his car …Arjun’s POV … ‘Jai khanna I wanted to break you bones for Radhika…but if my doubt is confirmed on Neil…I will kill you’

Arjun wanted to calm his head…he dialled Radhika; ‘’Where are you’’

Radhika; ‘’I am with Sam…. There are still some guests … plus my parents have left …now stop asking and come’’

Arjun smiled she knew him so well…she understood he was upset and answered all questions before even he could asked….Arjun reached the venue with Neil….Neil took a promise that Arjun won’t disclose anything to Sam … Arjun agreed…but he knew Radhika should know… the party was in full swing and only the young brigade remained…they were dancing like mad… Sam was rubbing her palms as Neil had been missing for more than an hour….Sam watched Neil walking towards her smiling….Neil pulled Sam into a hug… he feared her safety too… Radhika watched Neil’s body language … she knew him a little too well….but before she could question him….Arjun pulled her for a dance….he lifted her hand to wrap it around his neck…and his arm around her waist…he started his slow movements losing himself into her eyes…but he just ignored his sister’s warning…some one really jealous of them clicked a picture… a message made Arjun realized he should not be so close to her …he said something in her ear…. And changed the partners quickly…. One of the girls who was a daughter of a famous business tycoon ….had clicked the picture….she moved to the corner to upload with a caption…Arjun Mehra’s new adventure….she was smiling evilly on her deed but before she could succeed her phone was smashed on the floor…the girl hissed in anger and lifter her arm to hit Hukum Singh who had been on duty to protect Radhika…but before she could do that Arjun held her arm and twisted it..; ‘’look honey just stay away from my life….because I am a little more adventurous than you think… out last stint together….I recorded it …would you like me to premier the movie….online…’’

Girl; ‘’Do it and you will be force to marry me’’

Arjun smirked; ‘’No one can force me…I always have a back up plan…I won’t release only mine but yours with your previous and current boyfriends too…and you will be hiding in some foreign location for rest of your life’’

Girl ; ‘’you are lying’’

Arjun; ‘’Do the lie detection then….and you will know….I won’t let a scratch on that innocent girl’s reputation….but I will destroy you’’
Girl looked at Arjun with a horrified expression; ‘’you are a pig….glad…I got to know that’’

Arjun; ‘’Hell yes and a wild one….don’t try being nasty with me…now get lost. Arjun knew it wasn’t safe to meet Radhika tonight …plus Nandini will know all as all the people working for them were more loyal to her as compared to him…Arjun asked Neil to drop Radhika home.

Neil knew who could freely give him arsenic…he decided to tackle the person latter….he was looking the ceiling lying on his bed waiting for Sam….Sam after changing came and kept her head on Neil’s chest …wrapping an arm around him… ‘’Thank you Neil…you made my life so special’’

Neil hugged her tight and asked; ‘’Sammy if I die…. Will you be able to take care of Mom’’

Sam froze…her expression was like as if someone slapped her ; ‘’Neil I will end my life …I have no one…please don’t say such things… ‘’ Sam got on the top of Neil and Neil hugged her….. ‘’Neil I want to live this life…smile with you…have a family…I want to give my kids what I missed…please promise me you will grow old with me’’

Neil; ‘’Yes Sam…we will grow old together with a dozen of kids’’ Neil switched off the lights rolling Sam over… he held her tightly kissing her passionately….Neil’s POV ; ‘ I never wanted to be a devil…but Ayan and Jai you will have it now’

Mehra Mansion

Nandini walked in angrily with Sid doing all t pacify her….she screamed ; ‘’Arjun come out in a minute’’

Arnav…who was busy in the library walked out shocked at nandini’s temper…she hardly lost her temper…Arjun came down…with Sia on his back… his POV ‘Shit I am dead Nandu knows about Neil’s party’

Nandini; ‘’Arjun aren’t you ashamed…how could you do this ‘’ Arjun was looking for words but before he could answer…. Nandini spoke again; ‘’you scared a 5 yr old Kid because that kid fought with Sia’’

Arnav ; ‘’this is so you…Arjun’’

Arjun took sigh of relief; ‘’That kid kept bothering Sia…so I just scared him a bit’’

Nandini; ‘’A bit!….you told him…that you will send him to land of dinosaurs and you will click his picture in a way that his pants won’t be visible…that kid is crying for past 3 days…over being pictured naked’’ Arnav and Sid were laughing … Sia quickly left Arjun to go to the safer party Arnav

Arjun; ‘’Nandu…if you click a half portrait…I mean the torso…the pants aren’t visible….I just meant that…I never said I am stripping him… Sia baby you were right Amit is so stupid’’ Arnju’s explanation made Sid roll on the floor…no one cared for Nandini’s anger….she kept her arms folded to her chest but smiled after some time…’’this is a last warning for all of you don’t spoil my daughter’’ Sia who felt her Mom was happy now ran to her…Nandini lifted her and walked towards her room…but she halted passing Arjun; ‘’Arjun I know what happened last night…be careful…its about Rahika’’

Neil was sitting in the central city prison…waiting to meet Ayan….once the guard signaled him to go in the room…Neil went inside and sat opposite to Ayan…who was sitting with his head down his face covered in beard…he looked thin…Neil smirked ; ‘’How are you Ayan…enjoying your stay?’’

Ayan looked up and angrily replied; ‘’I would be happier if you would be dead’’ neil got up and smacked his face….and then sat quietly as if nothing happened…

Neil; ‘’Arsenic! Right….well you are caught….I know you lured Jai into your plan…. Too bad…it failed…Ayan you invited hell….now you will have the same what you were transferring into my body and I will make sure to pay you sweet visit when you wither in pain’’

Neil walked out and gave an envelope to the Prison head… ‘’you know what to do’’ .The head nodded and Neil left

Radhika was angry she couldn’t meet Arjun after the party…and everyone was facing her anger….first she vented her frustration on the breakfast and then on the taxi driver….

Arjun tried calling her but she banged the phone Arjun understood…but he was banned from Bird Song for few days…Nandini knew he wouldn’t stay in control with Radhika infront of him….Arjun wanted to be in BS for Radhika and for Neil… he messaged Radhika…about someone poisoning Neil and she should keep an eye on what he eats….Radhika was shocked she barged into Neil’s cabin; ‘’I am nothing to you?’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Now what’’

Radhika; ‘’Answer me straight who tried to harm you … I know someone was trying’’

Neil; ‘’Not confirmed..but I guess Jai and Ayan….Ayan is using Jai….otherwise Jai will never stoop so low…he cannot harm his own sister…’’

Radhika sarcastically; ‘’we both know how low he can stoop…does Sam know ‘’ Neil nodded negative and asked radhika not to tell Sam…but Sam who was restless since night after Neil’s weird words heard their conversation….her heart sank…she quickly left …Sam ‘s POV ; ‘ I have to do something to keep Neil safe ‘’

Radhika left after wishing Neil….she knew Hukum Singh must be around….she was walking on the pavement when a biker passing by her whistled at her….she turned but couldn’t guess who it was as the person was wearing a helmet….she ignored and started working again but he went on whistling at her after sometime the biker whistled and said; ‘’Where are you going my darling?’’

Radhika was already annoyed she turned and replied; ‘’To your cremation…but before I need to buy an iron rod…so that I can hit your thick skull with it …you know its easy to burn broken bones’’

Biker was stunned…but he spoke again; ‘’Then let’s go together’’ Radhika pulled her heel and threw at him she warned; ‘’If you want your bones intact just run….or else I will scream and you will dead’’ She was threatening him..when the biker pulled off his Helmet..’’Bunny you are one man army… cremation wow….that was a unique one’’

Radhika; ‘’Dumb….you could have been dead by my hands’’

Arjun rolled his eyes; ‘’yes why not…just hop on….we don’t have time…’’ Radhika quickly jumped and they drove off to Arjun’s flat…once inside he pulled her to him; ‘’why is my Bunny so annoyed’’

Radhika curled her lip; ‘’3 days…I didn’t see you for 3 days….you didn’t even come to my room ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Bunny …Nandu knows about all my adventures she warned me’’

Radhika went on her toes and gave Arjun a loving kiss…Arjun looped his arm around her waist and lifted her off the ground.. ‘’Bunny can we stay for an hour’’ Radhika quickly messaged Neil and asked him to handle if her parents call…she threw her phone in a corner …and hugged Arjun…. ‘’Tiger your wish my is my command…I have a question will you answer’’

Arjun; ‘’ No just be quite and stay in my arms…all your questions after words…’’ Radhika planted feathery kisses on Arjuns cheeks and neck and chin… ‘’Can I ask my question now’’ Arjun smirked at her trick and nodded but as opened her lips to ask he captured it lifting her up….Radhika forgot all her questions in his arms….and lost herself completely

Arjun came to drop radhika home…they shared a hug in the dark and Radhika and walked to her house…but someone else was also waiting there to have a glimpse of her….Jai fumed looking at Radhika in Arjun’s arms…he knew Arjun Mehra will never give up what belongs to him….but Radhika was his for past 5 yrs he waited to have her in his arms….and won’t let her go to anyone else…Jai moved he was moving fast to confront her….but he had completely forgotten about the danger looming on him….before he could touch her Jai was gagged tied and thrown in dark….Radhika turned because she felt sound behind her but she was surprisingly pulled into a beautiful embrace….Radhika kissed his chest; ‘’Tiger you said we cannot meet in open’’

Arjun; ‘’Looks like I don’t care…now go inside and tc’’ radhika smiled and walked inside her building….Arjun took the driver seat in which Jai was being thrown….he fired up the engine and drove rashly towards the direction of an unkown destination….Arjun messaged Neil… ‘’judgement day’’…..Arjun entered the a and the shutters were pulled down…Arjun pulled jai out and threw him on the floor Jai screamed in pain…

Arjun pulled the cloth off his face; ‘’Jai well come to hell’’ Jai was blinking to adjust to the surroundings….but before he could understand….he was pulled up by neck…and his head into a container filled with water… Jai was gasping for breath…. Arjun pushed him again on the hard cemented floor; ‘’You really thought…you can touch my Radhika…I will show you what happens when someone touches what belongs to me…’’

Arjun moved and picked up a log….by this time Jai got up; ‘’She was never yours…I have loved her since she was 17….I wanted her… and she loves me she is just fooling you….I have the proof….do you know she has a beautiful mole on the left side of her waist’’ Jai laughed at Arjun’s silence…. ‘’See….I can tell you more….how about I tell you about her long legs or her back’’ This time before Arjun Neil punched Jai… he laughed more…. ‘’One more toy of Radhika Mishra…you guys are just time pass….she will warm only my bed’’

Arjun had had enough…he lifted the log…and banged it on Jai’s legs ….he kept hitting him till Jai fainted….Neil pulled Arjun back ; ‘’Arjun calm down….we need him to nail Ayan….’’

Arjun; ‘’Rana get him treated….and leave him after a warning …keep an eye on him.’’

Sometimes a little misunderstanding can kill a relationship

Precap; Arjun Radhika fight… Sam warns Jai …. Jai’s plan

Credit to: Gauri


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        Ok Abha di..So waiting for the funny fight then.. 🙂 Have a great sunday.. 🙂 Will surely update OS series soon.. 😀 Love you.. 🙂

  31. Dhara

    After reading this update I just hope that Arjun will really not check radhika’s waist for mole. Update was superb. Radhika is so cute?. Loved d face off fight ??? I hope jai face the hell ?

    • Gauri

      Thanks Dhara 🙂 do you think Radhika will let him check …she will disrobe him …wait for it 🙂 Jai will face the real hell 🙂 tc

  32. Supriya.

    Di no words to describe how awesome this z……I m speechless like every time……first extremely sorry for not commenting earlier but was too much busy with your gift….I just hope you like it……di I felt as Arjun z some officer giving third degree to jai to make him spit the secrets….. Srsly it was so intriguing…..I loved it to the core……so someone was feeding neil arsenic…..well we have that in our chemistry lab but everyone z forbidden to touch it….now I understood why… answered my question without even me asking you….see what a connection we have…..Rads and arjun lovely as usual….. What’s wrong with this ARjun… can he believe that mascot di…radhika accepted even after knowing his adventures then why couldn’t he trust her… I m disappointed by this arjun…now my questions
    1)will the fight get over in the episode itself?
    2)why z arjun so annoyed di?
    3)who was that girl who clicked aradhika pic?
    4)will she team up with jai?
    5)when will you nail jai forever?
    6)have you planned something for dilip to say yes to arjun?
    7)so when z the most awaited marriage!? I mean after how many updates?
    8)are there more hurdles to come?
    9)so z the tiger tamed now?or still he wants to tie up the beauty?
    Chalo my fingers r paining too much….I m sorry for short comment but promise next one will be the longest… you di….muaaaaaaaah…… Tc???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Supriya 🙂 I loved the gift and now your answers …yup fight will get over in the same one 🙂 he is annoyed becoz someone is talking cheap abut Radhika 🙂 Arjun’s adventure from the past 🙂 dont know …becoz I am going to nail jai soon 🙂 yes I have planned something for Dilip to say yes 🙂 marriage after I nail Jai 🙂 Tiger can never be tamed 🙂 he loves his beauty too much 🙂 wait for the next one…and baby the comment was not short 😛 stay blesssed and thanks gain love u

  33. Rg2015


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    Hi gauri, sorry am one of d very last to comment. But as I told u am busy during weekends with my part time job. Well this one was a bit toooooo short. I really missed ur Long updates. But yet arjun and rads chemistry was as usual rocking hence enjoyed it. Thank arjun Neil tooo got saved in d end. Jai and Ayan together? Yuck . It’s horrible but not surprising. Birds of d same feather flock together. He very coolly forgot tat Neil was his Brother in law. I loved d WA arjun pampered Sia… I enjoyed Jai getting punched.
    By d way few questions.
    Regarding ardhikas fight… Will arjun start d fight or rads?
    Is d fight Becos Jai instigated arjun saying crappy things abt rads? Will arjun for a moment doubt rads?
    How will Sam react once she comes to know Jais deeds against her Brother?
    How d hell is Jai going to hurt rads where will arjun b then?
    How will piyali feel and react after knowing Jais true Colours?

    Well gauri, I feel very bad abt this story coming to an end soon. I really can’t bear without reading ur updates 4 times a week, u really make my whole week pretty meaning ful. Though d day between ur updates r truly a trail…. D reward is much sweeter when I finally read ur amazing updates… So I kindly request u to come with another superb story from ur fantastic intelligent awesome brilliant imagination…..or if u so chose it pluck it fromair?????.. As along as u come with a bang… I hoping this one has lot more to go before u wrap up….

    By d way pls pls pretty plz tell me when r u going to update mmz tomorrow or Tuesday…… Pl z plz tell me I can barely wait…( I badly need to know. Also if possible tell me wether it morning, noon ,night or late night. Thanks.. )

    U r fantastic. Stay blessedly happy. Cheers.

    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Rg I was waiting for your comment 🙂 yup I know it was short couldn’t write was busy….ok now your answers 🙂 Arjun will start a fight and Radhika will end it 🙂 fight will be because of Arjun’s possessiveness towards her…but she will give him nicely 🙂 youwill see Sam’s reaction 🙂 Jai will hurt Radz after losing completely and Piyali will be broken 🙂 …Aastha asked me to write an OS on Arjun -Radhika … lets see…. I will start on it once I finish DPO 🙂 I have a thought a story of two different people strong yet weak…complete yet incomplete … well will tell you more 🙂 loads of love and MMZ on Tuesday or may be late night tomorrow 🙂 stay blessed love you dear 🙂

  34. priya

    Super episode as usual …jai should get more..Neil I think he is going to be fine..radhika nd arjun fight..hope it won’t be more serious…sry for late cmnt busy wid my sis as she is going to hostel

  35. Smiley

    Seriosly it was awesom can u plz tell me when u r going post next part of DPO plz update fast

  36. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding, mind blowing. …gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeet darling friend. …I’m so sorry for late comment. …as always the episode was a killer. ..I’ve no words to describe my feelings.’s really superbbbb n dynamite. …I’m totally speechless n overwhelmed. …keep it up honeyyyyyy…love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh. …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.