Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Be good in your deeds and God sends his Angles to protect you….Like the way he did for Neil& Nandini

Arjun was sleeping on his stomach … he felt a small soft weight snuggling around his body….he smiled ….he knew this was Sia…

Arjun turned …effortlessly looped an arm around her and made her sit on his abdomen; ‘’What baby….why are you hiding??’’

Sia; ‘’I want a bomb’’

Arjun jerked up.. Sitting on the bed holding Sia to him; ‘’Whoa!….Why baby and who told you about bomb?’’

Sia with a serious face; ‘’I saw in a movie… I Will blow my school…’’

Arjun laughed; ‘’Tell me why do you want to blow your school’’

Sia; ‘’I don’t like it…they give homework…boys tease me…and teacher asked to bring Mom today’’

Arjun understood…he lifted her little chin up ; ‘’What did you do ‘’

Sia looked up and gave Arjun an innocent doe eye look; ‘’Mamu its not my fault..Amit teased me …I pushed him …punched him….teacher will complain to Mom…I don’t want Mom to be sad ’’

Arjun pulled her to his chest and softly spoke; ‘’will you go if I come with you…I will handle your mom teacher… Amit too….and no more movies’’ Sia gave Arjun a cute smile….looped her tiny arms around his neck…pecking his cheek…Arjun loved this innocent affection…he never got anyone younger than him…And sia was filling that gap….Arjun got up with Sia is his arms and walked to

Nandini’s room who was busy packing Sia’s bag… ‘’Nandu I will drop Sia to school’’

Nandini looked at Sia and Arjun…she smiled; ‘’What story she gave you and what are you saving her from’’

Arjun blinked; ‘’no story….and come-on Nandu I am her mamu … I also have some right on her…’’ All the while Sia did not look at
Nandini….Nandini smiled; ‘’you are her mamu and I have been mom to you both….I know you both a little too much….don’t spoil her….fine go with her’’ Sia squealed and hugged Arjun…he smiled and winked at Nandini

Radhika was having breakfast with her parents…she looked at Mala and gestured her to start the topic …Mala nodded and cleared her throat; ‘’Dilip…The other day I had told you about Arjun and Radhika…did you think on the same’’

Dilip looked up from the newspaper towards Radhika and Mala; ‘’There is nothing to think…she will never be happy with him’’

Radhika without looking at him responded; ‘’I can only be happy with him’’

Dilip; ‘’then go and marry him …if you don’t care for my choice’’

Radhika knew it was no point arguing she started her emotional atyachar…she looked at Dilip with watering eyes and sadly spoke; ‘’fine papa….I won’t marry him if you don’t want…but I won’t marry anyone else either.’’ She got up to leave

Mala; ‘’At least finish your breakfast’’

Radhika made a sad face; ‘’I think I am full’’ She walked off with her bag…Dilip was surprised as radhika could leave anything but not her food…Mala looked at Dilip angrily ; ‘’Happy?’’…she got up but smiled at her own acting skills

Radhika came out…and dialled Sam; ‘’Sam I am hell hungry ….send me something with Neil’’

Sam was giggling continuously after talking to Radhika…Neil watched her in the mirror …turned around and hugged her from the back; ‘’What makes you laugh so much my lady’’

Sam narrated very thing; ‘’Your adopted daughter is quite smart…’’

Neil smiled; ‘’She is impossible just like Arjun….ok you need go on a shopping with CHashni…she has the details’’

Sam; ‘’What details’’

Neil brushed his knuckles on her cheek; ‘’Surprise my love…take care’’ Neil kissed Sam and left…Sam’s heart did a somersault hearing the word surprise…but suddenly she ran to Neil and hugged him…; ‘’Please take care of yourself’’

Neil drove off to Mehra Industries Head office and walked straight into Arjun’s cabin who greeted him with a smile….Rana and hukum singh were already there….

Rana; ‘’What do you want me to do’’

Arjun; ‘’Do you have details of his routine’’

Rana ; ‘’Yes…after his hours at work he spends his time in GYM , swimming and a well known Pub Purple…with some of his friends’’

Arjun; ‘’Then start with GYM…let him face fear….make him sweat and I want him scared 24/7 and Baba please don’t leave Radhika or Sam alone’’

Neil; ‘’Sam…Why???’’

Arjun; ‘’She transferred all her shares in you name…Jai lost his last hope to get BS’’

Neil; ‘’He won’t hurt his sister’’

Arjun; ‘’Why take a chance…let’s leave all that…all set for your reception….you are a rising name in the industry…don’t know how many girls will be cursing Sam’’

Neil; ‘’I don’t care…we should leave…we have a Board meeting at BS’’ Arjun nodded and left

Jai came out of the changing room…but the GYM was empty…he was surprised….it was late evening not and many use to come at this hour but it never had been this empty…he lied on his back…and started lifting the weight….suddenly it turned dark and he felt breathless….the weight he was holding…had suddenly tripled and was beyond his range…if he leaves the weights it would come crashing down on him…which could be fatal…Jai wasn’t able to remove the weight… when he felt someone was gagging his nose and mouth…after few seconds of fight he could feel air…he screamed ; ‘’help’’ …the trainer came running and helped removing the weight…Jai had hurt his shoulder bad…he screamed; ‘’Where were you? And why the lights were out’’

Trainer; ‘’Sir there was short circuit we were fixing that….’’

Jai; ‘’Were is the security out…someone just tried killing him’’

Trainer gave him a weird look; ‘’Sir you should go home you look tired’’ Jai hurled few curses and left…Rana watched him leave and smirked…

Arjun decided to drop Radhika home…once she was in his car…he kissed her knuckles; ‘’Bunny please tell me how to sneak to you room’’

Radhika looked at him wide eyed; ‘’ will get me killed..we have to wait’’

Arjun; ‘’Fine I am working on it will figure that out …by the way before dropping you home…I am kidnapping you for an hour’’

Radhika just smiled…Arjun brought her to a new place…Radhika looked around; ‘’How many places do you own’’

Arjun; ‘’Correction My dad owns this …and I can’t take the risk to take you to same place again and again…Nandu will kill me’’ …he pulled her close…’’enough of you talking …time for my kiss ‘’ radhika looped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately…Arjun broke the kiss and rubbed her lips with his thumb…; ‘’Bunny …I can’t sneak into your room daily but once or twice in a week will definitely happen’’

Radhika; ‘’how?’’

Arjun; ‘’I took the flat just above yours on rent… got the agreement done..Rana just messaged me….your balcony is exactly below mine…you know what I am talking’’

Radhika was shocked; ‘’You will hurt yourself’’

Arjun; ‘’Anything to be with you….but don’t spill the beans infront of Neil….he will kill me’’ Radhika just smiled and hugged him…

Arjun dropped her little away from her building and watched her go in safely.

Radhika was sitting on her bed thinking about Arjun it was midnight….and smile covere her lips…but her thought bubble broke with her vibrating mobile..she read the message… ‘I am in ur balcony….open the door’….Radhika jumped out of the bed and slowly opened the balcony door without making a sound…Arjun walked in and Radhika locked the door…she was about to speak…but her closed her mouth with his palm…Arjun held from her waist moved behind hugging her from the back…he kissed her ear lobe radhika smiled taking a deep breath..Arjun whispered ‘’I told you….anything to be with you…I will leave before the day breaks…get in the bed’’ Radhika quickly obliged…Arjun moved next to her; ‘’I love your bed….its small and won’t give you space to shift’’ radhika pecked his nose tip; ‘’My mad Tiger…who wants space when its you’’ Arjun pulled her to his chest and dozed off…when he left
Radhika was in a deep slumber….he pecked her cheek and asked her to lock the door…he left the way he came in.

Radhika as usual left without having breakfast and with a gloomy face….Mala also made a face at Dilip….who was feeling guilty of hurting his daughter….

Bird Song

Neil was waiting in pantry….as soon as Radhika entered he handed her the breakfast; ‘’What are you made off….you are acting infront of you own father’’

Radhika pouted then smiled; ‘’everything is fair in love and war…and Mom is acting with me…’’ Neil’s jaw dropped….he rubbed his temples…radhika noticed this ; ‘’What’s wrong’’

Neil patted her cheek and smiled; ‘’Nothing birdie .. little headache…’’

Radhika; ‘’You have been getting those quite frequently….you should check with a doctor’’

Neil looked at her worried eyes ; ‘’I am fine …and I won’t die before playing with your kids’’ Radhika didn’t know what she felt but she hugged him around his waist; ‘’Stop uttering rubbish Neil…I can’t lose you promise me you will go to the doctor…or I won’t leave you’’

Neil answered her hug ; ‘’fine I will go but after the reception….now leave me or else staff will say I favor you more’’

Radhika; ‘’But that’s true….and I like it’’ Neil just rolled his eyes and left.


Sam was worried …she recalled the day when lawyer update Khannas about Sam transferring her BS shares to Neil…


Jai; ‘’blo*dy hell Sam….how can you just throw your shares outside your family’’

Sam; ‘’Melhotra Uncle was also one of the partners….and I gave my shares to my family’’

Jai; ‘’Oh ! so he is your family and we are nothing’’

Sam; ‘’I have the right to use my assets and properties the way I want to…and I don’t want any interference…hope you understand’’

Jai; ‘’You are not my baby Sam anymore you are just Mrs Neil Nelhotra’’

Sam; ‘’Yes I am Mrs Neil Melhotra and proud of it…and even you are not my Bhai anymore, my bhai was caring and a good person the one standing infront of me is selfish arrogant and a man who can go any length to get what he want.

Jai smirked; ‘’Was this about your bestie’’

Sam; ‘’Yes …stay away…she is not like me who would shed tears…she will give back and bad….and take this as a my last concern for you’’

Jai; ‘’Sam I never expected you will betray me…fine…keep your eyesopen’’

Sam came back to present when she heard a knock on the door…she knew what Jai said was a warning and she was hell worried about Neil.

Mehra Mansion Same evening

Arjun watched Nandini helping Sia with her homework but the naughty kid….was doing everything other than her homework…Arjun recalled how Nandini used to help him yrs back same way…in every sense she was a very good sister-mother….Arjun suddenly heard a sparkling laughter..Nandini was tickling Sia…who was twisting turning and laughing with the effect….He walked at Sat next to Nandini….’ ‘’ Nandu you are happy about this marriage thing… right???’’

Nandini; ‘’Yes …Why are you asking?’’

Arjun; ‘’no I don’t want you to be under any pressure….if you are not happy then please don’t go ahead with it’’

Nandini smiled and cupped his cheek; ‘’You have grown up….I am happy…I could have got this happiness before…but I kept crying over my stupid heart for so long’’

Arjun; ‘’It wasn’t your fault it was Samrat’s you just fell for the wrong man…. I wish I could teach him a lesson’’

Nandini; ‘’Samrat was not wrong situations were… he is a very good man…and I don’t hold any grudge against him….and about lesson…do you think Arnav Mehra would have taken everything this lightly …I am his first kid…the moment it happened Chachu started destructing BS…I somehow stopped him…’’

Arjun; ‘’Wow! Dad is just like me…but why did you stop him…because you loved Samrat’’

Nandini; ‘’because I knew what he did and why?…and no more questions some are better left unanswered…’’ Nandini turned and found Sia missing; ‘’there… she is again gone…she must be with chachu…’’ nandini got up and walked towards the study….Sia came out from her hide out…behind Arjun’s chair….Arjun lifted her up and threw her in air…to hear the sparkling laughter again.

Neil reception was being arranged in Mumbai’s best hotel…It was one of the best Pg 3 event… it was grand and a double celebration as it was Sam’s birthday too…Prerna was very happy with the arrangement…Nandini and Mala helped her in every sense… Khanna’s attended it and Prerna greeted them openly…Guest list included big names from ad and fashion world…all around there were camera flashes…clinking glasses… flashy dresses…& lot of sophistication… Sam had dressed in Ivory coloured designer lengha with diamond set she kept her makeup sober…and Neil looked a hunk in every sense in his 3 piece suit…Radhika was dressed in a sky blue floor length Anarkali …with her hair curled and dropping beautifully on her face from either side…she was there with Sam but her eyes were on the entrance…and in a minute…her face was full of pride…because a lot many girls had just stopped talking and giggling they were all looking in one direction from where Arjun Mehra made a grand entry with his father the King Mehra … Arjun was not the most handsome one in the party… but he was a head turner, stinking rich and single…for allexcept for Radhika…for her he was just her Tiger…for the first time in his life Arjun felt uncomfortable …he use to love attention in the past….but now he just wanted to be a simple man who could openly hold the hand of his girl…Sam elbowed Radhika; ‘’Hello…I am the one who should be getting complete attention’’

Radhika ; ‘’Sam I have my attention on you….I am just looking at the greedy faces…who are never going to have him…because he is all mine’’ Sam rolled her eyes; ‘’Crazy…. anyways he will be calling you in some corner’’ Radhika gave Sam a mock glare.

Nandini came with Sid making her relationship official….as predicted people were talking about her sudden decision and the kid in her arms whom she kept holding protectively…some even called it a business arrangement as Sid was a big Hotel baron… as predicted by Sam Radhika’s mobile vibrated…Sam smiled….before Radhika could open her mouth…Sam started; ‘’Chashni I understand… you had so many cold drinks your bladder must be full it’s an emergency…go I will if anyone enquires I will handle’’

Radhika giggled …pecked Sam and quietly walked off…but Jai followed her… this was his mistake…Radhika tip toed through the lobby and was suddenly pulled in a room….she looked up and smiled Arjun cupped her face and kissed her cheek warmly before hugging her…

.Arjun had already instructed Rana on Jai’s second dose…Jai was searching for Radhika when suddenly everything went dark…he was tied and thrown on the floor….he felt helpless.. Breathless…he couldn’t see a thing plus his mouth was gagged…. he was unable to call for help….he was scared….very scared…he felt this was his end…

Arjun; ‘’Bunny stay in this room for a minute….’’ Radhika nodded….Arjun walked out of the room and moved into another one….he smiled looking at the helplessness of Jai…who was figting to be free…his POV; ‘’My Radhika lived this fear for 4 yrs…you will have it for life….’’ He instructed Rana to free Jai after 20 min and went back to his Radhika…pulling her again in his protective embrace…’’ Today I just want to be simple man…atleast your dad will agree’’ Radhika caressed his face; ‘’Tiger he will…. I won’t leave him an option’’ Arjun smiled wide ;’’Let’s go I don’t want to be caught… but this hide and seek is fun’’ Radhika left before Arjun … Arjun walked back to the party and got a smirk from Nandini….he blushed…he looked around and found Jai drinking like mad at the bar….his hands were trembling being scared…Arjun POV; ‘More to come Jai Khanna’
Neil dragged Arjun along to meet Dilip….now Arjun was shaking…Neil; ‘’Uncle he is Arjun…the one you wanted to meet…please test him to the max….its about our Radhika’’ Neil winked at Arjun and left….Arjun just wanted to kill him….Dilip smiled looking at Arjun’s discomfort…; ‘’I am not going to eat you’’ Arjun laughed aloud to hide his nervousness….Radhika banged her head and Neil-Sam just turned away to mask their laughter…

Dilip was surprised but he laughed when Arjun wiped his forehead….he asked; ‘’Why should I marry off my daughter to you…she can do much better than you’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes she can…but she is the best for me…I cannot see a tomorrow without her’’

Dilip; ‘’Your reputation is my concern’’

Arjun; ‘’Sir… whatever I was its infront of you… but can you guarantee that the guy you chose will be clean as a new slate…if yes…I am ready to meet such a guy…but he should be the best….because Radhika is the best’’ Dilip kept staring into Arjun’s eyes…and Arjun never blinked…his affection was so clear…Dilip; ‘’Give me some time she is my only child’’ Arjun nodded …after

Dilip left…. Arjun took a deep breath…as if he escaped a death sentence…and Neil handed him a drink…’’Thanks …never thought this will be so difficult’’

Neil; ‘’Happens bro…by the way how long are you planning this horror program for Jai’’

Arjun; ‘’Few days more…and then he will meet his nemesis’’ Neil rubbed his forehead…Arjun gave him a look; ‘’Neil take some rest you are overworking yourself…you are not well…’’

Neil ; ‘’Arjun don’t tell this to Sam or Chashni…I get these violent headaches…sometimes I feel I will break everything around me…’’

Arjun ; ‘’Since when’’

Neil; ‘’Last one week’’

Arjun; ‘’Are you free after this party’’

Neil; ‘’Yup …I will be in GLITZ we have a winter collection release coming up’’

Arjun; ‘’Leave that…you will see doc tonight itself….I doubt… someone is trying to harm you’’
Sometimes friends become your shield in the times of trouble…a shield which can sense the danger before it approaches you…

Precap; Arjun makes Jai feel the fear of death….the face off

Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks a to Rg 🙂 yup I slipped …and slipped again while trying to get up … but after reading all the comments … i don’t think I will be thinking about the pain … love you now your answers 🙂 Neil made enemies … but he will be cured as he has amazing friends 🙂 Radhika will be injured by Jai… still 2 updates for that 🙂 no not Sam 🙂 you will see how Sam will nail Jai 🙂 yes they will go to US to spend time with there friends … 🙂 I am writing mmz will try and post by eveining tomorrow loads of love for such amazing words stay blessed 🙂 keep smiling

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