Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Destiny awards you for your hard work ….patience and goodness…sometime its little late…believe me it’s the final exam…where I check your ability to fight the worst

Bird Song

Radhika entered BS all chirpy…least effected by all the events … peon informed her that MD was calling her Radhika was little confused as she was too junior to be called by MD…Radhika gently knocked on the door and she heard a confident female voice ‘’ please come in’’ Radhika walked in and stood infront of the table … the MD had her back at Radhika…Nandini turned the chair around and asked Radhika to sit…Radhika wa spell bound…she had seen Nandini’s pictures…but Nandini was far more beautiful than her pictures… Radhika POV ; ‘Seems all Mehra’s are breathtaking’

Nandini smiled; ‘’Thanks ! for the compliment’’

Radhika blinked and pressed her lips to hide her smile; ‘’Ma’am you asked for me…’’

Nandini; ‘’Ma’am ??? don’t tell me you don’t know who I am … well call me Nandu or di’’

Radhika smiled wide; ‘’I will call you di’’ Nandini got up caressed Radhika’s face…’’you are very beautiful Radhika….like the first drop of rain…thanks for coming in Arjun’s life’’

Radhika held her hand; ‘’Thanks for accepting me di’’

Nandini; ‘’Are you free…I want to take you home tomorrow to meet my chachu’’

Radhika; ‘’Ok …I will skip RHYTHM tomorrow’’ Radhika greeted and moved out.. Nandini smiled at her chirpiness ‘’cute’’

London Airport

Arjun had a layover at London for 3 hrs…first thing he did he called Hukum Singh … ‘’Baba is everything under control’’

HS; ‘’Arjun… someone tried to throw acid on Radhika’’

Arjun; ‘’Hell… is she fine… hope she isn’t hurt… how did this happen was she alone’’ Hukum Singh narrated everything …and Arjun closed his eyes…he was angry…very angry…right now he just wanted to pull Radhika in a tight embrace …Arjun closed his eyes and opened them once calm; ‘’Jai… you will pay for everything…slow and painful…you gave her fear…I will give you a fear too wait for me’’

Bird Song

Neil had gone too busy…and Sam supported him at every step… she never complained…Neil was looking after BS, GLITZ Devil’s KITCHEN and RYTHYM… he was busy round the clock.. Prerna knocked his cabin door in BS.. Neil smiled and asked his mom to come in.. ;’’Son… you should take some rest….and you got married recently…give some time to Sam what she must be feeling…take her out go on a honeymoon’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Mom I had my honeymoon in Hawaii… and Sam understands’’

Prerna; ‘’Now you are speaking like a jerk…its her Bday in a week….she had gone through enough…plan a party’’

Nandini who came to see to Neil spoke hearing Prerna; ‘’Not just party…lets plan a reception’’

Prerna Smiled… ‘’you spoke my mind … now Neil no excuses’’

Neil; ‘’Not now … and in one week its not possible’’

Nandini; ‘’Shut up! Prerna please come… I will help… he is seriously a jerk’’ Neil just made a face … he was waiting for Arjun…without him any celebration was incomplete…he knew Arjun was coming in a day… and it was time to punish Jai.

Mehra Mansion

Nandini walked inside Mehra Mansion and Sia jumped on her Nandini lifted her up; ‘’Hi my was school…?’’

Sia; ‘’Bad…I don’t like school’’

Nandini pecked her cheek; ‘’Why??’’

Sia; ‘’They give lot of homework…I want to play’’

Arnav; ‘’We can get her home schooled…if my princess doesn’t like’’

Nandini gave a you are impossible look to Arnav ; ‘’Chachu no… she will go to school…Sia is a good girl she will make her mom proud’’

Sia softly spoke to Nandini… playing with her hairs; ‘’Will you come with me Mom… that Amit said I don’t have Mom and you found me in a bin…I want to show you to them’’

Nandini hugged her; ‘’How can someone say that Don’t listen to anyone….I am your Mom and remember that….you are god’s gift to me…. ‘’ Nandini turned to Rana clutching Sia protectively in her arms…’’Cancel all appointments for tomorrow….I need to go to Sia’s school’’

Arnav’s POV; ‘tomorrow whole school will pay the prize of hurting Nandini Mehra’s daughter’ Nandini did not let Sia go far from her eyesight…Sia was someone she loved the most after Arjun.

Arjun stretched his legs…checked his watch it was 6:00 AM…he stepped out with his small luggage and took a cab…he was smiling….this was the first time he was surprising his family this way…but a surprise was waiting for him too… Arjun got down infront of the Mehra Mansion….and smiled…he was home finally…he made his way to the house from the drive way garden and then porch…the staff smiled wide looking at him…Arjun steped into the hall and took a deep breath inhaling the air of his house … suddenly he heard a cute voice; ‘’hands up’’

Arjun looked around and then down….he smiled looking a talking doll infront of him wearing a cute Disney night dress…Arjun sat on his toes; ‘’Who are you darling…and this is my house’’

Sia; ‘’No…this my and Mom and Nanu’s house…you are bad man…I saw in the movie’’

Arjun; ‘’you shouldn’t be watching movies …watch cartoons’’ Arjun ruffled her hair and moved forward leaving her … this was an insult…Sia clung to his leg and bit him…Arjun
jumped and Sia screamed for Nandini; ‘’Mom….bad man in the house’’ Nandini came running and froze….Arjun was on the floor with Sia stilling clinging to his leg…Nandini laughed; ‘’Sia come here baby…’’ Sia ran into Nandini’s arms andArjun watched all surprised… Nandini walked to Arjun with Sia in her Arms; ‘’Sia he is your Mamu…your mom’s brother….say hi’’

Arjun looked at Nandini all wide eyed; ‘’Nandu … when…and you didn’t even tell me’’

Nandini patted his cheek emotionally ; ‘’ How are you….I am so happy today ‘’ Arjun with his eyes again asked about Sia…Nandini cleared her throat ‘’Long story…isn’t she cute’’

Arjun walked and pulled Nandini along with Sia in a hug…he pecked Sia’s forehead…Sia blinked; ‘’Mom he is not a bad man’’

Nandini; ‘’No baby …he is your Mamu say hello’’ Arjun opened his arms and Sia jumped on him; ‘’Did you bring me present’’

Arjun knew no would be dangerous he nodded; ‘’Yes but will give only if you will not bite me again’’ Sia pecked his cheek; ‘’Too Smart kiddo…Nandu where is dad’’

Arjun walked into the study and smiled looking at the better version of his…before he could speak Arnav turned….his voice came out as a whisper ; ‘’Arjun!’’ Arjun hugged his dad …both father and son stood there holding each other with lots of love and happy tears…ARjun after breaking the hug; ‘’Missed you dad ….I don’t know for how long’’….. Arnav couldn’t say a word…he just admired his young and strong son….who had everything to be a king…Nandini silently thanked almighty for bringing Arjun home…Sia watched everything bewildered…she did not like the attention being shifted to Arjun….she went and made herself a place between Arnav and Arjun…she looked up with lot of hope in her dark eyes at Arnav holding his leg…; ‘’My Nanu’’ Arnav patted her head lovingly….Arjun understood and lifted her…; ‘’yes your Mom , your Nanu and your mamu…happy’’ Arnav told Arjun that Nandini agreed to marry Sid and the main reason is Sia…. Arjun felt happy…he watched her playing with Sia…it was after years he had seen his sister laughing… …

Arjun’s POV; ‘Now I have to complete my family want to meet you Bunny’

Nandini got ready to leave for Sia’s school… Arnav tried persuading her to let go…but she refused… Arjun watched everything and interrupted; ‘’Nandu can I go to BS today’’ Nandini raised an eyebrow and Arnav coughed…she nodded; ‘’Arjun bring Radhika along…she was supposed to visit us today…and I have important to speak to you ’’

Neil’s House

Prerna watched Sam supervising the maid she called Sam; ‘’This is not your job…plan a career…’’

Sam; ‘’Mom I think this is the right place…if I again get into trouble… I don’t want Neil to stress again’’

Prerna huffed; ‘’You are joining RHYTHM with me…I am throwing Neil out…we are leaving in 30 min’’ Sam smiled …she moved to her room to get ready

Radhika came to office in complete Indian attire….Neil blinked and walked to her… ‘’Bridie you look so good in so many clothes’’ Radhika gave him a sharp look…she couldn’t hit him as he was her boss…Neil celebrated her helplessness..he chuckled; ‘’Go MD is calling you’’ Radhika quickly adjusted her hair…and dress and confidently walked into Nandini’s cabin…she knocked and walked inside…but froze…facing the window…was her Arjun…so handsomely dressed…the sunlight through the glass…gave a magnificent look to his physic … Radhika spoke; ‘’Tiger’’ Arjun loved this name…he turned around smiled; ‘’Come to me…can’t wait more Bunny’’

Radhika ran and hugged him tightly…Arjun hid his face in the crook of her neck and took a deep breath…he gently spoke over her skin; ‘’I missed you my love’’ Radhika without moving out of his arms went on her toes and planted a loving kiss on his lips…Arjun took the opportunity…he captured her completely pushing her to the corner of the cabin.. ;’’I am so damm hungry for you’’

Radhika; ‘’Stop! We are in Nandini di cabin….not here’’

Arjun; ‘’She is not coming… so just let it be’’ Ajun kissed Radhika deep…’’Bunny…let’s go out…I will speak to Neil…’’ Radhika blushed and nodded…Neil did a little drama of rules and regulation…to tease both of them and then allowed Radhika to go….Arjun left first and Radhika joined him after half an hour…she hopped into his car waiting on the other side of the road and drove off…Jai watched Radhika getting into someone’s’ car…she was beautifully dressed…he understood…he fisted ‘’boyfriend’’

Arjun took Radhika to his flat which was empty…once inside he pushed her to the wall and held her hands above her head with one hand his other palm caressed her face..his hand moved to her back and slid to the waist….he pulled her to his chest…leaving her hands free..Radhika kept her palms on his shoulders and then looped them around his neck hugging him tightly… ‘’you finally came…Iam so happy’’ Arjun removed her hairs from the back…and pulled her zipper down…he moved his palm on her bare back to feel the warmth of her skin…he kept brushing his lips on her neck and shoulders holding her falling dress from other hand…Radhika shivered but held on to him tightly…Arjun lifted her up and brought her to the masterbedroom….all curtain were drawn…and it was little dark he gently place her bed….getting next to her..’’Bunny its 1:00 PM right now we will leave for my place at 5:00 PM …but before that I need a good sleep…which can only be possible with you in my arms…’’ Radhika smiled…kissed his chin neck and chest…Arjun hugged her tightly and closed his eyes…


Neil entered RHYTHM…he was surprised to find Prerna and Sam working together he knew his Mother will accept Sam..but never predicted this soon…Prerna’s assistant handed

Neil a letter…it was his Termination letter citing the reason of poor performance….Neil laughed…he knocked on Prerna’s cabin door…Prerna asked him to come in; ‘’CEO of GLITZ…what are you doing here’’

Neil; ‘’Mom u fired me…why?’’

Prerna; ‘’because I hired Sam… I am expanding we are starting a sister company… ‘Souvenirs’ …it would completely focus on event management Sam will look after it … and you are anyways no use to me‘’ Before Neil could say a word Sam hugged Prerna…Prerna rubbed her back; ‘’Sam…I was never against you…you are one of my best students….if I was angry with you… I was equally angry with Neil…since I decided to forgive him… I should forgive you too….’’ Prerna broke the hug and wiped Sam’s tears….’’please don’t be kitchen DIL for me…just be happy…now go romance my son…I give you rest of the day off’’ Sam blushed…Neil took her arm pecked Prerna and left…

Sam; ‘’Where are we going Neil’’

Neil; ‘’some fun and then Home… Sammy I need you …. ‘’ Neil watched Sam turning crimson …he gently stoked her cheek…’’ your blush makes me want you so much… ‘’ Neil took Sam home …he pulled her towards him with a jerk…Sam gave him a questioning look; ‘’since when you started behaving all mad’’

Neil pulled her shirt off; ‘’Since the day I fell in love with you ….I have been mad for you’’ Neil pulled his shirt off…walked towards Sam making her retreat never breaking their eyelock…he gently pushed Sam on the bed…and lowered himself on her…Neil kissed her forehead and went on kissing her as if she was a precious belonging..Sam shivered every time his lips touched her skin … Neil locked his fingers with hers …He stared deep into her eyes demanding complete surrender …Sam smiled and Neil took Sam to the world of his unending love…Sam smiled as happiness filled her…she moved her fingers on his back and whispered…’’love you Neil…love you so much’’

Radhika woke up and found Arjun stretched over the bed like a child…he mouth half open…she gently moved his face towards her and placed a kiss Arjun wrapped his arm around her rolled her over to came on the top….he kissed her once and then spoke; ‘’till I get married to you…I will spend sleepless nights…Bunny…is there any way I can sneak into your house’’ Radhika giggled.. ;’’will Think that later…let’s go’’

Mehra Mansion

Arjun brought Radhika to his house…but he was again welcomed with a toy gun; ‘’hands up’’ Arjun smiled and made a scary face making the girl jump and run to Nandini…who was already there…she took Radhika to the study; ‘’Chachu see the beauty has stepped into Beast castle’’ Arnav turned and Radhika realized she had met him before she smiled…’’how are you uncle?’’

Arnav; ‘’Fine…no very happy…to see you with Arjun…’’

Arjun; ‘’What is this beauty and beast?’’

Nandini; ‘’Chachu met Radhika when she was 17 at Samrat’s party and chose her for you…he nicknamed her as Beauty and you as a Beast’’ Radhika – Arjun looked at each other and smiled

Arjun pecked his dad; ‘’You should have told me this before…I would have married her 4 yrs back…’’ Radhika rolled her eyes…nandini smiled; ‘’And we all would have landed in jail for juvenile marriage ‘’

Arnav kept his hand on Radhika’s head; ‘’ … I know its difficult to convince your parents….but Please come to my home soon’’

Radhika took his palm into her hands; ‘’I will…I promise that’’ Nandini smiled and went out looking for Sia who was busy terrorizing Rana…Rana was only scared of Sia…because the girl made him play the same game again and again…and he was tired being thief …he had just died for 50th time…after being shot by inspector Sia…Rana pleaded Nandini to save him… but Arjun came from the back; ‘’Sia baby teach your mamu the game again..’’ Rana huffed and Arjun winked at him…

Radhika was super happy she entered her house dancing and kissed Mala’s cheek….Dilip looked at Mala confused but being a mother she understood…. Mala went inside
Radhika’s room…Mala; ‘’So who is he??’’

Radhika quickly opened Arjun’s pic on her cell; ‘’How is he??’’

Mala; ‘’Wow!’’ I mean what did he see in you… I wish I was young…’’ Radhika snatched her mobile; ‘’Mom!…you know him…he is Arjun Mehra…I met him in US…fell in love now want to marry…but Papa refused his sister’’

Mala; ‘’I approve… but give me 2 days…I will talk to your father…’’ Before leaving she again spoke teasing Radhika… ;’’ If I was your sister instead of your mom…you would have lost him to me’’ Radhika poked her tongue out’’

Arjun was having dinner with his family …when Sid walked in…Nandini was happy and sad too…she knew he came to pick Sia up…Nandini watched Sia sleeping in her lap…she smiled at Sid…’’she is sleeping…can you leave her here for the night…I will drop her tomorrow morning’’

Sid; ‘’Nandini this is the first time I have stayed away from Sia for a month…I understand…but I missed her too much’’

Arjun watched them both…but he was more concern about Nandini…he looked at his father and Arnav nodded Arjun spoke; ‘’Its ok Sid…you can take her…I will bring Nandu whenever she wants to meet SIa’’ Sid thanked them lifted Sia and walked out…Nandini who never cried … broke down…Arjun hugged her ; ‘’Nandu… Sid will drop Sia back in an hour…Sia loves you too much…she won’t stay without you…just watch…’’ But Nandini was inconsolable…and Arjun was dam right…Sia had developed the habit of sleeping holding Nandini…she got up in Sid’s car…and started crying asking for her mom…Sid tried but gave up…he drove back to Mehra Mansion…Arjun smiled….when Sia got down from Sid’s lap and ran into Nandini’s arms…Nandini held her tightly and lovingly…Sid smiled; ‘’I left Sia here so that she can accept you…I think I should visit her so that she doesn’t forget her dad’’

Sid was ready to Leave when Nandini’s voice stopped him; ‘’Sid …we will marry and soon…I was so stupid couldn’t see your love…I am sorry that I made you wait for so long…no more.’’ Sid was overwhelmed he hugged Nandini tight along with Sia…’’I love you Nandini’’ …. Nandini smiled; ‘’And I love you’’ Arjun took Sia from Nandini to give Sid and Nandini some time together…he took Sia to his room… he told her some stories…but himself was surprised where the stories came from… Sia knew she was in her Mom’s house… she closed her eyes being tired…Arjun gently kissed her forehead and Nandini took Sia with her after Sid left.

Morning Arjun was ready to go to BS again but Nandini’s voice stopped him; ‘’Arjun…need to speak…’’ Arjun came and sat infront of her…’’ Arjun….you had the freedom to meet Radhika in US when ever you liked…but here…you need to keep certain things in mind…Arjun she comes from an amazing family…and I don’t want her exposed to our crowd till she is your wife…or else people will label her as another adventure of Arjun Mehra…’’

Arjun; ‘’But Nandu I am serious about her’’

Nandini; ‘’There are many hungry Mom’s waiting in our circle to get their daughters married to you….they don’t shy away from insulting or throwing dirt at each other…to prove themselves as the best..I don’t want a single gossip about Radhika…we are a part of a cunning and shrewd society….please keep radhika away till her father agrees…..please’’

Arjun; ‘’I promise’’

Sam woke up …she tried moving but Neil’s arms were clutching her tightly …she smiled and hugged him… Sam was so content in her small world… she had decided to keep everything that belonged to her safe…be it Neil, Radhika or BS…Sam had transferred all her shares to Neil making him 35% owner of Bird Song next to Mehra’s who held 45% of the company…but neither Neil nor Khanna’s were aware of this… she had decided that Jai was not eligible to be Bird Song owner…but recent events had scared her she was scared for Neil….what if Jai hurts Neil…a sudden fear gripped her…she hugged Neil tightly….Neil was fast asleep…but he moved at her touch he responded and hugged her tight…

What goes around comes around…check your deeds

Pre cap Radhika starts her drama infront of Dilip….Grand reception for Ne-Sam

Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks Chashu 🙂 loads of love 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 will try but office is too hectice these days

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      I was waiting for your comment like mad 🙂 now happy to read it thanks RG 🙂 now your answers 🙂 Jai will be punished slow and long… he will be getting many surprises 🙂 Jai will hurt her bad… out of frustration 🙂 her drama will be all emotional blackmail 🙂 Arjun in Radhika’s apartment yes watch out for next … 🙂 Arjun will control himself will also be scolded by nandini again 🙂 yes end is near 🙂 I will write but one request pls come up with a plot or a idea…. suggest me something … and I will build a story 🙂 Thanks for your lovely wishes … I will post MMZ today late evening 🙂 love u

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      Hey Pankh no need for Sorry darling 🙂 take very good care of your self…typhoid weakens your body like anything take proper rest 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂 tc

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