Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 41

Chapter 41
If you love someone set them free….If you can’t you never loved
Since the moment Radhika left Arjun couldn’t sleep…he laughed at the impossible that happened…he was deep down in love with her…he had drowned himself in work…he wanted to assign duties before he can go back and join her…but whatever he did she never left his mind…sometimes he would remember her…hanging on his back or curling against his chest…her cute antics to divert attention whenever he spoke something serious…they way she lighten the gravest situation with her single witty sentence…and above all her innocent brown eyes which reflected deep love for Arjun…Arjun smiled while working in his cabin…his POV; ‘Bunny please just don’t show your bravery around till I am with you…’

Mala had noticed since the day she came back….Radhika was different she was not the previous one she missed something dearly…Mishra’s were shifting from the govt apartment…Dilip had bought himself a nice flat for his later yrs…Mishra’ new residence was full of guests congratulating them on house warming ceremony…Sam and Neil both were present along with Prerna they had come to help Mala early morning….Sam had been watching Radhika for long…She caught hold of Radhika’s arm and dragged her to the balcony; ‘’Chashni are you mad…everyone can make out you are missing someone so badly’’
Radhika; ‘’Sammy he must be feeling very lonely…when I met him he hardly smiled…I am just worried’’
Sam smiled and hugged her from back; ‘’Oh my baby…don’t worry he will be here in no time…by the way your adopted dad is furious for you being so quite….go demand something from him…or trouble him and he will be happy’’ Radhika started laughing
Neil was talking to Diplip…Radhika came and snatched the laddoo from him which was about to go in his mouth…Neil smiled he was missing this Radhika; ‘’You are joining BS tomorrow I will pick you’’
Radhika; ‘’I am not a baby I can come on my own’’
Neil gave her a grave look…she very well knew the reason for his concern yet she behaved kiddish; ‘’I said I will pick you’’ Radhika gave Neil one look smiled and stuffed his mouth with a laddoo making others laugh….Dilip watched them and thought ‘thank heavens I never thought of this alliance…I would have spoiled a beautiful bond’ Neil tickled her and went back talking to Dilip
Sam smiled at them and then spoke to Prerna; ‘’Mom I have to shift my belongings …will go to Khanna residence before coming back’’ Prerna smiled and nodded… Khanna’s had not attended the house warming ceremony as ….they were didn’t wanted to face Sam

Sam pressed the door bell and Piyali answered…. She looked all opposite to her usual self…her clothes were not ironed …hair messy and lot of dark circles…Sam felt bad for her …she softly spoke; ‘’I won’t stay long…I am just here to take my things permanently’’ Piyali sadly looked at her and moved aside….Sam quietly moved to her room…and started packing…Sam was busy…when she heard her mother; ‘’Do you hate me Sam’’
Sam after a pause; ‘’No I don’t …but now it doesn’t matter…. …I got what I wanted…’’
Piyali; ‘’Question me Sam ask about my indifference to you…fight me….please’’ Piyali started crying Sam couldn’t control…she hugged her mother …Piyali cried vigorously ; ‘’I am sorry for everything…I know I was wrong but I just wanted to secure your future’’
Sam; ‘’lets not talk about it’’

Piyali; ‘’no today I will please listen to me or I will die….’’ Sam nodded…Piyali spoke in a shaky voice; ‘’Samrat is not jai’s father…he is my love child’’ Sam turned pale..but waited for Piyali to continue… “Samrat was my best friend he loved me…but I never reciprocated…after college he started BS alone and was doing very good…only he knew about my affair…even my parents were not aware of it …Samrat then got engaged to Nandini she was junior to us by 4-5 yrs…. I was happy for him….I too wanted to settle down with my love but he betrayed me…I lost myself completely…by the time I realized what had happened…I was pregnant with Jai…doctors refused abortion as my pregnancy had progressed….I stopped interacting…my parents never disowned me but they stopped talking to me….a week before his marriage Samrat visited my place….he understood something was wrong…I told him everything…and he as true friend…broke his alliance with Nandini and married me…to save my honour…and to give Jai a father…I prayed that I should have a son….I never wanted a daughter …because I didn’t wanted some other jerk to betray one more girl…

I was happy to have Jai…Samrat showered him with love ….after 5 yrs I was pregnant again…but I didn’t wanted the baby…I feared it being a girl…and I had a fear that Samrat might not love Jai the sameway once he had his own child…but Samrat didn’t agree and you were born….you were so beautiful…light brown hair ….pearl white skin…The first time I saw you a fear gripped me …..what if my daughter faces the same…what if Samrat stopped loving Jai…this thought got so deep rooted that I couldn’t part with it….I always felt Samrat loved you more as you were his own blood….I started giving Jai a little extra attention…but I couldn’t see what I was depriving you off…Sam I wanted you to be strong and not feeble like me…but you turned out be emotional like me…which I hated…Baby I was happy when Ayan asked for your hand…I wanted you get married before any mishap happens….but trust me I never thought he was this kind of man….I was just trying to secure you and Jai…I wanted him to do good in his life…this is why I wanted him back in Birdsong but my love made him stubborn or may be it was in his blood to hurt those who love him…I don’t know if this matters to you…but Sammy I am really sorry’’

Sam got up and hugged her mother; ‘’mom I love you….and I am glad you opened your heart to me… I just wanted you say that I am good…nothing more…Mom dad never differentiated…you misunderstood him….’’

Piyali; ‘’I know …he is the best man I have ever met….Sam I have more….This is Jai’s diary…I want you read it… and keep Radhika safe’’ Sam checked few pages…she felt like throwing up reading the nasty things Jai wrote about Radhika….Sam got up ran to the washroom and puked…she looked at her reflection in the mirror….her POV; ‘This means Neil is right…Bhai did tried molesting Radhika 4 yrs back…I should talk to Neil and Arjun.’ Sam came out hugged Piyali and promised she will come again…Sam had mixed emotions she got her mom but now there was disgust for Jai in her heart. After taking leave from Piyali Sam dialled Arjun…he should know all.

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This was the 5th time Arjun dialled her but she did not respond ….he was restless…he again picked up his phone but this time she was calling he quickly answered; ‘’Bunny I called you 5 times….where were you…I was so scared…don’t you dare ignore my calls’’

Radhika smiled and moved to the balcony ; ‘’I love you Tiger’’ 3 words and Arjun turned ice from being a volcano; ‘’Smart move….but please don’t do this again….I get worried’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun we have shifted to a new place…and I was busy helping mom in attending the guests…my phone was in my room….sorry couldn’t hear it…now tell me why are you still up …its past midnight there

Arjun; ‘’because you are not in my arms….Bunny please take precautions…Hukum Singh has been following you since you stepped out of the airport….I am messaging you his no. please call him in case of emergency’’

Radhika; ‘’I don’t need Hukum Singh….I need you…’’ Arjun closed his eyes and smiled…’’I will be soon infront of you…tc’’ Radhika disconnected she couldn’t understand the reason of fear….she smiled and turned to go inside her room…but her legs stopped….without turning she realized she saw a familiar face …under her building watching her….Jai…. But being scared was not part of her life….she just walked in and locked the balcony…

Radhika badly wanted to visit RHYTHM….dance was her passion….after she finished helping Mala…Radhika changed…picked her bag and left for RHYTHM….once inside…she smiled looking at the room where she practiced…the stage where she performed…after changing quickly she started her practice….with some students…practicing semi-classical…for a dance play…Prerna watched her from outside and smiled…Radhika danced non-stop for 3-4 hrs and decided to leave as almost everyone had left …she went inside the green room…quickly freshened up and changed…she was keeping her things in her bag when she felt a shadow near the door…she went and checked but no one was there…but her mind was warning her…to move quickly …Radhika gripped the pepper spray hard….she quickly moved to the door…but was blocked by Jai…she moved back…’’What are you doing here’’

Jai; ‘’Stalking you….you left me no option….tell me why did you reject me…’’ he spoke as if he was in a deep pain…

Radhika; ‘’drop this mask Jai….no girl can love a guy…who misbehaves with her…I know it was you 4 yrs back…’’

Jai’s expression changed….and the face behind the mask was out he smiled like a devil; ‘’So you know….I don’t regret…I considered you mine then and also now’’

Radhika; ‘’I am not an object…now move out of my way’’

Jai; ‘’Not today…you will accept me by force or by love …I will finish this chapter today ‘’

Radhika frowned; ‘’Even if you finish today….you won’t be alive to write a new one…there is someone…who will rip you apart for eyeing me’’

Jai spoke with hate; ‘’Then he will watch me writing a new chapter with you in arms every day…’’ Jai moved forward and Radhika was ready…she hit him hard on his head by one of the props…he sat holding his head all surprised…she spayed his eyes he screamed…she turned the lights off accept one which was dim…she knew she had blinded him for good 15 min….’’Jai Khanna…you made me live in fear of dark for 4 years…today you will repent…and I don’t belong to your arms’’ She pulled out a wooden sword…which was used for dance plays….and started hitting him with all her strength…Jai screamed in pain….whenever he tried opening his eyes she would spray again… Radhika’s anger had doubled her strength…

Hukum Singh called Neil and told him that the guard was not allowing him to enter Rhythm and Radhika had still not left the building….Neil quickly drove to the RYTHYM and barged inside with Hukum Singh…the building was empty…he ran towards Radhika’s room and found her standing like Durga…with a wooden sword and Jai lying on floor…screaming in pain…He looked at her…took the sword…and pulled her in an embrace…Hukum Singh was murderous….he was a man in late 40s…he had worked as a Subedar in Army but after voluntary retirement…he became the head of security for Mehra’s who treated him like family….he knew Radhika was Arjun’s would be bride…he was ready to rip jai off….but Neil stopped ; ‘’Not today may be later…but the question is how did he enter without the id…he turned to Hukum Singh…Baba you throw him out…I will drop Radhika home….’’ Hukum Singh nodded…and dragged Jai out.

Neil hugged Radhika….’’Little one…you are sometimes too brave…I asked you to inform me about your whereabouts…why didn’t you tell me you were coming here’’

Radhika; ‘’you can’t leave all your work for me…plus I wanted to kill him for putting that fear in my head’’

Neil; ‘’But this can cause trouble…he is insane’’

Radhika; ‘’I am not scared’’ Neil just smiled…..but he knew Radhika’s bravery will bring more troubles….Hukum Singh meanwhile narrated Arjun the whole incident….Arjun was shaking with anger…he instructed Hukum Singh to be alert and disconnected; ‘’Bunny why?? ….you could have just sprayed his eyes… you never listen to me….I have to reach Mumbai now and soon…before something grave happens…’’ Arjun made a call and asked to book his tickets ASAP….

Radhika reached her home and stood under the shower to cool her mind…. She came out and changed into her night clothes…and sat on the bed…waiting for her phone to buzz…she was waiting for Arjun to scream on her…and she was dam right; ‘’Hi Tiger’’

Arjun screamed at the top of his voice; ‘’Will you ever listen to me….who asked you stay back at the studio beyond 6…why couldn’t you leave early….why didn’t you inform Neil…and why the hell you had to thrash him…you colud have spayed his eyes and left…I told you not to show your bravery …but you…!!! ‘’

Radhika; ‘’Are you done screaming at me…or more is there’’

Arjun; ‘’You are lucky I am not infront of you…today I would have punished you bad’’

Radhika replied angrily; ‘’Think of punishing me and I will leave you forever’’

Arjun froze; ‘’Can you leave me??? How can that thought enter your head…? Don’t you feel the pain’’

Radhika realized he was hurt; ‘’Sorry Tiger…no I can never leave you…I love you’’

Arjun; ‘’No you don’t….if you did you would have listened to me……but you didn’t…’’

Radhika made a face; ‘’will you stop screaming and say few words with love….I haven’t slept properly since I came back…I am dying to look at your face…but no…you just love to scold me… everyone loves to do that…no one cares….’’ She disconnected Arjun smiled…’Drama queen….’ He messaged her to come to skype…she quickly obliged but kept an angry face….Arjun smiled took a deep breath and kept watching the screen…Radhika got irritated; ‘’will you speak…?’’

Arjun; ‘’I miss you my doll…desperately want to hold you…I died a million times when Hukum Singh updated me what happened…please love….can you stay away till I am there’’

Radhika smiled at his pleading ; ‘’fine but come soon….I want to hug you’’ they wished each other and signed off

Neil was getting ready…Sam was watching him… he never dressed in a tuxedo….Neil smiled looking at Sam’s image in the mirror…’’Sammy am I looking that good’’

Sam; ‘’Yes you are….but what’s the occasion’’

Neil took her arm…and walked to Prerna’s room; ‘’Mom I want you and Sam to come with me…please’’ Prerna looked at Sam and they both agreed…Neil stopped his car infront of GLITZ office and took Prerna and Sam inside a big hall….there was a huge press conference…..Prerna blinked…as the cameras starting flashing on Neil…who smiled back at them…Sam looked at Neil….her thought; ‘why do you surprise me so much….who are you Neil’ Neil gestured his Mom to move forward and followed her with Sam…Neil took his place on the Dias…Neil started answering….and promised to make GLITZ country’s best fashion house…after the conference he took Prerna to his cabin and made her sit on his chair; ‘’So Mom….say something’’

Prerna; ‘’When did you grow so big…’’

Neil sat near his mom’s feet; ‘’your son is growing …just never did a show about that….but for this industry its required….and I need your blessings’’ Prerna hugged Neil tight she was so proud of him….Sam and Prerna took leave and Neil moved to board room… where Ayan was waiting for his sentence…

Neil smirked; ‘’you wanted to meet new owner of GLITZ here I am….’’ Neil loosen his tie…open top two buttons… took of his coat he sat across the table…with his legs on the table’’

Ayan; ‘’But Nandini Mehra bought those shares…’’

Neil; ‘’Nandini Mehra is my elder sister….she was representing me….leave that…I have 2 old friends who want to meet you…’’ Neil picked up the intercom; ‘’Send them in’’… Ayan lost all his blood when he saw Myra and Neera standing infront of him…he knew this was his end …. Neil walked towards Ayan and gave him a glass of water…’’you know why I ruined you…because you tried ruining my love….Samaira … now rot in jail…and now regarding your 10% remaining share…you accidently signed them to me…. on the pretext of getting a new contract….so you are broke…and my good friend Inspector Sharma is waiting for you…’’ Ayan was arrested on the statement of his previous two models…Neil gave away the proofs he had against Ayan….he promised Myra and Neera help in reviving their careers…they thanked them and left.

Next morning papers were filled with news about a rising business star…Neil Mehlotra ….Khanna’s were shocked … they considered Neil to be an ordinary boy who was just driving what he got from his father…but he turned exactly opposite….In their heart Piyali & Samrat were happy….Sam made a wise choice… Nandini smiled looking at Neil ‘s picture and softly said; ‘Proud of you my boy’

Jai was furious….a girl whom he thought to be delicate…turned out be a fire ….he couldn’t handle his insult…his eyes were still burning…he decided to hurt her …if he can’t have her then no one should

Neil picked Radhika from her flat…she was excited to join…BS…..she kept blabbering with Neil….and then suddenly stopped..Neil looked at her and spoke; ‘’What birdie…any problem’’

Radhika’; ‘’Will you help me convincing Papa on Arjun’’

Neil smiled ; ‘’What if I say no?’’

Radhika pressed her lips and gave a warning; ‘’then you will never have a second child…I will sleep between you and Sam….think about it… you know I can do that’’

Neil rolled his eyes; ‘’Second ??? what about the first’’

Radhika; ‘’That’s me….you only said that’’ Neil smiled ruffed her hair and said; ‘’I promise! …. you and Arjun will marry soon….now don’t jump on me’’ Radhika clapped…


Arjun was pacing on the airport…waiting for his boarding he just wanted this time to fly away….he was restless to see her…to hold her kiss her…since he had heard about Jai from
Sam ..he just wanted to break his neck for eyeing his love… his life his Radhika…no one was aware…about his arrival…he wanted to surprise his family and Radhika….as the announcement was made….Arjun walked toward his flight…his mind was made up to teach Jai a good lesson…Jai was not even aware that his nemesis had taken his first step towards him…yes Jai was about to face Radhika’s Arjun


Radhika left office …she decide not to trouble Neil….she was waiting at the bus stop when suddenly an arm pulled her back Radhika was shocked it was Hukum Singh….she looked at him; ‘’Baba what’s wrong’’

Hukum Singh; ‘’Someone was about to throw acid on you… look at the floor in the corner….’’ Radhika watched the fading tile of the bus stop with shocked eyes….Hukum Singh called someone and in a minute a SUV came and stopped infront of them…he quickly made Radhika sit and dialled Arjun…but his no. was out of reach….he left him a message and informed Neil…Neil scolded Radhika left Right centre for leaving without him….but Radhika was worried now…Arjun had kept Ario captive for days for attacking her…only god knew what Arjun will do of Jai….


Arjun is about to step in India…to keep his love safe….and to punish the one who wanted to hurt her…Sam had decided to keep Jai away from Radhika….and she will do this at any cost

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Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks a ton Priya 🙂 now your answers sweety 🙂 when u lose something….you realize its worth … same is with Piyali… Jai’s rudeness…and Sam’s complete detachment made her realize her worth …Jai will be punished 🙂 yup Arjun will make him swing like a pendulum 🙂 yes sam will side with Radhika 🙂 no problem I will share you the link 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love you

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      Thanks my lovely frind 🙂 Roma you are just amazing 🙂 thanks for lifiting my spirits up 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love you 🙂

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      Thanks Supriya 🙂 Jai will hurt her and big one 🙂 drama I can’t tell u in one line so wait 🙂 Piyali won’t be able to save him 🙂 Aradhika marriage will be end of DPO 🙂 nandu and sid will marry soon 🙂 next update Radhika will meet Arjun 🙂 no …no hatred you will know why 🙂 Jai change I havent thought and end is near 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love u to moon and back 🙂

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