Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Destiny-When two people are meant to be together they are just meant to be….come what may…if I like the couple….I remove the obstacles myself

Sam was nervous on her way to her new home….Neil held her hand and gently squeezed it…once they reached Neil’s house…Sam’s throat went dry she felt…her heart would burst out of her chest..Neil extended his arm…Sam smiled and moved forward with him….Prerna answered but turned away…Neil called her out; ‘’Mom…won’t you welcome us’’

Prerna; ‘’Did you remember me when you got married…now why all this drama’’ Prerna was talking in a high pitch…her annoyance was clear

Neil smiled walked forward and hugged his mom from behind ; ‘’you always said that I have been a good son…then please forgive this one mistake of mine…Mom I had to take this decision …I will tell you everything…but please don’t just turn away’’

Prerna was emotional…she turned around and hugged Neil…she welcomes Neil and Sam with proper ritual…but made her mind clear; ‘’I have accepted this marriage …but complete acceptance will take time…don’t expect to be all normal….I need time…’’

Sam slowly moved forward; ‘’Aunty…I will try to match your expectation’’

Prerna; ‘’Sam…I am not a MIL from some soap opera.….I am a mother who had some dreams regarding her son….it will take time…right now both of you go and rest ‘’ Prerna left them…

Neil took Sam to his room Sam was still nervous …’’Sammy calm down…I am with you now rest for some time…I have meet my lawyer for GLITZ will nail Ayan completely’’

Sam ; ‘’I am fine Neil …you go …’’ Neil kissed her fore head and left


Arjun opened his eyes and stretched his arms …Radhika was not there…he turned around she was busy searching something in his cupboard….she was wearing his sweat shirt over her shorts which hid her short and this thin frame…she looked like a cute bird….hopping from one place to another… Arjun smiled ; ‘’Bunny what are looking for’’

Radhika; ‘’one of your old t-shirt which I can take with me…I will sleep in that…so that I can feel you around’’

Arjun was emotional; ‘’come to me love….please’’ Radhika hopped jumped and went to him …Arjun pulled her over his body hugging her . ‘’15 days without you will kill me…and tell me what should I take from you that I can feel your presence around me…’’ Radhika thought for a moment pulled her chain out and took her pendent with initial R…she kept it on his palm….keep this…I will be around…’’ Radhika smiled …but her eyes had started watering …Arjun hugged her tightly…’’I love you Bunny…just you and only you’’

Radhika; ‘’Tiger not more than 15 days….I will kill you if you made me wait for a single day more than 15 dyas…meanwhile I will start my drama infront of my parents…I have to prepare them for you…so that we get married soon’’ Radhika pecked his forehead…Arjun locked her in his arms…this one month he wanted to relive all the moments with her…and he had more to surprise her.


Mala Dilip were waiting for one of Dilip’s friends family Dilip was interested in getting Radhika married to his son but there was surprise in store for Mishra family….Rana had updated Nandini on prospective groom’s visit at Radhika’s family….Nandini decided to be a surprise guest….Arnav wanted Nandini to wait for Arjun to come and then they could talk….but Nandini wanted only her brother’s happiness and she would go any extent for that

Dilip and Mala were conversing with their guests when they heard the door bell….Mala answered the door but was shocked to find Nandini smiling at her….Mala was some where happy to find Nandini….as Nandini walked in Dilip was shocked to find her and his gusts were at awe…after all she was Nandini Mehra…Nandini smiled at the affect of her presence…. ‘’How are you Dilip ji’’

Dilip; ‘’Good Nandini …please have a seat…and meet my friend…we were discussing our children alliance’’

Nandini; ‘’Oh…sorry I came at the wrong time…actually even I came here to talk about Radhika and Arjun’s alliance’’ Dilip’s friend’s family suddenly went into shock Nandini Mehra had selected Radhika for her brother….and the look Nandini gave them was a kind of silent warning….Nandini after a friendly conversation left….Dilip’s frind asked Dilip for sometime to take a final decision….but Dilip knew they will never come back with a yes…

Nandini smiled walked to her car in a victorious way and left with Rana walking behind her…but Nandini was also about to get a happy surprise….Nandini walked into Mehra mansion which was into a total chaos…she looked around to understand but smiled at the reason of chaos….Sia was running around and all the caretakers in Mehra Mansion were playing with her on Arnav’s order who himself was enjoying watching the little thunder storm with Sid…Nandini caught hold of running Sia and lifted her up…she walked to Arnav and

Sid….she made Sia sit in her lap…’’How are you Sid’’

Sid; ‘’very Good…after meeting you…well I have a unique idea of making Sia accept you….I will be out of station for a month usually I take her with me…but it resulted in loss for her school…so I am leaving her with you….Sia you know who is she’’

Sia gave a cute dimpled smile’; ‘’Mom’’ That one word gave Nandini immense happiness…she gave Sia a loving peck; ‘’Yes baby now Sia will stay with her Mom’’

Sai; ‘’will sleep with you ……like my friends do’’

Nandini; ‘’Yes…we will play together, study together and lot more’’

Sia; ‘’will you tell me stories…will come to pick me from school’’

Nandini; ‘’Yes…I will do all…now what do you want to do’’

Sia; ‘’Play…’’ Sia dragged Nandini…She smiled widely and took Sia to the garden area.

Arnav watched Nandini’s happiness and gave a thumbs up to Sid….Sid left after sometime and Sia cried watching her father go…nandini took sometime but was able to pacify her.


Arjun took Radhika to the same store where they did Sam’s shopping…the manager greeted him….Arjun asked to call all the staff….he gestured a guy to come forward…he pulled
Radhika to him ..he turned to the guy; ‘’Do you know who am I’’

Sales guy; ‘’Owner of this place’’

Arjun smirked ; ‘’And who is she??….you forgot…let me remind you…She is the same girl who looked hot to you that day in silver dress…right….she is my would be wife…and no one dares to eye what’s mine….you know what can do with you’’

Sales guy; ‘’I am sorry Sir’’ Arjun was about to reprimand him more but Radhika held him….Arjun; ‘’Next time I will not give you a time for sorry…I will finish your career’’ Arjun left with Radhika…she smiled looking at him…’’you will fight everyone who eyes me right’’

Arjun; ‘’fight…??? I will kill them’’

Radhika; ‘’Tiger….its you Bday tomorrow….tell me what you want….’’

Arjun; ‘’Wear that same silver sari…but when we are alone’’

Radhika; ‘’But I need to buy that then lets go back’’

Arjun; ‘’I bought that the same day…you were happily seducing me that day…now I dare you do that when we are alone….who will save you now’’

Radhika; ‘’Do you know why am I with you? Just because I know come what may…you will not hurt me….and who the hell want to be safe around you ’’ Arjun laughed…’’ you are the best gift of my life… I couldn’t have asked for more.’’

Arjun’s gang prepared to surprise him….they decorated his apartment…Radhika baked the cake one of the flavour she learned from Aliza…Arjun came back from his work…as he unlocked the door he was greeted with whistles spray…..hugs and then Bday bumps…Arjun rubbed his back where he was kicked by his friends….but he liked it….as Arjun cut the cake….his face for smeared with cream….he understood…this was Radhika’s idea…as none of his friends ever dared this….Arjun decided to handle her later…but hugged all his friends one by one…painting their faces and dresses…at the end he chased Radhika…and rubbed his cheek on hers…;’’Bunny cake of awesome…but I bet you will taste more sweet’’ Radhika just rolled her eyes after enjoying his friends left leaving Radhika alone with Arjun…they knew he was stressed about Radhika leaving for India…after they left Arjun hugged Radhika; ‘’Thanks Bunny…for all this…I became 10 again’’

Radhika; ‘’So its past mid night and good kids should be in bed….now since you are 10 again….you should be tugged to bed’’

Arjun plastered her body to his and huskily spoke; ‘’ How about you make me sleep’’ Radhika blushed …she brought him a wrapped box….Arjun opened it it had a cubic with their 3d picture …he smiled and kissed the gift…’’Now bunny I have kept the dress in the room…go and get ready…I am waiting’’ Radhika came dressed out in the same silver saree…with backless top…and hair lose …she posed infront of him like a model without any inhibition….Arjun smiled at her cute antics…he circled her and moved her hair to front….Arjun brushed his fingers on her exposed back…. Radhika shivered ….Arjun turned her around…holding her from her waist; ‘’you know what’s going in my head right now…are you scared’’

Radhika cupped his face; ‘’No you don’t scare me…but you should be scared about yourself….as even I can get dangerous…you look mouth watering’’ Arjun smiled and moved his palm from her shoulder to her fingers brushing her skin all along….he rolled her out and then in plastering her back to his from….kissing her shoulder and neck and deeply her back…’’Bunny move in with me…its just 20 days for you to leave’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun…its 20 days with Anna and others too…I won’t be able to meet them again…’’ She was emotional

Arjun; ‘’Hey my love….why won’t you meet them???…I will bring you here whenever I travel…Bunny promise me you won’t show your bravery around…and you will take precautions’’

Radhika; ‘’You started Again!!!….guess my attire didn’t seduce you enough… but this will’’ She pulled him and kissed him tight…making Arjun smile…he lifted her up and placed her on the bed…

Radhika; ‘’what no sleeping today…its your bday…I want to talk to you whole night’’

Arjun; ‘’I have something for you’’ Arjun placed a big diamond ring on Radhika’s ring finger….’’Now you are officially mine’’

Radhika looked at the ring all surprised ; ‘’We decided to do infront of the world…’’

Arjun; ‘’That’s for the world…for us I did it today…Are you not happy’’ Radhika smiled ; ‘’you are crazy Tiger and I love your madness’’ Arjun kissed her forehead eyes…nose lips…neck…’’do you know how madly I want you right now’’ Radhika ‘’ exactly the way I want you’’ She just hugged him…if he would have asked…she would have given herself to him…but he wanted to marry her…this relationship was his world…Arjun was worried about Jai…but he didn’t knew the girl sleeping in his arms…was something else.


Prerna asked Sam to visit her parents …Sam was hesitant but even she wanted to bridge the gap….Sam walked through the garden … the door was answered by the Khanna family’s old maid… she was so happy to see Sam..she just hugged her….Sam responded lovingly ….but loud voices from inside distracted her … Sam looked at the old lady in questioning manner…the old lady sadly bowed her head down…Sam walked towards the room of her parents ….Samrat and Piyali were screaming at each other ….Samrat; ‘’whatever is happening is your mistake’’

Piyali; ‘’My mistake….why aren’t you responsible???’’

Samrat; ‘’No ….I told you no. of times…not to full fill all demands of Jai…now he has completely stubborn….his whole cupboard is full of Radhika’s pictures….he has written weird things he want to do….your son is sick…’’

Piyali; ‘’this is because his love was never answered…he was thrown out of his own company…and his own father despises him’’

Samrat; ‘’No This is because … he could never differentiate between right and wrong….I wish you would have given 10% of your attention to Sam…she would have made us proud’’

Piyali laughed ; ‘’Like she did now by marrying without our consent….she was never good at anything’’

Samrat; ‘’Tell me Piyali…why were you always so indifferent to her…because you never wanted a second child…and I forced to have it’’

Before Piyali could answer Sam asked; ‘’So its true you never wanted me….I think that would have been better’’

Piyali; ‘’Even I think same…after the shame you brought to us….you couldn’t respect my one wish ’’

All the anger in Sam came out like a molten Lava; ‘’I think you would have been extremely proud when your so called choice Ayan Raizda would have made your daughter a high society escort…that would have made you happy…am I right Mrs Piyali Khanna’’ Samrat and Piyali were too shocked to react….Samrat moved forward … but Sam gestured him to stop….she was very angry….’’You know what my heart pained when I was marrying Neil because my family was not around and I felt I was hurting you…but guess that was the best decision I took…because I never had a family’’ Sam turned her back to leave but stopped…’’and Mrs Khanna…warn your son to stay away from Radhika…this time it could be dangerous for him…take this as my last favour’’ Sam left khanna residence in tears…without looking back….she quickly drove to the place where she was accepted and loved….Sam kept on pressing the door bell….Mala answered….Sam without a word hugged Mala…Mala rubbed Sam’s back who was inconsolable…..’’Aunty I missed you’’ Mala held her tightly to calm her down


Only one day was remaining for Radhika to leave…..Anna was the one shedding the maximum tears; ‘’Rads…can’t you stay..take admission in masters…2 more yrs it will be fun’’

Radhika hugged her; ‘’Anna I will miss you more than you know…Anna we will stay in touch…now stop crying…and marry Steve soon and I promise I will come for your wedding and you all will come for mine…please don’t cry…I am having tough time controlling my tears’’ Anna hugged Radhika they were still consoling each other when whole group jumped on them crushing them …they all shared a laugh… but between all this Arjun was restless…he kept standing in the corner staring at Radhika….Steve gestured all of them to come out ‘’ Rads we all are going for dinner….be quick..’’ Radhika nodded… she walked to Arjun and hugged him from behind….Arjun pulled her front with a jerk…invading her mouth…he was restless…impatient…mad….Radhika heart was in the same condition…she responded with equal madness….Arjun broke the kiss without detaching their bodies he whispered; ‘’15 days seems life to me….I will miss you with each breath…I feel alone without you’’

Radhika touched her forehead to his and cupped his cheek; ‘’Then come to me soon…remember Tiger I need you more than you need me…’’ Arjun smiled and nodded….the full moon in the winter night sky smiled looking at these two beautiful people and praised the destiny for bringing them together…after the dinner…Radhika spend a sleepless night in impatient Arjun’s arms…he hardly allowed her to breathe….giving her bone crushing hugs every minute….and not to forget the numerous kisses.

When flight landed on the Mumbai airport….Radhika wiped her eyes…for last 20 hrs her tears were flowing….she knew how lonely Arjun must be feeling….The way he held her in the night…was enough to understand his impatience…now she just had one thing in her mind to convince her parents for him and she was determined to do that…Radhika walked out of exit with her luggage …she knew who would have come to pick her at this early morning hours….Neil stood there with his arms folded and a smile spread across his lips….Radhika legs gained momentum…she ran and hugged him…He smiled patted her head; ‘’He will cross oceans for you…don’t worry Chashni Arjun will soon infornt of you’’
Two eyes were continuously watching her from the crowd…they had madness…something sadistic…Jai was happy to see her after 1 long yr…she had grown more beautiful…1 yr in US had enhanced her more…or it was just his thinking….he watched Neil holding her close to him and walking to his car….his POV; ‘Welcome back sweet heart….we will be one…. Soon’

True Love is hard to find…and if your are blessed it knocks your door…and colors your life in a rainbow

Precap; Radhika teaches Jai a lesson ….. Neil nails Ayan completely… Jai attacks Radhika….Hukum Singh saves he… Arjun restless to reach her

Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks SUpriya 🙂 now your answers ..Piyali’s reason you will know…Arjun will enter in next update 🙂 Nope its time for Piyali to repent 🙂 Radhika’s bravery will invite some trouble for her 🙂 no Piyali will not speak to Radhika … 🙂 Neil he has always been there for her 🙂 yes Sam will forgive Piyali 🙂 Now rest in the updates…becuase I haven’t thought much …we unfold as story proceeds further 🙂 and thanks again for the lovely comment stay blessed 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks Feby 🙂 and I will miss you a lot … happy journey and all the best for your career 🙂 stay blessed and see you soon 🙂 loads of love

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    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Aastha 🙂 you will know how will he convince Dilip… 🙂 baby I don’t clebrate or do much….just dinner with my sister….My granny use to do it in a grand way… but since I lost her I don’t feel like 🙂 this bDay I am working 🙂 bless you love you

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    • Gauri

      Rg a big hug for you 🙂 congrats for you new job 🙂 thanks a ton for this amazing comment .. now your answers 🙂 Next update Piyali will know really Neil Melhotra is 🙂 She will apologise to Sam and will tell her the reason for this indifference 🙂 you will know soon what stuff Jai wrote about Radhika 🙂 making Arjun go completely mad in punishing Jai 🙂 Rads will tell him tell him fear of darkness 🙂 Piyali will repent…Jai’s punishment you will know 🙂 no more obstacles 🙂 Love you Rg for the amazing support so far….you have been an amazing frind …I always look forward to your comments…and once you comment it brings a big smile to my face 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 loads of love 🙂

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