Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 39)

Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Anger…setbacks…failure are part of life….but it should stop you from celebrating what you have…and fight for what you believe in…Sam will do the same now


Piyali was furious; ‘’Sam married Neil…stupid girl…I had selected a prince for her and she chose a peasant Neil’’

Jai; ‘’Relax mom…it can be in our favor…if Neil supports us we can be stronger in BS…just let me handle this…one wrong step…and Sam can sign everything in Neil’s name…

Piyali; ‘’You are not understanding…Ayan could have helped us with money to buy off our shares…but now Ayan will sue us…’’

Jai; ‘’let me handle this you relax’’ Jai’s POV; ‘I need to use this in my favour’

New york Airport

Aradhika and NeSam were at the airport waiting for the boarding….Neil went to buy coffee and Sam got a call from Jai…she excused herself and answered; ‘’Hi Bhai’’

Jai; ‘’hey baby Sis…congrats…I am so happy for you’’

Sam felt relieved; ‘’Thanks Bhai…atleast someone his happy’’

Jai; ‘’I know what it feel like spending life without the one you love…Sammy…don’t worry…I will make everyone accept your marriage…Sammy you need to do a favour for me …Pleas convince Radhika on my love’’

Sam felt betrayed again…one more bargain….she turned and looked at Radhika…she was animatedly talking to Arjun…and he was just watching her…forgetting everything around him…for Arjun..Radhika was his world…Arjun was giving her all the attention Radhika was demanding..he smiled lowered himself and pecked her cheek…Sam smiled and answered

Jai; ‘’Bhai its good if you forget Radhika…. she is into a committed relationship…and he loves her lot…I am ok with everyone’s anger’’ Sam disconnected and walked to Neil who had joined the conversation with Arjun and Radhika…she looped her hand around Neil arm and held it tightly…and got herself involved in the conversation.

Once the boarding announcement was made….all the four boarded….once they took off…Arjun spoke to Radhika; ‘’Bunny you promised me that you will do what I want you too…for those 15 days in India without me’’

Radhika; ‘’yup I did…tell me tiger what do I have to do’’

Arjun; ‘’I have hired a body Guard for you….his name is Hukum Singh…his family had been with us for 3 generations…he will be with you…till I am back in India’’

Radhika made a face; ‘’Are tying me down…??? Its not needed….and I am not a celebrity….what if my parents and others got to know…no ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Bunny you promised….and no will know even you won’t be able to see him…you are my life I can’t leave you unprotected …please…I don’t trust Jai’’

Radhika; ‘’Neil will handle him…and why Neil I can handle him too…why are you so worried’’

Arjun; ‘’You were Neil’s responsibility in past…now mine….and don’t ignore petty things…obsession can be dangerous’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Can I kiss you’’ Arjun blinked she was smart she knew how to change the direction of conversation…but he had made his mind up…Arjun softly replied; ‘’Let us reach our destination Bunny….won’t allow you to breath’’ Radhika blushed kept her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

Sam had been quite after Jai’s call….she would smile but did not speak…Neil noticed she kept looking out at the clouds…but did not speak a word…he softly asked; ‘’Sammy what’s wrong…aren’t you happy with this marriage’’

Sam was surprised; ‘’Don’t be crazy…this is the best day of my life…its just that…today I again felt unwanted by my family …Bhai was bargaining family acceptance in exchange of Radhika’s consent for him…it hurt’’

Neil was furious hearing Jai’s demand…but kept quite…’he decided to divert her attention; ‘’baby…we didn’t get time to celebrate our marriage…so how about…’’ Neil moved his hand on Sam’s thigh getting it lightly slapped…he chuckled and got reprimanded for behaving this way in a crowd.

As the flight landed in Hawaii…the girls were excited and confused…Radhika; ‘’I never heard of camping in Hawaii Arjun pulled her nose ; ‘’you will know’’….as they walked into the hotels the girls were spell bound..Sam elbowed Radhika

Sam; ‘’Chashni…there are some benefits of dating and marring a rich guy…’’ Both the girls giggled…Arjun Neil took the keys of their suites ….

Arjun; ‘’So guys ready for beach’’

Neil; ‘’Arjun you guys carryon I will join you in sometime’’

Radhika smiled mischievously ; ‘’yes go lose your virginity…’’ Sam turned crimson….Arjun rolled on the floor…and Neil closed his eye….’’Radhika you are so dead….today I won’t spare you’’ Radhika ran with Neil in pursuit….Radhika ran around the furniture….pillars …and hid behind Arjun….who was still laughing like mad….finally Neil caught hold of her arm and pulled her ear hard; ‘’I have told you million times …no non-veg words with me…but you never listen to me’’ Radhika pleaded Sam and Arjun to save her but both refused…

Arjun walked to Sam; ‘’Come Sam….this will never end’’ Sam gave Radhika a mock anger look and walked….

Radhika finally made a kid like face; ‘’Sorry Buddy’’ Neil rubbed her ear to ease the pain…and moved towards their room…Neil enters his suit all laughing…Sam looked at him; ‘’Looks you punished her bad’’

Neil; ‘’She is naughty …but brings smile with her naughtiness…so what say…we can lose…you know as per Chashni’’

Sam gave him you are impossible look; ‘’Let’s go to the beach’’

Radhika happily got ready for the beach and came out …Arjun looked all wide eyed…she was looking smoking hot…Radhika read his face and before he could say a word…she spoke; ‘’don’t comment on my dress…I can’t enjoy on the beach wearing a ghagara’’ Arjun walked to her lifted her chin and lightly kissed her lips…’’bunny…I just want to keep you safe’’

Radhika hugged him; ‘’I know….ok will make you happy…I am ready for a body guard…but no one should know…and you will come soon’’

Arjun hugged her back; ‘’yup I will…can’t stay without you…’’


Jai was out of control after knowing that Radhika was dating someone…and is planning to take her relationship to next level…he had been drinking all evening …he came all sloshed ….and ransacked his room….Piyali tried controlling him but he was out of mind…he pushed her; ‘’You promised me that Radhika will get married to me…..but her dad refused and now….she is dating someone…I will that bastard….’’

Piyali; ‘’Calm down Jai….we will talk about this in the morning …just sleep’’

Jai; ‘’Ýou ? Will talk?….you couldn’t even handle emotional Sam…you are no good…now I will handle…jut leave’’ Piyali was taken aback by Jai’s behaviour…she quietly left


Arjun Neil were good swimmers…once at the beach they went to enjoy water…Sam Radhika were close to the shore as they took a break…happily talking to each other…Sam was continuously watching Neil…he was standing with a bare torso…his wet…tanned skin made him look super hot…Radhika was continuously speaking but realised that Sam wasn’t paying attention…Radhika laughed and spoke coming close to her ear; ‘’Sammy…he is yours al yours…so stop staring and go eat him….and Let me find my man….and he is dead….’’ Sam little confused looked in the same direction and smiled…Arjun was talking to a girl in a bikini…..and he just gave a side hug to her…Sam let out a laugh; ‘’Arjun god save you’’

Radhika walked towards Arjun…and kept her hands on her hip….Arjun turned and froze; ‘’Bunny was just helping her’’

Radhika; ‘’Why??? who are you…help center…and why so much of skin show…you can enjoy in water with a t-shirt too…if I can’t expose…same applies to you’’

Arjun smiled lifted her up…and walked between the waves….he put her down in the middle of water and held her from behind; ‘’Bunny…you will love this…look at those waves…a big one is coming and will go over our head…its fun…just keep your feet firm’’

Radhika all scared; ‘’Arjun I can’t swim….You want me to die for scolding you..’’

Arjun moved his lips over her face; ‘’Trust me’’ Radhika nodded…a huge wave came and went over their head….Radhika gasped..and then jumped; ‘’Once more’’ Arjun held her tightly as other wave approached them…Arjun suddenly turned Radhika around…held her waist and kissed her deep…suking her lower lip hard….as they wave went over them…

Radhika responded matching his passion…and smiled; ‘’I think…I am loving this…can try again’’ Arjun kissed her forehead and brought her back….he gave a his spare t-shirt…

Radhika understood….’’no one is looking at me…there are more pretty faces around’’

Arjun cupped her face; ‘’Not more than you’’

Neil took Sam for a Jet Ski ride….Sam enjoyed but after reaching somewhere in the middle Neil turned slow…her heart stopped…all she could was endless water land was far….her grip on Neil went tight…she spoke all scared; ‘’Neil let’s just go back…please’’ Neil smiled a turned toward the shore in full speed…once at the shore…Neil got down but Sam’s feet wobbled….she crashed on the beach….her body was shaking; ‘’Sammy are you fine….sorry didn’t wanted to scare you’’

Sam; ‘’Don’t know Neil…was just scared when I couldn’t see land..but better now will try that again’’

Neil; ‘’Baby can we just go back and spend some time alone…please’’

Sam; ‘’Ok let me inform Radhika’’

Neil pulled her; ‘’Leave her….that Bunny must be hunting her tiger…let them enjoy…and I don’t want more embarrassing comments from her ’’ Sam smiled and walked to the hotel with Neil…once they unlocked their suit they were surprised….the master bedroom was beautifully decorated with flowers and scented candles…there was a note on the table ‘whishing all the happiness of universe to my brother Neil and his better half Sam…hope you will like it’ – Arjun….

Neil looked at Sam…she was blushing….her heart was racing…she had been waiting for this moment from so long…and when she was standing with her moment….she was nervous….Neil walked to Sam….brushed his fingers on her pink face….Sam closed her eyes….Neil went close…kissed her cheek and neck….he wrapped an arm around her waist and in a fraction of second pulled off her t-shirt above her head…Sam crossed her arms over her chest…Neil lifted her up and dropped her on the bed….coming on the top….he whispered; ‘’look at me Sam…’’ Sam lifted her eyes to look deep into Neil’s…her heart calmed…she felt happy….she was where she belonged…Neil was the missing piece of her life and today she will complete it…..Sam opened her arms leaving all her nervousness…’’love me Neil’’ Neil smiled and removed the final barrier of clothes between them…uniting his body and soul with his love….Sam smiled and closed her eyes….hugging Neil tightly a drop of happiness rolled down and made its way to the pillow….


Arnav watched nandini as she served him dinner…’’nandu what have you thought of Sid’s proposal’’

Nandini without looking at Arnav responded; ‘’Chachu…why do you want to throw me out’’

Arnav smiled; ‘’You sacrificed a lot…not everyone gets a second chance with love….and it came to your door knocking….please beta…I am growing old…I want to see you happy….what will tell your father when I meet him in heaven’’

Nandini smiled; ‘’Emotional blackmail! Chachu you are bad with that….you are not going anywhere…ok I will marry Sid only if Sia is able to gel and accept me’’

Arnav smiled wide…he suddenly spoke ; ‘’Sid did you hear that….now it’s you job to get Sia and Nandini together’’ Nandini’s jaw dropped all the discussion was going on with Sid on the phone…she simply rolled her eyes at Arnav’s impossible nature….he was no better than Arjun ‘’


It was dinner time….Arjun had left Neil a message about the reservation….Radhika quickly freshened up and came out in a lovely tunic…with a flower tucked in her hair…she walked and hugged Arjun from behind; ‘’Thank you for this trip….but where is the camping part?’’

Arjun smiled turned towards her pulling her close; ‘’you will know in some time…and do you want Neil-Sam to have their honeymoon with insects…?’’ Radhika giggled …Arjun lost his senses in her smile and attacked her lips…she stumbled but he held her close….Radhika moved her hands on his bare back clutching his hair tightly with the other….Arjun kept on deepening the kiss making her arch and leaning on her completely…he moved to her cheeks neck and then her chest…but stopped and buried his face there….he pulled her up and hugged her tightly waiting for her breath to calm down…’’I told you….won’t let you breath’’ ….Radhika kept her palm on his bare chest kissing his neck lightly..’’I wish time stops….’’ Arjun gave one glance to her blooming face….pulled a shirt on…wrapped his arm around her and walked out of the room to have dinner with Neil-Sam…

Arjun had warned Radhika not to tease Neil-Sam more….she was sitting quietly making faces and thinking of random things to stop her itching tongue….but she gave up; ‘’Sammy looks like you had a nice time…you glowing without the facial’’ Sam covered her face and Arjun banged his hand on his head….Radhika finally looked at all three and made an apology; ‘’Sorry….had to speak something…and I couldn’t control’’.

Neil looked at her sharply; ‘’forgiven…but tell me why does your lips look swollen’’ Radhika dropped her spoon…Sam coughed and Arjun banged his head on table again…Neil smirked; ‘’how was the taste of your own medicine’’ Radhika gave him a mock glare…

Neil; ‘’Now stop that blushing act Arjun…you are Phd…in many more things…when are we leaving for camping’’

Arjun; ‘’tomorrow morning…the booking of cabins is done….and girls please pack necessary things…we will be back to hotel day after tomorrow’’ all four retired after the dinner….Arjun kissed Radhika’s forehead and wished her for the night moving to a different room….she held his hand…and gave a questioning look; ‘’Bunny I am losing myself….its better I sleep in the other room…I want to marry you before taking this relationship forward…I promised this to myself’’

Radhika hugged him; ‘’kissing me and holding me will not get you pregnant….and if it does….good we can marry in hawaii’’ Arjun threw his head back and laughed….she made the moment light just by a single sentence…he joined her on the bed and Radhika happily hugged him….Arjun caressed her head till she slept..he watched her sleeping form kissed her cheek and closed his eyes.

Morning they left for the near by Island for a day of camping …it was famous for natural flora and fauna….it was a reserve area…after reaching their they got their cabins….the place was also famous for scuba diving and dolphin sightings…the girls panicked …Radhika refused upfront; ‘’I am not doing this’’

Arjun; ‘’You were dying for camping…now behaving like a wuss…what a spoil sport’’

Radhika ; ‘’I am a the biggest wuss on the planet….happy…you guys go…I will stay in the cabin’’

Sam; ‘’Chashni let’s try…please’’

Neil; ‘’We have to be in a group…can’t leave you here…come now…’’ Radhika changed and agreed…once they were ready…the guide took them to the beautiful world of water….Sam was smiling from ear to ear…everything that she saw on television or pictures was live…she touched fishes and smiled…Neil was happy looking at Sam’s happiness….Radhika was not moving from her place…she pretended getting suffocated…and being breathless…but none of them were affected ny her drama …after coming back they mocked her but she was least interested…..the guide helped them make a small camp fire…they enjoyed …sang and had their dinner….Sam and Neil retired for the night…Radhika too went back to her cabin…but when Arjun didn’t come she got worried…she came out and found him standing near a tree…’’What’s wrong Tiger’’ Arjun smiled and lovingly hugged her…but he was worried Radhika was leaving in a month…and he feared her safety…he tighten his grip…

After coming back to New York Neil-Sam were ready to leave…..Arjun Radhika went them to drop…Radhika hugged Sam; ‘’Sammy be strong and everything will fall in place…and if doesn’t we will do it together’’

Sam; ‘’Come soon…will miss you’’ Radhika nodded Neil watched worried Arjun…’’I will take care till you don’t come’’

Arjun; ‘’Obsession is dangerous…till I marry her…I can’t be calm…but please Neil tc’’ Neil hugged Arjun and left with Sam…Radhika was little emotional…Arjun squeezed her hand; ‘’You will stay with me every weekend…and I will stay with you all weekdays for this 1 month’’ Radhika nodded

Obsession of any kind can be dangerous…..don’t ignore…

Precap;- Radhika back in India….Jai’s obsession rises

Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks a ton Priya 🙂 well Nesam will have to face anger of there loved ones….well you will see the meeting between Sam and Radhika’s parents….Jai will try….but his life is full of faliure…Radhika will handle him…but ARjun will put the final nail in the coffin 🙂 and no need for sorry its ok 🙂 loads of love and million hugs for me 🙂

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