Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 35)

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Whatever may be the case….nothing beats the bond which you share with …your childhood friend

Chapter 35


Radhika got to know about Sam through Arjun…she rushed to the hospital and found unconscious and pale Sam lying on the bed with drips and equipment…Neil sitting by her bed holding her hand…and Arjun sitting on the couch watching Neil sadly…she walks to Neil; ‘’How is she?’’

Neil; ‘’better …she consumed whole packet of peanut cookies…to escape that man…I failed her chashni…she was scared to be alone…and I left her alone…’’ Neil sobs

Radhika wipes her tears…cups Neil’s face; ‘’You never failed her….punish Ayan and pull her out of this mess neil and soon…we cannot let this go on for more’’

Arjun; ‘’we will…Neil take care of her…I will pace up things now we will close Ayan’s chapter before you guys leave for India..’’

Neil ; ‘’Arjun take Radhika home’’

Radhika; ‘’No I will stay’’

Neil; ‘’only one can stay…come in the morning I can go back then….now go’’

Radhika took place beside Arjun in his car…she was angry on Ayan for Sam’s state and scared too

Arjun; ‘’I will drop you to your dorm…and tomorrow morning to the hospital…’’ Radhika did not respond once they reached her dorm…she asked;
‘’Can I stay with you?’’

Arjun; ‘’If you are fine’’

Radhika; ‘’wait her for 2 minutes I will be back’’ Radhika came back with a small bag and Rajun took her to his apartment…Radhika quickly changes and ties her hair in a bun…she walks to Arjun’s room and finds him standing in the balcony…Radhika hugs him from behind; ‘’No one will come between us …right…?? I don’t want the pain what Neil and Sam are going through’’

Arjun pulled her to front; ‘’no one…I won’t let anyone close to you…stop worrying Sam will be fine…and Ayan will be punished…now smile…please for me’’ Radhika smiles but not fully…Arjun hugs her again…’’Bunny my sister met your parents…I don’t think they will agree easily’’

Arjun felt Radhika’s tightening arm around him and her tears on his t-shirt…’’Bunny stop crying…we will convince them…I promise you’’ Arjun brings her inside…makes her sit…wipe her tears; ‘’thank you for loving me so much’’

Radhika; ‘’get one thing straight either it’s you or no one …you don’t know my extreme’’ Arjun hugged her tightly… Arjun smiles; ‘’you are something else…I love everything about you…don’t worry..I marked you as mine…no one takes what belongs to me’’ Radhika finally smiled….she knew he will not let her go anywhere… Arjun hugs her patting her back…Radhika makes a decision; ‘’Ayan Raizada….I don’t what
Arjun Neil will do …but once Sam open her eyes I am going to teach you a lesson for life….Sam I shared my childhood with you I will make you stand again wrong now’’

Neil watched sleeping Sam she looked so weak…he was angry now…first he had decided just to pull Sam out but now…it will destroy Ayan Raizada completely …he knew what has to be done Myra had already been secured…and Rana somehow threatened the remaining partners to sign their share of to Neil as Ayan’s was bound to be punished..and it would involve his partners too…Neil came to Sam touched her forehead she slowly opened her eyes and smiled…

Neil; ‘’Sammy this is the last time you suffered pain…now I will end this…we will marry soon’’

Sam eyes started flowing…she was weak…her voice came out in whisper; ‘’Promise?’’

Neil kissed her forehead; ‘’Yes my life…we will marry I don’t want to leave you alone again…Radhika will be coming to give you company…I will be back in afternoon’’ Sam held Neil’s hand and kissed it lightly

Radhika got up and found herself alone on the bed and Arjun on the couch…she smiled , walked to him and poked him…Arjun lazily looked at her; ‘’Bunny let me sleep…you kicked me off the bed…don’t know what were you angry about’’

Radhika smiled and again poked him; ‘’move and make place for me’’ Arjun opened his eyes smiled an shifted…she happily adjusted herself next to him….Arjun lovingly hugged her…’’Sorry tiger…I was angry on that Ayan…I kept on kicking him in my dream’’ Arjun laughed…and Radhika could feel the his body vibrating against hers; ‘’God! he is still safe…and poor me got kicked…Bunny seriously you are giving me all reasons to love you u more…and don’t dream about anyone except me ….now get up you need to go to Sam…’’ Instead of getting up she moved closer to him..hiding herself in his chest; ‘’2 minutes pls’’ Arjun hugged her like a teddy bear…well 2 minutes turned into an hour…and these love birds were woken up by Neil’s call…Arjun answered; ‘’Yes’’

Neil; ‘’Where the hell is Radhika…and you were suppose to drop her here’’

Arjun jerked up; ‘’Yeah…will pick her up In sometime…we will be there in 30 min’’

Neil; ‘’Pick her up??…do I look like an idiot…I know she is with you…now both of you be quick’’ Arjun smiled at his phone..and then gave a look to Radhika…he ruffled her hair ; ‘’wake up my doll….your adopted dad will kill me’’

Radhika stretched.. smiled and hugged him; ‘’will be out in 5 minutes….love you’’ Arjun dropped Radhika to the hospital….Neil’s irritated gaze
moved from Arjun to Radhika….he pulled her ear…’’I accepted him doesn’t mean you are free to do all kind of circus….take this as a warning’’

Radhika rubbed her ear…curled her lip and went inside….Arjun wished Sam and took Neil with him.

Radhika was welcomed by Sam with a smile; ‘’Chashni…why did Neil scold you’’

Radhika; ‘’Because he loves to do that…leave him…how are you feeling’’

Sam; ‘’Better’’

Radhika; ‘’Sammy you ate full packet of peanut cookies…you could have died..’’

Sam kept looking down…and then spoke; ‘’That would be best part…who needs me…mom pushed me into this without reading the terms and conditions…Neil is going through so much…I even questioned your pious bond… I am not a good person’’

Radhika cupped her face; ‘’I need you…before Neil and ARjun…it Sam and Radhika…and it will always be the same…Sam you need to stand for yourself…stop justifying yourself….do what you believe in…rather than eating these cookies you should have messaged me …I would have chopped that guys balls off…’’ The nurse who entered Sam’s room dropped the tray hearing Radhika’s sentence…and Sam laughed…. Radhika made a proud face…Radhika helped Sam in breakfast and entertained her…she noticed continuous calls on Sam’s phone; ‘’Sammy why is Ayan calling you now’’

Sam; ‘’for compromise he is scared of consequences’’

Radhika thought for a moment and spoke; ‘’Lets meet him once you are fine’’

Sam blinked; ‘’Chashni…Neil will kill us both’’

Radhika whispered; ‘’Remember what we did with the guy in doon ….who kept drooling on you for 6 months…we will so similar thing with him…but in a polished way’’

Sam; ‘’No Chashni…Neil has asked me not to attend his call’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam…he is your boy friend not your master…be a 21st century girl’’

Sam pressed her lips; ‘’Drama queen…sit down before someone throws you out…for organizing opera in a hospital’’

Radhika; ‘’First promise me you will listen to me’’

Sam helplessly nodded…Radhika clapped….her Pov; ‘I will give you such a punishment that from now on…you will think 10 times before hurting any girl’

Arjun and Neil reached Arjun’s apartment….Neil directly went to Arjun’s bar and made himself a drink…Arjun snatched it; ‘’No Neil not early morning…calm yourself down’’

Neil pulled his hair; ‘’I want to kill that man.. Ayan’’

Arjun; ‘’Destroy….killing will free him off with pain….it will take sometime for the legal formalities to get you the complete ownership of GLITZ till then stay calm’’ Arjun was still trying to calm Neil when he got Nandini’s call; ‘’Yes nandu’’

Nandini; ‘’Put me on speaker…need to speak to both of you’’ Arjun obliged ‘’Neil…listen marry Sam before stepping in India…don’t worry about anything I will handle…if she has you legally it would be difficult to harm her…we need to keep her safe….and Myra is difficult…she is not ready to open her mouth she fears that Ayan may harm her again…prison in Bangkok was a nightmare…she is too scared’’

Neil lost it; ‘’What the hell di…we helped her out…and now she is refusing us …won’t leave her’’

Nandini; ‘’’Neil calm down…and do as I say…Arjun make him sleep and from today Hudson will be with Sam till she is in US…Neil do you trust your di?’’’

Neil huffed; ‘’Do you really need an answer di’’

Nandini smiled; ‘’Good now rest…Hudson is in hospital where Sam is admitted and this is for both of you…Ayan will try to get in touch with Sam to buy his safety… beware ’’ Nandini disconnected…. Arjun and Neil looked at each other and decided to keep an eye on Ayan closely

Ayan was restless….Sam was not answering…and Arjun Mehra was standing to protect her…plus he didn’t knew whom his partners had signed their shares off…he had to get to Sam to save his neck…but how…he was thinking….when he got Sam’s call; ‘’Thanks Sam…can we meet please’’

Sam; ‘’Ok will message you the venue once I am free’’ Sam disconnected and Radhika gave her a thumbs up.

Mumbai Mehra Industries head office

Nandini was in the head office of Mehra group…discussing something with Arnav…well 6-7 yr old girl dashed into the cabin and hid under Arnav’s table…both looked at each other surprised and amused…about the little disturbance…Nandini heard a knock…and turned to the door a tall man with wheatish complexion dressed in a tuxedo entered…;’’I am so sorry….Sia come out’’

Arnav smiled; ‘’Its ok Sid…have a seat…Sia is quite comfortable’’

Nandini smiled; ‘’Sid when did you get married…bad you didn’t invite me’’

Sid; ‘’I never married…but Sia is my daughter’’

Nandini smiled and pulled Sia out; ‘’Come out SIa aunty will give you chocolate’’ Sia came out holding her doll and chocolate in other hand….Nandini looks and chocolate and then Arnav…’’Chahu!!! its not good for your health’’ Arnav smiles…and calls his PA…’’Please take Sia to kids play zone on ground floor’’

Nandini; ‘’Sid you never married then Sia?’’

Sid; ‘’I adopted her…and now she is my daughter’’

Nandini; ‘’Get married…give Sia a good mom’’

Sid smiled; ‘’Will you marry me Nandini’’ Nandini froze and Arnav smiled…she excused herself and left.

Arnav ; ‘’Sid are you serious’’

Sid; ‘’I have always been serious about her…she refused then…and I am still waiting and will always wait’’

Arnav; ‘’Sid …convincing her has always been difficult but you have something which will melt Nandini….Sia….I want to see her happy before I leave this world’’ Arnav smiled gently he wanted his daughter to be happy…Nandini had been an amazing daughter and sister…but now it was time they should think about her too…

Sid or Siddharth Rathore was Arnav’s friend and business associates son…he had done his professional studies with Nandini…and had like her since then…she was intelligent full of life…and extremely beautiful..whatever may be the situation she smiled…what attracted Sid was Nandini’s love for kids Since her college days..she was able to gel with any kid…she still took care of an NGO which was working in the betterment of under privileged kids…and it was Nanini’s idea…to start a day boarding in Mehra Group of Companies…so that employees could work and take care and stay close to their kids too

They always had been friends …Sid wanted to be a part of Nandini’s life…but before he could confess…Nandini got engage to Samrat…and Sid decided to be happy in her happiness….It was 2 days before Nandini’s wedding…Mehra Mansion house was full of celebration…Sid would go there as a friend and helping hand…just to see her…her smile mattered to him the most…but a phone call changed everything…Samrat married his college friend Piyali 2 days before his marriage to Nandini…she broke down…she had come to love Samrat…Arnav and his wife were devastated and their beloved Niece’s condition…

Sid proposed after 2 yrs but Nandini refused….he couldn’t marry someone else….Sid opened his eyes when someone knocked his cabin door…and when it opened he saw Nandini smiling at him.


Arjun decided to pick Radhika up from her campus he had to drop her to hospital as Sam was getting discharged…Arjun parked and walked to wards the building…but the view in front of him made him mad….his curled his fingers into a fist…Radhika just hugged one for her class mate…

Arjun POV; ‘’I was trying to forget your last mistake of dancing with 5 guys in my party and now this…time to teach you a lesson’’

Sam was getting discharged…Radhika was with her in her room..Sam came out after changing and softly spoke ; ‘’Chashni…I spoke to Ayan now what?’’

Radhika; ‘’tell me what kind of punishment he deserves…’’

Sam; ‘’he should be stripped naked…the way he keeps doing with girls…Chashni…how about a male striptease’’ Sam and Radhika smiled each other…Neil observed both the girls smiling…his POV; ’don’t know who is about to die’

Radhika Neil took Sam back to Arjun’s apartment….Neil took Sam inside and made her rest…Radhika looped her arm around Arjun’s waist and brushed her fingers on his waist..Arjun smiled; ‘’Bunny what are you doing’’

Radhika; ‘’trying to take advantage of the situation and you’’

Arjun pulled her close ; ‘’let’s go out somewhere… just you and me’’

Radhika took a sigh of relief; ‘’Thank god you understood’’ Arjun smiled….gripped her hand and walked out of the apartment…

Arjun took Radhika to Steve’s studio…he latched the room…’’you promised me…you will dance for me…will you do now’’ Radhika nodded and
ARjun played the song ‘ye fitoor’….Radhika danced stretching …curling….opening her body and curves….she started spinning on one leg then curled in a sitting position giving Arjun a flying kiss…Radhika again picked up the beats and went spinning to Arjun…and sat on her knees bowing her head in front of him…symbolizing her complete surrender to him…finishing her performance…Arjun lifted her chin up….’’your place in not in my feet…its here in my heart….but sometimes you forget that ’’ Arjun held her palm over his chest…Radhika got up and hugged him; ‘’Did you like it …’’

Arjun watched her face but his eyes were different…they were hungry…wild; ‘’Time to show you’’ Arjun stood up holding Radhika tightly to him and invaded her mouth… but the aggression was something that Radhika had never experienced before….he had never been hard on her…but this was something else…she felt disgusted because she couldn’t feel love…it was mad …she tried to push him away but he went on deepening it more tightening his grip Radhika was terrified…his grip was too painful..and he didn’t care of her low sobs…she wanted to be free..but his grip was way too strong…Arjun pulled back and observed her face….she looked nervous …her face bloomed pink….she was scared… …Radhika’s eyes had tears…’’What was this’’

Arjun smiled…pulled her in a protective embrace and spoke at the top of her head; ‘’This was the punishment for dancing 5 Random guys at my party and hugging that creep in your campus ’’

Radhika looked at Arjun all shocked..she felt insulted; ‘’you still are holding onto that party…you are impossible Arjun’’

Arjun; ‘’This my problem…I don’t forget a thing…and I pay back’’

Radhika; ‘’Pay back??? Am I your competitor or your enemy…that you need a payback…. Do you care…how scared I was in that mad grip of yours…let me go now’’ she struggled but he held her tight

Arjun; ‘’Easy Bunny….This is was the 10% what you make me feel…I had seen your RYTHYM video…even before you came to US…I went wild….I wanted you like crazy….but then met you…and fell in love with you…now you are my madness… I am not sorry…because can never see you with someone else…’’

Radhika was still scared ‘’ Arjun if you didn’t like it.. you could have spoken about it… but what you did was insulting …’’

Arjun smiled and lifted her eyes to meet his; ‘’Next time you flirt …I will punish you very bad….this was nothing…. you can’t escape me now…I don’t want to hurt you’’

Radhika ; ‘’you just did…leave me I want to go home’’

Arjun pulled her close..rubbed her back; ‘’Do you trust me’’ She did not answer him…she was hurt by the way he punished her….she felt insulted…if he was stubborn and she was no less….Arjun smiled at her silence…he pulled her in a hug…she did not respond…he knew she was angry…but he was helpless…yes he changed but for how long a Tiger will behave like a kitten.

Radhika gathered her strength and pushed him…Arjun was surprised …he walked to her but she stopped; ‘’No… stay back….’’ Radhika walked off leaving Arjun behind ‘’
Love is not just about right on a person….but also about the rights and freedom of that person…respect your love.

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Credit to: Gauri


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    • Gauri

      Thanks for the comment Swetha 🙂 you will know what happens in the next one 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks Rg for the fantastic comment 😀 now your answers well…Radhika knows she has tiger in hand….but she is upset because he said he punished her…she could not stand that…Rads has her own ways she will handle him…now you tell me do you think a man like Arjun can change…no mess don’t worry…she is not the girl who runs around and complain she will find her own way…wait for the next one 🙂 I gave a hint how Sam and Rads will punish Ayan…you will soon see that coming…I am still writing MMZ and DPO….I havent written a single word…so may be Thursday morning 🙂 loads of love 🙂

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