Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 33)

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Chapter 33

A beautiful quote- ‘’Ultimate test for love is the distance…the one who withstand it…define true love’’
Sam got up early and prepared breakfast for Anna and Radhika…she quickly got ready to leave for Arjun’s place ….Sam took a taxi to Arjun’s place…she got a call from Ayan; ‘’How are you darling’’

Sam; ‘’Behave….I am not your darling’’

Ayan; ‘’Well you will be…3 months from now is our engagement…after that you will be mine…how about a date…I am in New York for your shoot’’

Sam; ‘’Then lets have that date once I have your ring on my finger…good bye’’ Sam was irritated…she wanted to help Piyali but never thought she will land in this mess…Sam kept wiping her tears, once she was at Arjun’s place….she took 2 minutes to composed herself…and then pressed the door bell…Stella answered…Sam asked about Arjun nad Neil…and Stella informed they were still in study…Sam found Neil and Arjun comfortably sleeping in the study…the glasses and the ashtray showed that they had good time together…Sam smiled and left her room.

Sam threw her body on the bed and closed her eyes…she knew she was trapped by Ayan…she herself had taken a hasty decision in anger and now because of her Neil will be in pain…tears started smearing down her eyes….Sam didn’t realize when sleep took over her pain and she retreated into a deep slumber.

Radhika Arjun decided not to meet any further…they decided to prove their love…Arjun wanted to solve Neil’s issue…not to get Radhika but for his beloved friend…Neil knew he will pull Sam out of the mess …but he wanted to check whether the distance between Arjun-Radhika take Arjun on the wrong path again…2 months were enough for him

Sam was getting ready for her shoot…today Arjun had accompanied her instead of Neil…Sam was sitting infornt of the mirror watching her image….her pain worry everything was evident in her eyes Arjun watched her and then came in; ‘’Sam…you are not alone…nothing will happen’’

Sam nodded; ‘’Arjun why are you helping me…My dad destroyed your sister’s life….Mehra’s don’t like us’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Someone taught me to punish the culprit and not the innocent associated with the culprit…more over Nandu holds no grudge against anyone’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Radhika!!!….she can only give such lectures’’

Arjun; ‘’Sam…why did you sign this contract…it’s a suicide’’

Sam; ‘’In Chicago…I thought I lost Neil…I wanted to punish myself so I decided to invite the hell and my stupidity resulted getting you all involved in a mess…I am sorry’’

Arjun; ‘’It happens….there are two people in my life who love you dearly…and initially I was helping you for them….but now you are a friend …don’t worry I will pull you out of this mess…’’

Sam studied Arjun for a sec; ‘’You love her too much…go meet her….I can see the pain in your eyes don’t know how Neil can be so blind’’

Arjun; ‘’He is not blind…he cares for her…and its ok…I will do anything for her…if this temporary pain can give me my Radhika for life…I am fine with it’’

Sam; ‘’Arjun…you have changed…Old Arjun would have forcefully met Radhika’’

Arjun; ‘’Love changed me I don’t want to force anything on her..she doesn’t like it….Sam why does Neil care so much about her….and how come I never met her….I mean we share common friends and I know all his acquaintances…then how come I couldn’t get a glimpse of her ’’

Sam smile; ‘’because she has always been his family… his birdie…little one…and what not…and with your reputation forget it….when people pulled Neil’s leg regarding Radhika…he would get angry…and about his care for her well…Initially it was because Radhika’s unconditional care for me…but then her mischief and honesty made them best friends ….and 4 yrs back something changed in Radhika …since then Neil turned overprotective about her….that day when he took Bhai’s name….I lost my temper…trust me Arjun Bhai can never stoop so low’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Sam its ok…Leave all that…now go…I will be around’’ Sam nodded and left…Arjun pulled his mobile and rubbed his thumb on the screen saver which had the picture of Radhika…he knew Neil wouldn’t lie…and Arjun himself was determined to teach Jai a lesson

Radhika was busy in library… she had exams and then her last trimester…she had done good in all trimester and wanted to give her best…but she missed Arjun dearly his possessive and impossible nature…his care…his anger…and his habit to cuddle her…she missed all….it had been two weeks since they met…her gang was also busy in their respective jobs as they all were senior to her…but they would time and again give her company…and try to cheer her up. After finishing her job at library…Radhika went to the store Deepak had noticed she was not coming with Arjun and was curious to know the reason; ‘’These days you come alone…where is your boyfriend’’

Radhika; ‘’I think…my personal life has nothing to do with my job at this store….so I chose not to answer’’

Deepak ‘s ego got hurt; ‘’Attitude!!!…tell me how did you trap him…he had never stayed with a girl that long…what did you offer him’’

Radhika turned and smiled; ‘’Deepak turn around….you have your answers’’ Ron stood there frowning with his hands folded to his chest…Deepak gulped in fear…

Ron; ‘’Rads…you shift time is over…go my car is parked out…I will join you in a sec’’ Radhika nodded and left…Ron walked to Deepak in a way to warn him; ‘’You should never mess with your boss….Arjun owns this place…and if next time I find you using this kind of language with her…next would be Arjun standing infront of you’’

Ron fired the engine and drove off with Radhika…she was quite…Ron; ‘’Rads we all miss the old one…who use to talk nonstop and irritate us…you have also stopped your dance practice…why dear’’

Radhika did not answer…she kept looking down…she felt if she spoke her voice will give up…Ron stopped his car…Radhika looked around; ‘’Where are we?’’

Ron; ‘’Come out…’’ Radhika came out it was the famous Ice cream outlet where Arjun would bring her…she smiled…and followed Ron…when she came inside she was greeted by her gang and Samaira…they tickled her…pulled her cheeks..Bought the best ice-cream she like… Radhika felt better…suddenly Anna dropped her cup on Radhika; ‘’Oops sorry Rads’’.

Radhika; ‘’No problem…I will be back in a minute’’ Once Radhika left Anna and Sam gave each other a hifi ….Radhika went inside the ladies room…. and got busy cleaning the mess…suddenly her eyes went on the mirror…Arjun was standing leaning on the wall watching her with a smile…she blinked a couple of times…Radhika pinched herself and then rubbed her hand Arjun chuckled; ‘’Come to me Bunny…I am waiting’’

Radhika ran to him and hugged him; ‘’Arjun …I missed you’’ Arjun removed her clip to let her long hair lose…he moved his fingers in the tangled knots of her hair..holding her waist with the other arm; ‘’You are turning beautiful with each moving day’’

Radhika; ‘’tell me something I don’t know’’ that surprised Arjun

Arjun; ‘’You were supposed to blush…and tell me…that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and all’’

Radhika lifted her head from his chest and looked straight into his eyes; ‘’I am meeting you after 2 weeks…and you want to waste time in my blushing…’’ Arjun laughed and pulled her up into a warm hug; ‘’I want to be old Arjun…and kidnap you’’

Radhika; ‘’Do it…I promise not to shout…we will make a hut in a jungle and stay happily’’ that made him smile more; ‘’Bunny I have to go….Anna will take you home….Neil allowed me to meet you today guess he saw your gloomy face….’’ Arjun kissed her forehead…he gently loosen his grip but Radhika tighten it…she went oh her toes and kissed Arjun lovingly..she whispered; ‘’then make use of the opportunity….Now hug me tight and let me feel your love…’’

Arjun smiled tighten his grip and hugged her tight…leaving no place for air to pass through them…after sometime he moved; ‘’Promise me you will start dancing again…I had actually fallen for your dance’’ Radhika frowned…Arjun smile at the confusion ‘’Bunny will you dance for me….only me…I want to watch you….all alone’’

Radhika; ‘’Tell me when…but take care of your heart…guys fall for me once they watch me dancing’’

Arjun rubbed his thumb on her lips; ‘’I said only for me….no guy will watch you dancing from now… I will chose the song’’ Arjun kissed Radhika passionately ‘’you are mine….I will marry you in soon…no more distance’’

Arjun started walking to the door…..Radhika; ‘’Arjun can we call this our first wash room date’’ Arjun turned a found her with a serious face…he understood opened his arms again she smiled and hugged him again….’’I should get a hug for each day I missed’’ Arjun lovingly patted her head and left watching her walking backwards…without turning his back to her.

Sam and Arjun reached home…Arjun asked Sam to rest and went to his study…he knew Neil would be there…Arjun found Neil reading; ‘’So bro…how was your day’’

Neil; ‘’Good News…Myra is on her way to India…but keep fingers crossed till she reaches’’

Arjun; ‘’Wow…great job Neil….you really love Sam…otherwise Neil doing something like this impossible’’

Neil; ‘’How is Chashni?…I hate giving her pain’’

Arjun didn’t look into Neil’s eyes; ‘’She is fine…she loves you a lot Neil…she will never hurt you’’

Neil; ‘’you are not jealous…??? That is something strange’’

Arjun; ‘’I was..I wanted to snatch her from the world…I made her busy that so that she couldn’t speak to you…but her honesty changed me…well stop all this I have some work will join you for dinner go and meet Sam….she missed you all day’’

Neil turned to the door but then stopped; ‘’I let you see Radhika for her sake….but from now you guys will not see each other till I am sure of your love…and remember Arjun…1 mistake and I will pull her away.’’ Arjun smiled but in his heart he was scared to lose her.

Neil stopped at the door and turned; ‘’Arjun what about the second restaurant opening in US…are we still on that’’

Arjun; ‘’yes Neil … we will have the inauguration party this Saturday’’

Sam was not liking what Neil was doing…she was constantly pushing Neil to agree for Arjun Radhika…she met Radhika today and her dull face made Sam worried as Neil walked into her room Sam was ready; ‘’You should meet Chashni…she never gave up dancing and now stopped it completely’’ Neil seemed to be deaf he kept on doing his work…he understood Sam’s anger ….Sam couldn’t control; ‘’speak something’’

Neil calmly replied; “I care for her Sam….I allowed Arjun today just for her’’

Sam; ‘’you are forgetting this is Arjun…if he decides he will get Radhika…he will not care for any of your conditions and rules’’

Neil smirked; ‘’Arjun can break my conditions…but my chashni won’t and I am waiting for one mistake…don’t forget…I am not that easy …and keep yourself free on sat we have the opening of our second restaurant in US’’

Sam huffed ; ‘’Fine do whatever you like…I will go and help Stella…but remember…I need my old chashni back’’ Sam moved to the door and smiled..her POV; ‘Devil Kitchen second restaurant inauguration …I will make Chashini meet ARjun …let Neil go to hell’

Radhika messaged Arjun; ‘’Missing you’’ he smiled and pressed his mobile to his chest…he responded…’’Bunny no meeting and talking or messaging from today….I really want to prove myself…please…don’t make me lose’’ Radhika had tears in her eyes….she responded in a single word; ‘’fine’’ Arjun understood she was pained….but he wanted to prove that a guy like him can fall for someone with his full heart and can keep every promise he made to his love

It was Saturday Arjun and Neil got ready at their best…Arjun wore a jeans with while shirt loosely tucked and a black half jacket…Neil was completely in black tuxedo …with his top buttons lose…Sam had left on pretext of going to the stylist ….but she went directly to Radhika’s dorm…Arjun had invited his gang too….Anna and Cheryl were trying to make Radhika ready…but she refused as neither Neil nor Arjun invited her…she was hell angry….and didn’t wanted to go…Sam reached her dorm and saw Radhika with an angry expression…’’Sam I am not coming…none of them invited me….I am done being good with both of them’’

Sam hid her smile ; ‘’That’s what I want to explain you…be bad and come….dance with all available guys and make Arjun jealous…and Neil…if you come there it would be a punishment for your adoptive dad as his little one turned a rebel…what say’’ Radhika thought and went inside the washroom’’

Anna; ‘’Wow that worked’’

Sam; ‘’She can’t stand anyone ignoring her…now let’s make her ready quickly before she changes her mind’’ Radhika dressed herself in the gown gifted by Sam and Anna did her makeup and hair…Radhika gave herself one look… and left with girls for the venue.

The second restaurant of Devil’s Kitchen in US was a grand ….Arjun Neil had included cuisines from all over the globe….it was on two floor space…on the open terrace and below that a closed one…….the open terrace had Aquariums with beautiful fishes in the pillars giving a soothing view to the guests…there was a bar on each floor…serving best drinks on the menu…Neil-Arjun were satisfied with their work….they were growing big …not as a Mehra or Melhotra but as Arjun and Neil…they were still in the discussion with their guests when girls entered the party….Neil huffed in frustration and Sam gave him a winning smirk…But then Neil realized he could test Arjun with Radhika right infront of him…Arjun’s expression turned soft…his face clearly showed his deep feelings for Radhika…but then he averted his gaze….went to bar table and took a seat…showing his back to her….Sam felt like punching Neil and slapping Arjun…A blonde approached Neil for a dance…he agreed to make Sam jealous…but

Sam was least concerned as all her attention was on Radhika….whose anger was on boiling point…Radhika accepted the dance invitation and danced freely with a guy… Sam walked to Arjun ….Sam; ’’I did this for you two….you are drinking and she is dancing …’’

Arjun; ‘’Thanks Sam…because of you I got to see her face…I couldn’t even invite her‘’

Sam; ‘’Arjun….kill all the rules go meet her…I will handle that devil’’

Arjun; ‘’No its ok…by the way go tell your Chashni to stop flirting….I will punish her bad for all this random dancing….this is the 4th… now 5th guy she is dancing with’’

Sam made a face; ‘’You have your back to her….then how come..’’

Arjun smiled and pointed at the black shining glass at the bar shelf….Sam smiled and went straight to Radhika and took her to the corner; ‘’Arjun will kill you for dancing like this…and your Neil will murder me for turning you into a rebel’’

Radhika all angry ; ‘’Don’t worry…I will kill them both in one go’’ Radhika turned towards Arjun and found him talking to a beautiful girl…all happy…..Sam observed this and then gave Neil an angry stare she knew Neil wanted to check Arjun-Radhika’s trust on each other……Neil watched everything with a smile…and Arjun’s gang was really worried about …upcoming War….Arjun joined the lady and walked with her to a corner of the terrace…Neil walks to Radhika; ‘’aren’t you angry…you tiger has found a different tigress’’

Radhika smiled took Neil’s arm and walked in the same direction….they found Arjun standing alone in the corner….Radhika looked at Neil; ‘’Don’t forget he is a Tiger…he never hides and Tiger is only for his Bunny…Neil its impossible to break my trust on him….now go because I won’t leave this party without hugging him…and I don’t want you rolling your eyes at me’’ Neil smiled pulled her cheeks and left…Radhika walked to Arjun and hugged him from behind…Arjun pulled her front..’’Did you doubt me’’

Radhika; ‘’not even for a second…I know Neil …I knew he had send that girl to you and more than that I trust you’’ Arjun pulled Radhika to his chest…she hugged him tightly…

Arjun; ’’Bunny… your adoptive dad is not that bad…he gave us few moments together’’

Radhika; ‘’Because he has started trusting your love…don’t worry he will himself send you to me…or I will kill him’’ Arjun chuckled at her cute blabbering and lifted her up so she could comfortably bind her arms around his neck….Neil watched the two from some distance and smiled his POV; ‘I wanted to keep her away….but she became his life…wow…hats off to you destiny’

Sam walked to Neil; ‘’So Mr Melhotra…why aren’t you dragging them away…’’

Neil pulled Sam in an arm hug; ‘’Who will understand the pain of separation more than me… Arjun made me trust him…’’ Sam smiled and kept her head on his chest….Neil wrapped an arm around her …’’Sam …did you feel bad when you found Arjun as Radhika’s boyfriend’’

Sam; ‘’Was surprised…but I never felt bad…because I loved you and most important…never forget Radhika and I are together since we were four…nothing can be more important than her’’

Neil felt proud; ‘’Sammy time to take you in the corner’’ Sam blushed and punched him lightly hugging him again.
Love also has shades sometimes its care…friendship…companionship…it can also be passion pain…surrender….but it never can be obsession…obsession only leads to destruction…and love never destroys

Precap : Arjun-Radhika reconcile…Sam takes a drastic step to save herself from Ayan…Neil decides to marry Sam ASAP.

Credit to: Gauri


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