Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 31)

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We all are flawed creatures…and we should open our hearts to accept the other person with their good and bad…this is what love is truly about
Chapter 31

Radhika woke up and found Arjun standing in the balcony…he looked worried…Radhika walked to him; ‘’Now …what’s the reason for your worry’’

Arjun smiled at her and pulled her in an arm hug; ‘’Radhika will you marry me after you bachelors…you can continue your studies or job whatever you want to do’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes I will…now come and I will prepare coffee…by the way I am leaving for Chicago day after tomorrow ..Neil messaged me the details..’’

Arjun; ‘’Fine I will book mine on same…give me your details….Bunny if Neil disapproves me then’’

Radhika; ‘’You are talking like a girl…leave everything on me…I have a confession….now I cannot be with anyone else…either you or no one….I love you Hades’’

Arjun laughed….he knew Neil will try to dissuade Radhika…and once his truth is out Radhika will be angry but she might not talk to him…but he had faith in his love…he pulled her into a bear hug…Radhika smiled and mischievously spoke; ‘’I gave you a happy morning….now prepare coffee for both of us…’’

Arjun Blinked; ‘’you said you would do that’’

Radhika lifted her shoulders; ‘’So!….my mood changed….you prepare…I will go and freshen up’’ Arjun rolled his eyes …nodded his head and went to the kitchen

Radhika joined Neil in his hotel… Arjun booked himself a different one…he had already received an invitation from Prerna…Arjun’s gang was joining them on the day of concert 3 days Radhika practiced for more than 8 hrs…and in night when everyone would sleep she would meet her prince…Radhika Sam met like long lost sisters and Neil had to plug his ears with cotton to prevent them from getting damaged… finally the day of concert arrived Radhika was too nervous…she got ready…but had turned cold….Neil came to her and found her sitting on the green room chair and shaking her legs…he knelt infornt of her; ‘’little one don’t panic…you are good I know that…and you will rock’’

Radhika gave him a weak smile; ‘’Are you sure’’

Neil ; ‘’Yes my Chashni can never lose…and your lucky charm is with you’’ Radhika finally smiled broadly…Neil asked her to get ready Neil was leaving when Radhika gave him a warm hug…Neil hugged her back ; ‘’Missed you Neil…wish we were born to same parents…no one would have asked the relation we share’’

Neil kissed on the top of her head; ‘’We share something more bigger than that…friendship…and people… they can question even purest of bonds…we are answerable only to our parents and the god within us….and I will always be there…now get ready…you have to rock’’ Arjun who heard their conversation from outside smiled…he understood what Radhika-Neil shared…and now he desperately wanted Neil to accept him as a part of Radhika’s life. Radhika got ready when she came out of the wash room she found Arjun in her room …she quickly locked the door; ‘’Who allowed you’’

Arjun pulled her close; ‘’I have my ways Bunny…now be a good girl and give me a hug…I missed you for last 10 hrs 42 min and some sec..’’

Radhika giggled she kissed him deep; ‘’I love you tiger…let me know how was my performance…’’

Arjun; ‘’Steve is recording it…’’ Arjun pulled Radhika to his chest and stood quietly for sometime he wished her and left…but Neil who was coming to escort Radhika to stage saw him leaving…Neil fisted…’’not my CHashni Arjun…you won’t ruin her…I won’t let you’’.

Radhika walked to the stage…Neil patted her head but he was angry…she felt him different …Radhika held his forefinger and smiled…Neil gave in …he smiled wished her….

….Sam hugged Radhika; ‘’Go make me proud and I want to meet your prince charming….’’ Radhika blushed and nodded’’

Radhika started and mesmerized everyone…she performed amazing kathak…her friends were totally into it…Arjun never blinked during her performance….she took 30 spins before finishing it and halted in the middle of stage…she greeted applauding audience with a namaskar and the curtains came down …Radhika went back stage she directly went to Neil; ‘’Buddy how was it?’’

Neil watched her innocent face and big eyes…he couldn’t hold his anger…cupped her face and pulled her in a protective hug…Radhika was surprised; ‘’Did I make a mistake…why are you so worried?’’

Neil; ‘’Even if you do I won’t let you do a mistake…go back to the hotel you have next performance day after tomorrow and Chashni…stay in your room…no more going out with your boyfriend in the night’’ Radhika was surprised…she thought no one knew and she left her room after everyone retired…and Arjun never entered the lobby he would wait at the reception…Radhika lowered her eyes and left. Arjun could not find Radhika after performance he finally drove back to her hotel…and went directly to her room…Radhika opened the door; ‘’Arjun you shouldn’t be here’’

Arjun walked in locked the door; ‘’I care a damm’’ Neil knew Arjun will do this he knocked Radhika’s room she answered….she made Arjun hide….Neil walked in with Sam; ‘’Come out Arjun’’ this sentence left Radhika and Sam shocked to the core….Radhika gave Arjun a questioning look…he lowered his eyes…Neil smirked; ‘’Looks like you didn’t tell her you are the same Arjun who is my childhood friend and was Sam’s crush’’

Sam; ‘’Neil why are we talking about it ….please don’t embarrass me’’

Neil; ‘’I told you Arjun…stay away from her…she is not your plaything’’

Arjun fisted; ‘’I made mistakes …but I love her deeply’’

Neil; “ tat means you were not able to take to your bed’’

Arjun lost it;’’ I love her dammit…don’t say such things for her…I want to marry her’’

Neil gave out a sarcastic laugh; ‘’Stop acting Arjun…you will marry and will leave her once you are bored of her…I know you ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Enough…before I forget you are my friend’’ Arjun and Neil were ready to fight but Sam stood in between; ‘’Both of you behave….Neil at least listen to him…he loves her’’

Neil turned to Radhika; ‘’Chashni….he is one of the richest guy of the country…think will your family be able to match up to them…Uncle has spent a life of respect… do you think he will agree for such a rich family …plus everyone knows of his adventures so think again…. will Uncle agree….no… you know that’’ Radhika kept looking down tears were streaming her face

Arjun stood in between ;’’ Not a word to her…talk to me….she was not aware who I am’’

Neil wanted to punch Arjun…but Sam again stood in between…’’Neil we can talk this out….Arjun calm down…both of you at least look at her…pity her guys’’

Sam turned to Neil; ‘’ what’s your problem…Bhai loved her…you shooed him away…Arjun wants her you are fighting him….why …are you interfering in her life…Neil let her decide what’s good for her…she is not a fool….and your over protectiveness towards her make people doubt your bond’’ Radhika was pained she covered her mouth to stop her voice but couldn’t

Neil was already angry Jai’s name made him bursts; ‘’Your filthy brother tried molesting Radhika 4 yrs back…in your house at your parents anniversary party…. she was just a 17yr old kid…he is an animal…I would have broken all his bones that itself if not for you and if you doubt my feeling you are free to leave…but get this straight…I won’t let anyone spoil her…she is my family’’ Arjun burned hearing Jai’s name he turned and found Radhika silently sobbing

Sam was shocked….; ‘Neil!!!’’

Neil; ‘’Leave Sam…’’ Sam stomped her foot and left…everything came back to Radhika her attacker had a face now…she cloud feel the same filthy touch again…Radhika got up ran to the wash room and puked…Arjun followed her …he removed her hair from her face.. …he helped her clean…Radhika collapsed on the floor Arjun lifted her up; ‘’Neil…I know you care for her…but can you please give me a chance to prove my love’’

Neil ; ‘’Right now just leave’’

Arjun placed Radhika on bed…kissed her forehead; ‘’I love you Bunny….I really do’’ Radhika kept looking at him with teary eyes…Arjun wiped her tears…he turned to Neil.. Arjun ; ’’I am glad…she has you…but this does not end here…she is mine and I will take her…’’ Arjun turned and looked and Radhika again…..he smiled and then hugged Neil.. and left…Neil covered Radhika and left for his room’’

Neil came back to his suite and found Sam packing; ‘’Now where are you going’’

Sam; ‘’I am shifting to other room…I have had enough’’

Neil ;’’ Sam you are again doubting me’’

Sam turned; ‘’I am not doubting…I know the reality…for some reason you hate bhai..but today you blamed him for a ghastly deed…which I can’t take ….I love you but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my family’’

Neil; ‘’I am not blaming him…I know he did that…this is the reason I kept him away from Radhika’’

Sam smirked; ‘’Is this the only reason?….or you hate him because he never approved of you’’

Neil lost his control …tears welled up in Neil’s eyes ‘’you will never trust me….I will not justify myself anymore’’ Sam left Neil’s room in tears…

Sam unlocked the door for her room and broke down ; ‘’Neil…why didn’t you stop me…I love you… you broke my heart…how will I survive I have no one…fine…I wanted to live for you now I will destroy myself for you….Sam picked up the phone and dialled Ayan accepting his 5 yr contract….Sam was not aware of Ayan’s intention…Sam had become famous and Ayan wanted to marry her to feed on her success and money and make use of her beauty and youth…he knew someone was trying to snatch GLITZ but didn’t knew the identity…

Radhika was lying on her bed all curled up and crying….Arjun had called her 50 times…she finally answered; ‘’Arjun….”

Arjun; ‘’Bunny…thank heavens..are you ok?…listen I know I shouldn’t have lied…but I had madly fallen for you …I didn’t wanted to lose…Bunny forgive me I will die without you ‘’ Arjun could only hear Radhika’s hiccups…it was enough he went back to her hotel and called her; ‘’Open up

Radhika now’’ She obliged…Arjun locked the door and took her into his arms…she did not pull back; “you should have told the truth to me

Arjun…’’why did you lie…Neil is right I am no match to you…’’

Arjun; ‘’Sorry…tell me what should I do….no one will decide my match…we chose each other…and it’s done now’’

Radhika; ‘’Right now…we have to leave each other…that’s best thing’’

Arjun was restless…s angry; ‘’because Neil wants.’’

Radhika; ‘’because I won’t hurt Neil…please do this for me

Arjun kept staring at her; ‘’do you still love me?’’ Radhika just stared back into his eyes…Arjun kissed her passionately he wrapped himself around her body completely…he just didn’t wanted to let her go; ‘’listen to me….I told you once escaping me would be impossible …don’t make me do this….don’t awaken the old Arjun’’

Radhika; ‘’I love you and will always love you…I accepted you the way you are…but for now we have to do this…I will set things right…trust me tiger’’ Arjun lifted her took her to bed and got in next to her holding her; ‘’I want to be here tonight please…tomorrow I will do everything you want me to’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’you have every right on me…I am still yours’’ Arjun pulled her close…she had become his reason to smile and live…Radhika buried her face in his strong chest and whispered; ‘’follow me to India in 4 months…please…I am joining Bird Song …Neil’s team…Join Bird Song with your sister …we can stay close…’’

Arjun; ‘’I will follow you anywhere…and yes I want teach Jai a lesson’’

Radhika; ‘’I don’t care about him…I never liked him…but tolerated for Sam…well don’t worry if he touches me..Neil will kill him’’…Radhika after a pause; ‘’What if my parents refuse? Arjun removed her dark hair from her neck..pulled her sleeve down and kissed her shoulder deep…Radhika gasped clutching his shoulder tight…

Arjun smiled; ‘’’Leave that on my sister…Let me make one thing clear…if anything goes wrong…I will abduct you…’’

Radhika blushed; ‘’Your wish is my command….now hug me tight Arjun…4-5 months without you is going to be a pain…’’ Arjun obliged ….as the darkness completely covered the sky…two hearts promised to be with each other come what may…and the other two were fighting a battle without a reason…Radhika trusted Arjun even after knowing he lied…because she believed his love she understood him …and Sam kept doubting Neil she feared she would lose him knowing he only loved her…but her intuition was not completely wrong…Neil- Sam had the biggest test coming their way

Arjun’s alarm buzzed…he switched it off and looked at Radhika sleeping in his arms…Arjun gently kissed her eyes cheeks nose and then lips…she smiled and responded; ‘’ I wanted this night to never end’’

Arjun; ‘’Thanks bunny I thought I lost you and sorry I lied’’

Radhika; ‘’I promised you will never lose me…Arjun my ego is not that big ….and I am not foolish to hurt myself by letting you go….you are forgiven…and I am breaking my rule…I don’t care for your lie now….I trust you…that’s enough…but Neil is my family…I will not hurt him….’’

Arjun kissed her forehead; ‘’Take a good care of yourself…because if I found you in pain…I will forcefully take you with me’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun is there anything else that I should know’’

Arjun thought for a moment; ‘’The store you work in is mine….I am sorry just wanted you to be safe’’

Radhika leaped out of the bed and hugged him tightly; ‘’You are a sweet heart….let me stay like this for Some more minutes please’’ Arjun held her close…Radhika spoke again; ‘’Are you paying me more than others’’

Arjun stammers; ‘’Ah….yes…I never wanted you to look for other job’’ Radhika pulls out of the hug and watches him sternly…ARjun rubs his forehead…he feels she is angry…Radhika lifts his chin leans and kissed him; ‘’You are one crazy kind of man…but I love you for what you are’’ Arjun smiles and responds with a passionate hug …

Radhika; ‘’I have a confession too’’

Arjun; ‘’ and what’’

Radhika; ‘’I always doubted you… to be Neil’s friend….but liked you so ignored my doubt’’ Arjun smiled and caressed her head

Radhika’’Arjun I will be back to New York after tomorrow performance…will you attend the concert tomorrow’’

Arjun; ‘’No Bunny…I am leaving today…my heart is giving up now…I never knew staying away from you would pain so much’’ Arjun planted desperate kisses on her face and neck…

Radhika little worried; ‘’I am not stopping you from meeting me…Will you break your friendship with Neil’’

Arjun; ‘’Crazy girl…he is my brother…he cares for you I understand…other than you there is no fight between us…and I know bunny you will convince him’’ Radhika smiled

He gave her one lovable look and left…Radhika watched him leaving she got up freshened up changed …she knew come what may no one will be able to separate her from Arjun…he was impossible and she loved each and every positive and negative about him now. But now she had to meet Neil she Knew Neil and Sam must have fought…Neil sometimes was like a volcano and its time to support Sam
Love is a beautiful feeling but friendship is a blessing …Arjun –Neil share a friendship of 2 decades …even their differences can’t break them….Radhika-Sam…can fight each other but will never let anybody come in between them

Precap- Radhika scolds Neil for hurting Sam…Nandini breaks the wall between Arjun-Neil…Arjun-Neil plan to de-root Ayan….

Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks Niharika 🙂 I love Goa B) been there 5 times…still cant get all of it…feels like making a hut near a beach and staying there till eternity 🙂 love you stay blessed 🙂

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      Hi Happy dear….I am good… hw r u …after so many days….hope you are doing good….missed you…and thanks loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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      Hi Sreee 🙂 I am speechless 🙂 I think I need to improve more to be someone who cld sign an autograph 🙂 but thanks a ton dear for making me feel so special…loads of love and a big hug for you 🙂

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      Thanks Aastha dear 🙂 I am smiling wide reading your comment ….and ur imagination on Jai my god 😀 … 6yrs is a book I am planning …. I am from lucknow my bday 30th Jun … loads of love and a big hug for you 🙂 🙂 )

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      Thanks a million times Lavanya 🙂 you made my day 🙂 yes I wanted Radhika’s to keep Neil’s heart as having a new relationship doesn’t mean you forget the old ones… 🙂 just a thought and she trust Arjun and herself… and when u trust yourself things settle down fast 🙂 loads of love and thanks again 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Priya 🙂 well I am planning to make Jai a foot ball 😛 what say 🙂 yes they will soon be india 🙂 yes with time Sam will knw about Jai 🙂 my name is Abha Dikshit 🙂 love you loads

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      Thanks Rg dear 🙂 was waiting for your comment 🙂 Neil will test Arjun in his own way 🙂 but before that Nandini with her intelligence will brk the ice between Neil and Arjun….they are will be together after few chap 🙂 well you shd ask will Radhika and her frnds spare Jai ? New guy he just a distraction …yes for now he is a trouble but this willl bring a positive change change 🙂 loads of love 🙂 thanks for all the appreciation and love Rg 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 😀

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      Khishi darling 🙂 no need to be sorry 🙂 everyone has a personal choice and opinion and I respect that 🙂 and thanks a ton loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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