Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 30)

Hello friends….thanks a ton for all the love and support…so here in the next chapter…next one on Mon or tues…do let me know how was it…and I need your honest opinion…I am sharing a short prologue of the book (6 yrs) …I have started….suggest a good name and let me know how is it…pls it’s a request…help me live my dream 🙂 🙂 🙂 happy weekend

Time tests you and relationships time and again…but you get annoyed…don’t be fight it because …if you win…you will be awarded with best gifts

Chapter 30

Radhika had already got her dresses for concerts…as she had to do her dress rehearsals atleat five times before the main show…she was practicing her classical performance in her costume…sans makeup and hair tightly tied in a bun….Arjun watched her… he was recording her practice….Radhika stopped and smiled; ‘’you will see me live…record the final one’’

Arjun; ‘’I want all…by the way you look mouth watering in this ghagra…the dress is so nice that little make up you will like a bride’’ Radhika rolled her eyes and sat on the floor to rest…

Arjun came to her ; ‘’Bunny promise me…nothing will break us apart….I have done mistakes which you don’t know…will you leave me if you get to know of them?’’

Radhika; ‘’No …and even if I leave you will kidnap me…so it’s better I stay with you happily’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’By the way I don’t like your top….it’s too deep from the back…’’

Radhika frowned and warned; ‘’You utter a word on my dress and I will wear backless…and 1000 people will be drooling infornt of you on my back’’

Arjun’s nostrils flared…he moved closer to her …held her neck from the back and pulled closer; ‘’then I will scoop those 1000 pair of eyes out of their sockets…you try wearing backless and will show you the Arjun you have never met’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Tiger…you don’t scare me and you cannot hurt me…you are helpless when it comes to me…but I love you’’ Arjun grip loosen and his palm moved from her neck to her waist….he wrapped it around her waist pulled her close….kissed her; “yes I am helpless when it comes to you…but I am also dangerous when its about you…so don’t test me’’ Radhika smiled and kept her head on his chest to hear his heart which whispered her name with every beat.

Neil and Sam landed in US, they checked into the hotel…Prerna was coming after 2 days…Sam had to go for her shoot…she was annoyed with Neil for misbehaving with Jai…but

Neil was least concerned. Neil freshen up and got ready after taking rest for 5-6 hrs…Sam came to him; ‘’Where are you going’’

Neil; ‘’ Chashni’s campus to meet her’’

Sam; ‘’Radhika… …you will meet her in 5 days in Chicago…then what’s the urgency’’

Neil; ‘’ Because she should be surprised…or I should say want to catch her red handed’’

Sam huffed; ‘’Neil this is wrong…she said she will introduce him…you are impossible’’

Neil smiled kissed Sam’s forehead and left. Radhika was not even aware of his arrival….she finished her job at the library …she was supposed to meet Arjun for a date….and was happy about it..but she was about to get surprised….Radhika got a message…’’Come out Chashni’’ Radhika was little taken aback it was a different no….she walked to the parking and saw Neil with a dimpled smile…messy hair…rugged jeans t-shirt and a jacket…Radhika happiness had no limits…but then she realized Arjun was close she didn’t wanted them to meet this way…she gestured Neil to wait and called Arjun he answered; ‘’Bunny all set’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun Neil is here….pls don’t come now…I will meet you once he is gone…pls’’

Arjun gripped the wheel hard; ‘’Why should I give my time to some else…’’

Radhika; ‘’I will make up for that….please tiger understand…’’

Arjun; ‘’Switch your GPS on….I want to know where ever you are…and you are spending night at my place’’

Radhika; ‘’Ok…and thanks…love you’’ Arjun slowly drove near the campus but did move the glass down…Radhika came to Neil he hugged her tight and pecked her forehead…
Arjun didn’t like it …why the hell she was so comfortable….Radhika got inside Neil’s car and they drove off Arjun followed them…In the car

Neil; ‘’tell me something about your boyfriend’’

Chashni; ‘’He can do anything for me…and he means business…wants to marry me by year end’’

Neil was shocked; ‘’You are a baby…no he should wait’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’So is Sam…so even you should wait…and for how long will I be a baby for you’’

Neil gave Radhika a weird look; ‘’ forever… ….what is the limit of your relationship’’

Radhika all wide eyed; ‘’Neil!!!! Want to kill you for that question…do you think I will do anything like that’’

Neil; ‘’if you are talking about old chashni then no…but this one I don’t Trust her’’ Radhika started punching and kicking Neil non-stop….Neil laughed…held her hands and pinched her cheeks… ‘’I want to meet him’’

Radhika; ‘’You will… in Chicago’’

Neil; ‘’Why not today…and what’s his name’’

Radhika hesitated on the name part; ‘’ I am not ready for his post-mortem yet…you surprised me…you will know all once you meet him…let me enjoy my 5 days with him’’

Neil smirked; ‘’I came with the intention of catching you red handed…shit missed it’’ and Neil got one more kick

Neil loitered around the City with Radhika visiting different places …both looked too happy….Arjun heart was giving up…he followed them he was scared what if his truth comes out…Neil dropped Radhika to her dorm after dinner once he was gone…Radhika pulled her mobile to call Arjun but before that she was caught into a desperate grip…Arjun was hugging her madly; ‘’Is Anna home?’’

Radhika; ‘’No she is at her sister’s place she will directly join us in Chicago’’

Arjun; ‘’then let’s get in fast before I do something bad’’ After getting inside the flat Arjun hugged Radhika crazily he walked without breaking the hug and dropped both their bodies on the bed…bringing Radhika below him….he moved his hands into her shirt over her waist to feel her bare skin…Radhika could feel how insecure he was…she tighten her grip on him kissed his cheek; ‘’I love you tiger…calm down…I am here in your arms’’ Arjun went on his elbows and lifted his half body up up…he watched her face…she was smiling calmly….Arjun leaned and invaded her mouth….taking control on her completely…she responded with all the love she had for him…he broke the kiss and planted desperate kisses on her face; ‘’I am mad for you…I don’t want to lose you’’

Radhika; ‘’you did not have your dinner…let me get it done…’’ Arjun was not ready to let go…she smiled; ‘’Fine come to the kitchen with me…’’ he obliged…he kept on holding her from the back while she cooked for him…Once the dinner was done…Arjun took Radhika to bed he hugged her and closed his eyes..’’Tiger…you don’t trust me’’

Arjun kept caressing her hair; ‘’Bunny I do…. but don’t trust my luck…I will burn the world if I lose you’’

Radhika; ‘’Listen to me carefully Arjun mehra…I am yours …and I am not leaving you…you will never lose me I promise you that…’’ Arjun smiled and pecked her cheek…Radhika’s phone started buzzing it was Sam’s call…Arjun seemed annoyed… ….turned her phone on silent…and went back to her love; ‘’Happy …now smile…Arjun you are no better than a 5 yr old kid’’ Arjun smiled caressed her face and switched off the lights…Arun’s POV ; ‘’See you in 5 days Neil…..but I won’t leave her now’’ he watched sleeping Radhika and smiled…’’be ready to be my bride …I will make you Radhika Arjun Mehra’’

Sam was prowling like a tigress…Neil was gone for hours she had million thoughts running in her head……Sam got a call from an unknown no…she answered ;”Yes’’
Caller; ‘’Hi Samaira…I am Ayan Raizda…owner of GLITZ …I am in New York…your mom told me you are in New York can we meet for dinner now…I am in the restaurant area of your hotel’’

Sam thought; ‘’Will join you in 10 min’’ Ayan was happy he was completely in awe of Sam. Sam changed into one shoulder light blue dress…made a sideways fish cut braid and left to meet he Ayan…Samaira entered the restaurant…and looked around…Ayan stood up looking at Sam….he was mesmerised…she looked ravishing…Sam greeted Ayan with a handshake…Ayan like a gentleman adjusted chair for Sam; ‘’Samira you look beautiful…you are more beautiful than your pictures’’

Sam blushed; ‘’Thanks’’ Ayan asked Sam about her studies and interest to make her comfortable…after 10 15 minutes Sam was comfortable she went all chirpy with him…Sam failed to notice Ayan’s growing interest in her…he was watching her…but someone read his face Neil…who came searching for Sam found her busy talking to Ayan…Neil had seen

Ayan’s expression…he didn’t like he left for his room he thought of speaking to Sam once she comes back to the room…

Ayan ordered dinner; ‘’Samaira I wanted you to be the face of GLITZ for next 5 yrs…all ours shows promotion will have your face…you will have a chance to travel the world…I already had the discussion with you mom…just wanted to know your decision’’

Sam got worried…she had promised Neil that she will give up her modelling career and complete her studies…she thought; ‘’Ayan …I want some time to think can I get back to you in a weeks time’’

Ayan; ‘’No problem dear…take your time…can I have a dance’’ Sam agreed and gave her hand…he started gently but then gained momentum…and Sam started enjoying…after a dance and a walk in the garden…Sam wished him night and came back to her room…she found Neil standing by the window; ‘’So finally you are back…how is Radhika doing’’

Neil without looking at her; ‘’Good…she sent you a present…I have kept it in your room’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Gift???? Seems you could not catch her red handed’’

Neil; ‘’She is smart…but for how long…’’

Sam ran and hugged Neil from behind; ‘’ …I love you…please hug me … …are you regretting loving me’’ Neil turned around caressed her face and hugged her…Sam felt calm…’’Neil never ignore me it kills …’’

Neil; ‘’Sam you look tired sleep…we are leaving for Chicago tomorrow’’

Sam; ‘’Is Chashni joining us’’

Neil; ‘’No she will come with her boy friend’’

Sam; ‘’with her boyfriend ?? did you meet him…Is he good..I mean he should not be taking her as lightly’’

Neil knew Sam was happy that Radhika has someone…; ‘’Why are you discussing her….when you don’t like her between us’’

Sam; ‘’I care for her…she is my friend…who is the guy’’

Neil; ‘’Don’t know….will meet him in Chicago….now go change and sleep’’ Sam wanted to tell Neil about Ayan’s proposal…but decided to speak later…she hugged Neil tightly and kissed his cheek…’’Neil stay with me’’

Neil gently removed her hands…and patted her cheek; ‘’Sleep Sammy you are tired …I am here’’…but Sam followed him to his room…Sam went on her knees holding his hand; ‘’
Neil Melhotra…will you marry me please’’

Neil pulled Sam up in a hug; ‘’Sammy…you are the only girl I have ever loved…or want to be with….its either you or no one else…and it hurts when you doubt my feelings…we have known each other for more than 10 yrs…You know I have never ever looked at any other girl…then why are you so insecure…trust me Sam…just me…don’t let anyone put doubts into your head…listen to your heart…and it will guide and Samaira Khanna I will marry you ….very soon now sleep’’Sam jumped happily

Sam; ‘’What has CHashni sent me’’

Neil; ‘’Check for yourself’’

Sam opened the gift; it was a cook book Sam gave Neil a questioning look….Neil smiled; ‘’I told her you have started cooking for me…this book has dishes which she likes…get ready…she will make you cook of her’’ Sam banged the book on her head

Ayan’s Room

Ayan was smiling thinking about his dinner with Sam…when he got a call; ‘’Yes Samaira will agree…she is innocent and her family needs money….Once she is in my grip…we will bend her the way we want to’’

Ayan was not even aware…that Neil was slowly eating GLITZ with Nandini’s help…and soon he will show him who Neil Melhotra was.

Neil thinks Sam and Radhika are not on good terms…but he forgot Sam and Radhika were sisters more than friends…and they can fight 24/7 but will never stop loving each other

Precap ; Arjun-Neil face off…Radhika’s decision….

6 yrs Prologue

Mumbai Raheja Heights

Sipping coffee I was enjoying the breeze at window of my apartment at 6th floor…a smile crept on my face…yesterday I won the best employee award for the 2nd time…My eyes suddenly moved to the calendar and I realized the date May 9th ….6 yrs back….I died on the same day….I was punished for the mistake I didn’t commit…and I am still suffering the pain…if not for Sneha and her mom…I would never have been what I am the best PR agent in the city…I am Arunima …Just Arunima…and nothing more

London Heathrow Airport

My flight is delayed by 2 hrs….I hate being late or second…6 yrs… Ah! after 6 long yrs I will be stepping in India…I left the country after a betrayal…but in my anger I punished a 18 yr old innocent girl…I destroyed her future ..her dreams for the so called honour of my blue blood…I am going back for her…to amend as much as I can …because I can’t handle this guilt anymore…diwan ji update me she is in Mumbai….she made herself a good career…so my Rooni has grown up…and Oh! By the way I am Ranveer…official name His Highness Ranveer Jai Singh…a born noble ….and I enjoy my power and status.

Pls let me know how was it pls pls pls


Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks a ton Sathya 🙂 yes pls do suggest the name as I myself don’t like 6 yrs 😛 … loads of love to you 🙂

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    • Gauri

      Thanks Roshni 🙂 can you think of a different name for the book…do let me know 🙂 and one requset whenever u post kindle leave me a message 🙂 I don’t want to miss it 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks Supriya 🙂 its a pleasure to know that my update made you happy 🙂 pls suggest a name for 6 yrs becoz I am tired bangging my head 🙂 and will not forget anyone…I never do people forget me 🙁 …. Neil’s reaction regarding Sam will be handled by Radhika 🙂 well she will use her brain after Arjun-Neil face off 🙂 Saam will not be jealous …. well Arjun will introduce Radhika to the world in a grand way…time of that :)Rads family reaction in coming updates…don’t forget Arjun has a sister who will finght the world for her baby brother 🙂 and now 1000 hugs for you stay blessed and happy 🙂

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