Hey guys…how are u all… I don’t know what has gotten into my brain jst got this thought….do tell me how was it…but no rotten tomatoes and eggs please… im not gonna tell my name here…I know my profile is visible down but please first read this and then see my name and then tell me ur reaction…do ignore my grammatical mistakes…


Im done with all…I jst wanna go some where leaving every thing…I was going to my favourite spot to get some air…not the air u people are thinking off…the air which a person can feel when he jumpes from a thousand store building…my spot is a cliff some where in the forest of delhi…about which only some people know…by the way im radhika …jst radhika … no surname because I left all those…you don’t know the reason for my death right…im from Hyderabad doing computer science in IIT delhi…and my parents are the reason for my decision.. they don’t love me.. they jst want my job and salary for their reputation…im no one for them… they are not satisfied though I scored 92 % in my semisters….im done..!!! I jst wanted to live myself do what I wanted… but I know I cant do it…so im dying my self…atleast ill have a satisfaction that I died with out any force on me… I know my parents wont even regret as I am no one for them..

they only love their two sons who are good for nothing.…. but there will be three persons who may cry if they get to know im dead..!! my three friends… neil sam and teji… neil is like a big brother to me … im studying …neil completed his studies..and is in job hunt now..sam is also studying fashion designing and teji he jst finished his studies a year younger to neil and neil is 2 years elder to me….sam and I are of same age…they don’t know about this place as this is my private hang out… I come here when im totally depressed and I don’t like talking to anyone if in depressed…but I never thought this would become my death place… I know they wont allow me to take this step so I just left a letter in my room.. by the way we four live in same house… they are my only family and I hate myself for betraying them but I cant bare this any more…

(She was walking like a dead body towards the cliff…she was in white color long top … tears were flowing down from her eyes…her face was becoming so pale…still she was looking breath taking…slowly she walked to the cliff….and now she was in the end of it…)
I was about to jump but suddenly I noticed something beside me.. he was also standing at the edge of the cliff beside me … he dint even notice me he was lost in his own world ….
“what are you doing here..??”I asked“trying to get some air “he said

My anger was on the peaks is he mad or what…. I jst scolded him that he may fall down feeling his so called air.. but to my shock he wanted to feel the same air which I wanted to feel … and the way he said was so similar to mine that even I got confused…he asked me for a help when I asked him what help he wanted he said.. “im getting scared to jump…ill jst close my eyes u push me off…”he said.. I jst laughed by his act… imean how can a man be so cute.. did I tell u…he was six feet…tall fair guy…with big expressive eyes which were totally scared right now… his soft shiny black hair which was combed upwards…he was in white shirt tucked in blue denim jeans..i was laughing but donno why he too smiled seeing me…we were still on the cliff…

His pov
I donno whats so funny in which I said…I jst asked her help she started laughing… I actually lost my self in her smile.. I should get angry by her act but instead I too gave a smile …did I tell u she was 5.7 approx in height … she was in white long top…which was making her look like an angel…her long hair which was till her waist was floating in air jst like waves of ocean…but the question is what is she doing here…

Pov ends
I was still laughing and saw him smiling at yaar..he looks so hot when he smile…but what struck to my brain is why he wanted to die…he asked why I am there…I I replied that I was there to feel the same air which he wanted to feel…he was shocked by my answer…
His pov
I was literally shocked by her answer… why did she wanted to die..i mean do beautiful girls also have problems…may be her boyfriend ditched her…or may be her parents are doing her marriage to the guy whom she don’t like or.. so many thoughts were running through my brain but seeing her face I don’t think so she has a boy friend or something….she looks so innocent … her innocence reflects through her big brown orbs which were shining due to sun set…
Pov ends

We both aked each other at a time that why did we wanted to die… both laughed…it was almost 6..and sun set from the top of the cliff looks awesome !by this time all three have been read that letter…
He asked again why..i asked him to tell first u know girls have so much of ego…he started telling his story…
Im Arjun…jst Arjun…no surname because I left all those …that’s it i was shocked …I automatically gave asad kind of sarcastic smile… when he asked the reason I said I was thinking same …
“time for hi fi buddy..!!”he said with a smile.. both laughed and gave hifi.. and he continued telling his story..

“im graduate from IIT delhi…” now toh I was shell shocked … I started caughind due to the shock… when he asked the reason I said I’m also from IIT delhi…
“another hifi..??”he said.. but before our hands could touch he backed off his hand and said
“wait a sec u are from IIT delhi and u don’t know me..??”
“whats so special in u..??”I replied with little anger..
“im so popular between girls… I have many followers…I still wonder u don’t know me..”
“o hello mister then come out of ur world then.. Im not one of them..”
“dikhraha hain… vaise ur in which year..??”
“second year..”

“oo im three years senior to u.. but still I cnat believe u don’t know me..!!”
“you wanna continue ur story or shall I do my work”
He again started telling his story… vaise it was getting dark and I was getting scared as I am nyctophobic… (fear of dark ..i know u all know abt it but u know its my work to write clearly..) he started his story..
“I started my own company but I never knew that I was being used all the time.. my company had a great start… turnover ws awesome..and my so called family was acting as if im their world… but suddenly my company got a loss… instead of supporting me my family threw me out saying im of no use now… they dint even love me anytime.. I was jst an ATM for them.. they threw me bcz im not their real son.. they adopted me…u cant even imagine the words they said for me …. Soo I landed up here…”

Tears escaped from his eyes.. he truly loved his family.. each and every family is like this only…but why is he dying… he should fight back and make his family regret for abanding him…I donno why I too cried seeing tears in his eyes.. humanity is in peaks for me I guess…. But I really dint wanted him to die… I said him the same but he was least interested im my talks… instead he asked me to tell my story…i narrated my story… he was giving like seriously wala look….

“what..??are u dying because ur family is not satisfied with ur marks.. or they jst want ur money not u… that’s too much and so childish too… like seriously… why are u thinking of them…it dosent mean u shouldn’t care them but ur life dosent depend on their satisfaction….u are mad.. can I know the name of this mad girll”he said..
“vaise u don’t have right to tell me as ur reason is more stupid than mine .. u should fight back man… and Im radhika “ I said…
He was least intrsted in my talks but when I said radhika he saw mw with a what wala look…
“are u the RADHIKA MISHRA..??” I was shocked I dint say my surname then how did he know…

“u are the topper of first year…” he was still asking jst like a interviewer questions…
“how do u know..?? vaise im topper of first semester of second year too… and in this semester I got less and I landed up here…”
“yaar im a great fan of u… u are the only dumb girl in whole class right..??”he said smiling wide..
What he is calling college topper as dumb girl how dare he… I couldn’t help my self but gave him a angry pout..(she narrowed her eyes and her brown orbs were reflecting her anger )
“oops im saying dumb girl in that manner… no boy friend not even looking at them… and friend is pagal deewana of u.. he used to talk abt u all the time but he never let me to see u ….i really wanted to see u… but never thought we would meet lyk this…and he is gonna die if he comes to know we died together..”
I laughed at his statements… “haa that’s true.. but who is that dewaana … and u know so much about me but dint see me…??”

She was questioning him making a cute question mark face.. he was jst lost in her beauty…he was jst staring her… she waved her hand in front of him bringing him to normal world…
“rohith …”before he could say some thing…
“rohith that white monkey..??” I interrupted oh no.. that idiot is this fellows friend… wow yaar world is so small….he laughed with my statement and then I realized I spoke kuch extra… oh no…
“hmm.. white monkey…”he said and laughed harder…
“He irritates u al lot right…”

“A LOTTTTTT…”I still remember the way he used to irritate me by giving letters … asking for friendship… and all oh my god that idiot was so childish…
“he used to give letters right…”
“u knew it.. he used to not give it he used to throw it… one of them hit my head u know….” I said showing my head..
(he laughed the way she showed her head with a pout face…)
His pov..
Oh god she is so cute and innocent… this is why that idiot dint wanted me to see her…
Pov ends

“vaise why dint he allow u to see me..??”I asked
“because u would fall off my charm…”he said
That’s too much.. this fellow talks a lot… but slowly it started to become dark… and im nyctophobic… we both laughed for some time..
“chalo time to leave this world I said…” he saw me…

This is my first shot…and next is the last chapter.. so im deeksha … u can bang me how ever u want for irritating u all and do tell me how was it… silent readers please comment yaar…. Chalo every one take care…love u all… and Jessie my angel really hoping that u lyk it… I know u will comment so im not rquesting u to comment luv u lodzz … take care…mmmuuaahhhhhhh

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  1. Aasthu

    Its funny serious and in short very NYC n enjoyable……..aren’t u the one who wrote” second love??????

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so much aasthu I dint write it… this is the second time… vaise I write thank you friend… thanks for commenting..

      1. Aasthu

        I’m sorry…….I know this is the 2nd time…bt I asked the 2nd time coz I didn’t see ur reply for the 1st………….so sorry………plzz update soon………

  2. Jessie

    Deekshu.. ye tune mujhe kya kiya.. am just laughing, laughing like a maniac… So sweet girl.. Now dont get me wrong that am calling a shot where the leads meet to commit suicide., as a sweet one.. the dialogues..were hell cute.. White monkey and Arjun says hifi and am popular,, seriously,!! both want the other one to live. wow.!! Arjun wants someone to push
    U made it all interesting with the dialogues.. kudos to u girl.. Thank god I dint miss the last line
    where u called me Angel.. Thank u.. Deekshu mere judwa angel., Pls post the next shot soon..TC and loads of love.. waise bhi.. I immediately scrolled down to see the author, when u asked not to..

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Hey Jessie… I so happy u liked it… now toh I’m really on cloud nine… and ya u are my angel u know u boost my confidence so u are my guardian angel …. luv u yaar…

  3. Devga

    Are u serious…. How wil i bang u come on…. I wil smash u for ur thinkin (tht this article is irritating)….
    If this was irritating y wil i read it tilll the end… And worrying y did it end…

    Awesome yaar… I was simply moved on and kept reading… It is a emotional part of life u depicted with our ardhika…. Wow awesome narration and dialogs and the stry… Its like u hv experienced this tragic part very close to u may b ur frnd… Bcz it was awesome connect i had wen i read it….

    Eagerly waiting for next one do inform me through msg wen u post next part… Coz i dont wana miss

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you soooo much devga … that was sooo sweeettttt….sure I’ll msg u.. it really means a lot…it’s not like I experienced it but my mumma scolded me as I was not studying and while crying I got this stupid idea… but my mom dad are not like that don’t worry she is jst worried that I’m wasting time… any way thank you so much…

      1. Devga

        Ok one secret y was connected to it.. Is evn i think same like u wen my mom dad scold me…. But ya they do it for my future gud….

  4. Meen

    Lovely….lovely…..lovely…..lovely & lovely as always agree deeksha……ur writing is so addictive….. I want more……will be waiting… Post soon….loads of love dear

    1. Meen

      Oops auto correct….*shree

    2. Sree_deeksha

      O meen … u can call me deeksha. .. thank you so much for saying my writing addictive it really means a lot dear… luv u… take care….

  5. Jewel

    deeksha… this is a beautiful chapter… loved the storyline and ur narration…. waiting for the next plz post it soon

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank k you so much jewel… I’m glad u liked my narration…. stay blessed..??

  6. Starz

    Come I will give you warm hug instead of banging you…. fantastic..loved it you and take care

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so much starz… yaa I need it.. tell me ur address il be there.. lol… ??luv u too… take care

  7. Had fun reading it it is nyc☺☺☺

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so !check angel…take care..??

      1. Sree_deeksha

        Much * typo mistake..

  8. Wah deeksha it was really nyc ..was smiling through out 😀
    Goood one post the next part sooon dear ..lov uuu

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so much neetz… luv u more… take care..??

  9. Brin

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      Thank you subha??

  11. Dis s really awesome one ? I really don’t have words ? loved it ?

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      Hey thank you suga… take care dear..??

  12. Praditha Narayan

    Great work buddy

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so much praditha… luv u lods…

  13. Jnana

    nyc…. post the next one soon dear….

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so much jnana dear … I’ll try to post asap..!!??

  14. Yr…starz..u r giving shock to me …NYC shot yr…waiting for next …BT u kn arjun question WS right really intelligent and beautiful person want to do suicide??? Wtvr it is…BT NYC start…bye tc …lv ya..

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you Ana… but I’m deeksha… he want to do suicide because he was betrayed by his family… luv u too… take care??

      1. Sree_deeksha

        Oops sorry I read wrong….so commented wrong …any way thanks.. donno what I’m typing in excitement…

    2. Actually I am sorry too …I don’t kn how I wrote starz …I am extremely sorry deeksha…so sorry dear

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      Thank you sooo much gauri Di…. luv u….. ??,

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      Pichi Dana… thank you .. lol luv u too…??

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