MANMARZIYAN: His Dark Secret ~ chapter 3

Hello everyone… i hope m not much late… well thank u so much for all ur support… m overwhelmed!!
As u know…In this ff i will be using few information about parts of psychology.. i really don’t know whether all are correct but they r useful for my ff.. so no offense…
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MANMARZIYAN: His dark Secret
Chapter 3
[a short recap]
{One day, after returning home from college..radz was superb tired… she sprang on the sofa..and sat in a relaxed posture… she looked at the calendar.. it had been one month since she met arjun.. she frowned…
“radz why the hell are u sad?? He means nothing to u other than a stalker..huh” said an inner voice..
A voice reciprocated.. “there are two types of which we hide from others and another which we hide from ourselves”}

Radz quickly turned around to see arjun standing behind her… “you??”
“Yeah me….” he stepped forward..
“What r u doing here??” said radz..
“u want me to leave??” he said in a calm voice raising one of his eyebrow..
“I didn’t say that..” she said still in a shock…
“No you didn’t …but u thought so right?? After all m nothing to u other than a stalker..” he said

Radhika’s mind was blown away… “How the hell did he come to know??” she thought
“Now u r thinking how do i know?? Well that’s a secret indeed” he said
Radhika didn’t know what to say…
Arjun goes neat radhika…nearer…radz heart starts palpitating…. he take her hands in his…brings them near his lips and kisses. Radhika looks on…arjun then leaves her and steps back…slowly he goes away. Radhika is still in a trance. That night she had to struggle for sleeping as every time she closed her eyes she saw him…his handsome face !!
The next day:

“Life a process by which a few desperate longings morph into a thousand meaningless wants”
RaNeSam met as usual in the college. But today everything seemed different. Neither of them talked much bt their eyes said a lot. Radhika was totally lost in the thoughts of ‘the dream guy’. Her sparkling eyes were a symbol for the magic which arjun had done to her. She realised that she is desperate to get him in her life.
Neil on the other hand was burning in his own desperation to achieve radz in his life. As days passed, radz charm and beauty affected him so much that he was deeply in love with this girl. He was desperate for her…and now he wanted her at any cost.
Sam, who could smell something fishy in Neil’s behaviour, was desperate to know what exactly it was. Neil had been her best friend for so many years.. but today there was something intriguing in between them. It was not that, that Sam didn’t get a hint. But she was not willing to admit the fact that a new person can cause so much change in an old friendship. But if really radz was the reason behind it..Sam was ready to confront her.
Few days passed. Sam continued to spy on RaNeil. And one day something happened which was really not expected…
It was their college fest…everybody had been busy in the preparations. After the hectic schedule few students decided to party. They went to a night club for some fan. RaNeSam also joined them. Everyone was enjoying a lot. Almost everyone was drunk. Shot glasses were laid everywhere and the atmosphere was electric. Radz almost lost her balance, when Neil held her. She smiled at him..and so did he. Neil was comparatively in a better position than radz.
“radzzzz…” he said…
“yup Neil…” she murmured.
“radzzieee………. u know… I .. I…” said neil
“u? U what ??” she replied cutting him short
“i like u….” he said..his eyes were moist..
Controlling herself radz said.. “ me too..u r a sweet friend”
“no i mean…” saying this he moved closer..almost leaned on a way as if to kiss her..
“NEIL” shouted radz..pushing him… “what r u doing??”
“radhika i love u….nd i wanna kiss u…” he said..with a pinch of desperation in his voice..
“u out of ur mind…?” she asked
“no…i love u..” he said and held her tight again trying to kiss her…
“ neil leave me…” she panicked
Neil leaned forward and his lips almost touched hers when “BOOOOOOMMMMM” some one punched him hard… (woo poor neil)
Neil fell down…radz was still in shock… “when she said no.. it meant no.. so just stay away..” said arjun… “u okay??” he added holding radz.. she looked at him with fixed gaze. She nodded.
“come lets go..” he said and left the place..
Meanwhile Sam was watching all this from a distance. She couldn’t believe her eyes..she came forward and consoled neil.

The next morning, radz found herself lying on a king size bed of a huge bedroom, decorated majestically with all sorts of oriental and occidental stuffs. The principal seat was an Turkish ottoman, which was placed on the opposite side of the window. The counterpane, the hangings of bed and curtains of windows, were all made up of ornamental textile fabric. The wall papers were occidental and paltry. The dressing table between the bed and the window was made up of pine wood and had a colourful cloth covering it.
For few minutes radz gazed at the beautiful interior of the room until she heard “good morning”. She saw arjun just beside her. The first thing which she asked him was “where did u sleep?” arjun smiled and pointed towards the ottoman. Radz nodded.
“hungry??” said arjun

“umm kinda…” replied radz.
“freshen up and come out..” he said and went out.
After a few minutes radz went outside the room. It was actually a kind of studio apartment. And arjun was doing something on the kitchen counter. She went there…she saw a breakfast plate was laid which included sandwich, sausages, a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee. Radhika was really shocked because these things happen to be her favourite. Not only the food bt the decoration of the apartment was such which she always dreamt of.
“u don’t like these??” asked arjun.
“no no.. i love these…” she said
“k..great..have it then.” She said and smiled.
After the breakfast radz had a short trip through the apartment looking at every detail of the interior. There was a pile of books all which she had only thought to buy…she was being surprised at every bit. Looking at the books suddenly she remembered something… “how did u find me last night??”
“I saw u there…i was coming home..” he replied
Although she was not much satisfied with this answer she believed.
Sam was with Neil. His face was bruised and sam was applying ointment. “ouch…ou..uch.. Sammy softly” said neil. Sam pressed on his bruises hard… “why?? I feel like kicking u…y do u drink so much when u can control urself??”
“Sammy i was really not in my senses..”
“thats what m saying..y the hell did u get drunk??” she groaned…
“okay..m sorry..”
“don’t tell this to me…tell it to radhika..” she said

“yeah… but where is she??” asked he..
“ i suppose she left the place with the man who punched u..” she added
“bt who was that guy??” asked neil.
“how do i know?? May be her boy friend…” she said..
“what?? No.. no this cant be …” said neil
“why?? Just because u like her??” she said and stood up…neil sat on the bed scratching his head… “grow up neil… stop being an idiot” she added and left.
At night:
Radz was still at arjun’s place…. she was sitting and looking up at the sky…when arjun called her..
“no mood to go home??” he asked
“u want me to leave?” she said
“i didnt mean that..”
“u don’t have college?”
“i will apply for leave…m not willing to face Neil”
“u like him?”
“yes but as a friend..”
“but he said he loves u..”
“that’s the problem”

“okay fine… come lets have dinner..” he said
“arjun… can i stay here for few days please… i can sleep on the sofa..will just read the books..” she asked
“come… the food is waiting for u.” He said smiling..
“m serious.. can i plzzzz” she asked
“we will see..” he replied…
While having dinner radz glanced at arjun.. he looks so cute and handsome…he is caring and sensible.. “isn’t he exactly like u wanted ??” thought radz.. her dream man was sitting right in front of her.
After the dinner radz was reading a book..when arjun came and said “radhika…dont go anywhere..lock the door from inside and don’t open it until i come back.. i have to leave..”
Radz didnt get a chance to even ask “where?”

Hello everyone.. sorry i could write no longer as m having a busy schedule. Moreover i was sick so couldn’t post it for many thought to post it first. I promise a longer update next time. If u have any queries regarding the story feel free to ask..and drop ur precious comments plzzzz… i felt they were bit less last time.. so plzz comment..and m sorry ff writers.. rossy di, Jessie di, sweetie , gauri di, myra and many more m unable to cmnt in ur ffs bt really busy these days…sorry once again..
Best regards..

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