MANMARZIYAN: His Dark Secret ~ chapter 2

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In this ff i will be using few information about parts of psychology.. i really don’t know whether all are correct but they r useful for my ff.. so no offense…
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MANMARZIYAN: His dark Secret
Chapter 2
————————————————————————————————————————————-“Today’s society almost demands the need for secrets or just something which they know that no one else knows. Unlike the old days of beautiful America, turning the radio on to listen to your favourite show while sitting in front of a warm, cosy fire is now something you might consider when you either have nothing else to do or if you’re really sick. The context of entertainment is on a whole new level. Now we need freaks, and we especially need to know anything and everything about our favourite or the most popular movie stars. Sure it keeps our lives eventful and interesting, but are our lives so dull and so boring that we need secrets like these just to feel included or just to have a laugh? Yes. Without the entertainment business and the secrets of all of the famous celebrities, our society wouldn’t even function nor would it be entertained for the least part.”
This is a different approach altogether as compared to radz condition. She was in a state of dilemma as to what she should do. A person sending her a note telling “her secrets are with him/her” is something she never thought of. She kept thinking about the parcel for the whole day. NeiSam also understood something was wrong with her. But then they didnt ask her.
On her way back home…it was quite late…radz felt someone was following her… she turned back but to find no one… at home another surprise was waiting… as she turned the lights on she saw another envelope…she quickly picked it up…
“Worries, desires, nervousness, restlessness drive away peace from mind…
Why so tensed girl?? Keep calm… have peaceful mind”
Radz was frustrated…she felt she is being stalked unnecessarily. The whole night she couldn’t sleep. She kept on thinking why she was being a part of this joke… she decided to tell NeiSam about it the next day….
NeiSam at college.. waiting for radz…
“she is late man..” said sam..
“u go to ur class Sammy… i will wait..” said Neil
“idiot… plzz don’t act foolish…” said sam
Neil kept quiet. There has been a constant change in Neil’s behaviour after radz has entered his life and Sam could observe it. Her bff seemed to change drastically…he seemed to lost in his own world.. it was difficult to say what it was which brought the change in him but Sam was sure it was linked to Radz..
“fine..u wait for radz.. m leaving…” she said and left..
As she was leaving…, Neil’s phone ringed… a message from radz..
“hey m not well will not be able to come today..
Take care.. Radz”
To this neil’s face turned a bit low…Sam noticed but again said nothing.. NeiSam moved to their respective classes.
A lot of hubbub, near a market beside which a cafe is situated… “SUNSHINE CAFE” the board a distant corner was sitting a girl dressed in a yellow one piece with floral design.. she is none other than radz.. a coffee mug is placed in front of her… she saw her watch… her face portrayed a long wait and disappointed which came along with it…
“mam.. will u take anything else” asked a waiter
“no..thanks.. bring my bill plzz” she replied…
The waiter went away..
Radz in her mind.. “its 11:30… huh.. i was given the time of 8:30… i could have easily gone to the college…missed it crap”
The waiter comes with the bill..he also has a parcel and a bouquet with him… “mam..ur bill..and this is for u..”
“for me?? But I…” before she could finish..
“someone left it for u..” he said
“but who??” she asked in enthusiasm…
The waiter pointed at a guy on the opposite lane..only his back was visible ..he was wearing a black and white hood.. radz quickly paid the bill and ran to that place.. but before she reached there he had gone… disappointment again covered her face…
She checked the contained her original diary… and the bouquet had a small card..
“Compensation for late arrival… and i hope now u have got back ur secrets..”
A flash back:
Early that morning radz received a note which said “u can take ur secrets from me.. 8:30 at sunshine cafe” it was then radz decided t skip the college…
Radz felt like throwing the bouquet in the dustbin..but then she didn’t do that.. she just returned home… she kept the flowers in a vase and checked the diary…
Neil and Sam walking along the road… neil still lost in his thoughts.. Sam was going to ask something..when neil stated.. “ Sammy.. isn’t radz house nearby??”
Sam surprised… “yeah..”
“come let’s visit her once..” he said
“neil.. are u sure… she said she isnt well” sam said
“that’s y m telling.. lets meet her once..” desperation has captured his voice…
They headed towards radz house…neil was about to ring the bell when..
“idiot… u sure na??” sam said
He just gave her a glare…
“Ting tong” the bell rang…. after about 30 seconds radz opened the door… she looked surprised..but the glow in Neil’s face resumed…
“neil..Sam u here??” stated radz..
Neil got inside… and held radz’ shoulders.. “ u fine right??”
Sam entered the house… and “actually radhika..we were worried abt u…”
“oh.. m fine now… come inside…” she said..
Everything looked normal from radz point of view.. she had got such friends… it was really her sheer luck… but only Sam scented the growing desperation in neil which was not really a good sign… after an hour of was time for them to leave… sam bid radz bye..neil also said bye.. sort of unwillingly…
After their departure radz looked at the bouquet once more… and went inside… to her bed room. She opened her fb account where a notification popped up… it read a friend request from ‘secret admirer’
Radz read the name twice… a faint smile approached her lips which broadened when she accepted the request and a message popped up on the screen…
Liked the bouquet??”
To which radz replied..
“who r u??”
“ secret admirer….”
“whose secret admirer??”
“well that’s a difficult question… umm may the one who is most beautiful”
Radz sort of blushed…
“listen idk who u r..but i wanna know the reason for all this…!!”
“fine… meet me at the same place tmrw..”
“no way.. i waited for u three hours.. but u never turned up..”
“so u didnt get the parcel…??”
“yeah i got.. but after three long hours.. and u never came..”
“ u wanted to meet me??”
Radz didnt know what to answer next…
“hello.. u there??” he typed..
“ yes i am” said radz..
“ so we r meeting tmrw..right??”
“look..i cant skip college..”
“don’t then…come after the the same place..”
“ok done..5 pm sharp..”
He sent a thumbs up…
Radz closed her laptop…she lay down on the bed and fell off to sleep.
A fresh new morning and radz is all set for the college or more particularly to meet the ‘secret admirer’. She is wearing a two piece..skirt and top.. its black and had bobby prints…
[the link is here]
she takes her stuffs and get set go!!
She reaches the college and every guy was just looking at her.. she looked god damn awesome!! It was much easy for any guy to fall for her… Sam noticed her.. she smiled and waved at her.. radz waved back.. Neil was still not there… yet to come… and he comes there to get the shock… he is jaw downed!! Sam pushes him..
“what happened radz?? Anything special?” said sam..
“nah… just like that” she replied..
“but u look stunning…” said Neil still in the awe..
“thanks..” radz said..
Neil looks on.. Sam bangs his head.. “oye. Idiot… u were suppose to help me out…”
Neil comes back to his senses… “yeah… radhika.. see u in class..”
“okay..fine..” she said and went away…
Meantime sam observed neil…
“idiot..what’s wrong with u?? Why r u behaving like a real idiot??” Sam xclaimed rather roughly..
“nothing Sammy what wld happen??” he replied…
Their arguments continued.. but Sam wasn’t satisfied…
[Eve 5 pm…Sunshine cafe]
Radhika is sitting and waiting desperately for the ‘secret admirer’…. she gets nervous thinking what she would do… someone places a hand on her shoulder… she gets a sort of electric shock… she smiled , blushes and finally turns back…. and guess what she finds the waiter standing…
“what the hell?” she mutters…
“mam ur order plzz” the waiter says..
“nothing..” she says and was about to leave when… a voice is heard… “two cold coffee with ice cream plzz…” a dashing, handsome.. young guy.. stands in front…smiling..
The waiter nods and goes away… radz blink her eyes..she is totally enchanted by the sight of this young guy…
“Sorry for making u wait…” he said…
“its ok..” says radz still in trance
“hello..!!” he says..
Radz comes back to her senses… “hi… radhika..!!”
The guy smiles.. “so u think i don’t know ur name??”
“of course u know… bt it was a formal intro.. mr ‘secret admirer’…” says radz
“oh..okay… Arjun.. “ he says as he extends his hands…
“Arjun…. so mr. Secret admirer has a name and its arjun…interesting..” says radz… shaking hands..
Arjun smiles.. “yeah…all credit to the enchantress.. Who casted a spell on me..”
Radz blush…
Their conversation goes on… and radz comes to know a lil bit about arjun… they spent a long time together and arjun drops her home…radz was so lost in his charm that she forgot to ask him the reason for doing all this… it was as if she got carried away with his charm.. that night she kept thinking about him.. she smiled and blushed.
The next day in college..radz was lost in thoughts of arjun.. Neil was sitting beside her bt he felt radz is miles away from her… it was again a different topic that was being taught in class…
“It takes a fifth-of-a-second for the euphoria-inducing chemicals to start acting on the brain when you are looking at that special someone.
Brain imaging studies of love suggest that 12 different areas of the brain are involved.
When looking or thinking about a loved one, these areas release a cocktail of neurotransmitters across the brain, including oxytocin, dopamine, vasopressin and adrenaline.
The brain gets a similar ‘hit’ from love as it does from a small dose of cocaine.”
Hearing all this.. radz felt butterflies in her stomach.. an unknown feeling began to disturb her every now and then… days elapsed… and turned into weeks.. but radz didnt meet arjun anymore. Neither did she receive any note or msg… she was tensed….. she had lost all hopes of meeting him again…
One day, after returning home from college..radz was superb tired… she sprang on the sofa..and sat in a relaxed posture… she looked at the calendar.. it had been one month since she met arjun.. she frowned…
“radz why the hell are u sad?? He means nothing to u other than a stalker..huh” said an inner voice..
A voice reciprocated.. “there are two types of which we hide from others and another which we hide from ourselves”
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  1. Myra

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    1. Tara

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  2. R. S. H. H. P

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    1. Tara

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