Manmarziyan -Crossroads -Chapter 9

Hello my friends…so here is the next chapter 🙂 hope you will like it 🙂 next one after 7th Nov as I am travelling to my native for Diwali… 🙂 May the diyas of Diwali bring the light of happiness and success to your lives 🙂 love u all. Happy Diwali

Chapter 9

Sam had started walking her determination to stand up for Radhika for her parents….it was her first day at BLING …today she was starting a new chapter leaving everything behind…Sam still loved Neil with all her heart…but she loved her self respect more now…Sam got ready in a smart pair of grey trousers with a white shirt…she combed her long brown hair she recalled how Neil loved her free hair…he would never let her tie them…memories took form of tears and started filling Sam’s eyes but this time she did not let them cross the boundaries of her eyes she restricted them….Sam tied her hair in a neat bun and checked her reflection ….her POV; ‘Sam you loved someone with full heart and broke your parents heart its time to fix everything’ Sam turned around and found Snehal staring at her

Sam ; ‘’What kiddo’’

Snehal; ‘’Rini will die of happiness….ok you coming with me and Rini’’

Sam; ‘’yes where is Rini…I needed some of my important papers which she collected from my apartment’’ Snehal checked with Radhika and she told Sam to check in Rini’s cupboard…Radhika left before them for an urgent meeting….Sam went straight to Radhika’s room and started searching for her stuff.

Radhika realized that she asked Sam to search her cupboard ….she panicked…she quickly called Snehal; ‘’Kiddo…go give Sam what she requires….she shouldn’t be searching my cupboard ….’’

Snehal realized what Radhika meant she Ran to Radhika’s room and barged in…but it was late….Sam was sitting on the bed with some pictures and papers scattered on the bed…Snehal gulped and walked; ‘’Sam…..’’

Sam lifted her eyes up; ‘’tell me all kiddo ….All means all….starting from London…till I went in coma….all what Rini went through all that I don’t know’’

Snehal closed her eyes and narrated….what went wrong and how Radhika Neil knew each other….Sam sobbed learning of Radhika’s pain…yet she stood so strong…Sam turned to Sneha; ‘’Kiddo Rini should not know you told me all this…now its my turn to sooth her pain…and give me all details on Neil and Arjun…’’

Snehal; ‘’You were supposed to stop all this’’

Sam; ‘’I am correcting what went wrong….just help me kiddo…’’ Snehal just groaned in frustration… she loved both her sisters … and now she was trapped. She just stomped her foot and left.

Neil’s Penthouse

This was the fifth time his dad had called…they called because they needed money Neil went into his past…he was a bright student and a topper in dramatics…he wanted to do a year long acting course from London …but he needed funds….his step mom instigated his father and his miser father refused….Neil was angry he spoke between tears; ‘’Why didn’t you just kill me when my mother died’’

Prakash; ‘’I wish I could…she was a bad luck… but you are my blood too…now tell me what is my gain in funding you’’

Neil; ‘’will you ask this from you second son too’’

Prakash; ‘’just answer what I am asking’’

Neil ; ‘’I will pay you each and every penny what you have spend on me… back with interest….interest of your choice’’

Prakash; ‘’If you are not able to then you will work in my shop without salary and you will be provided with only food…do we have a deal’’

Neil glared at his dad with hatred ; ‘’Deal….but if I succeed you will only have money and I will be dead for you’’

Neil came to present and hid his face in his palms…he cried and then screamed his pain… ‘’Why did I go to London….why did I meet you Rini…..I am sorry wish I could tell you and Sam how helpless I was….please Sam come back….I am dying ‘’ Neil crashed on the floor curling his body and sobbing like a child who had no one to console.

Niharika was enjoying her smoothie in her apartment …her face was covered in a pack and hairs rolled up in rollers….she was dressed just in a shirt which reached her thighs….she quickly switched on the television…its was off for her…Neil wanted time off…Niharika wanted to be with him..but a no from Neil always was a no….she made a bored face at the airing show and quickly changed to news ….they were flashing breaking news….and in next one minute Niharika’s world came crashing down….it was the press conference of BLING Media to introduce their New CEO….Samaira Khanna….Niharika’s heart was thudding….she increased the volume ….

Someone else too lost sleep watching Sam all fine….this was not good…she had comeback and now she won’t sit quietly…and worst she had Radhika with her

BLING Media & Entertainment

‘MD BLING Media Radhika Khanna aka Chairperson Media Board loves to surprise people and her this is the mother of all surprises…Ms Khanna introduced her sister as the new CEO BLING Media…and her sister is none other than Samaira Khanna..or in short the Samaira who was in relationship with super star Neil 3 yrs back …many believed it was Samaira who made him a star… At this press conference Samaira and Radhika were bombarded with questions on Sam’s whereabouts but they answered
…so we present you a little glimpse of the press meet at BLING Media

Report 1; ‘’Radhika you never said that Samaira was your twin’’

Radhika with a smile; ‘’you never asked about my family or siblings simple’’

Reporter2 ; ‘’Samaira…where were you for 3 yrs…there were so many rumours about you didn’t you feel this as a moral responsibility to clear the air’’

Sam looked at Radhika they gave each other a known smile; ‘’I was on a break…and Moral responsibility….I never created the rumours so why clear them….if someone had a question they should have searched for the answers that’s what we media does…am I right’’ Sam’s emphasis on we knocked everyone out….she cleared her and Radhika’s stand clear..and threw the ball at the reporters

Reporter 3; ‘’Where were you for these 3 yrs’’

Sam laughed; ‘’you won’t budge…fine I travelled…a lot..through the highs through the lows…in the dark…and finally out in light….and must say I am enjoying it…it’s good be back’’

Reporter 1; ‘’Radhika are you quitting BLING Media’’

Radhika; ‘’No I am not…and we are here to stay and for long’’

Reporter 2; ‘’Samaira…BLING refused to work with neil…so do you have any plans of changing that’’

Sam gave the reporter a sharp intimidating look; ‘’NO….we are not and will not work with Neil ‘’

Reporter 2; ‘’Why ?? due to your personal issues’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Why because Radhika refused him..and I trust her decisions…and Khanna’s don’t mix business with relationships’’

Radhika looked at Snehal..and Snehal took the stage…; ‘’I think we are done for now….thanks to all of you….the refreshments are being severed in BLING cafeteria…please help yourself’’

BLING was in shock….Samaira …Neil’s Samaira was not a girl next door….she was their boss’ twin…and now to them it looked that they were trapped between two hungry tigress ….Radhika took Sam to her office..and mad her sit on the chair…since I took charge this office this chair had been empty…waiting for the rightful candidate…and here you are…Sam kept staring at Radhika…how beautifully Radhika hid her Rini behind her eyes and smile…Sam got up and hugged her; ‘’there is no one whom I love more than you…remember that Rini’’

Radhika looped her arms tightly around Sam…closing her eyes; ‘’I know and same goes for you….don’t leave me again…this time I will die’’ Sam slapped her back…they moved back and wiped their tears when they heard a knock…Snehal walked in and her confused eyes kept darting from Radhika to Sam and back… Radhika suppressed her laughter looking at Snehal’s innocent confused face…she asked; ‘’Ask Kiddo….or you will get an upset stomach’’

Snehal; ‘’Whom am I suppose to work with Rini or Sam’’

Sam decided to tease her; ‘’Me off course…I have missed so much time with you….Rini can have a new one’’ Radhika nodded affirmative

Snhal walked closer to both of them..she kept her hands on her hip; ‘’I will take care of both of you…no need for someone else…and there is no one other than me who can tolerate both of you’’ Sam just laughed and Radhika pulled Snehal to her tickling her…they lived one off their childhood memories again…Snehal asked again; ‘’I need a half day’’

Sam; ‘’Why???’’

Snehal ; ‘’because I have a life..need to meet few friends’’

Radhika raised an eyebrow; ‘’Friends or special friend’’ Snehal’s cheek burned she just lowered her gaze…she knew hiding from Radhika was no point…she kept her eyes open. Before Snehal could answer Sam spoke; ‘’fine…go have fun’’ Snheal gave Sam a loving hug and ran out…Sam turned to Radhika; ‘’Who is he’’

Radhika; ‘’An AD by name Vinit …I doubt him…he is shady but I have no proof ….I warned her ..but she won’t budge….love is blind’’

Sam; ‘’Then leave it on me…’’ Sam lifted her phone dialling someone; ‘’Rana please follow Snehal and keep her safe…and keep an eye on Vinit… do update me’’ Sam was adamant in finding the one who tried killing her 3 yrs back…she knew those people will attack again….to keep themselves safe…and this time she was ready…but before that she had to keep her loved ones safe….Radhika was beyond anybody’s reach…but Snehal was still the soft point…..Sam leaned back…whenever she worked or planned something… it was for Neil’s benefit…she was Neil’s Samaira …but things changed and now she was Samaira Khanna’s Samrat Khanna’s daughter…Radhika Khanna’s sister a good business woman who was on the path of twisting things bad.

Arjun’s Mansion

Arjun had seen the replay of the press conference, he felt happy to find Sam safe and sound…and day before the conference Radhika had told him that she was Sam’s twin and her coma….Arjun just smiled and patiently heard whatever she had to say…she had so much pain…that he just wanted to pull her in his arms and hold her till she is done….Arjun smiled Radhika thought Arjun never knew she was Sam’s sister …but it was the opposite…he knew her …had seen her pic…it was Sam’s phone screen saver Sam had told him about fiery Radhika…he had even hinted that to Radhika on their first meet by disclosing about his and Sam’s friendship..but she didn’t pay heed…Arjun’s mobile vibrated it was a message from Sam; ‘Arjun need to meet you…minus Rini- Sam’

Arjun typed and ok and touched the send icon ….he threw his body on his bed and closed his eyes to relax…but a sudden commotion in his house jolted him out…Arjun quickly pulled on a t-shirt…he was about to come down when Minu entered; ‘’Bhai…Nivi and her father are here…your dad had asked you to stay in room he will handle’’

Arjun came to Minu’s level; ‘’What are they talking about’’

Minu answered with a grave expression; ‘’You and Radhika di….bhai will you leave Raddhika di….and marry that witch Nivi…if you do this I will never speak to you’’

Arjun smiled and pulled her cheeks; ‘’So you like Radhika why’’

Minu; ‘’She didn’t call me servants daughter she made me sit on her lap…and gave me a box full of chocolates ..bhai she has beautiful eyes and I told her that her dress was pretty and she promised me similar dress’’ Nivi’s face suddenly fell
Arjun cupped her face; ‘’What happened my darling…..why sad’’

Minu; ‘’Bhai if you marry Nivi…she will never let me meet you …she said I will wipe her room daily’’

Arjun lifted Minu up; ‘’ remember One thing you are my sister…and no one can change that’’ Minu smiled wide and pecked Arjun looping her arms around his neck…..Arjun hugged her…after his mother it was Minu whom he loved unconditionally and now the third one was Radhika…

Arjun walked into the hall with Minu…he pecked Minu’s forehead infront of Nivi and her arrogant dad…and asked her to go back to the room….Arjun pushed his hands into his pockets and looked straight at Nivi’s Father…. ‘’I will not marry Nivedita…I was never interested in her I said yes for my mom…but now I am done’’ Arnav smiled

Aiasha ; ‘’Arjun everything was fine what went wrong suddenly’’

Arjun; ‘’nothing has ever been right since this alliance got fixed….Mom…she trapped me into this and you believed her…not your son’’

Aiasha raised her hand asking Arjun to stop; ‘’Arjun Nivi’s mom was my childhood friend I promised her that I will take care of her daughter like my own…you will marry her and soon’’ Nivi smirked

Arjun; ‘’Mom…you promised I didn’t…and won’t sacrifice my happiness….I hate her….and if you care for her…find her someone rich…she only cares for that’’ Arjun walked out of the room firm on his decision…Arnav spoke after a pause; ‘’So here it is..this marriage is off…find Nivi someone else’’ Arjun walked out…he changed into a hoodie and pulled his car out…he drove straight to Paradise view…Radhika Sam and Snehal were having a light moment after dinner…the intercom buzzed and Snehal answered …she gave a naught smile to Radhika ; ‘’You have a visitor Rini….a super star…is waiting at the door’’

Sam; ‘’How romantic….so miss Rini….where would you like to meet him….in study or your bedroom…all alone’’

Radhika turned a tomato…she was a hard nut but infront of these two she was an open book….she stared at Snehal and Sam…Sam smiled; ‘’Kiddo send him to study ‘’ Sam walked out and smiled at arjun; ‘’How are you’’

Arjun gave Sam a warm hug….; ‘’Its so good to see you..lets catch up ‘’

Sam; ‘’Any day when you are free….right now your heiress is waiting’’ Arjun nodded and walked ahead…Sam spoke again; ‘’Arjun…keep my Rini’s heart safe’’

Arjun; ‘’with my life’’ Arjun walked in …Sam dragged Snehal away who was eves dropping on the lovers conversation…Arjun walked in and found Radhika pacing around in her cute pink night gown….she smiled at Arjun before throwing her arms around Arjun…; ‘’Hello there my love’’

Arjun hugged her tightly closing his eyes…as if he was living all his life in this one moment…; ‘’Radhika I have broken off my marriage but …she won’t back out that easily…plus my mom supports her’’

Radhika made him sit…she pecked his forehead his eyes and his cheeks…caressing Arjun’s face lovingly ; ‘’She has no option other than walking out….you belong to me…and I am not losing you…either Nivi will walk out sweetly or I will do my way’’

Arjun pulled Radhika into a hug; ‘’Don’t worry princess….I will handle her…but when you show your possessiveness I feel amazing’’

Radhika; ‘’I can show my madness too’’ Arjun smiled cupping her cheek …his thumb pressed her lower lip…Radhika smiled and pecked his lips…Arjun don’t think so much….no one will be able to separate us …..I won’t let it happen’’

Arjun smiled and nodded and then asked her mischievously; ‘’Next month I have a 15 day outdoor shoot….you promised you will come’’

Radhika; ‘’And I will keep my promise…where is the schedule for ‘’

Arjun ; ‘’London’’ Radhika’s face fell…. Her palms were sweating…a painful memory struck her…Arjun went on talking to her leaning on the couch…Radhika watched him…she was not ready to lose him….Radhika leaned on Arjun….squeezing herself in his arms ..she held his shirt tightly closing her eyes Arjun understood….something was bothering her …he looped his arm around her….pecking her forehead…

Revenge; ‘’I kicked you out of Sam’s heart’’

Love; ‘’Nope….you are there because I have been mixed with anger …remember hate and love are part of same coin’’


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