Manmarziyan -Crossroads -Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Paradise View

Sam had been taking physiotherapy sessions regularly…Radhika and Snehal’s motivation had ignited the desire in her to stand and be herself again…face everything again…Sam checked the projects Radhika was working on…she came across Arjun’s project and her face lit up…Sam

POV; ‘Wow Rini you really must be good that Arjun hired you….now I will help you making this project a success’ Sam quickly dialled Radhika…she got a loving response; ‘’yes Sammy’’

Sam; ‘’Congrats Rini….you are working with Arjun’’

Radhika; ‘’Nope…he is working with me…’’

Sam rolled her eyes; ‘’Ok he is working with you…can I help….he is an amazing person…and I know him too’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’want to meet him’’

Sam lost her smiled; ‘’Not now Rini….I am not ready…but one day for sure..till then I will work from home’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam let me know when you are ready…BLING awaits its CEO’’

Sam; ‘’Rini you built it…I don’t want it’’

Radhika; ‘’you would the same if it were me in your place….and I am not giving you anything for free…you are working on all my projects and based on your eligibility and your quality of work you will be awarded…so take a chill pill and give your best’’

Sam imitated Radhika; ‘’GIVE UR BEST…’’ they laughed and Sam disconnected.

BLING Office

Radhika leaned on her chair and smiled…her POV; ‘’I shared this project because I knew you were friends with Arjun…I want Arjun to bring Neil down…Sam made Neil and now indirectly you will bring him down by moving Arjun up…Neil you don’t know I am going to hit you hard… straight on your heart’’

Snehal understood all she broke Radhika’s trance ; ‘’So the feelings you have been throwing at Arjun are fake ….you are using him’’

Radhika stared at Snehal with a blank expression. ….She got up from her chair and walked towards the majestic glass window…Radhika kept her back at Snehal and then asked; ‘’Do you think its fake…my feelings’’

Snehal was angry..she shot back; ‘’with you anything is possible’’

Radhika smiled sadly…; ‘’Then so be it…I have stopped answering people….I cannot force anyone to believe or not’’ Radhika turned around…facing Snehal…the room lighting was minimum as Radhika loved dark…and right now her position with light was such that her face was in light yet dark…her eyes were piercing Snehal knew this was the sign of ending the discussion…Radhika with a stoned voice asked…’’.I think I gave you some work…is it done?’’

Snehal; ‘’Yes…these are list of Neil’s endorsements….the projects he was and is working plus the new ones’’

Radhika; ‘’Good…I think you should leave office hours are over…and Sam will be feeling lonely’’

Snehal; ‘’What about you’’

Radhika; ‘’I will be late….the car is ready…leave’’

Snehal nodded and spoke in soft voice; ‘’I know you will no more tell me what your plans are…but I won’t budge till I stop you’’

Radhika smirked and gave Snehal an open challenged; ‘’I never want you to stop…you are my only hope kiddo…I trust you’’ Snehal stood confused…Radhika threw and emotional ball knocking her out…Snehal may or may not agree…but she could never deceive Radhika’’ Snehal walked out and pressed the elevator button…As the doors slid open…Snehal froze…there stood Neil …all murderous…he walked out and Snehal blocked his path; ‘’How can you just walk in like that…you need to leave’’

Neil ; ‘’I am not in a right frame of mind…if you love yourself move’’

Snehal; ‘’ since you are not using your head you need to leave’’ Neil held Snehal’s arm and pushed her aside …Snehal stumbled and hit her head on the wooden wall piece…Neil sauntered towards Radhika’s cabin….he pushed open and door and dashed in…followed by Snehal….Radhika looked up and gave him a bored expression…but her anger reached its peak looking at Snehal’s bruised forehead… she leaped at Snehal; ‘’Kiddo are you fine…Neil you shouldn’t have touched her ’’

Neil; ‘’She is alive….now you will answer me’’

Radhika made Snehal sit and turned to Neil; ‘’ Radhika Khanna has a status and she never answers a garbage like you…get out before you lose everything’’

Neil; ‘’Where is Sam’’

Radhika; ‘’Exactly…where is she….when she went missing you were busy shooting aboard…and she went missing because you broke her heart…or you did something to her …tell me Neil..where is my sister’’

Neil; ‘’Don’t act…I know you have her…tell me or’’

Radhika ; ‘’Don’t dare me Neil….you know where have I brought you and you don’t know where I am taking you so for now leave ….leave ‘’

Neil ; Rini…I can kill for Sam’’

Radhika smirked; ‘’Same pinch….we are on the same platform…but with a difference…you killed her and I will destroy you…watch me doing it…now get out’’

Radhika turned to Snehal to tend her wound but she felt a strong grip on her arm…Neil pulled Radhika my her arm; ‘’Don’t challenge me Rini….I can do anything….you cannot imagine how mad I am…. I walked into your premises and your security couldn’t stop me’’ Neil gripped a glass piece to scare her

Radhika noticed that , she gave Neil a devilish smile and whispered ; ‘’You walked in because I allowed…you are gripping my hand because I wanted…now whatever will happen is going to be exactly what I want…you will pay for touching Snehal ‘’ Radhika gripped his wrist and banged the glass piece on her forehead….Neil was left shocked he left her arm…Snheal almost lost her breath…Radhika stumbled and pressed the emergency bell…the guards rushed in caught hold of Neil…the head security dialed police…Neil was dumbfound….he couldn’t believe that Rini aka Radhika can even do this….Snehal made Radhika sit…as the police approached….Snehal gave her statement shocking Neil…she told the police…that Neil was angry that BLING media refused to work with him after numerous attempts he forced Radhika to accept his conditions, when Radhika refused he smacked the glass piece on her head …she said Neil even assaulted her when she tried to intervene….Neil was staring at Snehal… he was still processing….but a senior police officer asked him to walk with them…..Neil was being taken…he watched Radhika….the blood on her forehead seemed nothing as compared to the thirst of his destruction in her eyes….Snehal called the doctor….and in next few hours Neil was the subject of breaking news….

Snehal ; ‘’Why Rini…?’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Same pinch ….why did you stand by me when you don’t like it’’

Snehal hugged her; ‘’Because I love my Rini’’

Radhika hugged her back; ‘’And I love u kiddo’’

Sam couldn’t believe that Neil could stoop so low….her anger started building…; ‘’you did wrong Neil…Rini is my life…you shouldn’t have hurt her…I won’t forgive this…’’ Sam sadly smiled thinking her pitiful situation …her breathing started turning hard…she punched her legs….her POV; ‘I have to get up….all this is because of me….but before that need to find who did this to me…common Sam you are Samrat’s daughter you will have to fight’’


The news of neil attacking Radhika made Rakhi’s heart sink…she had lost a daughter to him…and was not in a situation to lose Radhika…with trembling hands she dialled Radhika….but instead of Radhika Sam answered; ‘’Mom !’’Rakhi froze….she zoned out…he ears couldn’t believe the voice she was hearing…her voice died ….she wasn’t able to reply…Sam understood; ‘’Mom its me Sam’’

Rakhi sobbed vigorously hearing Sam’s voice; ‘’Where were you…how can you just leave all of us behind…we told you we will always be there…do you know how broken Samrat is’’

Sam realized..Radhika never told them about her Coma state ..she understood why ..she replied in a calm determined voice; ‘’Mom I am sorry….but I promise….I will never leave you guys again…and don’t worry about Rini she is fine…I will take care’’ after speaking to her parents for long Sam disconnected…..Radhika was resting in her room but this incident had jerked Sam up ….she made a decision to be out in open …yes she felt she was ready.

Arjun saw the news and got ready…he was angry on Neil and worried about Radhika….he loved her deeply ….and there was no way he would not see her now…he dialed Radhika….she was lying on her bed with Snehal on one side and Sam on the other….Sam switched on the speaker of

Radhika’s continuously buzzing phone….before anyone could understand Arju started; ‘’Heiress are you fine…why were you not answering my call….do you have any idea how worried I was ‘’

The room’s temperature suddenly changed….Sam raised an eyebrow at Radhika and Snehal started grinning like an idiot…Radhika turned pink she was looking down ….and Arjun went on and on with his questions and his love declaration ….finally Radhika answered; ‘’I am fine…resting now’’

Arjun; ‘’Don’t leave him…’’

Radhika noted Sam’s dull face; ‘’Arjun I don’t want to complicate things….I will talk you tomorrow’’

Arjun; ‘’No I want to meet you now’’ Sam and Snehal rolled their eyes…Radhika just hid her face in her palms…she knew her sisters were just waiting for the call to get disconnected…Radhika made a serious face; ‘’Arjun please…I promise….I will meet you..calm down’’ Arjun agreed and disconnected ….she pulled her comforter over her head…all she could hear was roaring laughter of Snehal and Sam.
Neil’s lawyer’s were working on his bail….Neil sat there in silence…was Radhika right is Sam really missing…yes they fought and fought bad…Neil spoke words he shouldn’t could he doubt Sam his Sam…she left everything for him…her family her house…she made him Neil the Star…she planned his career…but never took the credit….if she would have done this for anybody else…she would have been the best manager and would have made very good money….Neil was not able to think where Sam was …he closed his eyes his pain oozed out of his eyes in form of tears…after few hours a police man approached him; ‘’you are free to go’’

Neil nodded and walked out….his security led him to the car saving him from numerous media questions…but this time Neil cared less…he just wanted his life his Sam back… Niharika got in with him and started explaining him the next step…but Neil wasn’t listening he just wanted to know where Sam was….Radhika had blamed him…that hit him…was he really responsible….Sam wasn’t that weak..she was emotional…but not the one to vanish run or take her life….something was at miss.

Shooting Location Mumbai

Arjun finished his shot….he was an one take actor but today he had taken so many retakes that the director asked him to take a break…Arjun gulped some water and checked his phone..he was annoyed there were no calls or messages from Radhika from past 3 days…Gupta came and whispered something in his ear…Arjun got up and ran to his vanity…he barged in and smiled; ‘’heiress…’’

Radhika turned around and smiled…she was dressed in a light blue knee length dress ..her hair tied in a high bun …she had paired her dress with cute white pumps …Arjun walked to her admiring her …he stood infront of her and pulled her close…Radhika smiled cutely at him placing both her palms on his chest; ‘’you worry too much …see I am fine’’

Arjun; ‘’because I love you’’ He pecked her forehead deep and asked….heiress why don’t you question me on Nivi…and our relationship ‘’

Radhika cupped his face; ‘’Simple …I trust you…’’ Radhika gave him a cute childish look and Arjun hugged her …Radhika felt amazing calmness in his arms…she responded his hug by coming closer to him…Arjun tighten his grip on her waist omitting all the distance between them..Arjun buried his face in the crook of her neck…Radhika smiled tilting her neck giving him access….Arjun smiled and whispered; ‘’you are breath taking’’

Radhika replied; ‘’Hmm I know….and you know … your hug is just mind blowing…I can stay in your arms till eternity’’

Arjun took a deep breath…; ‘’heiress can I kiss you ‘’ Radhika whispered; ‘’what are you waiting for ‘’ Arjun smiled watched her for a second before leaning for a kiss…but they were interrupted by Nivi who got to know of Radhika visiting Arjun…she barged in giving both a burning look….but neither Arjun nor Radhika moved away from each other….they were still close holding each other…

Nivi glared ; ‘’What the hell….Arjun you can’t just to this to me’’ Radhika smiled cupped Arjun’s face and kissed his cheek deep

Arjun smiled at Radhika still holding her waist; ‘’I guess you got you answer…so can you please move out and let us continue whatever we were busy with’’

Nivi glared at Radhika; ‘’ You are a sl*t’’

Radhika; ‘’So are you…don’t mess Nivi …leave from here and his life …he is mine now’’

Nivi; ‘’never’’ Radhika smirked turned Arjun’s face towards her and planted her lips on his…Arjun gripped her waist tightly exploring her lips…Radhika’s palms moved all over his back and then into his thick hair…Nivi couldn’t believe her eyes the Arjun she knew who never had a single affair was shamelessly making out infront of her eyes….Radhika Arjun parted being breathless they smiled lovingly at each other. Radhika turned to Nivi …Arjun looped his arms around her waist and kept his chin on her shoulder smiling challenging Nivi…Radhika kept her palms over Arjun’s on her waist; ‘’I guess now you know who he has decided to be with…leave if you don’t want to be insulted’’

Nivi was burning; ‘’I won’t spare you both…Arjun you like it or not you will have to spend your life with me…’’ She stomped and left…Arjun turned Radhika around; ‘’She won’t stay quite…I don’t want her uttering nonsense about you’’

Radhiks kept her head on his shoulder hugging him; ‘’Relax…she won’t utter a word…she can’t afford to lose you…and your girl isn’t made of roses…she is all thorns’’

Arjun lifted her chin; ‘’my girl is a rose….and I love her even if she is a thorn’’

Radhika was emotional; ‘’Thorns pricks…and make one bleed’’

Arjun; ‘’then let me bleed…I don’t care….’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun why me ???…you are not even my first…yes I like you…my heart wants to be with you…but I don’t want to hurt you…’’

Arjun smiled lifted her hand and filled the gap of her fingers with his; ‘’Because I am the one made for you…this is why your first never worked and we met…..stop thinking so much…just live the moment…’’ Radhika nodded before hugging Arjun tightly…yes she has decided to give love a chance…

Love; ‘’Why are you quite now…are you scared’’

Revenge; ‘’If not her ….I know where to move…a heart I know is in pain….this pain is my gain …answers is what that heart seeks…I will provoke the one who looks now all meek’’

Precap- Arjun’s past


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