Manmarziyan -Crossroads -Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Neil woke up he decided to visit Khanna residence and have one to one talk with Samrat to know where he had hidden his Sam..Neil quickly dressed up…he hadn’t been shaving intentionally it will help him mask his identity…but Neil wasn’t aware the surprise waiting on the other side of the door…as he stepped out and moved to the lobby….he was greeted by flashes…..mikes and many hungry reports…with them there was his family….or people who should have been his family….Neil was shocked…how did the details on the trip got leaked…who did that….he was trying to figure out a new plan…but before he could think he was bombarded with questions ; ‘’Neil are you here for some shoot’’

Neil kept his calm; ‘’it’s a private visit…please respect my privacy…I need to leave

‘’So…did you intentionally leak about you visit….Is this a publicity stunt…’’

Neil; ‘’No comments’’

Reporter; ‘’Neil we have got a tip that you are here to take your girlfriend back’’

Neil just ignored….but questions never stopped; ‘’Neil people say that she left you because of your temper issues…’’

‘’there are rumours that she left you due to your alleged link ups’’

‘’But if sources are to be believed….you ex is now married and settled happily…..’’

One of them mocked ‘’seems she got a bored of him and settled for a better option…’’ Neil lost his cool….he snatched the camera and smashed it before punching the person on face….Neil’s body guard had to use al their strength to pull him off…..Neil screamed; ‘’Not a word against her…do you get that’’ his guards dragged him away….the injured reporter was rushed to the hospital….’’ Neil was huffing like a tiger ….he was least concerned about the repercussions….Brijesh watched all this a messaged Radhika

Paradise View

Radhika was watching the news…all the channels were just flashing Neil’s violent outburst…she laughed ; ‘’Neil you should thank me ….I made you famous….once in past you made me famous…I evened that….more to come’’ As a memory hit her…tears started pouring….she clenched her dress with one arm and covered her mouth with other….she didn’t wanted anyone to hear her…her POV; ‘Neil I know all about you … cannot escape me…you are responsible for the death of Rini….and Radhika will destroy you….’’

Radhika right now looked like a young simple fragile doll…who looked beautiful…but if someone touched her..she would crumble to dust….’Radhika’s POV; ‘what was my fault….that I loved with a pure heart….and the one I loved tore it apart….I have been burning since years Neil…you will burn too….I will not forgive you…for me…for Sam…for my family’ I won’t….you will know what a wounded heart does’’

It is said that if God gives you wounds he blesses you with cure to….Radhika’s phone buzzed…it was a picture message….the pic from the day of photo-shoot….Arjun had clicked Radhika without her noticing him….Radhika was sitting crossed leg on the chair…looking sideways…she had placed her hand under her chin ..appearing to be in deep thought …it was a perfect click…Radhika smiled…she got another message from Arjun….. ‘I want you in my arms…but till you say yes….I will be kissing this one…she is mine’

Radhika; ‘Crazy men its so easy to bring this breed down….’ She messaged him…. ‘we have to meet…its important’

Arjun; ‘Ah finally heiress …your place or mine’

Radhika; ‘Mine….BLING…do message me you availability….and yes check your social media profiles hope you like them’ Whatever it was…but Arjun made her smile

Radhika’s intercom buzzed it was Sam…Radhika relaxed and walked out of her study to be with her darling sister

BLING Office

Snehal watched the news in BLING office….she was still trying to figure out whether this was planned or it was an accident that media got the tip of Neil’s visit…Snehal’s POV… ‘if this is planned …then how does Rini get these details ….who gives her all these information…I have to find out what went wrong between Sam and Neil….I have to find missing links and speak to Badi ma….because Rini will not listen….and my own dad supports her blindly ….’’

Mumbai FLim City

Arjun was busy with in shoot…it was a hectic schedule…they had to shoot for an action sequence and it was a tiring one…Arjun’s character was supposed to be fighting some Ninja fighters, all the actors and fighters were tied to the harness…the constant pulling up and down of harness was sucking all his energy from the body….they had done 10 retakes as one of the actor was not able to wave his sword like a Ninja….the director was going mad…. Leaving Arjun everyone was irritated….Arjun made the new comer comfortable….the boy got nervous when asked to attack Arjun….Arjun offered him water and made him relaxed…he started conversing with him like a long lost friend…the boy started opening up…Arjun told him about himself his struggle…making the boy open up …after a half an hour break it was a perfect shot….the director clapped for Arjun’ s effort and his generous nature…

Arjun walked inside his vanity…he was exhausted he needed a quick shower…when he stepped out he found Nivi in a thigh slit dress sitting on the chair with her legs wide…Arjun gave her one look threw the towel in a corner and turned away from her….even her open legs were not inviting for him…Nivi got up and walked to him and gently started massaging his shoulder…Arjun got annoyed ; ‘’What are you doing Nivi’’

Nivi replied Innocently; ‘’easing you muscles…you look exhausted let me help you relax darling….’’ Nivi hugged him from behind… ‘’lets go out and enjoy’’

Arjun moved away towards his wardrobe and pulled a white full sleeve tshirt…; ‘’No I have committed my time to Minu…she has her term exams’’

Nivi moved her hands under his Tshirt; ‘’I need you’’

Arjun; ‘’You can take my card….but my time belongs to Minu…’’

Nivi got irritated; ‘’Why the hell you care for that servants daughter so much’’

Arjun warned; ‘’She is my sister….not a word against her….Nivi we have discussed this before…Minu is family to me and very dear to my heart….and now please leave…I know the reason for your sudden care ad love’’

Nivi; ‘’same pinch Arjun …I know the reason for you ignoring me…Radhika…you want her’’

Arjun went close to Nivi and whispered; ‘’Yes I want her…and I will get her….now just leave’’

Nivi smirked; ‘’Fine…go screw her..have some fun…end of the day you will have to come back to me…you know it why ‘’ Nivi left a disturbed Arjun behind.


Snehal received a mail about an urgent meeting of top media professionals…..they had invited Radhika…Snehal had been attending on her behalf….she messaged Rdhika about it…Radhika smirked and told Snehal that she will herself attend this year…shocking Snehal to core…

Paradise View

Radhika walked into Sam’s room….she was sitting on her wheel chair staring out at the endless sea….Radhika went and hugged her from behind; ‘’Sammy why so sad’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Rini will I be able to walk’’

Radhika walked front kneeling infront of Sam; ‘’Yes this is temporary..only till you gain strength…Sam…will you speak to Mom and Dad. Please !’’

Sam; ‘’I am ashamed …I broke their heart’’

Radhika; ‘’No you just followed your heart…we understand that…please…for them’’ Sam nodded getting a hug from Radhika’’

Sam; ‘’You took over STERLING HEIGHTS Nanu’s firm….girl you are rocking…Rini aren’t you scared of kind of people you deal in construction business’’

Radhika; ‘’No I use my brain….Sam I own BLING Entertainment too’’ Sam looked at Radhika wide eyed trying to figure out what she just said…Radhika smiled; ‘’you loved working in this industry…so I thought why not invest here’’

Sam; ‘’this that it Rini or there is more’’

Radhika knew Sam…she can never hide things from Sam…hence she changed her plan…the war was now out in open…Neil will see who Radhika was but Sam will know only things she wanted to hear…only this was the way in which Radhika could check Snehal and Sam both….Radhika gave Sam a loving smile; ‘’there is a lot more…but for that you need to be fine soon and sit on the chair of the CEO BLING…and from next week I will bring some work…you should start on to it ‘’ Sam’s eyes started filling up….this was Rini her Rini….who would do anything and everything for her loving sister…Sam extended her arms and Radhika gave her a tight hug….they had missed each other for very long. Radhika helped Sam to lie on the bed and walked out….her phone inbox was full of Arjun’s messages…she knew he was head on heels mad for her…but she won’t make it easy.

Media Board Meet

Radhika entered the board room minus Snehal….she knew Snehal was looking for one chance to stop her …but Radhika was something else….The board members greeted her…some knew her and others were meeting her for the first time…they were awestruck….she was so young to be so successful…Radhika fake smiles and gestures when anyone complimented her…she had come with an intention…she already had people in her support…once all were seated… the spokes person started; ‘’we are here to elect are chairperson for our Media board…we have 3 names…Mr Shrikant Oberoi head Zenith Media , Mrs Megha Singh President POINT Group and Ms Radhika Khanna CEO BLING Media and Entertainment…please cast your vote in next 15 min. Once the voting was done….the result was declared… Radhika won the majority by 50%….she knew that before ….all clapped for her and she raised her glass to the spokesperson…Ajay Nautiyal who did the work for her…he bowed…after a small celebration…the first board meeting started…Radhika took the place of chairperson…she spoke; ‘’So my question to all of you is…we need stars or stars need us’’ The debate started….and it went on and on for 2 hrs…Radhika spoke at the end; ‘’We make them stars…and we have been continuously blamed for penetrating their privacy…I mean we aren’t Gods…we get tips…and these tips come from the publicity hungry starts…for example last month a big star was visiting a holy shrine with his parents and kids…and when media followed and captured him he broke the camera…I mean if he wanted it to be private why did he make a post on social media about the trip…there are many more…..but its high time…we answer back….they need us.. we don’t’’

The meeting concluded with a decision for banning Neil completely…Radhika knew this step will force directors and film banners not to sign Neil…bringing him down completely…and today Radhika khanna posed for the camera…she came out open…

Neil’s Penthouse

Neil was back in Mumbai….the reporter he thrashed had filed a case against him…Neil sat on his couch leaning with his eyes closed…he was trying to figure and why everything was going against him…to divert he switched on the television…the news made his heart Sank….Neil was by being banned by media….his movies songs commercials were banned by print online media…no entertainment channel will be telecasting or promoting his trailers songs or upcoming movies….and this decision was taken by the board of Media personals…but what made him sweat was the one picture on the screen…the Media board chairperson Radhika Khanna…Neil pulled his hair; ‘’Oh God Radhika is Rini….yes why not she was never interested in working with me…all against me was by her…she brought Ashutosh down ….the first ban on me….public apology…and now she is the chair person’’

Neil crashed on the floor….he knew who was he facing now…his career all his hard work his life..she was snatching everything…Neil curled up he felt like crying…but then a thought struck him; ‘’If Rini is in Mumbai…so will be my Sam… no Rini you can’t keep her hidden I will take her back’’ But little he knew Radhika was thinking just the opposite

Radhika was driving back to her Bungalow…when her phone buzzed…she answered; ‘’yes superstar’’

Arjun; ‘’I want to take you out on a date’’

Radhika’s cheeks burned; ‘’Ok….that means five star hotel… candles …. expensive drinks music….not interested’’

Arjun; ‘’tell me your choice heiress ‘’

Radhika challenged him; ‘’you want me…then sweep me off my feet…success comes with hard work ..and Radhika is precious…think Arjun’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Ah ! you said Arjun…it sounds so good…done heiress…wait for me’’ Radhika disconnected smiling…he was mad…but truth was she was waiting for him.

BLING Office

The clock had struck 10:00 PM and Snehal was still in her cabin… her mind was not working…Radhika came out in open…evening she spoke to Sam and Sam knew about Bling…Snehal was thinking hard; ‘’what is Rini upto…how did she manage to win that vote..I attended all the meetings..…she got Neil banned…and now he knows who she is …he will come for Sam…and she wants Sam to take over BLING….AHHHHHHA!…..Rini you will drive me crazy…’’

Snehal was still thinking ..she was drawing flow charts and trying to figure out Radhika’s plan when Sam called her she answered; ‘’Hi Sammy’’

Sam; ‘’Kiddo look at the time….Rini spoiled you…I want you back in half an hour…’’

Snehal; ‘’Had few meetings…Rini wasn’t there to attend’’

Sam; ‘’ No excuses I know all meetings got over by 6 PM…I have your planner’’

Snehal blinked; ‘’Ok will be out in a minute’’ she disconnected and thought; ‘WOW Rini…you placed a check on me…I don’t think I can ever be able to find out what runs in your complicated brain…but I will never stop trying’’

Paradise View, Radhika’s Bungalow

Radhika changed and she got a call again from Arjun it was midnight; ‘’Yes Super Star’’

Arjun; ‘’Ready for date…come down heiress I am waiting’’

Radhika blinked…She quickly changed into a one piece left her hair…and came out of the bungalow…Arjun was at the driver’s place in his SUV ….Radhika took the passenger seat…Arjun drove off took a full circle and brought Radhika to the beach behind her Bungalow…. ‘’you love it here…I know…I saw you first between the waves…come ‘’

He opened the boot and pulled out a portable table and 2 chairs…placing between the beach…he pulled out a battery light in shape of a candle and placed it on the table…then a box and a flask….Radhika kept watching him smiling wide…she have had previous dates…but this was unexpected from a super star…he played a soft music on his cell and extended his arm to Radhika…she took his hand …Arjun made her sit and opened the box….it had two sandwiches ….with a smiley …Radhika blinked; ‘’we are supposed to have two plates as well’’

Arjun moved his chair next to her; ‘’No …because we are not different we are one…now I made this…and the flask has canned Mango juice…hope you will like it’’

Radhika; ‘’What made you think this will sweep me off my feet’’

Arjun; ‘’Expensive parties and dinner are not your thing….I can read you heiress…you like small and simple things….and you never expected a super star taking you on date for which he won’t spend a penny’’ Radhika blushed…yes his simple gesture touched her heart…she averted her gaze…..her hair fell on her face making a curtain…hiding her blush ..Arjun moved her hair behind and kissed her cheek deep…..Radhika took a sharp intake of breath closing her eyes…his hand went on her waist puling her towards him…; ‘’you are beautiful and you know that…but know one thing more…my heart marked you as mine…now its your heart who has to accept this…’’ She looked up into his eyes…she was no more Radhika but Rini….Arjun pulled her up and joined their hands for a dance…he kept humming dancing with her…she smiled and then let out a crackling laughter…Arjun lifted her up twirling her around…Radhika was still laughing happily…she forgot everything ..every pain all tears in this one moment…

Arjun stopped and pulled her close; ‘’I don’t know but I feel I know you…behind this hard shell is a beautiful girl….Radhika I am not asking anything….but I want to ease you out of your pain….not now ..but tell me when you are ready…I promise I will be there…even if you push me back’’

Radhika watched him without battling her eyelids….she wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him tight…Arjun felt her need to be held, to be loved… he held her tightly around her middle holding her close to his body…Radhika buried her face in his neck….she wanted this moment to freeze….he wasn’t her first love….but his arms were different than the man she loved…now she wanted Arjun…the waves …the Moon the wind celebrated this beautiful moment….Arjun caressed her flying tresses she looked like the daughter of moon…her body was soft like that of a baby in his hard arms…but this felt home…to both of them .

Radhika broke the hug and Arjun loosen his grip on her waist..but he didn’t let go…Radhika pecked his cheek; ‘’you are a good man…why do you want a dark soul’’

Arjun cupped her cheek; ‘’you aren’t dark ..I will prove this to you…so how about a walk’’ Radhika held his arm and they both walked towards the waves….after few minutes she lifted his arm wrapping it around her waist…and wrapped hers around his..never speaking a word…Arjun pulled her close…after a walk…he spoke; ‘’Let me drop you home’’

Radhika ; ‘’some more time please…I am loving this…’’ Arjun took her back to his car..lowered the seats and Radhika adjusted herself on his shoulder…Arjun kept patting her head gently…she dozed off….and when she woke up it was about to be dawn….Radhika looked at the man whose arms she slept….she slept after 3 yrs of sleepless nights and numerous tablets…she slept…she moved close and caressed his head and pecked his lips…Arjun opened his eyes; ‘’that’s more refreshing than a coffee…god you are beautiful’’ Radhika smiled and hid her face in his chest….Arjun dropped her home..and drove back….Radhika entered her house…dancing jumping smiling like 16 yr old enjoying the feeling of first love

Love; ‘’look at them… so beautiful’’

Revenge; ‘’She gave you a place few yrs back…you left her in pain…she will get bored of him’’

Love; ‘’no …you don’t see the passion and fire….I feel it….start packing…he will make you leave’’

Revenge smirked; ‘’I have many hearts to settle…but hers is my favourite……will wait for the passion twig to burn off…’’

Pre cap- Enemies meet…A passionate affair


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    omg ….radhika!!!!! radhika!!!…..what a woman…..she loved someone…?….god..& aradhika romance… spell bound girl….u r amazing………i literally bow down to u….loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u

  20. Anu-Annie


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    wow wow wow. amazing. perfectly perfect. sweet. lovely. yummy.

    it was the best. couldn’t have been better.

    how could u write so damn good? han? tell me?

    doesn’t matter though. cos well that nothing else matters.

    i wanna hug u soooo tight for this one.

    love ya loads

    take care

    post soon. pls

    am.stilll. frozen. due to the extreme giddiness i felt while reading this part.

    i can’t.explain how cute and beautiful it was. out of words. i am.

  21. Shubhadha


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    Wow finally radhika with arjun…awsome date…Neil betray Radhika…?Some misunderstandings in between them.. Nice bonding between three sisters..completely super…

  22. _Ritu


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    Mind blowing Gauri…Radhika finally becoming Rini again through Arjun’s love.. 🙂 wow.. 😍😍 Nivi want to slap her hard …bt I guess she is blackmailing Arjun wid something…Radhika a shrewd businesswomen here…y didn’t u tried for business. …u will surely rock it coz imagining those deals nd den writing it so well..I can understand how much difficult dat is…waiting for nxt…post soon…loads of love. 🙂

  23. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww lovely marvellous episode. . . Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my darling sissyyyy. ….superrrrrrbbb job…this story is getting very very interesting with each update. …rads trapped neil in reporter case n became chairperson n banned neil…ohhhh..n now neil knows her….arjun n his heart warming gestures to rads brought Rini back for some time….I loved this super star’s date….the way you narrating everything is really very very awesoooooome. …I’m totally addicted to it n just want to keep reading it over n over….I’m never get enough of you my sweeeeeetheart. …love n revange convo is my favorite. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling abhaaa ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.