Manmarziyan -Crossroads -Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Radhika’s morning started with Rakhi’s call….she avoided answering her…her parents were not aware that Sam was in coma…Radhika took a deep breath and answered; ‘’Morning Mom!’’’

Rakhi; ‘’SO you remember you have a Mom…I feared that you won’t pick my call”

Radhika; ‘’Mom why are you being sarcastic…I don’t have answers Mom….it pains to see you and dad like this’’

Rakhi; ‘’Baby…I know….please come back Rini….your dad have seemed to age suddenly…I am worried’’

Radhika; ‘’Mom…is dad around??? If yes put me on speaker’’ Rakhi obliged and Radhika directed her conversation to both her parents; ‘’Mom Dad….have faith I will bring Sam home…Dad you have always trusted my decision …please have faith in my decision this time too….I have to stay for Sam….I will come back I promise… with Sam…and Dad take care of yourself…I want my handsome dad back’’

Rakhi smiled and Samrat gave a roaring laughter; ‘’Fine Rini….your Dad is waiting for you…come soon my princess’’

Radhika disconnected and broke down into inconsolable sobs….she recalled how she panicked when Sam’s call got disconnected abruptly…Radhika kept calling Sam but her no. was not reachable….she picked her luggage from the hotel and booked first flight to Mumbai…Radhika kept praying for Sam’s well being….Once she landed in Mumbai…she directly went to Neil’s penthouse….but he wasn’t there care taker update Radhika that Sam had moved out a month ago due to constant fights …but she still took care of his career..they were cordial….and would meet only if needed….but a day before when Sam had come down regarding some work….they had a big argument and Sam walked out in tears….Radhika checked on Neil’s whereabouts and was informed that he had left for US for a month long schedule… radhika took Sam’s address from the care taker and left for her apartment…She was praying for Sam to be safe in her house….but the door was never answered….Radhika met the owner and got a spare key bluffing that Sam was moving out and she was here to collect her belongings…..Radhika searched her flat…there were memories Sam loved locking memories in pictures it was all over the house….their childhood…time with parents….and her Time with Neil…but there was nothing which could give her a clue on Sam… radhika took everything and informed her Mom about Sam missing….Samrat couldn’t take it and suffered a heart stroke….crushing the happiness of Khanna household and evoking the devil in Radhika…Rakhi had a Bungalow in Mumbai gifted to her by her parents the owners of a big construction firm Sterling Heights…..Radhika without wasting any more time decided to shift to Mumbai and taking over Sterling Heights operations which her ailing grandmother readily agreed …she used her sharp brain and her power to take over BLING….Rakhi knew Radhika had to be controlled she was like forest fire and hence she send Snehal to Mumbai….

Radhika and Snehal frantically searched for Sam…she asked the police to keep the search confidential…..and after 6-7 months they found a bed ridden Sam in a Pune hospital….she was found badly injured on the highway…and was admitted in Nagpur….but for better treatment she was shifted to Pune….that day Radhika turned into a stone…..Radhika made arrangements for Sam to be shifted to her Bungalow she never told her parents about her being in coma as doctors had little hope..….she was furious on Neil… he didn’t care where Sam was….she left her family for him….helped him realizing his dream….and he broke her heart….Radhika went through Sam’s books and notes she smirked it had everything how Sam planned Neil’s career…. ‘’Neil… Sam took you to sky….I will crush you to dust….’’

Radhika was brought back to present by continuous banging on her bedroom door….Snehal screamed from the other side; ‘’Rini open the dam door or I will break it’’

Radhika smiled…wiped her face and got up she unlocked the door and found Snehal all angry with hands on her hip…Radhika smiled; ‘’Go find yourself a boy friend …and stop tailing me’’

Snehal; ‘’I will tail you even to your grave …I am not leaving you and if I get a boyfriend you will scare him off’’ Radhika laughed she knew Snehal will never leave her…she pulled Snehal’s cheeks lovingly before asking her to be ready …..

Neil was waiting for a private investigator….the man entered his vanity and greeted him…Neil asked; ‘’Any update on the girl’’

PI; ‘’No…after the day she left her apartment no one has seen her….I tried contacting the owner …but now that apartment belongs to someone else….who no clue….and the old owner says Samaira willingly moved out….but she is not in Darjeeling as well….and if gossips are to be believed according to friends and relatives she must be abroad…may be settled’’

Neil eyes turned red with anger; ‘’Settled ????? what the hell that means’’

PI; ‘’People known to family believe that Samaira brought shame to her family deciding to leave with her boyfriend….and since it dint work out her family got her married to some rich brat in US or UK secretly’’…….’’

Neil; ‘’Any news on her sister’’

PI; ‘’I got confirmed information that she is working in UK…..hence there are chances Samaira might be there in UK with her sister’’

Neil ; ‘’Who told you Rini Khanna is in UK’’

PI; ‘’Everyone….even the house staff ….I confirmed atleast 10 times before coming to you’’

Neil; ‘’Fine…keep it going…I will send your money …let me know if you get to know any thing on her’’ the investigator left …Neil was restless….his POV; ‘Sam where are you…how can you settle with someone else…you cannot marry someone else…I swear Sam I will kill the man who ever he is…you are just mine and no one else’s….No this can’t be true…Rini!!! Rini is not India…may be she is the one keeping Sam away from me….yes it has to be her…she will do anything to get her revenge….I have to find Rini…she must have brainwashed Sam against me …she is cunning….I have seen the side of Rini which no one knows….Yes if I find Rini ….I will get to Sam’ Neil closed his eyes and an old memory flashed …Rini stood opposite facing him….in a peach dress with a big base ball like stick….watching Neil with hatred…between them there were flames…..something was burning….Neil quickly opened his eyes.. ‘’I curse the day I met you Rini Khanna….but nothing will stop me from getting Sam not even you’’

Niharika came trembling to Neil she saw him breathing hard ….his eyes were red …..he was in a deep thought and looked thoroughly pisses…she gulped and spoke; ‘’Neil…Radhika refused to meet you’’

Neil; ‘’What did you do to convince her’’

Niharika; ‘’What can I do if she refuses’’

Neil turned around and glared at Niharika ; ‘’I don’t know why Sam hired you… are good for nothing…leave I will handle this my way now…but before that I have something more important to do…book my tickets for Darjeeling and keep this trip confidential. Neil turned his eyes away passing the message to be left alone…he wanted to know where Rini was…..little did he knew she was always 2 steps ahead of him.

Arjun never worked on weekends….this was his rule…this time he devoted to his hobbies …passion family and Minu…he was busy teaching Minu badminton….the girl was half of Arjun’s height and was literally struggling to answer his shots….Arjun chuckled a little looking at her jumping to reach the shuttle…sometimes it would fall directly on her head….Minu got irritated and threw her racket in a corner folder her arms to chest and turned away…all angry…Arjun smiled; ‘’Bad Minu….you should never give up’’

Minu; ‘’for last one hour I have been jumping like a monkey and yet could not take a single shot….Bhai this is cheating’’

Arjun ; ‘’How so???’’

Minu; ‘’You should come to my height to play….’’

Arjun walked to her side lifted her by arms…she stood stiff being angry ….he made her stand on a table….took her hands and said; ‘’Minu life never throws challenges based on our heights and sizes …it’s just hits us when we least expect it….so learn to fight…it’s ok to fail and get defeated …but not ok to give up…’’

Minu looked at him and nodded….Arjun pulled her cheeks …then she suddenly spoke; ‘Promise me you will not laugh next time’’ Arjun interlocked his little finger with hers promising her….in return he got a hug full of unconditional love….Arjun’s eyes suddenly fell on a girl watching him with a smile….he returned it with a genuine one; ‘’Snehal….what brings you here’’

Snehal; ‘’I am sorry to disturb you over the weekend….but BLING has planned a photo shoot for you…this will be late night on Tuesday…in our studio’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Will heiress be present there ….for the shoot’’

Snehal watched his face ….she knew Arjun liked Radhika….she replied; ‘’Not sure….she will if she is free’’

Arjun; ‘’Ok…since I have accepted her conditions…I will be there….send me the details’’ Snehal smiled and turned to leave but bumped into someone…she heard Arjun letting out a sigh.

‘’Áre you f**king blind…’’ Came an aggressive voice…Snehal looked up after collecting her belongings…it was Nivedita….she was too perfect to be true….lean tall…and beautiful but looked like a plastic doll…dressed in the fittest possible clothes

Snehal calmly got up and replied; ‘’Well I don’t have eyes at the back….but didn’t knew that you were walking backwards’’ Minu giggled and Arjun pressed his lips

Nivedita turned to ARjun; ‘’Who the hell is this dirt’’

Snehal was never the one to give back….but she knew her Rini will kill her for not standing up for herself she calmly responded; ‘’Snehal….PA & Senior Media Manager BLING….’’ Snehal turned to ARjun; ‘’See you on Tuesday…I will let Radhika know’’ Snehal got inside her car …her POV; ‘Hope this Barbie doll never faces Rini….all her attitude will kiss the floor infront of my Rini’

Nivi was shocked she looked at Arjun; ‘’OMG…Baby you never told me you are working with Radhika’’ Minu animatedly moved her lips to mimic word baby….Arjun just controlled his laughter

Arjun cleared his throat; ‘’Everything was finalized yesterday only…I was about to tell you’’ Nivi seductively moved to Arjun looping her arms around his neck brushing her front to his…Minu blinked and put her finger in her mouth …all disgusted…she just ran from there leaving Amused Ajun at the mercy of his clinging and seductive fiancee ….Arjun usually played along…but now his heart craved something else…he desperately wanted to see Radhika now….Nivi was busy planting kisses on his face….Arjun closed his eyes and recalled Radhika’s fiery brown eyes…something took over him and he pulled Nivi away from his body…she was surprised; ‘’Something wrong’’

Arjun looked sideways; ‘’No …Mom is waiting for you let’s move in’’ Nivi pecked his lips…before tip toeing inside the mansion….Arjun rubbed the backside of his neck…his POV; ‘Princess you will get me killed…’

Rakhi was going through old family album ,,,it was full off Radhika-Sam pictures….since they were born Samrat captured every possible moment in the camera….their daughters were their pride…as the girls started growing….people envied their looks and qualities…and same bunch was spreading rumours about Sam settling in UK….Rakhi was disturbed…but she kept quite because Rini wanted her to…Rakhi knew if Radhika promised her something she will fullfil it…she always had been this stubborn…And Sam she would do anything for people she loved….yes she went against her family but that too was for love…. Rakhi recalled the day…when Sam introduced Neil to her and Samrat…they welcomed him social status was the last thing in their minds….they wanted Sam to be with someone gentle as hers ..but Neil’s aggression to be successful and his thirst for money made Samrat little uncomfortable…Samrat and welcomed Neil with full heart; ‘’So son what are your plans for life’’

Neil; ‘’Sir I want to make a career in films’’

Samrat; ‘’Artistic …great….you love acting’’

Neil; ‘’I want money and fame….and I want world to know me….’’

Samrat looked at Rakhi who flinched in her chair… ‘’Money is not everything son’’

Neil smirked; ‘’But something which can buy you many things….for me its everything….’’

The rest conversation went smoothly….Once Neil left Samrat…told Sam he wasn’t sure on her choice…But Sam was adamant….Rakhi had never seen Sam so adamant she asked; ‘’Sam you need to understand our concern…and you are too young to be married…let him settle and make yourself a career’’

Sam; ‘’Mom you guys need to understand Neil…he is a gem….I know he will do big….Mom Dad…I moving to Mumbai with him…he has few modelling assignment….I want to help him realizing his dream’’ Rakhi wanted to contradict Sam but Samrat stopped her….she had seen a kind of determination on Sam’s face…..there words didn’t matter.

Samrat after a pause; ‘’Fine….do what you feel is right….but if something goes wrong come back to your family….we will fight it together’’ Sam hugged her dad….they had dinner like a normal family ..laughing over some past incident and Sam left with Neil next day…much to Radhika’s annoyance….who took all her anger out on Sam and then Samrat.

Rakhi eyes started pouring recalling the past…her POV; ‘’you promised if anything goes wrong you will come to us….why Sam…why couldn’t you trust your parents’’ Rakhi covered her mouth to prevent the breaking voice from going out of the room…

Radhika was in the office of her construction firm….she had taken the company to new heights…the way Samrat trained her from young was bearing fruit….when she had joined the staff wasn’t friendly or helpful…they were not comfortable being ruled by a girl in twenties…but they didn’t knew the one they were facing had 20 heads….there were too many protest but once she stood between them dressed in black…..with her arms folded to chest ….the fire of her eyes burned their confidence…and now it was just her word that ruled… her assistant Rajiv came in; ‘’Ma’am…our Malad project is jinxed a goon by name…Sikander is threatening our workers….he is asking for 2 Crs to leave us alone…’’

Radhika was sitting on her chair…leaning her head with her eyes closed she smiled and responded without opening her eyes; ‘’I love Challenges …His Boss….is that underworld don Kulkarni….send him a 50 lakhs and tell him its from me…he will handle everything’’

Rajiv; ‘’Ma’am but may be Kulkarni asked Sikander to trouble us….and why would he agree for 50 L when his own gang member can earn 2 Cr’’

Radhika opened her eyes and looked at Rajiv; ‘’Sikander is trying to make his own gang I am aware of that….Kulkarni would have called warned and then created trouble… take a lesson from me ….know your enemies…friends and frenemies well….and Kulkarni is our frenemy ….plus people like us make people like Kulkarni…he won’t dare go against his creator…he knows we need each other’’ Rajiv nodded giving Radhika a look of respect…he knew why she was the boss… Radhika turned her attention to her mobile it was Snehal…she smiled and answered; ‘’ Yes kiddo’’

Snehal; ‘’Arjun is expecting you at the shoot’’

Radhika smirked; ‘’Good…let him wait…I like surprise visits….tell Zubin to be ready….and go back home after wrapping work at BLING….Sam is alone….I don’t want her to be alone….and remember no more talking to that AD (assistant director) Vipin….I don’t like him’’

Snehal gritted her teeth ; ‘’You know what…you are a devil’’

Radhika chuckled ; ‘’Yes….and a beautiful one… Kiddo…call your dad and tell him that someone might snoop around to get details on me or Sam….kaka knows what to do….and nothing should reach Mom and dad…’’

Snehal; ‘’Don’t worry Rini…it will be done’’ Radhika again went back to her leaning position smiling…her POV; ‘’Arjun an attraction can be dangerous…I will give you one chance to escape…if you miss… are all mine to play with….you will bring Neil down for me’’

Revenge; ‘’you still believe to get a place in her heart….I guess she doesn’t have one…she will take her enemy down & bad’’

Love; ‘’She has one….and a big one…and I will take her down and deep ….where she will hear and know how her heart beats’’

Precap; The Seductress & The Sleeping Beauty awakens


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      Thanks Myra 🙂 everyone seems to be demanding face off…we will have that one soon 🙂 Arjun will be a sandwich MMZ on Thusday darling 🙂 love u 🙂

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      Thanks my cutie pie….you are a darling 🙂 God Bunny & Tiger I will write some additional chapters later on them 🙂 love u Rini’s test….you will see … you will have all the answers slowly …Radhika will be more dark ….Neil will grow impatient and Arjun will go deep down in love…Sam ???? wait for it 🙂 Big hug for you stay blessed and keep smiling

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