Manmarziyan -Crossroads -Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Paradise View Radhika’s Bungalow

Snehal wiped the dust of the picture she was holding…it was of Sam and Radhika….she smiled thinking how everything had changed…Snehal was the daughter of Khanna’s butler…the day he was hired he brought Snehal along she was 4 then a year younger than Radhika-Sam…she kept hiding behind her father as he spoke to Rakhi Khanna…..Rakhi smiled looking at Snehal and extended her arm; ‘’Come to me baby’’

Butler stiffened; ‘’Ma’am I am sorry I brought her…there was no one to take care of her…she doesn’t have a mother…she will not disturb anybody…’’

Rakhi; ‘’Come to me child’’ Snehal walked to Rakhi after getting a nod from her father…Rakhi pulled her into her lap; ‘’Ok so you start today…and what’s your name Baby’’

Snehal responded looking down; ‘’Snehal…’’

Rakhi; ‘’Do you go to school’’ Snehal nodded negative…Rakhi looked at the butler; ‘’From now …Snehal will be going to school as Rini and Sam…’’ Her father tried to protest..but Khanna’s were persistent…they took care of their staff like family …since the day Rakhi got to know Snehal had no mother….she showered her with all the love….Snehal befriended Sam…she was scared of Radhika who inturn would tease and pull all kind of pranks on innocent Snehal… … her father had strictly told her never to forget that she was Khanna’s servant daughter….and should stay in limits Snehal would take public transport even when Sam offered her the ride… … but one day changed everything …

Snehal was being bothered by a group of brats is college…she was in first year and very bright… her growing popularity rubbed some spoilt brats in a jealous way…they would tease her pull her clothes…and touch her inappropriately ….Snehal was keeping quite… …one such day…when one of the guys pinned Snehal in the staircase….Sam saw it and came to her rescue….she warned the guys to back off…they did.. but not before ushering Snehal a warning ….Sam took Snehal with her…and made sure she wasn’t alone…. one day when Sam wasn’t around…she was corned again but this time openly in the campus no one came forward to help her…the group circled her with their bikes…and the guy who had been warned by Sam got down from his vehicle and prowled towards her…Snehal just prayed shutting her eyes tightly…but before he could touch her a car smacked their bikes down…Snehal heard them cursing and opened her eyes…she smiled and whispered; ‘’Rini’’

Radhika had come down from London for her vacations and Sam had told her what Snehal was going through…before anyone could understand…Radhika drove in reverse coming forward in full speed smashing their bikes hard again…they tried stopping her but it was of no use Radhika got down with a hockey stick breaking the lights of the bikes ….Sam sat on the bonnet enjoying the scene… Radhika threatened the group bad before pulling Snehal with them … the gang could do nothing…Radhika was a Khanna and the rogue one…Snehal jumped on Radhika and Sam chuckled….Radhika wiped her tears and cupped her face; ‘’Kiddo…only I have the right to trouble or tease you no one else…no one hurts what I love’’ That was the day when Snehal decided to prove her friendship to the twins come what may she had sworn never to leave them alone…Snehal came back to present when Radhika ruffled her hair…taking the chair opposite to her

Arjun’s Mansion

Arjun was in his study…he had asked Gupta to call Radhika infront of him…Gupta dialled Radhika’s office and was received by the receptionist…she transferred the call to radhika’s cabin…who was in a discussion with Snehal…Radhika knew who called her…she glanced at Snehal with a smirk…Snehal understood and answered; ‘’How are you Gupta Sir’’

Gupta; ‘’Snehal! I am good….was trying my luck if I could get through Radhika’’

Snehal smiled looking at Radhika…who enjoyed making people wait; ‘’Sorry to disappoint you…but I am the filter to radhika…and she is not a very social person’’

Gupta little disappointed; ‘’I know …just wanted one meeting …please if you can’’ Arjun frowned …he was angry that a man of his father’s age was pleading to meet an arrogant chick..but before he could utter a word came a beautiful voice…it was Radhika; ‘’Please don’t request Guptaji…it makes me feel lowly…well I have my own reasons for not accepting the meeting request…’’

Before Gupta could respond Arjun jumped in; ‘’And what’s that media heiress’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’you don’t need me…I don’t work with superstars…its waste of time…they already have a they interfere a lot with my work’’

Arjun; ‘’What if I want to do better….what if I want to work with you’’

Radhika; ‘’Why ???’’

Arjun; ‘’May be because I am a fan of yours’’

Radhika blinked…that was unexpected….Snehal was already dreamy…she was giving radhika the biggest grin of her face….Radhika just rolled her eyes; ‘’Wow nice try….let me think Mr Mehra… I will give you a call myself…even if it’s a no…’’ Radhika disconnected and turned to Snehal…who was all happy…Radhika frowned ; ‘’What now??’’

Snehal; ‘’Did you hear what he said…he is a fan of yours…Arjun Mehra is a fan of Radhika…OMG…I am dying with happiness’’

Radhika; ‘’Snehal….he is a man…a sharp…good looking…successful man…he knows how to get into a girls head & pants….they do everything for what they want’’

Snehal; ‘’But he is different…you know that…that is why you chose him…Rini I have a feeling…Arjun will fall for you…’’

Radhika; ‘’Snehal !!!!!!!!!!!…get back to work’’

Snehal; ‘’I am serious…you know what your eyes and smile do to guys….I am waiting for you 2 to meet’’

Radhika; ‘’Done….???? Now…I have some work…Neil is about to do a photo-shoot…with our competitor..I am ruining it …How??? I will let you know in an hour…and then we celebrate’’

Snehal; ‘’Rini…I know you hate him…but Sam won’t spare us for hurting him bad’’

Radhika; ‘’I care a shit…what she would think…he started it…. I will end it….Neil had done enough damage to my loved ones…now its my turn’’ Radhika stood near the glass wall..looking out on the busy road…she closed her eyes and painful memories flashed infront of her…she opened her brown eyes filled with new kind of fire… ‘’Meet you soon Neil’’

Neil was driving to the location of his photo shoot….he leaned on the back of his luxury car…closing his eyes…all he wanted was Sam….2 years Neil had been shooting for romantic flick Sam accompanied him on all his shoots…he had to shoot an intimate scene ..Sam didn’t wanted to go…but neil pushed her to be with him….and once the director said action…Sam went mad…..Neil had to kiss his co-star…deep and Sam couldn’t stand the way there lips moved….she got up and locked herself in Neil’s vanity….neil followed her once his shot was done….he asked not to be disturbed and sat infornt of Sam watching her amused…

Sam; ‘’What now…stop staring’’

Neil; ‘’What made you this angry…’’

Sam; ‘’Nothing….I just want to be alone…’’

Neil moved closer lifting her chin; ‘’this is the issue..I can’t leave you alone…Sam…it was just a scene a drama we are shooting for….it meant nothing’’

Sam; ‘’I know…but I felt that actress was enjoying herself…Neil will you be able to stand someone kissing me like that’’

Neil got up and pulled Sam to him looping his arm around her waist…he cupped her cheek with the other palm; ‘’Don’t….no one else will ever touch you….its me or no one else…such a reality is impossible in my eyes…I can’t even stand such a vile thought…you are mine…just mine…’’ Neil lifted her face gently up …pressing his lips to her …Sam welcomed him…Neil moved her locks to the other side…pulling her zipper down…planting numerous feathery kissed along her neck and collar bone…he pulled her dress down….Sam held his arm…she spoke softly without looking at him; ‘’Neil someone will come….please…’’

Neil smiled; ‘’I have already asked not to be disturbed…so just calm down…’’ neil was about to moved close to her when someone opened the door of his vanity…..Neil pulled Sam to his chest..hiding her completely from the view…he had his back to the he looked sideways angrily; ‘’Get the hell out of here’’

Niharika; ‘’Sorry…but director wanted to see you urgently’’

Neil screamed; ‘’I said…get out’’ Niharika stumbled before closing the door after her…Neil turned to Sam kissing the top of her head; ‘’you ok…Sorry about that…hate that girl’’

Sam; ‘’Just little embarrassed….do you mind if we continue this at home….’’

Neil; ‘’Sure love…’’ Neil pulled her dress up zipping it… ‘’ Sam I don’t like staff inside our home….its just for you and me… and start behaving like a boss…you are too friendly’’

Sam spoke pecking his nose; ‘’They tremble like a dry leaf infront of you…they will die of heart attack if I start being rude…now go speak to the director….I will be waiting’’ Neil smiled at Sam all reluctant to leave her…Sam blushed and pushed him out of vanity…he chuckled while walking out

Neil opened his eyes when he felt a soft touch on his hands…he looked sideways and found Niharika smiling at him…Neil pulled his hand with a jerk; ‘’Stay in your limits…and next time sit next to the driver…you work for me…I don’t ‘’

Niharika quickly withdrew…her POV; ‘will see how long you ignore me’

Neil reached the venue…and found it in commotion….he went straight to the director… ‘’Now what’s the issue?’’

Director looked all beaten up; ‘’the photographer Zubin has backed out last minute…he has been hired by BLING….for a year….we never signed a document due to personal equation…so can’t even question him and getting another photographer of his level will take a lot of time…you know he is the best’’

Neil; ‘’BLING….means Radhika….what’s up with this female…Niharika…!!!’’ Neil screamed at the top of his voice….Nihraika came running.. ‘’get me an appointment with Radhika do whatever you have to do….need to meet her now’’

Paradise View

Radhika gave a warm sponge bath to Sam…talking to her sweetly…. ‘’ Sammy do you know I lied to you the first summer I came from London…I said I wasn’t dating but I was….a handsome blonde guy…Jerry…but he was more brainless than a chick….I used him as my trophy boyfriend…and then dumped him before coming home for vacations….you should have seen how he cried embarrassing me terribly infont of everybody…he said he would die without me wailing like a kid….’’ Radhika laughed a little but tears were flowing her eyes…she caressed Sam…. ‘’please darling wake up for me…I am done going all strong….I feel I am breaking into pieces…Sam it pains terribly to see you like this ….please baby …’’

Radhika leaned and kissed Sam’s forehead deeply…she looked at the room door and watched Snehal watching her with wet eyes..Radhika got up and opened her arms…this was the first time in 3 yrs that she was hugging Snehal….Snehal blinked and then ran to Radhika

Radhika rubbed her back; ‘’What Kiddo…I thought you were strong…you came here to handle me…and now I am pacifying you’’

Snehal; ‘’Just shut up will you…let me hug my Rini before she turns into Radhika again’’ Radhika chuckled tightening her grip on Snehal…Snehal moved out of Radhika’s embrace… ‘’Can I ask you something’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’As if you won’t If I said no’’

Snehal grinned; ‘’Why did you ruin Neil’s photo shoot…how is that beneficial to us’’

Radhika patted her cheek; ‘’This photoshoot was self funded by Neil to get a good buzz…he had spend a bomb on that….I could have spoiled it before…but wanted to do on the last moment…when he has no other options…..financially he suffered a good loss…’’

Snehal; ‘’and we are spending rocket..hiring Zubin….that’s our loss….’’

Radhika; ‘’I am Samrat khanna’s daughter …business runs in my blood…we will earn the double we hired Zubin for….we are going to meet Arjun soon…’’ Snehal’s jaw dropped…radhika walked off giving her a peck….Snehal eyes followed her till she vanished…then she turned to Sam…and sat next to her…’’ heard her…this is nothing compared to what she has in her head…get up before Rini turns into a monster’’ Sam fingers moved and she took a sharp intake of breath…before settling down calmly…..Snehal quickly updated the doctor…he said it was a good sign….Sam is fighting and will be up soon

Snehal’s POV; ‘’Badi Ma I promised you…I will bring Rini home…I won’t let darkness
engulf her’’


Rakhi Khanna was sitting leaning on her rocking chair with her eyes closed….Samrat walked in…he looked weak…he gently touched Rakhi’s forehead; ‘’Are you sick’’

Rakhi jolted out’; ‘’Samrat you should rest….why are you out of bed’’

Samrat smiled sadly; ‘’do you think lying on that bed can cure me…No….till I have my daughters back I can’t be fine….wish Rini soon finds about Sam’s whereabouts’’

Rakhi got up and stood near the window; ‘’Pray Samrat Rini doesn’t take any extreme step….her anger scares me…’’

Samrat; ‘’yes even I am worried about that…but Rakhi once she finds Sam she will calm down’’

Rakhi; ‘’you and I both know she won’t …till she scars Neil…but hope Snehal keeps a check on her…Pray Samrat….both are daughters need our prayers’’ Samrat just nodded

Mumbai Film City

Arjun shot a song sequence and was taking a break….a message brought a smile to his face….it was from Gupta…Radhika had agreed to meet them….Arjun couldn’t understand….but his heart danced….today he wanted to get drenched in rain ….but he decided to celebrate with Minu….his buddy his best friend….

BLING Office

Radhika was going through some papers when her intercom buzzed….she got notified on Arjun and Gupta’s arrival…she already knew…whole office was drooling over the hunk she had heard a lot of Ohooo and Aahha…Snehal greeted them and directed them to the board room… Arjun was cracking his knuckles…Gupta rolled eyes at his excitement…he was about to say something when they heard Snehal; ‘’there she is’’ Arjun lifted his eyes up to the glass door and there stood one of the most gorgeous girls he had ever met.. Radhika was dressed in a faded slim fit jeans with white tucked in top … high pony tail….with white pencil heels….her eyes had a single stroke of khol and lips were coated with a tinge of pink…She entered gave ARjun one look and moved her eyes to Gupta..greeting him with a smile; ‘’Sorry Guptaji had to wait and hi Mr Super Star’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Hello to you heiress…’’

Radhika rolled her eyes and Snehal was trying hard to hide her happiness…. Radhika got herself settled and asked; ‘’Working with me won’t be easy’’’

Arjun answered before Gupta…his eyes never leaving hers; ‘’I haven’t said yes to we working together’’

Radhika gave him a sharp look; ‘’So have I…I am just introducing you the consequences of dealing with me’’

Arjun eyes and lips danced in humour; ‘’ Fine then….I am ready to handle the danger….go on heiress…YOU HAVE ALL MY ATTENTION’’ Arjun spoke the last phrase with a little more stress

Radhika had always been a little intimidating….but Arjun’s humour and eyes were burning her….her cheeks flushed; ‘’you will go by my way for next 12 months…I will handle all the media campaign photo shoots endorsements social media accounts and events…..even your scripts and future projects…..Above all your pretty fiancé will not interfere with my work’’

Arjun; ‘’In short…I will be your puppet’’

Radhika; ‘’This is why I don’t work with stars….’’

Arjun smiled and pushed a water bottle to her; ‘’Guess this is why you swim in the night sea…to keep your head cool’’…Radhika’s eyes snapped up ….Arjun chuckled ; ‘’Don’t stress heiress…industry needs your pretty brain….but don’t you think you are pushing into my personal space’’

Radhika got up and took a chair next to Arjun and looked straight into his eyes; ‘’Personal would be if I plan your date with your finance Nivedita and keep bugging you with my choices of restaurants or holiday places ….what ever I am asking is only related to work…TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT’’

Arjun smiled…he never lost his calm at her rudeness….his gaze never flickered from her brown eyes….he turned and bend gently towards her; ‘’Chill heiress….well all your conditions accepted….I just have one’’

Radhika moved back ..creating a distance between their faces …got up and walked towards her chair; ‘’And what’s that’’

Arjun expression changed to a serious one; ‘’You will accompany me on my foreign campaigns and events… not shoots…with your team off course… and TAKE IT heiress because I won’t take my condition back’’

Radhika frowned…people never dared to challenge her….it was always her way; ‘’Fine…I will let you know my decision then’’ She dismissed everyone like queen

Gupta closed his eyes in disappointment and Snehal just rubbed her temple…Arjun and Gupta decided to leave…Arjun got up and walked to the door …he stopped and turned to Radhika…she was standing with her back to him looking out of the window…Arjun smiled and softly spoke; ‘’Heiress…you have one of the most enchanting pair of eyes I have ever seen….they remind me of a dear friend …Samaira ! ….but she had calmness…and you have fire….hope you find your share of calmness soon’’ Arjun walked out leaving stoned Radhika and shocked Snehal behind…but none reacted hearing Sam’s name.. they had trained themselves…once he left…Snehal walked and gently touched Radhika’s shoulder; ‘’you were about to refuse them right??’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes….not anymore…he called Sam his friend….I need everything to join all the pieces together to know why & what happened ….Snehal prepare the agreement we are working with them… ‘’

Snehal; ‘’He is attracted to you…I saw that’’

Radhika smiled and patted her cheek; ‘’You are thinking too much …its nothing like that ….. ….get the agreement done…’’ Radhika left a worried Snehal behind her POV; ‘I know you saw his eyes and I know you will use it in your favour…I won’t let you do wrong….I promised badi ma’

Arjun leaned on the back seat of his car closing his eyes…all he could remember of the flashes of Radhika’s face and her eyes…Arjun smiled…Gupta noticed it he interrupted Arjun’s thoughts; ‘’You are falling for her’’

Arjun opened his eyes; ‘’I don’t have that liberty….I am committed’’

Gupta smirked; ‘’Go tell that story to someone else…the moment you kept your condition of Radhika accompanying you on your foreign campaigns….. I understood…your eyes moved with her….all these years you haven’t looked at any girl …and your eyes didn’t blink when she was infront of you….Son your attraction to her can be fatal…a female who uses her brain and knows herself too well is dangerous…and this one is a lethal combination of looks and power….’’

Arjun chuckled; ‘’Uncle….even I am not a fool’’

Gupta smiled; ‘’No but you are falling for her…..that gives her enough power over you’’ Arjun just laughed at Gupta’s sentence…but his heart knew that he was hopelessly attracted To Radhika… Arjun POV; ‘Princess why were you so late in coming to me…’

Radhika quickly walked to her room after reaching home…. Snehal decided to leave her alone Radhika stood infront of the mirror untying her hair and took her shirt off…she looked at her reflection keenly ….and then closed her eyes; ‘I can’t stoop that low….’’ She quickly walked to her closet to pull something comfortable but stopped when her eyes fell on her and Sam’s picture….anger came back and hit her hard… ; ‘Sam ….the one who tore your heart will feel the pain with every breath…’

Revenge; ‘My Child has started her revenge….she will set everything on fire…’’

Love; ‘Yes she loves setting things on fire…but what if someone sets her heart on fire….’

Revenge; ‘She won’t fall…she will make it an opportunity…she will use him’

Love; ‘Opportunity….which will become her destiny…’

Precap; The Past …Present….Future???


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    • Gauri



      thanx Gianna ☺u r a darling …..i saw ur comment on wattpad it made my day thanx a ton sweety love u💁💁💁💁💁💕💕💕

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      Thanks Sathya 🙂 I am fine now ….only weakness….that will slowly go 🙂 but wow you praised me in German….now I am doing tapori dance in happiness 🙂 love u and dont say sorry I know you were shifiting 🙂 all the best for ur new job stay blessed 🙂 love u

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      Thanks a ton Rossy 🙂 you will know how and what happened between Neil-Sam as the story unfolds 🙂 but main Neil to thoda pitwane wali hoon 🙂 love u

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