Manmarziyan -Crossroads -Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12- A Star Studded Night

Next evening was a star studded night…the red carpet was welcoming stars and big names of the industry …celebrities walked the red carpet posing for the shutterbugs…replying to their questions and giving their best plastic expressions…some were busy answering and doing weird activities the host at the red carpet asked then to do… one after the other appearances of stars was fulfling the hunger of the shutter bugs….but still the curiosity was at peak….all wanted it know whom is Arjun gonna walk with Nivi since he hadn’t said a word about his breakup…or the media Heiress Radhika…whom he had been rumoured to be in relationship with….the tongues kept wagging about Arjun Radhika spending lot of time in Arjun’s closed vanity….

Neil stepped out of his BMW and waved at his fans with gentle smile…..he was carrying casual look…a white tshirt with a dark blue torn jeans and a black leather jacket…he hadn’t shaved…fashion critics found his look hot..but in reality Neil was broken completely he wasn’t in the mood to attend the ceremony but he came ..just to have a glance of Sam… his Sam…

Arjun’s white Audi halted and he stepped out dressed in a crisp 3 piece suit….he looked like a royal… the flashes were competing with each other to capture the hunk in their cameras….they were anxiously waiting for his partner to step out…Sam stepped out in a lemon colour thigh slit gown…she had left her hair in soft curls and had paired her dress with pearl earrings…and a silver clutch matching her Cinderella shoes….she looped her arm around Arjun’s and posed lifting her chin high….Sam and Arjun’s appearance sent shock waves around….people were visibly surprised….but words travelled only through eyes …..Sam and Arjun looked at each other smiling…to audience it seemed love …but here something else was going on…Sam whispered without losing her fake expression ; ”Its working….thanks Arjun”

Arjun acted brilliantly; ”Sam…you are my friend so no need thank me…lets move in” Sam nodded and waved to the camera once before moving inside …..Neil ‘s heart stopped when Sam walked past him with Arjun…without giving him a glance….Neil felt a dagger through his heart….he tried his level best to hide his tears…but they kept filling his eyes….he had nothing left…neither career nor love…whatever movies he got …they were low budgets or not that good in story and roles….Neil currently was completing his due projects…Radhika had crumbled his career, and Sam crushed his heart

A black Mercedes stopped and Snehal hopped out…flashes captured her…she looked like a nymph in Pink…her softness was reflecting in her personality …..the chauffeur pulled open the other door of the Mercedes ….and the Heiress stepped out…she was dressed in a shimmery backless gown… her hair in smooth bun….she wore single solitaire earnings …her eyes carried light make up ..but her lips were painted in shimmery red….her aura spoke beautiful and dangerous together….she posed with Snehal…and greeted some actresses with a gentle hug before moving in… Radhika was guided to her VIP seat by the ushering team….she walked off thanking them and came face to face with Neil; ”You look gloomy….suits you”

Neil smirked; ”You enjoy seeing me in tears ….don’t you”

Radhika took a deep breath; ”we reap what we sow….you invited it …now have fun with it” Suddenly one of the shutterbugs asked Neil and Radhika to pose together…..Radhika gave a winning smile…Neil too smiled…as if they were best friends..

Sam and Arjun were sitting together continuously chatting and smiling…Radhika was sitting a row ahead with Snehal….and Neil was sitting in the same row as Sam….he was dying every minute looking at her smiling and enjoying with Arjun

Snehal checked her cell phone for latest gossip….she smiled and showed it to Radhika….the top news in the entertainment….
‘Super Star Arjun did something unexpected again…he walked the red carpet hand in hand with Samaira….his arch rival Neil’s ex….years back…Sam and Arjun were rumoured to have a secret affair behind Neil’s back…so are they rekindling their hidden romance….was Radhika confusing media to cover her sister’s name by going around with Arjun….’ Radhika smirked….she knew now many will be reading and gossiping about it..their plan worked….they stabbed Neil’s heart…and created the chaos among those who felt threatened because of two sisters


Rakhi watched the red carpet with Samrat and frowned….her mind was confused what were her daughters upto…she knew Sam could never love again ….Neil was the only one for her …and recently she got to know from Snehal that Radhika was dating Arjun…Rakhi knew her daughters to skin and bone…she was well aware how their sharp brain worked…she looked at Samrat….he was beaming with pride….Rakhi asked; ”Samrat what are you smiling at…you very well know these two are upto something”

Samrat; ”My daughters are famous….they run to successful companies….why shouldn’t I smile….”

Rakhi; ”because I feel they are planning something against someone but why…I thought Rini would be calm once Sam is back….but Sam herself in taking part in Rini’s dangerous idea”

Samrat turned the volume off; ”Rakhi….tell me if you tell Rini upfront to stop…will she do that”

Rakhi; ”No…she is too stubborn”

Samrat smiled; ”Exactly….Sam is involving her self with Rini to ease Rini’s pain….this way she can ease yet stop Rini from going overboard”

Rakhi; ”I hope you are right….these two are too dangerous together”

Samrat; ”I know I am….by the way how is Snehu ….she was sick for couple of days”

Rakhi; ”These 2 have spoiled her too…..she was my good daughter …now she is not telling me a thing” Samrat laughed looking at Rakhi’s angry face…he gently squeezed her hand to calm her…but Rakhi was the mother of these two…and a mother’s instinct about her children is rarely wrong.

The award ceremony was a celebrated with beautiful performances….a sneak peak on the Golden era….and remembering one legend who’s life was an inspiration to the industry…the award distribution was in its last lap….Neil was awarded best actor critic….for his last movie…and Sam was asked to present this award as BLING was the official sponsor of the award this year….Sam was at her best mask….as Neil walked towards her with heavy steps….Sam smiled and shook hands with him before handing him the trophy….Neil pulled her gently in a hug whispering in her ear; ”I love you”

Sam was still smiling she quickly moved away after whispering her reply; ”get over it” The host thanked Sam for doing the honours….

Radhika texted Arjun; ‘Next year I want you to win the critic award as well….’

Arjun smiled and responded; ‘You are my award…dying to hold you in my arms’ Radhika blushed …Arjun won the award for best actor male in the popular category…this was 3rd in a row for him….Arjun as a part of the plan hugged Sam before walking to the stage…making Neil burn to ashes

The Post Award party was in a plush hotel same night…the fraternity again posed for shutterbugs before entering the venue… drinking dancing and celebrating
Radhika made her way to the bar stool ordering herself a mild drink…she watched Snehal happily grooving on the dance floor…her childishness gave Radhika a kind of calmness…she wanted to keep Snehal’s innocence intact…the day Rana bought Snehal home drugged the twins had decided to play safe when she was involved..hence they had decided not to include Snehal in their plans….Radhika smiled greeting Snehal’s partner on the dance floor…he was a newbie ….his launch film had been a blockbuster…she make it from her eyes that he adored Snehal….Radhika moved her eyes studying other people…but her gaze suddenly got locked with Nivi…she was glaring Radhika with pure hatred…Radhika spun the bar stool around. Without blinking her eyes…she sipped her drinking still locked in gaze with Nivi….Nivi looked defeated angry….Radhika enjoyed that….she smirked ignoring Nivi greeting one of her industry friends.

Sam and Arjun were still going about the party hand in hand…Arjun felt Sam’s trembling hands…”Sam are you ok….why are you shivering”

Sam; ”I thought I am strong….but sharing same roof with neil and behaving like strangers in piercing my heart…and above that his constant stares…I feel I will freak out”

Arjun; ”No Sam everything is working fine…we can’t spoil it now. Ok I have been thinking to ask you do you remember the guy behind the wheel…who threw you off the road”

Sam; ”Arjun….yes I saw a glimpse of him when a the light from the vehicle on the opposite side flashed on him…he had a bandage on the left side of his forehead….and his vehicle was a white SUV …”

Arjun; ”If he comes infront of you…will you recognize him”

Sam; ”Don’t know…may be yes”

Arjun ; ”Fine…..then we will think of something else”

Sam followed Arjun’s eyes and smiled; ” you love her too much”

Arjun nodded….; ”I want her to open up on her pain….but she refuses”

Sam; ”She will….slowly..she hates being weak….I never thought she will give love a second chance…but she did…so keep trying”

Arjun rubbed his neck; ”I am waiting for this stupid party to get over….want to hold her once”

Sam laughed; ”Aww…that’s cute” Arjun made a face at the word cute.

Radhika got a call and she moved out of the noisy hall into the quite hallway….she just answered the person in yes no….Radhika finished her call and turned around to find Nivi standing behind her glaring her with pure hatred…Radhika’s sharp eyes moved from Nivi’s head to toe…she threw her cell in her clutch ready to go back in the hall but hall but halted hearing Nivi; ”You think you won”

Radhika’s eyes were humorous; ”Doesn’t matter what I think….but you definitely know I won..”

Nivi clutched Radhika’s upper arm mercilessly whispering dangerously; ”No one takes what’s mine. ”

Radhika brown eyes turned a shade darker…she pressed Nivi’s wrist nerve with her other a verge where Nivi couldn’t hold Radhika’s arm…she let go wincing in pain …Radhika caught her jaw pushing Nivi to the near by wall , she whispered a warning to Nivi; ”hear me out clearly….first Arjun is not an object to own….2nd ask your idiot father to stop with his stupid plans…and 3rd I have always loved History and I am human archaeologist….I dig the history of people …what if I make a movie on you and release it….do you have any idea what will happen to you and your father….” Nivi turned paled Radhika smirked ; ”you surely know” Radhika jerked Nivi’s face hard walking back to the party

Sam excused herself to visit ladies room…one was the staff guided her …Sam walked in and stood infront of the mirror….she twisted her neck to relive her stressed body…the party was almost over…Sam dabbed her face with a face wipe….she opened her eyes to view her face…but her eyes widened looking a the second reflection in the mirror…she jerked around; ”Neil….what are you doing in the ladies room”

Neil smiled; ”I told you…I will follow you till you come back to me”

Sam; ”Never”

Neil moved close and stood with an inch gap between their faces…their fronts were lightly brushing against each other sending sensations down Sam’s body ….she tried moving sideways resulting in getting locked by Neil….he leaned brushing his lips on her cheek; ”you love me Sam…and I love you…then why this distance”

Sam pushed him; ”Yes Neil I love you…but I love my self respect too…..few years back you doubted me having an affair with Arjun…now when I am with him you are telling me …that I love you….am I not a sl*t now….sorry to say Mr. Neil you don’t deserve me… I am in a happy space…and I don’t care you live or die” Sam walked off jerking his hand off..she halted hearing his pained voice

Neil was pained; ”why can’t you forgive me….you said love is all about accepting faults and shortcomings…yes I made a mistake ”

Sam closed her eyes to let the tear roll down her cheek..she responded sternly; ”what you did with my Rini was not a mistake it was a sin….I lost my Rini….this one infront of me is Radhika making everyone burn in her anger….its your fate too …live it” Sam walked off…Neil followed her and found her in Arjun’s embrace….Neil curled his fingers into fists…his POV; ‘Sam you are mine only mine’

Arjun drove Sam home….he walked her inside her bungalow…Sam smiled; ”Mr superstar…Radhika’s room is upstairs…extreme right corner… don’t worry no one will disturb you go see your heiress ” Arjun patted Sam’s cheek and walked towards Radhika’s room.

Arjun gently pushed open the door …he walked in. Radhika was sitting infront of the large mirror…she was still in the same dress …she smiled looking at Arjun’s reflection…Radhika got up and walked into Arjun’s open arms; ”Now I feel complete”

Arjun hugged her tight pecking her bare shoulder; ”I was dying to hold you…but it was worth waiting….Love you Heiress”

Radhika broke the hug but stayed in his arms…she cupped his face and pecked his eyes nose and cheeks; ”thanks for what you did for us today”

Arjun ; ”my pleasure darling….I can and will do anything and everything for your smile”

Radhika was hearing this line for the second time…she asked like an innocent kid; ”You will not leave me right”

Arjun placed her palm on his heart ; ”Heiress we can only be separated if this stops beating….” Radhika smiled with tears in her eyes…and hugged him…kissing his rough cheek …she held on to him as if he was her saviour…her destiny…her only option….

Arjun rubbed her back caressed her head; ”Go change ….I will be waiting”

Radhika held him tightly ”Love me”

Arjun; ”I will but for that…you need to love me and trust me completely…will you”

Radhika; ”I will try..will you stay” Arjun nodded

When Radhika came back after changing…Arjun was already in bed waiting for her….she smiled and quickly got in….Radhika pulled a bottle of her regular sleeping pills….she was about to take the tablets when Arjun snatched it; ”No”

Radhika; ”I can’t sleep without them”

Arjun; ”You will….so you trust me” Radhika gave up….Arjun pulled her to his chest….she held on to him like a baby…after an hour talking sleep took over Radhika….sometimes she would stir in sleep and Arjun would just tighten his arms around her till she relaxed ….Arjun watched her….she was a girl many feared…she appeared so intimidating and now sleeping in his arms she looked as innocent as a baby….Arjun pecked her forehead; ‘Stop living your past princess…share your pain…..I promise never to leave you’ Radhika moved placing her head on Arjun’s chest..he smiled and wrapped both arms around her slipping into the beautiful world of dreams.

Love; ”Love heals all”

Hate; ”Love breaks….and bring me into the picture”

Love smiled; ”If I am the one who created you then I will be the one to end your story”


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      Thanks a ton darling for making my day so special …I write good because I have such amazing friends like you πŸ™‚ keep smiling and stay blessed πŸ™‚

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      I changed it becoz this was never for TU it was for wattpad….but when I posted here I made it MMZ πŸ™‚ Thanks a ton Neetz πŸ™‚ loads of love πŸ™‚

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