Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Promo

Hi friends..its soo nice of you…all love my thought…so I too give you sweet shocks!!


Here we can see a girl filling soil in a pot and planting a lovely Rose plant.She kisses the plant smilingly and here it’s our Radhika’s smile.She then pours water and feels water drops fall on her face.She thinks “Drizzling!!!” and closes her eyes facing the sky expanding her hands like hugging those drizzling drops!!.Soon her hands moved fast and she opens her eyes as she felt no more drizzling.She gets mocked as she saw A tall man standing over the first floor and drying his clothes!!?

She again feels the drops and sees him flipping the clothes.She then realises its no drizzling its just the water from the drops felt over her.She gets damn embarressed and thinks to check whether he noticed.She stares him and found no reaction and takes a long breath in contentment!!.She goes kissing the plant again.While he turns and from his face peeped a little smile which he saw the whole incident.Soon it turned out into a large smile saying “Crazy!!”.

Hope you found who is he!????
Do you love my idea my friends??

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  1. Lol ???..Really Suberb yaar.Obviously he is u dear…

  2. Its arjn ryt? Bt y is sam in bridal attire?

    1. Will surely tell you tomorrow my girls?

  3. Oh this is you’re ff …. Really its U na ha?

    1. Yeah its me?…hope you enjoyed!!

  4. haha. what a promo yaar. obvious it is. u really hav some gud skills girl in writing as well as presenting them. New feel. i’m loving it. waiting to read more. post it soon.

    1. Thanks a lot dear!! If u all make me go
      Crazy with this much happiness…. Surely the story will be craaaazzzzyyyyy

  5. Is he arjun

  6. Awesome. Brings a smile on my face . Ty..

  7. And definately dat must be arjun
    I am just guessing !!!!!!!!!

  8. Poor rads she tot he din see it………….tats Arjun ri8 bt y ws sam in bridal dress in te lst epi?????

    1. It was just promo my friend…picture abi baki hei

  9. Wow!! That is Arjun… No doubt.. Nice one dear..

    Love you ??

    1. Me too!!!

  10. Wowwww hateera, it’s awesome, superb….what a CRAZYYYYY promo…loved it my lovelyyy friend…soon I’ll become super crazy with this story….my sweeeeeetu a big smile I got from your amazing talent. ..eagerly waiting for the first episode, love you loads and very tight hug. ..

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