Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 9


Hi friends!! Hope you guessed my next episode!!…Our episode starts with Sam tries to sleep but Neil’s poor face came before her eyes.She gets irritated as she cant sleep now.She geys out from bed and starts walking out.She says in an angry voice but in low tone “Where this idiot went now!! After waking me!!”.She sees bright light turned on in Study room and cries in her heart “Study room!!?? God!! Please save me from this Neil!!!He…he is killing me!!”.She walks with her hard footsteps and sits opposite to Neil.She laughed great in her heart as Neil face really looked scared!!!.She takes a book and starts flipping the pages in anger.She sees Neil smiling and asks “What is that funny here??”.Neil controls his laughter and says “No…Nothing Sam..Just thought something…you study na!!”.She closes the book with loud noise and stares him angryly.Neil really gets more laughter and laughs loud!! She folds her both hands and stares him again!!.Neil stops himself somewhat and points her book.She looks and wonders “Why he is smiling?? Whats with this book??”.She sees its Statistics and gets shocked.Neil says “Actually..,We already finished that subject Sam..”,Sam sees him angryly.While he struggles to react.Sam too suddenly laughed forgetting her anger…Both starts laughing badly!!.Piyali comes getting ready and calls Sam.Sam comes running in stairs “Yes Mom!!”.She jumps and hugs asking “Wow !! Mom…you are cool in this saree!!”.Piyali smiles and checks herself saying “Really!! Mmmm..yeah!! Its looking cool on me!!”.Sam smiles and starts asking hesitantly “Mom…is it important??”.Piyali still checking herself asks”What baby??”.Sam gulos and says “Evening classes…..”.Piyali understands and turns giving angry look.Sam asks holding her hands “Mom please…I will study hard Mom…Neil will help me in studying…Please…”.Piyali pats her shoulder and says “Dont worry baby!! It wont be that bad!!”.Sam again starts saying “Mom…”.Piyali interrupts her asking”Just stop it Sam!! I am sure you would get happy after this classes…Till then you have to go…and This is final!! Got it!!”.Sam shuts her mouth and goes from there angryly and sits in her car.Neil …whose was already waiting for her asks “Shall we go…?? Sammy!!”.She says “Just go Neil!!”.Neil drives to college.Sam still thinking of todays evenin class and asks Neil “Are you ready to go there..really??”.Neil stops the car and asks”What..!! Where??”.Sam says “Oh!! That damn evening class yaar!! O really…I …hate even thinking of it!! It was easy to say ok…but definitely Its damn hard yaar!!”.She closes her face and blabers.Neil holds her ear and says “Sam!! Just listen to me!! “.Sam hears his serious voice and sees him”Relax ok??”.She still looks at him silently.Neil says”Just stop it yaar!! Its just irritating me!!”.He starts driving.Sam gets angry and stops talking even a word.Neil Stoos at college and sees Sam went out already.He breaths out and says “Who will convince her now!!”.

Our scene shifts to Arjun Seeing some files in his room.He gets tired and relaxes loosing his tie….He thinks “It would be better ..If I get a coffee now…but …”.He walks to lazily towards kitchen.He hears his phone ringing and picks the call.He smiles “Hey Sis!! How was the day??”.She says “Yeah..It was great …what about you Ajju!!(Is his pet name nice guys??).He says “Come on Dii!! I am not a kid anymore!!”.She asks “Had coffee??”.He sees his hurt in hand and says “No dii..”.Soon she hears calling bell sound and opens the door.He stands stunned seeing Radhika standing at door with coffee.Arjun says “I…I will talk to you later…Dii”.He ends the call and says “You??”.She enters in and gives “Coffee..”.Arjun says “But..”.Radhika says “Yes I know you can cook by yourself…but you should drink this…”.Arjun holds the cup and drinks.She sees the mess on his table and cleans it saying “See…everything is messed here..”Arjun looks her intensely and comes behind her closely while she stops noticing him standing so close.She just sees him back still not even breathing.But Arjun takes a file ..but his breath spreaded over her neck and she suddenly felt her heart stopped beating.He smelled her hair…and she too felt very well his tip of nose touched her ear.He sees her eyes closed and scared.He smiles and walks away from there smiling mockingly.She opens her eyes and looks he went and runs down from there soon.While she reaches her garden,….She sits thinking “What he did!?? And…and why I was just standing idle there…like a statue!!”.She feels his presence and stands shocked and looks around.She relaxes saying “Thank god !! He is not here!!”.But Arjun smiles behind a wall watching her.

Credit to: Hateera

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  2. Nice episode dear n ajju name is superb….luv u…tc…

  3. Both r like awesome persons

  4. lovely episode ya ………ardhika scene super………please update soon ………

  5. Hatera you made it dear, it is really a super crazy story its really nice . bring more craziness.

  6. Awesome episode, nice nickname for Arjun (Ajju). 🙂

  7. Awesome episode, ajju very nice…loved it very very much..♡

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