Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 8


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Our episode starts with An alarm rings Sam startled and jumps in shock and fell down from her bed.She screams “What the hell it is?? Just where the sound is from??”.She rubs her eyes and partially opens her one eye.She sees a clock down and swiches the alarm off.She cries “Its just 4 !!”.She hears someone knocking her room door.She still not half sleep she goes towards the door…while Neil enters into the room via a window.Sam sees no one out and locks the door.She thinks “Who is playing with me…this alarm….I am sure this Neil idiot!!”.She again starts sleeping in her bed.Neil smirks and keeps clocks around her bed!!.In a minute a clock starts sounding!!!Sam again jumps and fells.She cries”Not again yaar!!!”.She runs and switches the alarm off…but soon another clock rings…she sees many clocks there and gets more anger.She picks a clock and is about to break it!! But Neil comes from backwards and holds her hand.Sam gets scared and is about to scream but Neil closes her mouth too.Sam realises its Neil….she cries in mind “Its Neil….Yeah …its that idiot Neil…I wont leave him today!!”.She kicks him with her elbow backward!! But she finds already he blocked the attack.She shouts “Neil!! Why you are doing this!! You said evening classes …then why these alarms!!”.Neil smiles saying “Sam!! Just that evening classes cant do anything!! We have to work more!! I mean..we too have to do something!!”.Sam gives him an angry look.Neil looks at her and she really looked scary.Sam just went and sees Neil’s pity face.She slept in her bed.Neils nods his
head in disappointment and goes out from the room.He thinks what to do??.He goes to study roomand sits.He recalls piyali’s request and holds his head in worry.He hears some hard footsteps.He sees Sam coming with her face full of irritation.Neil smiles and thinks “So..At last!!”.

Arjun looks her worried and he looks at her eyes.He gets frustrated as he cant see any tears…just worry…He gets irked and stood in a great anger.She stands saying “Its will pain…wait I will get oinment !!”.He gives her an angry look and sees Saral running towards them asking “Radhi!! Are you ok??”.As soon as he reaches them,Arjun holds his neck and says in a warning tone “Cant you be with her!!?? Irresponsible idiots!!”.He feels the hurt really paining now…and he cant speak anymore..because Radhika is staring him as a enemy there.He leaves Sarals neck and starts walking away.Radhika looks at him worried.Saral asks “Hey !!just answer me!! You ok na??”.Radhika still seeing Arjun gets out from the thoughts and says “Yeah!! I am ok…!!”.Saral smiles and says”Thank God!! You are ok!!! Otherwise I cant answer your dad!!”.She too smiles.Saral asks “Then y that…whats his name!??”.She looks him sitting in car and cant drive.She shouts “Arjun!!”.Both Saral and Arjun sees her.Saral wonders “I just asked…why she is shouting??”.Arjun sees her running towards him …hides his smiles giving a fake angry look.She opens the door and sits in.He gets stunned as she sat inside her car.She searches something.He asks “What?? …what you are searching/?”.She smiles taking the First Aid box and says “This!!”.Arjun snatches it from her saying “I dont need it!!”.She looks his eyes and says “But your face shows your pain!! Give that!!I will treat it!!”.He again about to scold but she takes a plaster and pastes over his mouth!!. Which gave him a damn shock!!!.(Me too!! Not planned guys…its just came!! As I got more involved!! Usually I too dont like talking blaw blaw blaw!! So I hate those useless anger!! It always destroys next sweet moments!!) she sees him trying to remove the blaster.She warns him showing scissors “Dont you dare!!!”.Arjun still in a great shock in her cute character. She nurses it saying “I hate those angry face always!!”.She wipes the blood and hears his scream.She gives him a caring look and says “So!! Its paining!! U were acting….as a superman or whatever!! Just show your pain ….Your crown wont fell down King!!”.She closes the box and says “Now its done!! Lets remove this!!”.She tries to remove the plaster but he holds her hand.He removes it and says “Show your pain to others !! Your crown too wont fall down Queen!!”and leaves her hand.She looks at him puzzled and gets down.Arjun smiles and says “All those advices are for others!!!”.And leaves.She gets thinking and wonders”How he said that!! How he knows me??”.And looks he left already.She still thinking gets a call.She takes the call and says “Yes Mam!!”.On other side a lady asks her to train her daughter for final exams… As she too same batch…Radhika says “Yeah Its my pleasure Mam!! Anything for you!! You are my role model Mam!! Just tell me to do as you say!! Please dont request to me!!”.She says “Yes Mam!! I will meet her tomorrow in my home!!”.And ends the call smilingly.Again gets thinking and sees the gate….

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Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Just like it.Plse update regularly

    1. Yes dear!! I really am trying that!!

  2. Wowww awesome king and queen

    1. Thank God!! You liked it!! I thought it was a boring idea..but still thought cute!!

  3. Lol…. What was that? Plaster?! So cute!!! Nesam are crazy as always…. Post soon..

    Love you ??

    1. Oh!! That plaster idea…was not planned…when I thought of them these cute things arises in my mind!! Thanks for loving it!!

  4. super ………

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  5. Awesome episode. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin!!

  6. Awesome episode!!!! Pls update…

    1. Thank you dera!! I am really trying hard to post regularly!!

  7. Awesome episode, nesam n ardhika were very cuteeeee n adorable. …I think piyali called rads for Sam’s tuitions. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. You are really lovely dear!! Keep reading…love you!!

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