Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 7

Hi guys…its again me hateera!!
It feels really awesome that …I am writing an ff!!! God!! Its really hard to believe and the best part is…I got lovely friends here!!!
Ok this is enough for today I think…..

Our episode starts with Both Neil and Sam stands shocked seeing Piyali.Neil warns sam “Dont you dare speak!!”.Sam realises something is really serious so she closes her mouth and looks at Piyali seriously.Neil in a low tone says “Just say Yes ..if she ask anything!! Dont say anything other than yes!!”.Sam gets shocked and asks “What?? How…”.Within that piyali reaches her and asks “Are you ok with my idea??”.Sam looks at Neil who is signing her to say yes.Sam says “Ye…yes mom!!”.Piyali smiles and looks at Neil “I hope you will listen to me hereafter….I will leave you sam said yes!! But remember…..

Take care of you too…”.Neil smiles saying” yeah !! I will take care!!”.Sam thinks “Whats the matter about both are talking here…this idiot Neil is Nodding to all!! Sure…again he will put me in any worst thing!!”.She sees them gone from there while she thinking.Piyali says “Neil!! I know…I was little harsh!! But hope you…”.Neil says” Its ok Aunty!! I never mind!! Infact its really makes me feel…someone is there scold me!!”.Pyali hugs him and says “Dont ever think you are alone!!! We are family ok??”.Neil gets emotional and nods.She smiles saying “Then!! Just work hard!! I am looking forward to you two ..”.Neil smiles and searches Sam who is thinking.Neil comes and stands near her “Dont think too much!! You brain will burst!!”.Sam gets irritated and starts to beat him.Neil says”Ok ok..stop it I will say whats the matter!!”.Sam listens to him.He says “Aunty wants us to ..,join…extra classes in evening…so that we can study hard!!”.Sam shouts “What??

Ee..extra classes!! And you said ok!! And you made me too to nod Yes!!! No I cant do this!! I never do this!!”.Neil pulls her and closes her mouth.He says “Just listen to me…Whats your dream??”.She sees him and nods her head.He asks “What??”.She frees herself and kicks him saying “You stupid!! How can I say..if you close my mouth!!”.Neil laughs and says “Aunty want you to finish your studies first …and with good grades!!”.She sits sad and says “No Neil!! Its wont work!! I just want to join Mom’s works and help her…and I wanna be like her …so let me do that!!….Actually I hate to study!!”.Neil laughs “So!! U wanna me like your Mom!! Then its easy!! You know your Mom was a topper!!”.

Sam looks worried.Neil says “Just give it a chance Sam!! I am with you!! Make ur Mom happy and proud of you!!”.Sam looks him surprised.She with a great smile locks his neck with her hand saying “Then what about you!!! You too have to study with me!”.Neil says “Yeah…thats a worst part!! But I have to do it for you…your Mom..,you know…for her hapiness!!”.Sam pinches his cheeks “Aww how sweet!!! Then…you..dont act too good I know who are you!!”.Both laughs and says in chorus “From tomorrow!! The mission starts!!”.and hugs each other.

Arjun while checking some mail hears Radhika’s voice and stands.He comes near his window and keeps his face in real anger.Saral was training her to drive her cycle.He sees Saral holding her hands.Arjun holds the window screen.(Poor screen is dying with his hands!!).Saral sees Arjun watching and waves his hand.Arjun immediately closes the window and goes.Arjun really feeling restless now!!.He picks his lap and goes out taking his car keys…He walks out towards his car watching them in great anger!!.He throws the files in back seat and goes towards his driving seat.He sees Saral gone to take a call and Radhika struggling to drive…she starts losing her control and about to fell.But two strong hands held her waist picking her up…because of the sudden shock she slipped from the hands and both rolled in ground (Exactly!! How in all the tv shows… It just happened like that!! I am sure it too would have shown in slow we too imagine like that!!??)…

She sees its Arjun holding her and shocked..Soon they stops rolling and Radhika on him…She immediately stands and sees his hand hurt!! She sits and screams “You are hurt!!”…She blows his hand and he just staring her!! is it!!
Hope you like it!!

Please tell me if you like it or love it??!!
Eagerly waiting!!

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb hateera I am silent reader I won’t comment on your ff but today!!!!nice

    1. Hai dear!! Its really felt good!!
      As i brought a silent reader out!!

  2. Nice episode dear but short one, if possible make it long dear. Update next part soon.luv u…tc…

  3. I’m literally Loling ??…. Nesam!! Too good… They are one insane pair… And Arjun… I pity the curtain… He’s burning… And Saral.. Adding kerosene to fire… Lol ya… It was a good episode… Thanks for posting…

    Post soon… Love you??

  4. Why so short yaar it was too gud

  5. Super … Tc

  6. Love you too guys…?
    I am happy that you all loved it!!

  7. Awesome episode. 🙂

  8. Awesome !!!!dear arjun jealous of saral wow, I loved it , pls next

  9. Good but I want loooong one .its small

  10. I loved it?. WOW!! Nesam!! Itne determination kahan se aye?!??. Aur Arjun ji pls aadat daldo haroz jalne ki?. It’s really good. Keep up with the good work??. Love ya!?

  11. Hi it’s nice

  12. I just love the genre u have used in ur ff bcoz i love to laugh. its just unfortunate for us to wrapped the show within the month when it had just started. but thanks to u guys u gave pain killer to our aching heart by creating such a lovely ffs. thank u to all.

  13. Awesome, marvellous episode hateera dearyyy, so lovelyyyyyy n hilaaaaaaarious. …nesam were soooo cute….neil n piyali bonding was very heart touching. …nesam convo for classes wad pretty cute n lovely. …ardhika scene such a cutie pie. …reminded lonawla scene when cars tire puncture….loved the dp so much. .. keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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