Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 5

Our chapter starts with Sam giving a hard punch in Neil’s tummy!!.Neil screams in pain “Damn!! Girl whats that for??”.Sam smirks and says “For cheating!!”.Neil stands stunned and holds her neck saying “You are dead today little insect!! Am I cheating!!?? You are the one!!”.Sam gets shocked and tries to free herself.She screams “What I did!!??”.He starts saying in warning tone “Dont !! Utter a word!! Only I will speak..”.Sam looks him deeply and burst into great laughter!!.He yells “Am I looking Funny!!??”.She screams loud and nods her head vigorously!!.He realises ofcourse he looked little serious but Sam got laughter as she knew about his so called anger.He them leaves her and says “Ok…And you!! A complete clown standing before me!!”.Sam looks at herself and says in hesitation biting her lips ” Ofcourse I look funny!! And you just lost in our bet !!”.Neil interrupts her “No!! You cheated by creating a drama there!! I wont accept it!!”.Sam sees him with a pity puppy look.He gets irritated and says”No..not now!! I cant compromise this time!! Wait!! Where you got this dress??”.Sam remembers something and stands shocked “Oh My God!!!”.While Neil cries saying “Again you created chaos!!! Is this???”Sam closes her eyesin fear says” A delivery stock from your Mom’s botique!!…

They told me to deliver it!! But..”.Neil asks now in warning tone “You wore it as an excuse to get into the exam hall!!”.Sam already stares at him closing her mouth by both hands.Neil says “God!! This little …will kill me..!!No Your Mom Sam!!! She definitely will kill me!!”.Neil’s phone rings and he sees Pyali calling.He shows his mobile to sam and gives her an angry look.Sam looks it worriedly.Neil sees her and says “Go!! Get a juice !!”.Sam looms him totally confused and asks”Wbat??”.He again says “First change this stupid thing and get me a juice!!”.Sam got his idea the he needs to be alone while getting curses from her mom!!.She looks him worriedly and goes from there.Neil looks at sam gone and attends the call and closes his eyes tight.He received most blaw blaw blaw things which didnt gave chance to talk!! And it finally ended with”Meet me in 20 minutes!!”.He relaxes.But again few words came immediately “And With her !!”.He sees the call ended and wipes the sweat over his face.He says “I never gonna forgive her for this!! Always making some mess around me!!”.

Sam came running and stands back saying “I did this to attend the exam yaar!! I really got nervous!! So…”.Neil interruptes”So you planned to finish me today!!”.Sam looks down giving him juice.While he notices her breathing heavy because she came running says “Drink it!!”.Sam’s face immediately smiles and she asks”Really?? Aww! You are soo sweet!!”.Neil gets irritated and snatches the juice from her hand and gulps it in one go!!.Neil gives the empty bottle and walks saying “Throw it!!”.Sam gets angry and shouts “You are crazy Neil!!”.Neil mocks her saying “Not crazier like you!!”.She follows him asking “What to do now??”.Neil casually says “Do you have that??”.Sam smiles and takes a cotton roll.Neil says” usual!!”.Both reach the office.Neil looks at her.She gives him some cotton.Both close their ears with it and enters keeping their face worried!!.(Seems its usual for them!! )

Our scene shifts to Rads in her home sitting near a rose plant.She while hearing songs via earphone talks with the plant.She says “This guy is really rude na?? He just ignored me this morning!! And I remember…he was really cute in childhood!! You know what ?? We used to plant more ….He too likes gardening!! But…he really changed now!! And I dont want to talk with him now!! “.She hears some footsteps and removes her earphones.She looks around her and does not find anyone.She then again continues still seeing the gate waiting for him.She says “I shouldnt have gone to him!! He is not that Arjun who was really fun loving …and ..I always thought to meet him one day…Today!! I met him but!! ..”She hears phone ringing and sees not her phone.She then sees Arjuns car already parked and gets shocked.She then hears him crossing her talking.She gets embarressed and thinks “Radika!! You are really!!! Again!! “.She follows him to know he heard her before or not.He ends the call and turns.He sees her hiding and pretends talking in phone “Yeah!! Really its funny right!! I too thought ..It would be boring here..but I got An amazing entertainment !!”.Radika gets worried as she understands he is talking about her.She goes disappointed…While Arjun hides and smiles watching her.

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  1. Of course I liked. ….. no.. . no… no… I just love it…

  2. So nice

  3. Super……plz uplode regurly…..

  4. Awesome story. 🙂

  5. Superb episode dear. Nesam r really crazy. Ardhika r superb.

  6. nice one

  7. Ohh i loved it….it is tooo good….piyali is gonna give nesam a good class.. And dey both putting cotton in der ears…. Radhu telling hr complaints about arjun to plants was cute….write soon!!love ya….

  8. Lol.. That was a good one.. For bet what and all ppl do.. Thanks for updating..

    Love you ??

  9. Nice episode….

  10. Awesome hateera. Really thought u stopped this ff. But thanks again for not forgetting. Plzz continue dear. Waiting for next one.

  11. Awwwww it’s lovelyyyyyy hateera my sweeeeeet friend. …nesam fighting n threatening n mocking each other. ..wowwww so much fun n piyali scolding neil n they went to her office having cotton balls in ears…rolf….ardhika too so hilarious….did they know each other in childhood….missed you sooooo muchhhh n this ff…awesome….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..

  12. Hi friends!! Love you all for the interesting replies!!
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