Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 4

Hi guys !!
Our episode starts with Arjun ignores her and goes out.She gets angry thinking”He ignored me!!?? How dare he!!” .she then follows him calling him as ” Hey !! Stop!!”.He just stops with smile but unseen in his face may be he smiled in his heart…He lifts his left eyebrow and waits for her to reach there…He suddenly turns to her and and says ” Its Arjun !! OK ??? Not …” He stopped himself saying after and goes.She stops hearing his words and thinks ” What??? Who asked his name!!??”.Soon he flies out in his car before she reaches him.While she thinks ” This man is really did wrong by ignoring me!! Wait and watch!! WhatvI will do!”.She challenges in her mind and goes into her room and starts writing something. She starts thinking some plans to teach him a lesson.She doesnt realised that she just thought of him for the whole day with the excuse of planing a revenge.After planning something she eagerly waits for him to arrive.While he thinks of her and says ” You…made me to talk with you just like that!! I m not going to give u a chance to make me go mad!!”. and smiles irkingly.He reminiscences seeing her first time in a railway station crying and talking to someone over phone.He gets admired so much in his first sight (I m too bored of reading in series.just in MOST not all series only the girls gets their love feeling over boys first….I am not going to change everything down to earth!!! Just changed some little thoughts).She crys over phone saying ” Ma….She so stupid to take this decision…. I can’t can someone do like this…Its really a rubbish to take revenge on others just for they betrayed us….I even tried her to realise her mistake…but she is not hearing any…And Its wrong to disturb others life after getting breakup na?? If its true love we will always think of their happiness!! Its really disgusting… How can she take revenge on the one whowlm she loved by her heart!!”.She slowly wipes her tears and patiently nods her head as her mom said something overphone.(I too can only overhear her words and can’t hear her mom’s words…).She then gulps hard and about to cry but controls herself.. Its clear by her actions as she is only waiting for her mom to hang off the phone then immediately she would cry badly.He sees her in this condition for at his first sight and feels a really sharp pain in his heart… He wonders ” I never felt this pain ever…why her tears hurting me this much…And her innocent thoughts.. What…leaving the loved one for their happiness!! Just thinking herself a Queen of sacrifice!! Really..”.She then hangs the call and looks around her while controlling her tears and goes from there.He sees her face and realises ” Damn she is really going to die by crying!!”.She runs from there and stands in a corner as nobody could see her.She cries badly saying ” How can you just do this Aisha….u know very well how u loved him…and I too know…then how can u do these ….u just made him exposed in front of his family about his breakup with u just because of some nasty reasons…and you gone forever from this world!! Leaving a simple note !!What?? You can’t move your life??? You are really mad aaisha!!! Mad!!”.She the wipes her tears and says ” And you left your childhood friend… Just for a reason that u can’t move on??…If u just wait for one day…This time I would be with u…But you ..?? Just left me!!…”.While Arjun after seeing her running from there controls himself to act normal..but asusual his legs dragged him to her.He hears everything.Though he felt sad for her worry and her friend’s loss his inner heart reminds him ” God!! I thought she was crying for her love breakup!!! But God you saved me!!”.He then thinks to go and console her.He stops hearing her voice saying ” Love!! All these is because of that…It just got my best friend away from me!!!”.She then takes some heavy breathes and makes herself not looking too sad…as her dad will come to pick her from the station. She wipes her face again and again and washes her face .Still she controls herself and calls her dad and says ” Dad!! I reached…” in a happy voice and once she ends the call and cries bitterly.He wonders ” Why she did that!!?? And acted happy to his dad?? Why is her behavior puzzles and really confusing me??”.He hides while she crossed him and comes out thinking after she left.His mind says ” No Arjun!! You should go now!! Enough of your concerns for a strange girl !!”.But heart cried to his mind ” Damn!! Leave him…let him go and find her!!”.We know very well what will always win over other…yeah!! Always heart wins!!! So here too!!!

He drags his suitcase fast following her way and stops seeing her with a strict faced gentleman.His facial reactions really exposed his strict mind…but the smile over his face expressed his ultimate love and affection for his daughter…He crosses them and turns to see.He sees two reactions in her face….She is damn ready to share everything and cry over hiys shoulder and also a black reaction to hide everything from his his knowledge. She cries badly and says ” Sorry papa!! I didn’t do the exam well..!!” and hugs him.Soon she cries out all her pain that she is unable to share anything with him!!.Arjun’ s heart strucks in a deep question….” Why she is hiding her pain..before her Dad!!?? And he…didn’t realised her real pain..?? Why I can see all her ??”.He again gives her a pathetic look and goes into a taxi with his luggage. Here we are cutting the fb and opens in present!!!!. He says ” I thought its just coincidence… But when I saw you again in your home and realised that you are my childhood friend!! I don’t know from where the words came from but it ended with a single word!! Radhika..!!”.

Hi friends…. I am just trying to create something really confusing!! But hope I tried to achieve it!! If I continued today’s epi more…sure we would have lost our Manmarziyan!! With more crazy things!! And we would be floating in another Manmarziyan…. SobI should stop myself from taking this ff to another level of serious love…sacrifices… An all….So let’s enjoy with our crazy Manmarziyan!! If think its OK to continue I really welcome ur ideas…and Mostly heroes in my ff’s would somewhat similar characters…as Its my personal preference.. Hope u enjoyed this serious part ….
And sorry for skipping our nesam part…sure it would be fun in next epi!!
Finally how is today’s ff??
Hope our Crazy Manmarziyan too has its serious parts!!
I m really eager to hear from you!!

Love you all!!!

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  1. Awsome dr. . . I luvd it 🙂

  2. U r amazing….njoy reading

  3. Woww so he is in deeply love with our chasni sooo gud

  4. It was tooo gud. First Arjun falling for radz. I’m loving it. Radz is planning revenge on arjun. This is definitely crazy. haha. The fb was just superb. Arjun’s heart wins over mind. He was thinking abt her deeply.

    Hateera u just carry on with the crazy ideas yaar. I would just love to see crazy n funny things happening between nesam n ardhika. N plzz don’t make it over emotional like sacrifices,n all. Make it light hearted with all friendship n love. loveeeee u so much . This is definitely taking me in another world of mmz.

  5. Hey…its amazing..its has a different plot…and i like it very much…wen will nesam meet ardhika….r dey frnds…??plz update daily….luv u and tc

  6. Superb update dear. Arjun is sweet n cute in our story .lol. He is already lost in her world .Waiting for next update.

  7. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, loved it sooooo muchhhh. …arjun ignoring rads n she planning for revange…wowwww…the fb was pretty interesting n emotional too, she is crying for her friend…correct she is queen of sacrifice. …arjun feeling her pain, first sight n all these things. …strange….and now rads uski childhood friend hai…very interesting…what a coincidence…it can only happens in these stories…reality me aisa kabhi nahi hota…you have to be very lucky if this happens…well I loved this serious part of this crazyyyyy mmz…you’re doing phenomenon job…I’m enjoying it very much. …so keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..

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