Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 3


Hi my friends!!!! Really u can’t believe me….I am going crazy to post an update… Hope you enjoy it…

Our episode starts with Sam sees Neil and winks.Soon they start writing the exam.Neil finished fast and sees Sam writing very eagerly.He wonders how could she write till now.And starts scribbling (Writing fast) in his paper also.Sam now turns and sees Neil writing gets tensed and thinks “Still writing!! Really I can believe this….If gets passed!!?? Oh my god!! Mom will kill me”.Both seeing each other and starts scribbling.. (The funniest part is yet there).Neil sees his papers finished and Wonders. He thinks ” God !! Why this Sammy is writing still… I have no idea what to write …But she writing nonstop!!! How she read yesterday??”.He gets anxious and thinks “Neil!! Already you lost the bet …

Its OK its not a complete lose…as she cheated by creating sympathy!! should not lose this!!”.He gets additional paper and thinks pointing the pen over the paper.He cried “God!! This is the worst for ever!! ” and starts writing.While finishing the paper he realised something.Suddenly turns the question paper hurriedly .He gets shocked and cries ” Damn!!! Is this statistics exam!!???(Oh my god!!!) “.He starts cursing” This day can’t be worst than this”.He gets really feared now seeing Sam getting additional sheet.He bites his nails and thinks “What to do now?? If she gets passed..then I have give my iPod to her!!”.(Really!! Thetly are bet maniacs!!! Everything has a bet….)

He gets worried.While she sees him tensed and thinks ” why this Neil is tensed as of he missed a single mark for hundred??”.Both wwrite their exam fast in fear of losing their bets…Finally both gets happy hearing professors voice ” Time is up!!!”.Neil gives and big smile and hands over the paper.While Sam thinks ” He smiling!! God!! Now no iPod for me…!!”. She too gives her paper and comes out.He goes to her to talk but Sam turns quick and gives a hard punch in his stomach!!! (God!! This girl is really crazy!!!) .He screams in Pain” Damn girl!!! What is that for!??”.(Let them be fight… And we will come to Rads here)

Radhika in her room arranging the books thinks” He didn’t see me right??” and bites her lower lip in eembarrassment. She then goes down to her mom and asks ” Ma…need any help??”.While she says ” No need my gudiya!! I almost finished…you go and rest”(Wow!! How sweet…but here in our home there would be a cold war for this!! Ha ha ha..) Rads goes to her room and starts writing something… She thinks keeping her pen on her lips and smiles …….Manmarziyan…song plays in background(We can imagine this from her promo video of our original series).While Arjun’s
room straight top to her.

Arjun comes near the window and talks to someone.She gets tensed and runs towards her room window because she can hear clearly from her window. She hears him laughing and thinks ” I am sure …he saw me..”.He will laughing controls his laugh and says “Dii….you won’t believe…how happy I am here!!”.Rads gets angry and says ” Why won’t you happy…mocking me!!”.She hears her mom saying her to get dried clothes from outside.She then goes out and sees him hesitantly taking the clothes.He sees her seeing him pretends to make fun of someone.She hears him mocking her and gets angry. She pulls the clothes hard and gives him an angry look.He laughs loud and gives her a mocking smile and goes in.Rads gets damn anger!!She throws the clothes and stands react keeping her hands on her hips.She then goes out and runs upstairs. She sees him locking his door and stops.He sees her and smiles saying” Oh !! You??”.He looks around doubtly and says “Am I locking your home??? Why you are giving me that look!!??”…..


Hope you like it!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Arjun radhu both know each other

    1. Yeah!! I always hate that difficulty to get the love….so n all my stories… No negativity…. Only our mind is enemy to our heart!!

  2. Sorry for the typing flaws!!!

  3. hateera dear really u r awesome. This is so amazing story. It is like complete entertainment. plzzzzz dont stop this, this is my earnest request. Today we got to see four of them. It was superb.

    Nesam bets OMG!!! really they r some crazy people. Neil is writing exam but he don’t know which exam. That was so funny. Their exam just reminds my exam time where people r worried for extra papers than the matter. lol.

    Ardhika what to say abt them. First encounter was that funny i’m unable to forget that. lol. Arjun is so happy. what is radz gonna do now. Has she gone to threaten him. God that would another fun to see. I’m eagerly waiting for next one dear. update it sooon. N dont worry abt the type errors or anything. U just continue it.

  4. Is Sam n neil besties? I luvd radz part. ,. Its true dat no mum wil ask us to take rest 😛 😀

  5. Ha ha nesam reminds me my condition in exam hall………bth dnt know wich xam tey r writing bt tey r afraid whether the other ll pass ………
    evn tey dnt know wich xam tey r writing……its real funny……

    While I’m writing xams(science subject) I always look around to see evry1 buying additional sheet sooo I too buy one…….before gng 4 te xam I ask my bestie”pottan kootundo??” n she wud reply”for sure”….ten we smile at ech other with our faces glowing brightly due to happiness tat oralekilum potran kootund………i ve another friend too…..she wud b cool as cucumber evn if she hs nt studied
    ……she ll also b tere wth me…… in te xam hall whenever I luk she ll b writing wich tenses me… after xam she ll laugh n Tel “miss kolatirunnal bhagyam…..coz I ve written mandataram 4 te answers I dnt know…..she hs tat guts bt I never write te answers I dnt know tonking wat miss ll say………our (myselfn my bestie) in xam halls to buy papers is lje tis: we increase te gap between questions n sometimes we cut n write te wrng and 1st purposefully n ten cut it n write te correct one……..

    Ok I’m gonna stop blabbering …..

    Cmng bck to te plot……i din understand te ardhika part……cn u plzzz repeat tat part…..sry for troubling u……..

    Hey hatu tell me dud u jst put ur condition in xam hall in wrds?????jst joking…..

    1. Yyeah!!! This is exactly my conditions!!! Now too going for an exam…bus breakdown…. God!! How to reach the venue!!!! Its OK…..coming to the update ….

      Rads and arjun are in same house…she in ground floor and he in first floor…she listens to his Conversations and decides to ask him….so she went to him…

  6. yr it ws a rofl epii especially nesam part loved it to d core
    kudos to u love u n ur stories nd have u written any other ffs also if yes plzz provide me der links or title

  7. Yeah dear….I am writing A Restless Rockstar and his secret fan….ff in Indiaforums here is the link….

  8. I am writing it for kumkum bhagya….and doing this parallely

  9. Heyyyyyyy Hateera dear…Loved this fantaaaabulous episode…
    NeSam chemistry is awesooooome..nd
    Aradhika encounter is mindbloooowingg

    Thanks dear for writing this fab story…
    Keep updating…nd don’t stop it..
    Eagerly waiting for next epi..Tc

    Love u loadz

  10. Awesome episode hateera dearyyy, so so so funnyyyy. …nesam totally hilaaaaaaarious, want to win the bet for passing the exam but don’t even know what subject is it n getting more sheets for answers…lol…ardhika was complete fun…arjun laughing at rads childish actions n she is so embarrassed n angry…but still she went to confront him …hilarious story. …what she gonna do to arjun???’s getting interesting more and more. …I’m loving it sooo muchhhhhh. …. hateera dearyyy you’re superbbbb. ..all the best and get very good grades in your exams and keep making us laugh like this always. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Really I am very happy and going crazy while reading ur replies…especially those large ones….really means a lot…an love u all…

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