Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 21


Our epi starts with Sam watching from outside.Neil asks her to understand.But Piyali starts shouting in anger.Neil gets silent and sees her blankly.Piyali asks “Whats your problem Neil?? Already I lost my Bhai!! Only because of this career..”.
She sits in sofa and cries.Neil goes towards her and kneels down.
He says “Aunty!! I know how hurt you are..But ..”.
Piyali calmly says “Fine!! You can get your dreams…Only after my death..”.
She gets stressed and walks away.

Sam hides while piyali goes in full anger.
Neil comes out sadly.Sam runs to him and asks “What happened?? Mom scolded ??”.
Neil sees her and nods his head yes..
She gets call from Radhika and says that she will come.
Neil seea her worried and asks “What??”.
Sam says “Chashni called…seems she is in problem…”.
Sam drags him and says “Neil!! Come lets help her!!”.
Neil holds her hand and says “I will go..You be here..or aunty…”.
Sam nods.As soon as he steps out both hears great sound from upstairs.

Both gets worried and runs upwards.
Piyali is seen fell unconcious on floor .
Both gets her to hospital and Sam calls tell that she cant come..
But her phone is not answered..
After reaching hospital both waits outside worriedly.
Sam sits calmly and sees Neil.Neil who is
roaming here and there looked so worried.
Sam holds his hand and pulls him near her.
Neil sits beside her and says “May be she got stressed!!”.
Sam says “What happened..between you??”.
Neil stays silent .Sam asks “Dont you share with your Sammy??”.
Neil says “I will tell you Sam..But later..”. And he eyes her thinking “Sure she will irritate me asking again!!”.
Sam sees him with suspeciously and says “Ok!!”.

She holds his hand and lean over his shoulder,
Neil gets shocked “She said ok!!?? And didnt irritate me!! Weird!!”.
Sam feels sleepy but makes herself busy to keep her awake.
She gets call from Radhika and apologise to her.
She gets relieved she is fine now and informs Neil…
Neil says “Sam..You sleep I will take care,,”.
Sam says mockingly ” I wont!! My mom is sick!! Then how can I sleep??”.
Neil smiles little and says “I know you Sammy!! Better you sleep!!”.
Sam gets angry and stands.She starts walking here and there to avoid sleeping.
Neil thinks “She started her Drama!! Wait I will trap you!!”.

Neil says “Ok then!! I will sleep you take care..” .he yarns purposely and pretends to
Sam who walks for few more minutes feels tired and looks at Neil.
She hits her head and says “Better you should heard him Sam!!”.
She sees Neil slept and tries to wake him.
She sits near him and pulks his ear.
Neil who is laughing inside keeps his hand hiding his eyes from Sam.

Sam keeps her hand on her cheeks and starts sleeping.
Neil really smiling wide seeing her.
She soon leans backwards on chair and wakes as it didnt felt comfortable.
She sees Neil sleeping and fumes.
She tries to wake him up but seeing him she found pity on him.
She stands and leans against the wall.She folds both of her hands and starts feeling more sleepy.

She goes to Neil and says “No more drama!! I am gonna sleep!!”.
Neil holds his hand around her neck suddenly and says “I told you already!!”.
Sam smiles childishly and starts sleeping leaning on his shoulder.

Our scene shifts to Arjun in shock asks “What??!”.
Radhika sadly sees him and starts laughing.
Arjun stood confused.Radhika says “You
Arjun gets angry tries to go out.But Radhika
to stop him.Unfortunately she slips and hugs him to escape from falling down.
Arjun who stood still in great sweet shock turns and says “You better would have said stop!! Instead of hugging me!! But its nice!!”.
Radhika mockingly says “Dramebazz!!”.
Arjun asks “What??”.She says “I tried to
hold you .,but slipped.”.
Arjun asks her “Really!! I wont believe your

Radhika asks him to shut up she will beat him.
Arjun sees his watch and says “Ok!! I will go now!!”.
Radhika says “But you asked me to say something!!”.
Arjun smiles “If I wanna hear that..I need yo stay in your room!! Is it ok??”.
Radhika gets angry and says “How mean!!! “.
Arjun laughs and says “Later!! I will ask someday..”.He thinks not to spoil his mood by hearing her sad flashbacks.
He says “A hug !!?? Not bad for today!!”.
She asks “Said something??”.
Arjun says “No!! “.and carefully goes down as the same way he came.
He sees her smiling at him and waves his hand.

She signs him to stop and looks around.
He thinks “Seems she is going to give me flying kiss!!”, and smiles widely.
Radhika says “Thank you!!”.
His face become sad but thinks “Thank you is far better to her angry words!!”.
He smiles and goes from there.
Radhika smiles seeing him and says “I was wrong about him!!”.
She recalls the previous incidents and smiles.
She sees her bandage and worries.


Arjun gets shocked to see Radhika’s engagement with Saral…
Radhika is seen worried.

Credit to: Hateera

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  8. Awesome episode. …nesam n ardhika both were very cuteeeee. …what’s rads hiding…suspense is killing me. ..precap is shocking. …how can rads engage with saral???…very curious to know what will happen next….keep it up honeyyy. you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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