Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 20

Our epi starts with Radhika stands with great difficulty and smiles seeing a car approaching her.
Soon It stopped. And she sees a person getting out and after Arjun comes out from driving seat…
Radhika shocked angrily seeing him and wonders “Who is this person then??”.
Arjun sees the person and signs.Radhika sees him approaching towards her and steps back.Soon she sees its Saral and great smile came in his face.
Arjun’s face stoned seeing that and thinks “Seems I am the only Villain in her life!!”.
He sits in and sees them together and it burns him all.
Radhika runs to Saral and hugs him.Saral asks “Radhu!! What happened?? Why you are here alone??”.
Radhika about to say…both gets disturbed by Honk sound.
Saral takes her to car.Arjun’s anger really driven him crazy enough to reach the hospital fast…

But I think he reached the hospital not only she is in pain..but also he cant see them together like that…
Both goes in and they don’t even looked back or thank him.
Arjun thinks of going in but stops himself.
He recalls his moment first he saw her.He curses himself”Don’t know what happened
to me!! I cant control myself from going behind her!!”.Now he calms himself taking deep breaths.Now he says calmly”Ok ..Easy!! Arjun..Once you drop her …You never need to look her back ok?? What she is thinking of herself!! I was just …”.He stops himself and goes inside the hospital.
Saral sees her worriedly and asks “Radhu..
What’s all this?? If uncle knows this..He would kill me!!”.
Radhika compromises him and says “I will take care of Dad!! You don’t worry..”.
She goes inside to do some tests.
Arjun comes to Saral and asks “Where is she??”.
Saral says “Radhu went inside to take some test..”.
Arjun thinks “Radhu?? Better I will break his jaw!! “.

Arjun looks at him coldly and both waits for sometime.
Radhika comes out and sees them.
Nurse advises her not to move her hand and take the medicines in time…
Arjun thinks “Now this idiot will start his drama..Better I go from here..or she too will join him!!”.Arjun goes from there.Saral brings
Radhika and makes her sit near him.
Arjun really lost his control starts driving.
Saral who starts sleeping and Radhika who feels uncomfortable as he starts leaning
over her.
She pushes him over the edge and looks at Arjun.
She gets worried and sees his face become dull and tired.
She sees the time and surprised “Is he really good?? Or he pretends??”.
Arjun now rubs his eyes and yarns.
Radhika in a calm voice says “Stop the car”.
Arjun stops suddenly asks “What happened??
Are you ok?”.
Radhika just looks at him mockingly gets
Out of car.
Arjun gets irritated and shouts “Where you are going?? Are you out of your mind??”.
He gets stunned to see her.She opens the front door and sits calmly beside him.
She says “Am I look like a Drama queen??”.
Arjun says “Completely!! Top to bottom!!”.
Radhika starts laughing quietly and says

“Then you are Drama King!!”.
Arjun sees her in surprised eyes and asks
“What’s your problem?? I mean…If you not get mad…I need to know what’s bothering you..”.
Radhika says “I will tell you…but not now…
I have to reach home soon…or”.
Arjun continues “Or Dad will kill me!! Right?? Cant you say other than this??”.
Radhika gets emotional and takes his phone…
Arjun looks at her texting something in his
mobile and wonders “What she is doing??”.
He says “With whose permission you are taking my number??”.
She gives him a calm look and says “Yeah!! That too a good idea…”.She
makes a call from his mobile.
She sees missed calls from Sam and shouts”God!! Sam??”.
Arjun stops and sees her worried.
Radhika calls Sam and says “Sam..I am really sorry..”.
But Sam interrupts her saying”Sorry chashni!! I couldn’t come there…please ..”.
Radhika gets relieved and consoles her.
She says “Its ok Sam!!(She looks at Arjun who is looking somewhere says ) A friend helped me!!”.
Arjun hears it and gives an angry look at Saral who is in extreme level of sleeping.
Radhika ends the call and says “Lets go!!”.
Soon they reach Radhika’s home.
Radhika gets out and sees him still in car.
She asks “Ain’t you too coming??”.
He lazily looks back at Saral.
Radhika smiles over edge of her lips and nods her head.
Arjun goes to drop him.
Radhika with much care gets into the house.
She reaches her room and waits for Arjun.
She sits near the window and starts sleeping.

Soon Arjun reaches the home he sees her
room window and says “She should be sleeping”.
He is about to go but stops seeing light in her room.
He slowly climbs a pipeline (As shown in all shows) and gets into her room.
He sees her trying to move her hand and stops her.
He scolds “What are you madeof?? Can’t you remember what doctor told??”.
She sees him worriedly and says “But if Dad sees the bandage..”.
Arjun sees her stopped saying hisses “Don’t irritate me saying this repeatedly!!
If you do this I will kill you first!!”.
Radhika says “He is not my real father..”.
Arjun gets shocked”What??”.

Arjun true to go out from the room but Radhika runs towards him and hugs.

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