Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 19


Hai friends!!

Our episode starts with Arjun sitting in terrace thinking what happened before and says “Sure!! Something big incident will be there!! But how will I find?? I have to do something!!”.
Radhika is sitting …Writing something..and gets irritated..and throws the pen…
“Radhika!! You should be careful hereafter!! Today …”
She recalls Arjun and gets angry ” He would have spoiled everything!! I should be careful ..yes!! Be alert!!”.
She gets nervous and sees herself very scared thinking something….
She says “ no no…I should not fear like this…She jumps and runs towards her bed…She grabs her mobile and headphone.She opens the door very carefully and looks out if anyone there…
She steps every step very cautious and soon reaches the terrace…
Arjun who is thinking sees her and hides.
She opens a locked room and goes in ….
Arjun now follows her and stands outside the room.He searches for any windows but it was locked from inside..,.
He keeps his ear against the door and tries to hear something.
Inside Radhika who is hearing song true to clear her fear and starts humming the lyrics…
Soon a small smile came in her face …
And another smile too came outside hearing the voice…
He thinks “Seems..she is thinking herself Shreya Goshal!! “.
He laughs under his breath and still standing…
Now he starts feeling dizzy..but don’t want to go…He slides over the door and starts sleeping…
Soon Radhika feels ok and takes a marker..
She writes something and pins it to a big board…,
She sees the board overwhelmed and steps few steps back seeing it happily…
(But the board was not able to we are seeing its side view..?)

She opens the door and soon a great weight fell over her..
She screams in pain and thinks “Oh my god!! How come a rock fell on me??!! No !! It has a face!!”.
She sees Arjun on her and he too feeling awkward!!.
Arjun sees her mourning in pain and stands saying” I am..sorry!! I …”.
And cant speak afterwards as she is not even hearing him…
He holds her hand and tries to pick her..
But she shouts in pain as she cant tolerate the pain!.
Arjun panics seeing a shoe stand near her hand and says “Your hand hitted the stand??”.
And checks it..
He then says “Its Metal!! Sure you got a fracture!!”.
Radhika gets worried more and thinks “Fracture!!? God!! Why this is happening to me?? If dad knows this ?? He will find out everything!! No I cant let this to happen!!”.
She tries to stand but felt a huge pain…she sees Arjun and gets angry.
He says “Lets go to hospital!! Its really will pain badly..You keep your hand idle..Dont move it okay??”.
He circles his hand around her shoulder but she stops him and says “Leave me!!”.
And stands firmly.

Arjun convinces her by saying “Ok!! Radhika…See..I know ..Its my mistake okay?? Just come with me..I swear..i wont make u any problem hereafter!!”.
Radhika looks him and says “I don’t believe anyone!!”.
She still feels difficulty in walking because of pain..
Arjun says “I cant see u in pain Radhika!! Why don’t u understand?!”.
She stops and sees him mockingly…
She says “Y you are overreacting?? I faced many things without anyone…So be away from my matter!!”.
Arjun wonders as he saw her different attitude now!!
He gets anger and says “Ok fine!! You stop ur lectures and come with me!!”.
He tries to drag her but she says “You want me to go hospital right?? Then ok!! I will go by myself!!”.
Arjun puzzled and asks “What?? Are u mad?? You are going alone??”.
She walks saying “Not ur business..Just get lost from me!!”.
Arjun stands stunned and thinks “What was that?? Sure she is mad!!”.
She goes down and takes a shaul from her cupboard and ties it with great pain…
Throughout she really tried hard to hide her pain ..
She thinks “What have u done!! I should not have gone there!! Now he again created a big mess!!”.
She comes to the gate and sees the watchman is not there..”.
She peeps out and walks few yards away from her home.
She starts feeling heavy pain.She doesn’t know what to do now…As she came here in a great anger on him..But she regrets now for the stupidity…She sits and slides over a tree and thinks “I have to bear it!! I cant let me weak….”.

Soon she sees her Phone and sees Sam’s text…
She smiles crying and calls her immediately.
Here Sam waiting for Neil receives the call.
Radhika speaks with much pain “Sam!! I need ur help!!”.
Sam gets shocked hearing her voice and asks “Chashni?? What happened?? Why u are sounding like this??”.
Radhika says “Please come to the park near my home now..please…I know its late.. But please “.
And ends the call crying she felt happy to hear Sam’s concerned voice….
She thinks “Our friendship started this day…In one day..I got a good friend!! Which didn’t got these years…”.
She wipes her tears and gets shocked wondering what to say her….If she asks what happened then?? What I will say??.
She convinces herself “Its ok!! As I cant tolerate this pain anymore…”.
Soon she sees a car reaching her and stops infront of her.
She stands up smilingly and gets shocked as she saw a man coming out …
Soon she saw another Man came out from the car and gets angry seeing its Arjun!!.
She wonders “Arjun?? Is he informed my dad??”.
She stands there worried and scared!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. hi…. you updated after a long time………….y is rads is soo afraid ???????

  2. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  3. Nice epi.. I like the part where she hums and he listens from outside smiling. that was cute.
    Can you plzz give a brief of your story?? Here….

    1. Hai Roshni!!
      Its just About Dreams of the Four persons who are trying to get…

      And I just added some crazy things that will give us smile but hurdles to get their dream?

  4. I love it. I wonder why she is so scared.

  5. Osm dear….waiting for next one…love u loads …tc..

  6. Nc epi buddy

  7. Buddy…keep continue…its interesting…

  8. awesome……….eagerly waiting next one……tc

  9. Good one dear 🙂

  10. Awesome episode hateera dearyyy, waited so long for this story. …the episode was awesoooooome. …loved ardhika so muchhhhhh, lots of suspense. …missed neil. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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