Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 18 (A dream revealed)


Our episode starts with Neil driving car with his floating thoughts….
He says “Neil !! This is the right chance …just tell everything to aunty!! Its ur future !!”.
He sees again the phone ringing…attends the call and says “Sam!! I am coming!! Tell aunty to wait fa me!!….(He thinks something and says ) No no..Just tell her I have something important to discuss with her!!”.

Sam in anger says “No!! I wont!”.
Neil gets irritated and says “Hey!! Sammy..Dont play!! Just tell na..”.
Sam still in anger says “Okay!!” And ends the call at instant.
Neil about to say his adventure but she ended the call before that..

Neil reaches Sam’s home and goes in with little hesitation as he doesnt know how Piyali will behave.Sam sees him entering and turns in different side (Becoz she still in anger..).
Neil comes to her and asks “Where is Aunty??”.
Sam shows her mom room and sees somewhere..
Neil smiles little and thinks “Let me see how this anger vanishes…”.
Neil says “Dont be like that Sam!! The Kid …is safe now..”.
Sam gets stunned and asks “Really?? “.

Neil sees her large eyes full of surprise…happiness…and says “Mmm..Yeah!!”..
Sam hugs him immediately and says “You did it Neil!! I thought u ignored…but you saved him from those kidnappers!!”.
Neil too smiles and gets worried as Piyali is standing opposite to him..
And sam blabbered everything without noticing it..

Sam sees Neil horrified and asks “Hey!! C’mon Neil y u r keeping ur face like that…Seems u saw a ghost!!”.
Laughs and sees back.
Her laughter too vanishes and gulps seeing her mom…
Piyali in a harsh tone says ” Follow me..And Sam you go to sleep!!”.
Sam stood as statue and holds Neil’s hand and apologises..”I am sorry Neil!! I ..didnt see Mom!!”

Neil still in shock but seeing sam tensed made him out if that fear..and says
“Its ok Sammy..I will meet go..”.
Sam says “Just wait here!!”.
And brings cotton balls in her hands.

Neil sees her hands and smiles “Sam!! You na?? A complete pack of entertainment fa me!!”.
She looks him with fake anger and pushes the cotton in his ears.
Sam says “Now..You will be fine!! And all the best!! .
Neil goes from there lazily and sees Piyali walking here and there.
He talks out the cotton and says “Today!! I am going to say everything!! My dreams!!”.

He takes a deep breath and enters into the room.
Piyali folds her hands and and welcomes him with a cold look.
Neil says “Actually..Aunty..I wanna say u ..”.
Piyali shouts “I dont wanna hear any rubbish Neil! I warned u before..Dont interfere in anything dangerous!! But you are not hearing ma words ? Are u mad?? To do these things??”.
Neil seeing down says “Its not madness aunty !! Its My dream!!”.

Piyali says “Stop the crap Neil!! Dreams my foot!! Just stop this things and take care of Sam’s studies!! Got it!!”.
Neil now keeps his face determinant and says “You no need to worry about Sam anymore!! I will be there for her!!
But I wont stop !!”.
Piyali looks him emotionally and says “So?? U became matured and ready to ignore ma words??”.
Neil shocked to see her worried and runs to her.
He holds her hands and says “Please Aunty!! Dont do this to me….I always gave preference to Dhosti…Yaariyan….but Now Its time to Manmarziyan!!!”……….

Manmarziyan..title song plays in background….

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Good episode but you didn’t update ardhika. 🙂

  2. Poor neil

  3. Nice one…but ardhika missing …pls update next soon dear….tc…

  4. Good one dear 🙂

  5. The last line took my heart………. I loved it….

  6. O wowwww hateera…neil’s manmarzian very awesoooooome n he is going to live his dreams now….wowwww. ..amazing…..Sam’s care n concern for neil was very cute…she brought cotton balls for him so he could not hear her mom’s scoldings….so sweeeeeet. …lovely episode but missed ardhika. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  7. 😀 amazing Episode. Write sooooon …

  8. the last line is the punch lie of this story…………….

  9. Oh nice one. But dint c ardhika? Y… I missed them. Moreover ur episodes r normally much more longer…plz update soon. If possible with longer one… U have a grt story. And I loved it.

  10. super yaar………..please update next one…..

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