Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 17

Dont beat me guys!!? I wont bore u…here I will straightly go to the episode….

Our episode starts with Neil seeing the kid and gets shocked as someone held his shoulder.Neil turns and sees its one of those goons who drove the car.
He Asks him “Hey!! What u are doing here?”.
Neil gets little nervous and says “Actually….(And thinks something and manages) I lost ma phone….I turned ON location….it shows this place…Buddy!! Already u helped me with route…now Please help me to find the phone..please!!….”.
Neil reacted completely normal to him.
He smiles but little rude says “Dont make any noise…Just find it soon…If anyone sees u here…I cant save u…so find ur phone soon and run from here!!!”.
Neil sees him going and smiles mockingly and says “Sam!! You are right!! He is really funny!!”.
He texts something and tries to find any windows open.
He starts walking very cautious and makes sure none notice him.
He smiles seeing a window open and says “Thank God!! I found it!!”.
He sneaks down and enters into the room via window.
He sits hiding and keenly examines the room.He says under his breath…”None is here!! I can easily save the kid..”.
He steps out to go but he thinks “No Neil!! You cant be so careless….Lets mame a exit plan now…or u will be trapped like all heroes!!”.
He looks around biting his nails and smiles “Idea!!”.
He takes a rope and goes out.

Let him do his exit plan…

Here we can see Radhika locked in Arjuns arm.She sees Arjun smiling and realises he is not sleeping…She curses herself and warns him “Just leave me!!”.
He opens his eyes and says “Say my name..”.
She asks “What??”.
He says “My name!!”.
Sbe looks him coldly and says “Idiot!!”.
He laughs and says “Ahhh!! Thats not ma name!! But it sounds good from you”.
She starts beating him.
He jumps and screams “Hey!! Its hurting!!”.
And sees already standing in a corner.
She warns him “I didnt thought u will steap this low…”.
Arjun says “Hey!! Chill”.
Radhika shouts “Stop the crap!! I m not here to entertain u…U are taking advantage on my silence..!!”.
He gets sad as she took him wrong and feels bad as he tried to tease her…
She opens her room door and points him to come.
He walks lazily and looks at her worried.
She walks back to him and says “Dont ever show ur face to me!! “.
He stops suddenly and pulls her to a corner.
She in a great anger tries to unlock herself but his one hand held surrounded her two hands with waist and another one closing her mouth.
Both shares an eyelock…
She looks at him coldly and he diverted his look somewhere.
Arjun sees her anger and says in husky voice “U better check out who is there!!”.
Radhika looks suspiciously and says “Dont trap me again!!”.
And gets hell shocked to see his father standing before them..but turned in other direction..
He notices her face was really horrified
And feared to the core.
He asks “Hey!! Just relax !!”.and takes her away from that place.
She still staring at her dad starts panicing “Dad!! How he this time!! I thought he is sleeping..Today I am gonna die! God!! Please please save me!!”.
Arjun sees her fear and she started praying like a kid with closed eyes..tears rolled from her eyes…
Arjun really lost his teasing personality totally…his heart said “Just Go to hell Arjun Mehra!! You made her scared to death!!”.

He sees her dad gone from there and calls her “Radhika!! “.She still closing her eyes in fear
He feels she is shivering and sweating….he relly gets horrified!!.Heshakes her strongly to make her out of the shock…He says “He went!! And he didnt see you man!! Just relax!!”.
Radhika with ber eyes full of tears smiled with those scary eyes which made him to hug her strongly…
She felt his concern in his hug.He says “You just scared me !! I dont know whatts with ur dad!!”.
She simply stood there and he asks “Whats going on??”.
She says “This is happening only because of u….”.
He gets damn shocked and leaves her immediately asking “What??”.
She gives him a impassive look and says “If u were not here…I would have been fine now!!”.
Arjun realises her words and says “Radika!! This is not the right answer fa my question!! I am asking about..”
She stops him saying “I have no interest in talking with you….”.
She pulls his hands and drags him.
While he felt tensed and thinking what would be the matter…
She leaves him out and says “Please!! Dont …ever !!! Cross my way again!! I have a lot things already!! “.
She turns to go and stops.
Arjun looks at her staring each and every reactiin over her face…
She says “And…No need of your concren!!”.
Shewalks in cautiously and shuts the door.
Arjun really didnt expected this would happen…
He looks at her room window and says “Soon I will find ur big secret.!!”.

Here!! Neil enters into the room again and looks a goon standing near the kid.
He hides and says “Shit!! I should have saved him before…no one was there at that time!!! Neil!! Hell with ur plan!!”.
He gets a text and smiles seeing it.
He suddenly stands and kicks a metal drum there!!.
All the goons reaches the room and looks at him (Yeah!! That typical villains look!! Ha ha!!).
Neil smiles smirkingly “One!! Two!!Three!! Tadaaaa!!”.
And immediately the door was broken from outside and the goons splitted seeing the police at doorstep!!.
Everyone there is busy with running and chasing…
Neil runs towards the kid and unties the ropes …
Be carries the kid and goes out and sees all those goons were trying to start the car,and vans but soon they met with great clash!!!
As Neil tied them with each other….
He sees it surprised and says “Great Neil!! It worked!!”.
Soon he takes the kid with him and reaches the police station..
He sees the kid who is looking at him smilingly he says “Hey!! Champ!! Are u scared??”
The kid nods immediately as no!! And hugs him saying “Thanks uncle!!”.
Neil makes him sit and says “c’mon lets click a selfie!!”.
Soon he handovers him in station and sits smiling in his car.
He sees his phone ringing.
He picks it and shouts “Sam!! “.
Soon he gets sad hearing something and ends the call.
He looks at the Police Station worriedly….A background Bgm of….Manmarziyon…plays….
He takes a deep breath and goes ….


Hi friends…..
Here I started my true storyline….

Yeah this mm is not only crazy!! But with more serious things in it….
I dont wanna say you the character sketch fa each in my ff…
I am interested in making the characters merge in ir heart…
I want you guys to read ma story and say the character sketch of the persons…..

Hope u guys got how I framed the characters….eagerly watching ur replies….

And apart from the fun…love…romance..thrill….I am sure…Its really will go with the title “Manmarziyan!!”.
About…passion…hurdles to get it…and I added small “Crazy things in it!!”.

And I hope u got ma point…

And Keep hoping fa our passion guys…Yeah!! We have to face more things in our life to achieve our goal…

And someone will think…almost they lost their passion and picked some different profession!!

But passion and profession are entirely different!!

We can do anything at anytime to attain it!!

So my lovely friends!! Keep fighting fa ur passion…
And one more thing…

Life would be heaven…When both Passion and Profession are same!!!

Love u all!!

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