Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 16


Hai my dear lovely buddies!! Hope u all smile seeing my episode..most of u are angry at me…its OK..I will go to epi and without irritating you….
Yeah a formal Start!!

Our episode starts with Radhika standing shocked!!
She cries in her mind “Now what he did!??”.
She runs to her room and opens it.To her great shock Arjun was just lying on the bed.
She looks at him suspiciously and checks what he broke.
She found nothing.Arjun smiles and asks “Do you finished ur dinner??”.
She gives him an angry look and goes out again locking him.
She thinks “From where the noise came!!?”.
Again she hears the same nose and goes to her room.
She not irritatedly enters the room and shouts “What you are doing??”.
Arjun says lazily “Trying to sleep…but you came again to disturb!!”.
She requests him “Please don’t play with me…..just be silent …if someone hears that and found you…I will be in great trouble..and all my plans…”.
She really shocked and turns herself from talking and taunts herself “Stupid!! ”
Arjun laughs “Plans…(He says it calmly first…and his immediate curiosity came out asking) Plans??!!”.
While she thinks what to do next…as he will get from her great plans by his questions…
She cries “God!! Please save me!!”.

Our scene shifts to Sam sitting in study room and thinking.
Piyali comes asking “Why my darling is worried today??. Is your tuitor that boring??”.
Sam immediately says “Not mom!! She is really ..The Best!!”.
Piyali asks “Then why this face??”.
Sam thinks to say everything but she too felt sorry fa Neil…as Piyali will start scolding him again if she knows the goons matters…
She says “Its nothing mom!! I lost a bet with Neil..”.
Piyali pats her head and says “Don’t be childish sam!! You guys are not kids anymore!! First I should stop this bets..between you two!! It spoils you a lot!! Wait Where is Neil??”.
Sam says “He went…said he got some important work!!”.
Piyali thinks “Is he started doing those things again?? If so…I should stop him!!”.
Piyali asks “If he told anything else??”.
Sam lazily says “He will late too..”.
Piyali gets her thoughts clear and says to herself “This can’t happen! Again he would create some mess!!”.
She goes from there thinking while Sam too cursing Neil.

Here Radhika stood tensed and he asks ” what plan Radhika??”.
She smiles mockingly and says “The plans for get u out from my room!!”.
Arjun laughs little and says “Then sure !! Every plan will be a failure!!”.
She get angry and goes out irritated.
She goes to dinning hall and sits.She starts eating fast .
Her mom and dad really gets surprised!!
Her dad asks “Radhu??”.
She gets hiccups immediately and coughs!!.
Both her mom and dad stood and pats her head worriedly…
Radhika sees their love and gets teary eyed!!
She controls and says “I am alright”.
They both relaxes and sits.
Radhika finished her dinner fast and says “Good night dad!! And Ma I feel sleepy…I will go now..”.
Both looked weird as she always will eat late..Radhika goes from there.
Dilip asks “Mala…she is strange today na??”.
Mala nods and says “May be …she is really feeling sleepy..”.
Both finishes their dinner and goes to sleep.
Radhika who is watching this from far gets happy and says ” Ha…dad gone…NNow ..i should throw him out at any cost!!”.
She walks fast to her room with great confidence.She hears a great silence in her room from outside.
She opens the door and to her great shock he was sleeping on bed.
Radhika gets stunned and nervous ” God!! What will I do now?!!”.
Let her think…
Here Neil goes fast in his car. He calls someone and says “Don’t worry!! I am on it!! You just make sure no one knows this….as Sam called police already…You should divert them..k??”.

He ends the call and says “Sure I will catch you all!!”.
He opens the map and traces the location of the phone he threw into the van…

A scene is shown as flashback..while Neil pushed sam and turns on the location in the phone then throwing it..


smirks and says “So…You are here!! I am coming dudes!!”.
Neil reaches the location and parks his car far away from the place.
Neil pushed walks following the map and finds the can near a old building.

He smiles “Is it any rule!?? That kidnappers all will use an old building like this!!?? “.
He enters the compound wall with a great alert..

A background bgm plays Yeah!! James Bond!! Tan…tadan…tadan……ha ha funny right??

Neil sees A kid tied in. room.

He gets shocked as someone kept hand on his shoulder!!.

Here Arjun was sleeping….

Radhika completely apalled thinking what to do now…??
She walks to and fro ….she takes adeep breath and says “No matter what!! I have to wake him up!!”.

She goes near him and stops hearing his voice.

She gets happy thinking he woke up!!

But he was blabbering in his dreams…

She feels his sound and sits near him to hear his voice…

He suddenly holds her and pulls her towards him…
Hai ma friends…really happy to see ur replies!!

Bhabya…vivi..Rosie…hayathi…brin…gauri…dev…sv….asthma …susi…and subha…and soon Roma will post her comment…. So
Soooo happy to see ur interest in my story…
Love you all!!

Credit to: Hateera

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