Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 15


Hi friends!!!I am really really really sorry..
.I couldn’t update my epis…..One I got Clearly… That’s “I couldn’t keep my promise”. Yeah!! Its hard to keep promises… But still I will try ma best for our Manmarziyan!!!

Oh God!! I started talking again!!
Our episode starts with Arjun looks at her smirkingly. Radhika unfolds her hands and goes near him.Arjun still looking at her.She warns “Don’t make any noise….just hide if you here anyone comes in..OK??”.
Arjun little surprised “Are you sure?? You are allowing me to stay here??”.
Radhika gives him an “Unbelievable!!!” Look and says “Oh really?? You decided to stay!! Just wait !! And see how I will kick u out!!!”.
Arjun laughs “Let’s see!!”.
Radhika goes out and stands near the door.She turns and says “Be silent !! OK??”.
Arjun lying lazily just looks at her …no words came from his mouth..He just ..looked!!!
Radhika gets suspicious and thinks ” I can’t believe him…If he came out ?? Oh God!!”.
Arjun asks “Still u are here??”.
Radhika smiles mockingly says ” Of course!! How can I believe you??”.
She locks the door from out side and says “I locked him!! But sure…he will create some mess!! Before that I should finish my dinner and should reach here.
She walks towards dinning hall and stops hearing a sound.
Ha ha….let them fight later

Here Neil and Sam follows the car cautiously. Sam says ” I thought they are funny…but “.
Neil says “What?? How can goons be funny Sam?? Are you crazy??”.
Sam thinks ” Oh !! He started again!!” and says
“You would have seen their faceels Neil !! Really funny!! No one will believe if anyone says they are goons!! And starts laughing.
Neil gives her an angry look” you na?? Unbelievable!!”.
Sam laughs ” Ok yaar!! Just chill!!”.
Neil gets call .Sam sees its Piyali and says “Someone is in trouble…” She says it in singing tone…
Neil “What?? Then Its me!!”.
Sam says” Wow Neil!! You are soooo smart!!!”.
Neil gets the phone from her and attends the call.He says “Aunty we are on the way!! We will reach there soon!!”.
He looks worried and says “Ji aunty!! “.
He ends the call and gets angry.
He says “Enough of this game!! Let’s end this!!”.
He takes another mobile from his pocket.
Sam asks “What you gonna do Neil?”.
He smiles “No more social service!! We are going to home now!”.He raises his car speed and rushes to home.
Sam gets worried” what happened Neil! Soon police will reach here..”.He says “Sam!! Lay down!!”.
Sam asks”What??”
He pushes her down the seat.
Neil chases the van.Soon he reaches near that van he opens his window and he asks the driver about some address as excuse. He throws his mobile in that van.He makes sure they didn’t know it.He waves his hand as “thanks” with smirking smile….and crosses them.
Soon Sam sits in her seat cursing him “Why you did this Idiot!! See we missed that van!! We could have saved a kid!! But all gone vain!!”.
Neil take his phone and calls someone.
He says “I will text you what to do!!”.
Sam gives him an irritated look and says ” what are you Neil!! I mean what kinda person you?? Leaving a live there under threat!!”.
He calmly says ” Aunty is waiting fa you there!!”.
Sam sees him texting something and asks “Just stop it ok!! Mom is waiting!! You got a good reason!!”
Neil tries to convince her but she gets mad at him.
Soon they reach home.Sam gets out angrily.
Neil stops her and says “Tell Aunty I will be going out!!”.
Sam shouts ” Go to hell!!”.
Neil smiles and says “Crazy!!”. And gets in his car.

Credit to: Hateera

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