Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 14


Hi friends!! I will talk later..first we will see Sam..who is really upto do something crazy!!
Our episode starts with Sam shows her hand for Neil who was searching her sees her hand.He smiles and goes to her.He sits and says “Sammy?? What you are thinking??”.Sam looking at the goons says “You wait here…I will just come”.Neil nods his head as he is interested in drinking his favourite juice!!.Sam hides and hears their conversation.She gets shocked as they were really talking about kidnapping someone!!.She gets shocked and runs towards Neil to inform him!!.But by mistake she pushes something and goons gets alerted.Sam slowly in fear turns.She sees the goons surrounded her.She thinks “Oh god!! What to do now??”…..

Lets make her wait there and here Radhika
Lying in bed hugging her pillow.She thinks “Where he vanished suddenly?? And how he gone out??”.She gets thinking and jumps out from bed.She checks her room everywhere.But does not find.She bites her nails and realises thats a bad habit.She beats her hand and says “Still I cant stop this habit!!”.She sees the cupboard and gets doubt.She runs and opens the drawer.She gets relaxed its locked.She then goes and stands near the window of her room where she already over heard while he was talking over phone.She didnt heard any sound.
“You are hiding something, right??” A sound made her heart raised in fear.
Arjun stands before her keeping his both hands in pocket.He was completely scanning her from head to toe (Like sharuk in Ra-one!!).She walks towards table and says “Its None of your business!!”.And looks at him very confidently.Her words stimulated Arjun’s attitude.He walks towards her.His footsteps heard very loud and really scary in that silent room.
Let them argue for our Sam is in danger now.
Sam getting her boldness out and saya “Why you sorrounding me?? I mean..I didnt heard anything..”.
One of the goons says “Really?? Then why you were hiding??”.
Sam gets tensed and says “I was just hiding from my friend!! See..He is sitting there..”.
She tries to call Neil but one of them closes her mouth.She gets scared and acts like fainting.Goons got confused.”How she fainted?? We didnt gave chloroform..”.
They get call from their boss.Soon one of them who atended the call tells “there is no time for this…so lets leave her here..or our work will be disturbed!!”.Others too agree and hides her under a table.Soon they gone Sam opens her left eye still scared and checks really they gone!! She gets happy as they left her.She thinks “Thank God!! I didnt do anything mad!! Or they would have done something to Neil.”.She comes out and sees Neil is not there and gets shocked!! She goes and asks some people.But no use!! .she scolds him “Where this idiot went?? At this important time??”.Neil comes eating his ice cream and sees her worried.He asks “What Sammy?? You wanna eat??”.Sam sees his cute childness and laughs.She thinks “I thought of seeing your stunt!! But he is just a kid still!!”.He asks “ok ok Its not funny!! So tell me ..whats the matter!!??”.Sam looks at him in disbelief and says “I dont think you will help me with this!!”.Neil says “Oh!! Say it na….”.
Sam says “Ok !! Listen to me carefully!!”.
Neil makes his face like hearing very serious which made sam to laugh…
Neil asks “What yaar?? Be serious tell me!!”.
Sam says “Neil, some goons planned to kidnap someone!! I heard them..”.
Neil gets shocked “What?? Wait!! Did you see anyone that we can identify..”.
Sam says “Neil, I know everyones face …While they tried to kidnap me too…I saw everyone !! Even their boss!!”.
Neil gets shockes with her words and Sam too curses herself to tell him.As he will start giving lecture now!!
Neil asks “What?? Tried to kidnap you?? What you are saying??”.
Sam takes a deep breath and explains him what happened and says “See Neil!! Its not right time to talk!! Lets save a person!! C’mon!!”.
Neil goes with her.Both gets into the car and starts waiting for the goons.She points out them kidnapping a kid and shouts “Neil!! Neil!! Its him!!”
Neil really gets nervous and says “Ok !! Ok!! I saw him!! Now??”.
Sam seeing the goon says “Do something!!”.
Neil blinks as he is really nervous and says “Shall we shoot them?? Like we saw in James bond movie??” and looks at the goon carefully.
Sam hits his head and shouts “You are not a cop idiot!! And we dont have any guns ok??”.
Neil comes to reality and asks “Then What to do??”.
Sam curses “Its my mistake Neil!! Wait I will do something..”.She calls the police and informs.
Neil sees them getting in a van.He says” Sammy!! We will follow them!! Like our heroes do in their films!!”.
She smiles wryly and says “Atleast once u said right!! Lets follow them!!”.
Let them follow those goons…..
Here Arjun goes to her and asks “Dont be afraid!! “.
Radhika says “I am not afraid…” and folds her hands now to build her courage up!!
Arjun looks at her and says “Ok!! Then I will call your Dad!! He will help me to find out!!”.
Radhika gets shocked and asks him “Dont try to trap me!! If you wanna call my Dad!! Then sure!! Call!! I am not afraid anymore!!”.
Arjun looks at her weird as she become too bold now.He says “Hmm!! Let me see how this face will change..while seeing your father!!”.
Arjun goes to open the door but Mala knocks the door calling “Radhu??”.
Radhika gets shocked and stops Arjun.She pleases him and asks “Please hide somewhere!!”.She said in husky voice and pulls him into her bathroom.She says “You be here ok!! Dont come out!!”.
Arjun slides over the wall and smiles seeing the way she gone!!.While she opens the door and sends her mom saying she will come to have dinner..
She comes to Arjun and says in a matured tone.”Listen Arjun!! I dont wanna argue with you!! Just leave!! And please dont interfere in my life!! Ok??”.
Arjun comes walking lazily and falls on bed.
He says cooly “So?? I dont want to disturb you!!”.
Radhika says smilingly “Yes!! That what I need!!”.
Arjun rolls over the bed and says “Hmm!! Then I will sleep here today!!”.
Radhika gets stunned “What?? Come again??”.
Arjun takes a pillow keeps under him head and says “Then!?? How can I go to my room now?? At this time!! If anyone sees …What will happen to my image??” and smirks at her.
Radhika gets angry “So..This is what u planned!!”.
Arjun says “See! I have no option!!”.
Radhika gets thinking looking at him coldly….

Hi friends!! Hope you liked it!!
I am really sorry for my late episodes!! another ff too in a crucial stage…So please bear with me!!
And thanks a lot for your lovely replies,,still expecting lot of love!!
Eagerly waiting to see ur replies!!
Love you all!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  3. Awesome episode. ๐Ÿ™‚ kidnapping story is interesting.

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  10. Awesome episode, hey i m right here, so so sooooooo sorry again late…now I reached here….pg 73….humph humph…lol…catching up but so excited with all the amazing stories…you guys are lovely as heaven…I love you alllll soooooooo muchhhhhh. …the epi was mind blowing…ardhika n nesam outstanding. …one side arjun trying to get some secret out from rads…loved his tricks…and other side nesam trying being bond…Jamesjames ….i love this story soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..hateera my dear n rosie love you loads….thx for loving n missing me….I’m so overwhelmed n spellbound with your sweeeeeet love…..I’m working on my speed on reading these lovelyyyyyy stories n hopefully soon will be at your level… you loadsssssssssdssss, muaaaaahhhhhh โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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